Daughter’s Surprise

Black Dildo

We were married young, right out of high school, mostly because in seven months I was going to be a daddy. Probably not the best reason to get married, but it all seemed worth it when my new daughter, Samantha made her appearance. Dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. I knew I would love her forever!

Just about five years had gone by and fighting with my wife was all we seemed to do. One morning as I was heading out to work I found a note on the table.

“I took Samantha to kindergarten but you will need to pick her up at daycare on your way home.”

Luckily, the kindergarten is next to the daycare and the staff walk the kids over.

I got out of my truck at the daycare after work and saw all of the kids playing outside.

“Daddy!” I heard her squeal, as she ran to me and jumped in my arms.

I got her all strapped in and in great detail she told me about her day on the way home.

As we came in the front door and Sam ran off to play, I saw another note on the coffee table.

“Dan, I can’t do this anymore. I need more than a loveless marriage and even Samantha is not enough to make me stay. I’m going away with someone, don’t try to find me. Goodbye.”

Sure enough, all her stuff was gone and it took months for Sam to stop asking about Mommy.

Time went by and I watched Samanthe grow into a beautiful young lady. As the milestones passed, I still wasn’t ready for the first time a boy picked her up for a date, and she took my breath away when I saw her in her prom dress.

It was early June of her senior year of high school when one Saturday morning she came out of her bed room wearing just a bikini. Her hair hanging just below her shoulders. It had been a long time since I’d seen so much skin revealed, I couldn’t help but noticed how nice her body had become. Her full breasts were mounding out of the top and the bottom hugged her ass so tight I could see a hint of separation between her cheeks. She hurried into the laundry room and pulled some clothes from the dryer. She pulled a t-shirt over her head and wiggled into some shorts.

There was a knock on the door. It was her boyfriend Bill, a good looking kid that seemed to always be in need of a haircut. Next to him was Sam’s best friend since first grade Robin. They had the same birthday which meant they had both turned eighteen the day before, Robin was wearing a light yellow shirt that contrasted nicely with her dark skin. Her curly hair framed her face beautifully. In the back was a guy I had met once before as Robin’s latest guy, Russ

The boys greeted my with handshakes while Robin, as always, threw her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek.

“How’s my favorite second Dad?”

“I’m good Robin. How’s my favorite second daughter?’

“Great as always!” She replied while running her hands down my arms.

“Have you been working out Dad? Russ, you better treat me right or I might let this hunk of a man sweep me off my feet!”

While still in the embrace, of this beautiful girl, I couldn’t stop my cock from twitching a little.

“I hope she didn’t feel that.” I thought as she let go of me.

“Whatever.” Russ mumbled.

“Robin, You can stop flirting with my Dad.” Sam said. “He’s going to start believing it.”

“Who said I’m joking?” Robin asked while giving me a wink.

“Okay, Time to go!” Sam said as she pushed everyone out the door.

“Daddy, is it alright if Robin spends the night here?”

“You know she can always stay. Have a good time at the lake.”

Letting my ego get the better of me for a minute, I began to wonder if Robin was actually attracted to me. My cock began to wonder as well as it was rapidly stiffening.

“Back to reality, Dan.” I said to myself. Time to cut the grass.”

It was about 10:00 PM when the door opened and the girls came in. I was in a t-shirt and sweatpants watching TV in the living room and the stopped to say hello.

“Have a good time?” I asked.

“We sure did!” Samantha replied excitedly. “We spent the whole day at the beach, and then the beach patrol set up a bonfire on the beach. It was so cool!”

“I even managed to get a tan today!” Robin piped in.

I raised an eyebrow at that comment.

“No, really! Black people get also darker in the sun.”

To prove the point, she pushed her shirt over revealing half of her boob. Sure enough, the skin was definitely lighter.

Not wanting to be outdone, Sam said. “I got a tan too!”

She stood up and and pushed the back of her shorts down to show me the top bursa escort of her tan line. She pushed harder then she thought and most of her ass was presented to my eyes.

