Dave and Leroy Ch. 02

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Mom’s Reaction

After Leroy calmed down, he took a shower, he needed to see his Mother so he could try and set things right. When he entered the room to dress, he looked at Dave sitting on the bed, still naked and in shock. “I’m going to go see my Mom, would you like to come?”

Dave looked up at Leroy with remorse, he knew Leroy wasn’t ready to lose his family, and he sure didn’t want Sue finding out like this. “Yeah, I’ll come.” Dave stood up and hugged Leroy.” Let me grab a shower.” Once Dave dressed, they headed over to see Leroy’s parents.

“How did your Mom know you were home?” Dave asked after they had been quiet for a long time.

“I called last night. I had lied and told her, I was tired that I would come over later this afternoon. I guess she wanted to see me sooner. Fuck!” Leroy swore, which Dave very rarely hears Leroy do. “I should’ve waited, but can’t change what happened now.” He was shaking his head.

“Leroy, I’m sorry, I should have locked the door last night.”

“Dave, it’s not your fault. When do we ever lock that door, God forbid the person who walks into our home when we’re there.” Leroy chuckled thinking about Dave, nearly six foot, two hundred pounds of muscle, and a cop. Then himself over six foot, muscle to boot and trained in hand to hand combat.

“Yeah, still I shouldn’t be leaving my gun lying in the front room, because I’m horny, my boyfriend is home. I’m amazed she didn’t see my clothes.”

“I picked them up this morning, and your gun is in the safe. Anyways, I think Mom would’ve thought you were the messiest roommate on the face of the planet. I still don’t think she would have thought anything was out of the ordinary even if she would have looked at your clothes.” Leroy laughed. “Her baby boy was home, remember. Guess I’m not her first born anymore. I can guarantee I’m disowned, but maybe Dad talked to her.”

“Hopefully, not Hon.” Dave did want to ask Leroy why Lee seem so calm about Sue finding them together. But decided not to broach the subject because they were pulling up in front of Leroy parents’ home.


Sue called Sarah, Dave’s mother as soon as she walked in the door and asked her to come over. Sue went straight up to Leroy’s old room with a trash bag and started throwing his things away. Lee was trying to stop her when Jewels, their youngest daughter, came out of her room.

“MOM! What are you doing?” Jewels exclaimed.

“What does it look like Jewels. I’m throwing Leroy’s things away, I don’t want them in my house anymore.” Sue said sternly, as she picked up one of his football trophies and threw it in the trash. Lee threw his hands up and walked out of the room, he heard the doorbell and hoped that Sarah could talk some sense into her.

“MOM, stop, please. What happen?” Jewels pleaded with her.

“Jewels, either help me or get out of my way.” Sue pushed Jewels aside as she went to pull another of Leroy’s football trophies from the dresser and throw it away. As she was throwing things away, tears were streaming down her cheeks.

“Mom, I don’t understand.” Jewels sounded defeated when she couldn’t stop her mother.

“Leroy is dead to me.” Sue breath caught when she said that but continued to throw things away.

“Mom, what did he do?” Jewels couldn’t think of anything that Leroy could do that would cause this reaction in their mother. He was her favorite, she was always so proud of everything he did.

“He is dead to me.” Sue was shaking her head.

“MOM!” Jewels were getting very worried and tried to stop her from throwing the next trophy away.

“GET AWAY FROM ME,” Sue screamed and threw the trophy she was holding across the room, it hit the wall and busted into pieces.

Jewels ran to her bedroom and started calling all of her siblings, telling them something was wrong for them to come over. In the meantime, Sarah and Jewels were able to convince Sue to stop throwing Leroy’s things away and sit down in the living room.

Two of Leroy’s brothers, Aaron, Chris, and Allison, his only other sister, had made it to the house before Dave and Leroy walked in. Jeff and Pat were still on there way.

“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” Sue screamed.

“Mom, please, I’m sorry. I should have told you.


“Mom, please let me explain.”

The only three which knew what was going on, was Lee, Chris, and Sarah. Sarah had hugged Dave, her son, while he stood there and she told him she loved him.


Jeff and Patrick walked in right as Sue was telling Leroy he wasn’t welcomed anymore. Leroy shook his head and walked out. Dave gave his mother another hug and walked out after Leroy.

“What happened Mom, will you please tell us?” Aaron asked.

“Your brother….” Sue started liseli porno to cry. “Your brother….”

