Daughters – Rebecca Ch. 04


Chapter 04 – Conclusion

Stories from one front of the global war

* * * *

No man saw the greatest conspiracy of all time coming….

* * * *

“Oh Lauren, I’ve been SO looking forward to being with you – you’re so lovely. You take after your mother so much!” Amy effused to the teenaged girl, who was clad only in skimpy bra and panties, as they walked upstairs hand in hand. Amy had her purse in her left hand, but was totally nude, and certainly didn’t appear to be embarrassed at all.

Lauren wondered idly why the older woman would bring her purse with her.

They were just a few minutes behind Rebecca and Karen, who had disappeared into the master bedroom.

“Thank you very much, Mrs. Roberts,” Lauren said politely, upon hearing the compliment. “Er, what do you think mom and Karen are doing?”

Amy stopped in the hallway outside the main bathroom, turned and looked into Lauren’s eyes. “Well, what do YOU think they might be doing?” she asked softly. “What sort of things do you and your mother like to do?”

Lauren smiled. “Oh, it’s so exciting….my mommy makes love to me….” Her eyes grew dreamy.

Amy smiled. “Your mom loves you very much, just as much as I love my Karen. I’ll bet they’re making each other very, very happy. Would you like me to make YOU happy, too?”

Lauren impulsively hugged the shorter, older woman. “I’d LOVE it!” she said. “Can I show you my room?”

“Yes, please!” Amy replied, somewhat anxiously, the touch of the young girl’s body against hers setting her aflame. She squeezed the girl’s hand, and they continued down the hall to the teen’s bedroom. They entered the brightly decorated bedroom, late afternoon sunlight streaming in the window. The girl’s clock radio was on, set at some random news station.

Lauren had decorated the room with floral reminders of vacations that the family had taken over the years, particularly from a spectacular Caribbean vacation of three years past, when she was fifteen, and had met a boy from Michigan. That had been her first real exploration of sex with the opposite gender, and until recently, other than a boyfriend from school, had been her most memorable experience in love – that is, until she had discovered the wonders of lesbian love with her mother, and hopefully, here with her mother’s friend, Amy.

“I see you have a couple of pictures of boys on your mirror, Lauren,” Amy said. “Are they your boyfriends?” she teased.

“Ugh,” Lauren replied, frowning. “When I was a child, I thought I liked boys,” she said. She looked into Amy’s eyes. “But, I’m a woman now. I like womanly things.” She brought her face to Amy’s, and their kiss was entirely natural and organic, combining the sweetness of a young girl still discovering her capacity for love, the tired experiences of a married woman, and the raging lust inside them both that would soon be unleashed.

Amy marveled at the sweet, fresh smell of the teen in her arms, and the firmness of Lauren’s slim body. Their lips were pressed together warmly, their tongues shyly touching at first, then becoming bolder, Lauren’s warm exhalations racing across Amy’s cheek, small sounds of pleasure from both women.

Their kiss connected their whole beings, a doorway from one to the other. Lauren almost felt that she could sense Amy’s need entering her body, a warm, wet, entirely feminine need….Amy felt the same, Lauren’s desire egging her on.

Their breasts touched, softly, feminine warmth and softness punctuated by hard, erect nipples. The older woman’s arms around the teenager’s waist, her hands resting on the upper curve of the girl’s ass, exciting promise of pleasure there.

Lauren’s arms around Amy’s neck, pulling and holding the blonde’s face close to hers, Lauren’s long, brown hair touching and caressing Amy’s wavy, shorter blonde locks. Lauren’s hips, anxious for another woman’s sensuous touch, pressing into Amy’s. Amy growling gutturally as the touch of the cute teenager’s pelvis pressured her vulva.

“Mmmm, Lauren,” Amy sighed, her lips momentarily and briefly leaving the girl’s. The warm, soft touch of Lauren’s lips on Amy’s was bewitching.

“I SO want to see you,” Amy moaned, her meaning clear to the teenager.

“I’m not pretty enough,” Lauren protested shyly, her youthful lack of confidence, and uncertainty coming to the fore. It wasn’t for lack of praise from her mother, though. Rebecca continually praised her daughter, her intelligence just as much as her beauty, and the occasions invariably ended up with both women experiencing shattering orgasms.

“Silly girl,” Amy coaxed her. “You ARE beautiful, but the ‘looks’ thing is something that men created to keep women competing against each other. We don’t need to compete anymore – we need to find out what we have in common.”

“You mean, like how nicely women’s bodies fit together?” Lauren asked, a slight smile on her face.