“Oh no! I didn’t mean that!” She said as she quickly pulled the shorts back up.

I tried as casually as I could to grab one of the pillows on the couch. Between seeing a lot of Robin’s tit and most of Sam’s ass, I was making quite a tent in my sweats. I think Robin noticed my dilemma.

“Um, we should head to your room Sam.”

In the bedroom the girls chatted.

“I think we turned your dad on out there.”

“No way!”

“You didn’t see his um, reaction when your ass popped out! What do you think the pillow was for?”

“Well, it must have been because you were showing him your tit!”

“Let’s say it was a little of both. When was the last time he got laid?”

“Seriously? Ew!”

“No really, he’s only like 38. I’m sure he still wants to dip it into the warm cave!”

“You’re sick!” Sam said as she threw a pillow at Robin.

One pillow led to another and before long they were wrestling with each other on the bed. Before long Robin ending up on top of Sam. They stopped wrestling and just looked at each other, their faces inches apart, both breathing hard.

Still holding Sam’s hands over her head, Robin leaned in and gently kissed Samantha on the lips. Sam didn’t return the kiss, neither did she fight it.

“Is this okay?’ Robin asked.

“Well, I’ve never been kissed by a girl before. Do you do this often?”

“No, I had a girl kiss me in the gym locker room once. Kind of freaked me out. This just felt right with you. I liked it.”

“Robin, I was taken by surprize, so I don’t know if I liked it or not. It didn’t bother me.”

“Then we should try again.” Robin said as she leaned forward again.

This time when their lips met, Sam returned the kiss. It was soft and gentle as the kiss continued.

“I’ve never had a guy kiss me like that.” Sam breathed. “I’m good with more if you are.”

They kissed again, gentle again at first, but as the passion grew, so did the intensity of their kisses. Their tongues found each other as the kissing grew hotter.

“Are we just going to make out, or are we taking this further? Sam asked. “Please say you want more!”

Robin’s response was to sit up and pull her shirt off. She then stood, took Sam’s hand and helped her up. Robin then pulled Sam’s shirt over her head. They embraced each other and resumed kissing, their tits rubbing against each other. As they continued kissing, they both pushed their shorts to the floor. They explored each other bodies with their hands, feeling each others curves.

Sam’s hand slid around front and found Robin’s completely shaved pussy. She quickly made her way past the lips and slid a finger into Robin’s pussy. A loud moan escaped from her as the finger probed into her. Using her other hand Sam found the remote and turned her TV on, turning the volume up.

“Just covering up our noises.”

Sam bent over and took a nipple into her mouth as she slid another finger Into Robin. Robin grabs Sam’s hair as Sam switches to the other nipple. Removing the fingers from Robin’s pussy, she brings them to her mouth and sucks them clean, tasting Robin’s juices.

Robin pushes Sam to the edge of the bed.

“I want to taste you now, but I want it straight from the source.”

She gives Sam a little shove, and Sam falls back on her bed, legs wide open.

Robin kneels down between Sam’s legs, rubbing the inside of her thighs while looking at her pussy.

“A little landing strip. Nice!”

Robin parts Sam’s lips and leans in to start licking her pussy.

“Hey girls! Turn your TV down a little!” I holler out.

Getting no reply, I walk down the hall, tap on the door then swing it open.

“I said, turn it…”

With the angle of the door to the bed I see my naked daughter laid out on the bed, her tits in full view, eyes closed, mouth gasping for breath and Robin’s face buried deep between her legs.I have a view of the side of Robin’s tit and an almost full view of her ass. I’m so stunned by what I see, I just stood there and stared for a few seconds until the girls noticed me and start to scramble to cover up.

“Sorry.” I manage to say as I step back and close the door.

I go back in the living room and sit on the couch as I try to process what I just saw.

After a couple minutes, I hear Samantha’s door open and Robin came out wearing a robe. She sat bursa escort in the chair across from me.

“I thought it would be easier if I came out first to talk.”