“What she is trying to say is Leroy is gay,” Chris told everyone.

“How did you know?” Sue asked.

“Mom, I live with them. Remember?” Chris brought up the obvious. “Dave and Leroy tried hiding it. But after a while of trying to steal time with one another in the middle of the night. I just came out and asked them last year before Leroy deployed.”

“You’re moving home, you’re not going to live with that… that…” Sue shudder and couldn’t even say homosexuality or gay or anything of that nature. “You’re not living there anymore. I WON’T HAVE IT.”

“Mom, you are overreacting, Dave and Leroy love one another,” Chris responded.

“NO, SHUT UP! I will not hear of it. It’s wrong, it’s not right in the eyes of the Lord.” Sue sat there for a minute and then got up.

“Mom, where are you going?” Allison asked because everyone seemed stunned.

“To finish cleaning out Leroy’s things from that room, I don’t want anything of him here.” As she was walking out of the living room, she pulled Leroy’s Military graduation picture off the wall.

“Mom, please stop, I’ll pack everything up. You’ll hate yourself later if you throw his things away.” Allison replied, hoping she would forgive Leroy.

“THEN PACK THEM UP AND GET THEM OUT OF MY HOUSE, take them to his and after which no one is ever allowed to see him again.”

“Mom, you’re irrational,” Patrick commented finally.

“No, I want Aaron, Jeff and you to go help pack Chris up. He’s not allowed to live there any longer. Drop all this shit off at Leroy’s house while you’re there.” Sue started going around the living room and pulling all the photos which had Leroy in them down.

“Mom, you can’t just erase him from our lives.” Jeff tried to reason with her.

“Just watch me.” Sue continued to pull any photo down and pile them up.

“Mom, is there anything in Leroy’s and my old room you want?” Aaron asked before he walked upstairs with some boxes from the garage.

“No, remove it all.”

Aaron, Allison, and Jewels were packing everything up, they took his trophies out of the trash and put them in one of the boxes. Jeff, Chris, and Patrick were taking them down to Jeff’s SUV as they were filled.

“Dave and Leroy?” Aaron asks Chris during one of his trips down to the SUV.

“Yeah, they do really love one another,” Chris responded.

“I knew they were always close, but I didn’t realize how close,” Aaron responded. Chris nodded and headed back up to grab another box.

Sarah was trying to talk with Sue, but she wasn’t making any headway, Lee shook his head and remained silent. Sue gathered everyone in the living room before Aaron, Jeff, Patrick, and Chris left to Leroy’s, to drop the things off and pack Chris’ things up.

“After today, Leroy is dead to us.” Aaron started to speak, but she cut him off. “NO, Leroy is dead to us, you are to have no contact with him.” She motioned to the pile of pictures. “Take these, too, I don’t want them in my home.” Allison started to speak again. She cut her off as well. “If they stay here any longer, I’ll burn them.” No one said anything, Aaron picked up the pile of pictures, and the boys left, and the girls sat down.


“I’m sorry, Leroy.” Dave reached over to hold Leroy hand as he drove the truck, he wouldn’t let Leroy drive home. Leroy stared out the window. “I figured she would be angry but not like that. I thought your dad would’ve been the one that was saying, get out. He was always silent when anything about homosexuality would come up, and Sue would go off about it.”

“Dad walked in on us a few years back.” Dave looked over at Leroy for a second. “He didn’t see what my mom saw. We were in the kitchen kissing when he walked in, we looked at one another, and he walked back out. Ten minutes later, he came back in like nothing happened.”

“How didn’t I know this?”

“I continued to kiss you, and there was music playing that is probably why you didn’t hear him. I wasn’t expecting him to come back, but he never mentions it, and neither did I.” Dave pulled the truck into the driveway, and they went into the house. Once inside, Dave pulled Leroy into a hug and kissed him.

“I’m sorry, Hon.”

“Dave, it’s okay. I think this would’ve been the same reaction no matter how she found out. I’m tired.” Leroy looked it too. “Would you like to cuddle?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Dave smiled.

They walked down to the bedroom hand in hand, laid down fully dressed, and Dave spooned Leroy. It took Leroy a while to calm down enough to sleep, but he was with the man he loved and not even his mother, was going to change that.


Almost two mobil porno hours later, Leroy brothers pulled into his driveway. They walked into the house and called out for Leroy. They sent Chris to his room to start packing, he didn’t want to, but they told him Mom would drag him out of the house herself if he didn’t. He stomped off.