“Yes, baby, exactly that,” Amy agreed. “And how happy and satisfied we can ankaraescortbayansitesi.com make each other.” Her fingers ran down Lauren’s slim back. The girl shivered with pleasure.

“Mmm, that’s nice, Mrs. Roberts,” Lauren cooed.

“Would you call me ‘mommy’, dear?” Amy asked, her lips now on Lauren’s slim, warm throat.

“Oh god…yes, mommy,” Lauren gasped, the touch of the older woman’s warm lips on her sensitive throat exciting, and reminiscent of her own mother’s caresses there. Amy continued to caress the girl’s slim body, admittedly different from her own, plumper and slightly matronly body.

Amy had come to terms with the fact that she wasn’t a slim young lass anymore, but reveled in the new found freedom to love and be loved by other women that FIT had brought her. She now noticed girls and women in stores looking at her in an appraising way, and didn’t hesitate to return their glances. Either Amy had her eyes opened to the world around her by FIT’s seduction, and these women had always been looking at her body…or, just as possible, those women had their attitudes changed by FIT, too, and appreciated her for the potential sexual partner she was.

And she had to admit, she was interested in them, too. The thought of bedding numerous women, with all their different body types, smells, tastes, and sounds of contentment and pleasure, pleased her immensely. But for now, she was with a beautiful teenaged girl, and she was looking forward to introducing the girl to some of the delights of sapphic lovemaking.

That was why she’d brought her purse.

“Mmmm, sweetie, let me caress your sweet little body,” Amy murmured, her fingers lightly massaging the girl’s toned, slim body, ripe and ready to be fucked. Lauren moaned, already captivated by the woman’s touch on her bra and panty clad body.

The two women kissed, their mouths joined in mutual pleasure, saliva and breath from Amy co-mingling with that of Lauren, their tongues and lips pressing and playing in joy at a woman’s touch. Each could feel the other’s hot breath across her cheek, the small sounds of pleasure they were provoking in each other, eighteen year old daughter, and forty year old mother. They felt as though they were related, and it made their passion that much sweeter, and that much hotter.

“Baby, you’re WAY overdressed,” Amy murmured, her fingers going to the waistband of Lauren’s panties.

“Are you going to pull my panties down, mommy?” Lauren teased, anxious for just that very thing.

“Oh yes, baby doll, I want to see how big you’ve gotten,” Amy sighed. “Oh, I’m nearly all grown up, mommy,” Lauren cooed. “My little pussy is all big girl – it’s wet for you…”

“Ummm, that’s my little girl,” Amy whispered, kissing Lauren’s ear, her tongue licking into the girl’s sensitive ear. Lauren squealed, even as she felt her panties slipping down her legs.

“That tickles, mommy!” Lauren exclaimed, ducking her head, then moaning with pleasure as she felt the woman’s palm covering her young pussy, wet and hot. “Oooh,” she cooed. “And THAT feels nice!”

Lauren pressed herself into Amy’s naked body. Lauren’s hand went to Amy’s plumper, swollen pussy, her fingertips trailing between the woman’s meaty labia, her feminine cream coating her fingers.

“Mommy, please fuck me…please!” The girl begged. Amy smiled.

“Just as soon as I get your bra off, honey, I want to see your lovely breasts, too.” She quickly unhooked the girl, then pulled the bra off over her shoulders and down her arms.

“Oh, so sweet!” Amy exclaimed, gazing hungrily at the girl’s pale pink nipples, and her softly rounded breasts, pale but with a light scattering of freckles at her chest. She leaned in and kissed the young girl’s adorable breasts, making Lauren coo with pleasure, her hands cradling the woman’s golden head as she suckled.

With both women naked, Amy wanted to proceed to introducing Lauren to ‘her little friend.’ She reached into the purse, and pulled out the harness with the ten inch silicone dick attached. It was wider than the normal dildo, and Lauren’s eyes widened when she saw it.

“Is that…for me?” she asked.

“Do you mean, am I going to fuck you with it? Oh, yes,” Amy grinned.

“But…but, I’ve never been fucked, by something like that,” she whined.

“Did you ever have sex with your boyfriends?” Amy asked.

“I only had the two,” Lauren said. “And no, they never put their things in me. I DID give them blow jobs once or twice, and rubbed their dicks until they came a couple of times. And mom doesn’t have anything like that – at least, I don’t think she does…”

“So, MY dick is going to be the first to fuck you…” Amy smiled. “I’ll be gentle,” she assured the girl.