“I don’t even know where to begin.” I started. “I had no idea that Sam was a lesbian. Or you for that matter. Not that I have a big problem with it”

“We are not lesbians. As a matter of fact, this is the first time we’ve even done anything like this.. It just kind of happened.”

“How does that just happen?”

“We were just goofing around and one thing lead to another.”

Even in my confusion, I still couldn’t help but notice Robin’s robe was not tied very tight and was reveiling more and more of her body every time she moved. The top had opened enough to see between her two tits and just a hint of nipple was showing. The bottom had opened enough that I could see all the way up the inside of her thighs. She then moved a leg and her pussy suddenly came into view.

Noticing the shocked look on my face, Robin glanced down at the robe.

“I guess I’m giving you quite a show! See, that’s how things just happen! Suddenly You can see my pussy, and I can see the tent in your pants from hard cock.”

Looking down I saw she was right. My cock was straining at the material of my sweats.

“Oh, sorry.”

I Reached over to grab a pillow. She leaned forward and stopped my arm. In doing so, her entire tit came into view.

“Don’t cover up Dad. Be proud of your body. It’s very nice. And look at me! Not much left to the imagination.”

Robin stood up and let the robe drop off.

“All the flirting I do with you? It’s for real. I’ve had a crush on you for a long time.”

She came and sat next to me and kissed me. I felt powerless to resist.I eagerly returned her kiss. She grabbed my cock through my sweats as I reached up and squeezed a tit. She started to pull at the top of my pants.

“These gotta go.” she ordered.

Seconds later we were standing naked hugging and kissing. My cock poking at her.

Robin turned and ground her ass into me. My cock sliding up between her cheeks. I closed my eyes and kissed her neck while cupping her tits.

“Daddy? Robin?”

My eyes flew open and saw my little girl standing in front of us. She had on just a thin nightshirt. Through it I could see her dark nipples poking out.

“I wanted to see if you were mad, now I see you fucking your second daughter.”

Hearing her say fuck sent a jolt down my cock, suddenly I was seeing her as a woman, not my little girl.

“Sam..” I started.

“No, it’s all good, continue.”

“Fuck that!” Robin held out her arms. “Join in!”

Samantha looked at me.

“Your call, if you were going to watch anyway and you want to join in, I’m so fucking horny, I won’t stop you!”

With a grin, Sam peeling the nightshirt off and walked to us. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous my daughter was!

The girls started kissing and I wanted nothing more than to get my hands on Sam, so I slid around from behind Robin and took up the same position behind Sam. She gasped as my cock settled between her ass cheeks. My hands grabbed ahold of Sam’s tits. Her nipples were like bullets, I kissed up and down her neck and licked at her earlobe.

“I love you Samantha.” I whispered in her ear.

Robin whispered something in her other ear and Sam nodded. They broke the hold on each other and both got on their knees in front of me. Sam’s eyes went wide with this being the first time she ever laid eyes on my cock.

“It’s so big! Way bigger than Bill’s.”

She paused for a second looking up at me.

It’s okay Honey, I figured you’re not a virgin anymore.

Robin wrapped her hand around my cock and offered it to Sam.

“Family gets first suck!”

Sam didn’t hesitate and sucked my cock deep into her mouth. Up and down she bobbed while Robin rubbed my balls and licked at the base of my cock. Sam pulled off and offered me to Robin. She immediately took over and swallowed my cock. I watched in awe as these two beautiful girls passed my cock back and forth.

“Let’s go to my room.” I suggested. “I have a king sized bed.”

As we scampered onto the bed I flipped Sam on her back and dove between her legs.

“Family first!” I smiled.

I licked all around her pussy then stuck my tongue in deep. Sam gasped as my tongue drove deep into her. Meanwhile Robin was alternating sucking on Sam’s tits and kissing her. Sam reached out and cupped one of Robin’s tits as they were bursa eskort kissing. I worked on Sam’s pussy with my tongue for a while and when she was good and wet I concentrated on her clit. Licking and sucking on her little bud. I slid two fingers into her pussy and felt for her G-spot. Feeling the spot on the roof of her pussy, I rubbed while working her clit. It wasn’t long before her hips were bucking and she was moaning loudly.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck” she kept saying over and over. “Oh fuck! I’m cumming!”