Dave and Leroy woke when Aaron called out for Leroy. Dave held Leroy tighter and kissed him on the back of the neck before letting him go so they could get up. Before they walked out of the bedroom, Leroy did hug and kiss Dave. “You are my life, Dave. I love you.”

“I love you too, Leroy,” Dave responded but was still worried about Leroy.

When they walked into the living room, Aaron looked at him. “Hey.”

“Well?” Leroy asked.

“Mom sent us here with all of your things, and we are to collect Chris’s things. She is making Chris move back home.”

“Okay.” Leroy nodded.

“Where would you like us to put your stuff?” Aaron asked.

“In here is fine.” Dave and Leroy walked out and started grabbing the boxes with his brother. They had everything in the house before Chris even packed a suitcase.

Aaron informed Leroy that the family is supposed to cut all ties with him. He also stated it was a stupid rule, and they will not abide by it. The brothers all hoped their mother would come to her senses and see she couldn’t cut him out of their lives.

Leroy looked at all his brothers standing there. “Just do as mom says, if no one is supposed to talk to me, make it so. You all don’t need to get mom upset, I did enough already.”

“But it’s stupid Leroy. So, you’re gay. Who fucking cares.” Jeff responded, and Patrick nodded his head.

“I should have told her, it’s my own damn fault,” Leroy responded angrily at himself. “I could’ve come out a long ass time ago. Instead, I’m thirty, and she walked in on us.”

“Oh Shit, Mom walked in on you two? Doing what?” Chris asked while laughing.

“Let’s just say it wasn’t a position you’d want mom walking in on you and your wives or girlfriends in,” Leroy responded.

“Holy, Shit!” Was all Chris could say.

All of them talked some more while helping Chris pack and take them out to the SUV. They all hugged Leroy before leaving. Once they had left Leroy looked at the pile of pictures that was sitting on top of the boxes.

“She took down every picture I was in, I bet you anything. She is now going through the photo albums.” Leroy sat the picture he was holding down and walked out of the room, he didn’t feel like doing anything except lay in his bed.


It was June when that had happened, Leroy thought eventually his mother would come around, but by Christmas, she had not. All his siblings wanted to have him over for Christmas, but they didn’t want to risk their mother finding out.

When the entire family was at Sue and Lee house for Christmas, Aaron and Allison’s kids were wondering where their Uncle Leroy was. They asked during dinner, but no one would respond to them, so when they were opening their Christmas presents, they voiced their questions again.

“Grandma, where is Uncle Leroy?” Sadie asked.

Sue didn’t respond, so Sadie went up to her father, “Daddy, where is Uncle Leroy?”

“He couldn’t come for Christmas, Honey,” Aaron responded.

“He didn’t show for Thanksgiving, either,” Michael stated.

“No, he couldn’t come then, either.” Allison frowned at her son.

“But I see his truck,” Sadie said as she pointed at the window. “He is across the street, can we go see him?” Sadie asked.

“NO,” Sue responded. “You are not allowed.”

“Why, Grandma.”

“Because I said so, he isn’t allowed in my house.”

They continued to open their gifts, and Sadie cried a little because she didn’t understand why she couldn’t see her uncle.


Leroy looked over at his parents’ as they pulled into Dave’s parents’ driveway. He had cards and gifts for his sisters, brothers, and their children. When he last spoke to Aaron, he told him he would leave them in his car. Everyone was still talking to Leroy, of course behind their Mother’s back. Leroy walked over, placed them in the front seat of Aaron’s car, and walked back to where Dave was standing. Dave smiled and hugged Leroy when he returned. They pulled out the presents for Dave’s family from the truck and went up to his mother’s house.

Sarah and Dan welcomed them inside as soon as they knocked. The house smelled of pies and cookies, and of course, it was all decked out in Christmas cheer. Dave sister’s kids were running all over the place. When they saw Dave and Leroy walk in they screamed, “Uncle Dave and Leroy are here.” They all ran up, hugged, and pulled them into the living room.

Amanda, she was öğrenci porno the youngest, was talking a mile a minute. She was hoping Santa will leave her lots of presents tonight. She climbed up into Leroy’s lap as soon as he sat down and snuggled up to him. Harry, he was the second youngest, did the same to Dave. The other three were running around, and Leroy couldn’t help but smile.