Lauren had hoped that Amy would decide not to fuck her with that giant thing, once she knew Lauren was a virgin. But she didn’t sound like that was going to stop her. The big, pink thing, looking just like a penis, looked like it would split her in two, and it was a LOT bigger than her mother’s fingers.

Lauren couldn’t stop the tears from forming in her eyes, and running hotly down her rosy cheeks. Amy noticed them instantly, and hurried to comfort the girl.

“I promise you, baby, you’ll enjoy this very much – you won’t want me to stop.” She kissed the girl’s wet cheeks, finding her taste salty, and adorable.

“You won’t hurt me?” the girl asked tremulously, her voice no more than a whisper.

“I would NEVER hurt you, darling,” Amy assured her. “And we’ll spend lots of time making sure you’re ready,” she continued.

“I wish my husband had been as considerate,” Amy muttered, remembering the disaster of their honeymoon night twenty years before. To Amy’s chagrin, he’d forced his dick inside her before she was ready, hurting her dry membranes, then cum after a few minutes, and fallen asleep, bringing Amy no pleasure at all. To his credit, over the years he’d learned a little bit about a woman’s sexual needs, but he was far from being even as wonderful a lover as her daughter, had become within a few days of enthusiastic practice.

“God, if only there’d been a group like FIT twenty years ago, I could have been spared the misery of having a man’s dick inside me, and been pleasured much more competently and lovingly by another woman,” Amy thought to herself.

Her thoughts quickly returned to her young lover, Lauren. “The first thing I’d like to do, is put you entirely at ease – okay, honey?” Amy looked into the girl’s eyes, and saw relief and complete trust there.

“Okay,” the young girl whispered, a small, nervous smile on her lips.

Amy commenced massaging and caressing Lauren’s taut body, taking her time, just touching and bringing the sensual pleasure of the caress to the teenager, from the nape of her neck, down her shoulders and back, under her sweet buttocks and the backs of her legs, taking care not to touch any of her overtly erotic places.

Instead, Amy built the anticipation inside Lauren, by assiduously avoiding those spots, until Lauren could think of nothing BUT her most feminine and intimate parts, mentally begging Amy to bring her off. Amy counted on Lauren’s relative inexperience to bring her to a state of high excitement, taking her time, touching the girl over a half hour’s time without once touching any conspicuously sexual areas.

Finally, though, Amy settled in between Lauren’s legs, as the girl lay on her back, her nipples stiff and pointing at the ceiling, her pussy glistening pink between her thin, but swelling, labia. Lauren sighed, with a mixture of both anticipation and unalloyed fear.

Amy began kissing the girl’s inner thighs – her soft lips, and the rough tip of her tongue caressing the teen’s silky, warm flesh. As the faint sensation of warm, moist lips brushing sensitive inner thigh made their way to Lauren’s brain, then down to her young clitoris, the teen began shifting her ass minutely on the firm mattress, the touch of the older woman’s mouth delicate, and intimate. “Ohh, that feels so nice, mommy,” Lauren sighed, her hands making their way to Amy’s full golden locks, her fingers brushing through the older woman’s wavy hair.

Amy began to alternate her lip worship of Lauren’s smooth, firm, lightly muscled thighs, with intermittent swipes of her tongue, the rough scraping of the sensitive flesh providing an exquisite counterpoint to her gentle kisses.

Sharp sensations, clear and distinct, followed the same route from thigh, to brain, to clit, the rough touch on that same flesh only seconds before having been gently caressed, creating a torrent of sensations in the young girl’s brain, then bursting through, like a flood overwhelming an earthen dam, and swamping her pussy as her clit was unable to process the flood of sensual delight all at once.

* * * *

Her orgasm was not exactly unprecedented, as her mother, Rebecca, had given the teenaged daughter countless similar orgasms over the last four days – but an interesting phenomenon of FIT-converted women, and one which really could doom men for all time, was the fact that each sapphic orgasm was as though never experienced before – there was no dulling of sensation, no need to reach greater heights of pleasure with each climax brought on by another woman’s lovemaking. Each orgasm, big or small, was experienced fully by a receptive FIT-converted woman, as though it were her first, overwhelming and awesome.

In addition, FIT-converted women were incredibly fast to come to orgasm – but only with another woman. Men didn’t stand a chance with women who could find like minds in other women, along with SO many more orgasms, more intense orgasms, and orgasms that came so much more easily. In many cases, FIT-converted women found that their new sexual interest dominated their lives and their social choices. It was much like an addiction, as well as an infection, in that the desire to convert other, supposedly ‘straight’ women became so strong.