Her body went into convulsions as she came hard.

“What the hell was that?” She gasped.

“That was your G-spot Baby.”

Robin laid down next to her and spread her legs.

“My turn! I want to cum like that!

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

“Yes ma’am I aim to please!”

I crawled between Robin’s legs and went to work on her pussy, while Sam rolled on her side and started to lick Robin’s nipple. I licked her pinkness until she started to squirm. I zeroed in on her clit. I noticed hers was a little bigger the Sam’s so I really sucked on it hard. I glanced over and saw that Sam was lazily rubbing her pussy, dipping a finger in and out. I slide two fingers into Robin, finger fucking her while I sucked her clit. She started to moan so I knew she was getting close. I flipped my fingers over and went after her G-spot. As soon as I hit it she went wild. I could feel her pussy contracting on my finger.

“I’m cumming!” she screamed. “You’re making me cum!”

Her hips came up off the bed and I had a wild ride trying to stay in contact with her clit. She finally collapsed on the bed, spent.

I stood at the end of the bed and moved back to Sam. I grabbed her legs and dragged her to the end. Holding her legs up I looked into her eyes.

“This is your last chance to not cross this boundary.”

“If you love me, you’ll make love to me.”

She reached down and grabbed my cock and lined it up with her pussy. I slowly pushed forward and felt my head disappear into her. I continued to push forward slowly, not wanting to hurt her, her tight pussy feeling wonderful on my cock. I got about half way in and started to pull back, then back in, my cock going a little deeper with each thrust. Looking down, I could see her wetness going further up my cock every time I pulled back. In no time at all I was all the way in. When I first got all the way in, I paused and looked her in the face.

“I love you so much Samantha. Is this too much for you?”

“I love you too Daddy, this is wonderful. I want you to fill me with your liquid love!”

With that, I pulled back and began to slowly pump in and out, picking up the pace as I went. Feeling her sweet young pussy around my hard cock, lust starting mingle with love and I picked up the pace, fucking her hard. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer as I watched her tits bounce with every thrust.

“I’m cumming Daddy! I’m cumming all over your cock!

That was all it took to put me over the edge. I pumped stream after stream of cum into her pussy. I stayed in her while I slowly went soft, kissing her, telling her how much I loved her.

When I finally pulled out I was surprised to see Robin squatting next to me. She turned me a little and took my cock into her mouth.

“Just giving you a quick clean up.”

As she cleaned me up I could feel my cock pulsing back to life a little.

“I have more clean up duty!”

She stood and turned to Sam and opened her legs and proceed to lick her pussy. Her tongue dipping deep into Sam’s pussy, licking and sucking my cum out of her.

As I watched her licking my daughter’s pussy clean with her ass in the air and in full view, I was pleasantly surprised to see my cock was almost fully hard again. I came up behind Robin and rubbed my cock against her pussy. I pushed a little and I slid right in.

“Sweet!” Robin exclaimed. “I get a bonus fuck!”

I pumped my cock deep into her, holding her hip as I fucked her. She stopped licking Sam and just laid her head on Sam’s belly as I fucked her as hard as I could. The sound of flesh slapping and grunting filled the air. I rubbed a finger over her puckered hole. When she didn’t seem to mind I pushed my finger in. That seemed to do the trick for her as she came again. I followed suit a few seconds later and pumped a fresh load into her.

Robin slid off my cock, turned around and kissed me.

“I love you too Dad.”

“And I love you Robin.”

We all hugged each other for a few minutes.

“Why don’t we all get some sleep and sort all this out in the morning. My bed is big enough for all of us, or you can sleep in another room. Whatever you’re comfortable with.”

Both girls scampered under my covers, saving a place in the middle for me.