They all enjoyed talking and eat together, and when the kids opened their gifts, the paper went flying. Everyone had to laugh, and Dave went to retrieve a garbage bag because you couldn’t see an inch of the carpet after the kids were through. Dave sometimes still can’t believe his sister had five kids, but it makes up for the fact that he and Leroy couldn’t.

Dave and Leroy stayed around most of the evening until Mary and her husband Ken started putting the kid’s coats, hats and gloves on. They hugged everyone before they went out to the truck and of course, Sarah handed a few containers of food for them to take home.

It was snowing, so Leroy leans in and starts the truck and was cleaning it off when a snowball hit him. Dave picked up another, “Don’t do it, or you will regret it.” Leroy warned with a smile. Dave looked like he was going to toss it down and Leroy turned to finish clearing the truck off, and another snowball hits him.

Leroy grins, walks calmly over, hugs Dave and pushes him down in the snow. They wrestle for a minute, but Dave knows he isn’t as strong as Leroy. Leroy pins him down kissing him, which throws Dave’s brain off and then Leroy shoves a hand full of snow down Dave’s pants. Dave screamed. “I told you, you would regret it.” Leroy kissed Dave again and rubbed Dave’s cock, where he placed the snow before getting up.

“You’re an evil man, Leroy Oliver Sandish. Evil.”

“But you love me.” Leroy looked back at Dave as he was walking back to the truck to finish clearing it off.

“That I do, Leroy,” Dave respond as he was trying to pull as much of the snow out of his pants as he could.


Sadie was looking out the window when she saw Leroy outside cleaning off his truck. She ran over to the door, grabbed her coat and before anyone realized what she was doing, she ran out the door. “UNCLE, LEROY!” She yelled as she flung herself at him. Leroy picked her up and swung her around while hugging her. He had a smile on his face. Aaron was already coming out of the house to retrieve her. “Uncle Leroy, I miss you. Why can’t you come to Grandma’s anymore?”

Leroy frowned, “It’s a long story, Babe, I love you.” He said as Aaron came and shook his hand. You have to go back inside, Sadie.”

“Come with us.” She looked at Leroy. “Can’t he Daddy?”

“It’s not a good idea; Grandma doesn’t want Uncle Leroy around.” He took Sadie from Leroy. “Say goodbye to Uncle Leroy.” She stretched her arms out so she could hug Leroy and told him she loved him. Aaron also hugged and told Dave and Leroy Merry Christmas and took Sadie back into the house.

Inside Michael was crying because he didn’t get to run out to see Leroy too. Everyone was looking out the window watching. Sue went into the kitchen she was mad, but she was missing Leroy, she found herself staring out the window. When Aaron carried Sadie through the kitchen, Aaron hugged his mom, and Sadie yelled at her. “Grandma, it is Christmas, Uncle Leroy should be here.” Sue walked out of the room. Aaron scolded Sadie.

When Aaron walked into the living room, everyone looked at him. “Did he say anything?” Allison asked.

“He told me to tell everyone, Merry Christmas.” He smiled and turned away to try to hide the tear that had rolled down his cheek. “Well, it’s getting late Bridget. Did you want to get going?” She nodded and started dressing Tyler. Aaron told her he would gather everything and get Sadie. When Aaron came out to the car to warm it up, he found the presents and stuck them in the appropriate vehicles. Aaron hopes Chris and Jewels find theirs, Aaron didn’t want to leave them in plain sight. He placed all of his family’s gifts in the trunk and came in and asked his wife if she was ready to go.


When Dave and Leroy finally make it home, they sat the things from Sarah down, and Dave turned and hugs Leroy. “I love you.” Dave reaches into the Christmas tree and pulls out a box. “And what is this?” Leroy asked with a smile as they pulled out of the hug.

“My present to you, and I love you too, Babe.” Dave smiled. Leroy opened the box to find a necklace. “Since I know you can’t wear more than one ring. I decided to get you a necklace.”

“Thank you, Hon. It is beautiful.” It was a medium braided gold chain with a small Marine Corps emblem charm. Leroy pulled a box from his coat pocket and handed it to Dave. “And since you can wear more than one ring.” Dave smiled as he opened the box and took a thick gold band with several rows of diamonds and put it on his right hand, his left ring finger was already taken, just like Leroy’s. Dave hugged and kissed Leroy, and they went into the family room to see if they could find anything on TV to watch.

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