It seemed like only a matter of time before men became extinct – and when FIT-allied scientists were finally able to help a woman choose the sex of her children in the womb, then that would be the final death knell for domination of women by men.

The only possible threat to the success of FIT’s plan for womankind (the feminist term ‘womyn’ wouldn’t be necessary in a world where ‘man’ was a museum piece), would come from an unexpected source, and would only become apparent later.

* * * *

“Ohh god, god, god,” moaned Lauren, her hips rising up in a vain attempt to match pussy with mouth. “Please, please lick my pussy, mommy, suck my clit….fuck, I’m cumming, mommy, ohh, god yes yesss!!” The girl thrashed on the bed, and Amy could both smell the girl’s passion as her cream began to flow more copiously, even dripping down to her tiny, tight ass hole, and feel the heat and moisture emitted from the girl’s vagina, even now turning a deeper, darker pink, and her purpling, swelling labia.

Amy smiled. Her daughter Karen was almost exactly the same in her responses, and she felt both a warmth in her own pussy and clit, and a deep love for the girl splayed out before her, experiencing such deep passion. Although Amy had been a fully committed lesbian for the last three months, (to her husband’s chagrin, this was reflected in a complete disappearance of the sex life between husband and wife, though he had no idea why), her only woman on woman experience had been with her daughter. This experience with a new woman was both wildly exciting, and deeply fulfilling.

After the girl had experienced her shattering cum, her breath at first rapid and shallow, then becoming slower and deeper, her heart rate returning to normal, her thrashing and excitation slowly ceasing, and her body finally relaxing, Amy returned to orally pleasing the teenager, her kisses much more direct, her soft lips caressing the girl’s swollen labia, hot and moist under Amy’s lips. Lauren sighed, sensing that Amy would have little mercy on her poor, abused pussy.

As Amy graduated to lightly lapping at the girl’s pussy lips, she introduced a finger into the hot, swampy slit between Lauren’s labia, her lone finger slipping into the tight interior, as Lauren moaned with pleasure. “Oh, yes,” she sighed, her hips twisting reflexively. Her fingers raked through Amy’s hair, the girl’s mind taken up by delirious visions of a paradise of women, writhing nakedly together in pairs and groups, pleasuring one another incessantly and eternally.

Amy’s finger drove deeper into the girl’s tight, virginal opening, the way slick, though tight, and the older woman could feel the girl’s lubricant oozing outwards past her finger, the girl sufficiently excited, though not quite yet ready for the giant woman cock she would soon be experiencing.

Amy lightly kissed Lauren’s hot, swollen and completely exposed clitoris, deeply pink and pearl like in shape and glossy texture, its firmness distinct under her lips. As Lauren experienced the touch of the woman’s lips on her clit, that sweet organ of love magnified with its thousands of perceptive nerve endings, every single sensation from the woman’s lips.

While Amy’s lips had felt like a silky, warm smoothness against Lauren’s own lips, when applied to her much more sensitive clit, the warmth was magnified to a molten fire, the heat of a sun filling Lauren with flame. The lightest pressure, the touch of a feather when lips touched lips, became a constricting pressure locking young Lauren into a momentary paralysis, her body unable to move, as lips on clit froze her into a temporary rigidity, allowing her body to process thousands of sensations without outside distraction.

Finally, soft lips were felt as countless touches of gentle fingers on each clitoral nerve ending, the thousands of stimuli washing over Lauren, her screams of pleasure faint in her own ears, deafening to Amy, and almost heard by the two female lovers at the other end of the house, even as they were deeply absorbed by their own love making.

Lauren’s body had a faint sheen of perspiration by now, after two exquisitely memorable orgasms brought on my her new female lover, a rosy glow showing on her face and upper chest.

“Unnh, Amy…” Lauren groaned. As though reading her mind, Amy sensed that Lauren wanted her up with her, holding her. She maintained her finger inside Lauren, careful not to move it, and slid up to be face to face with the beautiful, brown haired girl. Seeing weary delight in the young girl’s eyes, Amy smiled.

“Was that good?” she asked.

Unable to speak fully coherently, Lauren nodded, then croaked, “Yeah,” her shining, love-filled eyes supporting her verbal assent. Amy nuzzled the girl’s throat, allowing the sensations from her last orgasm to flush out through her body, before recommencing her lovemaking. As she felt Lauren’s sweet, young body relax into hers, Amy began more actively kissing the girl’s throat, her lips inexorably leading up to the girl’s jaw line, then to her warm, rosy cheeks, and then, finally to Lauren’s soft, receptive lips.