Dave and Leroy Ch. 14

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Chapter 14 – The Roller Coaster Ride of Raising a Child

Well January, Dave and Leroy brought home their rambunctious toddler. The following week, Dave turned thirty-five and they had a small celebration, since they had Jason. Leroy wasn’t ready to hand Jason off to anyone just yet, so they just stayed in as a family. This was fine with Dave, but he was going to make damn sure he gets some form of sex for his birthday. When they put Jason down for the night, Leroy went around the house and made sure all the doors were secure before pulling Dave off to the bedroom.

Dave was surprised that Leroy was showing some interest in sex since he refused to do anything the few nights prior. After Leroy shut and locked the bedroom door, he started kissing Dave and backing him up to the bed. “I love you, Babe. Happy Birthday.” Leroy pulled Dave’s t-shirt off over his head, unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants, and pushed them down his legs.

“I love you, Leroy,” Dave responded as Leroy pushed him back on the bed and finished removing his pants. Leroy got the lube down off the closet shelf and was leaning down to take Dave’s cock in his mouth when they heard Jason crying.

Leroy quickly jumped up to see what was wrong, unlocking the door and rushing over to Jason’s room. Jason was standing next to the bed crying. Leroy picked him up and held him to him. “What’s wrong, Jason?”

Jason wouldn’t answer Leroy; he just continued to cry his crocodile tears and hold on to Leroy for dear life. Dave came walking into the room fully dressed. “Why is he crying?”

“Don’t know. Maybe a bad dream; he won’t tell me.”

“Did you check to see if he is wet?”

“No I haven’t yet. Just trying to comfort him first,” Leroy responded.

After Jason started to calm down, Leroy tried to lay him down, but he clung to Leroy. “Jason, I will hold you, but let me check to see if you are wet.” Jason allowed him to lay him back on the bed, to change him; he was wet. Then Leroy picked him back up as promised. Jason spent the rest of the night sleeping between Dave and Leroy. They were able to steal a couple of goodnight kisses, but that was it.


February they celebrated another of Leroy’s birthdays, along with another clean CT scan. He was feeling his age now, a whole whopping thirty-five. He didn’t realize that running after a three year old was going to tire him out so much. He didn’t return to school that semester. He hoped that in the fall he would get a chance to take a class or two, but for the time being, raising a child was enough work.

Both Dave and Leroy were trying their hardest not to sleep in the same bed as Jason, but they kept giving in to his sad puppy dog eyes. Or when he did show up on Dave’s side of the bed, Jason knew he could climb in and wouldn’t get taken back to his room. Leroy was a little better on taking Jason back to his bed when he would come to his side.

Their sex life was almost non-existent. When Dave would come in from work, Leroy was usually out cold on either the bed or the couch, trying to stay up. On Dave’s days off, Dave would take up most of the responsibility of taking care of Jason, even though Leroy told him it was okay. Leroy wanted Dave to have a nice day off, not having to deal with a three year old. Dave wanted to give Leroy a break, so Leroy could make love to him after Jason would go to bed. Usually that didn’t happen because Jason would just tire both of them out.

The social worker, Lisa, showed up a few times in January and February. Some of the visits were planned visits, some random. One morning in March, she decided to stop by, so she could catch Dave at home. The last few visits she made in the afternoon, Dave had already left for work. When she showed up, of course it was the morning from hell. Jason was throwing a fit. But as long as Leroy stood and held him he was quiet so that is how the visit started. “Dave, how is everything?”

“Trying at times.” Dave said and smiled. “But we are making it.”

Lisa laughed, “I can tell.” She looked at Leroy standing and rocking Jason. Jason was asleep, so Leroy walked Jason to the bedroom. When he came out and sat next to Dave, she continued. “You two are getting time for yourselves, right?”

“Yeah we try,” Dave responded.

“Okay, going to just say it straight. Are you two having sex?”

“We try,” Dave responded again.

“But you aren’t?” Lisa asked.

Dave chuckled, “No, to be honest, no we are not. Leroy is generally too tried by time I get home, and then the nights I’m here, after we put Jason to bed, all we want to do is sleep.”

“Well this is an order, because I want you two to succeed as parents. You have to make a date night, one night a week. If you don’t keep a night for yourselves, I would hate this to hurt your marriage. I know Leroy has a ton of siblings, so you need to start reaching out to them and ask them to watch Jason for a few hours. You two need to stay strong for one another.”

“We will, Lisa. Thank you,” Leroy spoke Ankara escort up and squeezed Dave’s hand.

When Lisa left that morning, Dave and Leroy just continued to sit and cuddle with one another. They knew Lisa was right. It had been a little straining these past two months. Dave told Leroy that he was going to call Allison and ask if she would watch Jason that coming Saturday night. It was his next day off. When Leroy went to check on Jason, he called her to set it up. She was amazed they hadn’t asked sooner.

When Saturday came, it was a little hard prying Jason from Leroy. The longest Jason had been out of Leroy’s sight was when Leroy had his doctor visits, including seeing Dr. Watts since January. When Dave pulled away from Allison’s house, he laughed at Leroy, “Honey, he is just going to be there overnight, so we can have a night together. He will be okay.”

“I know Dave. It’s just, and I know I’m being stupid, I miss him already.”

“Well, I miss us. So you can be away from him for a few hours.”

Dave took Leroy to dinner and he had the night planned. When they returned to the house, he pulled Leroy down to their bedroom. When Leroy walked in, his eyes went wide. “When did you have time to do all this?”

“When you took forever to pack Jason’s overnight bag,” Dave laughed at Leroy. “Leroy, take your clothes off now and get in the bed.”

Leroy didn’t have to be told twice. He loved when Dave took charge and they missed his birthday this year. When Leroy lay down, Dave walked to the head of the bed and handcuffed Leroy’s left hand to the headboard, then walked around and did the same to his right hand. Leroy had a huge smile on his face. “If you don’t get the smile off your face, I will just walk out of the room,” Dave chuckled. It only made Leroy smile even more, so Dave did walk out of the room. He chuckled all the way to the kitchen as Leroy was begging him to come back.

When Dave came back in the room, Leroy’s mouth dropped open. Dave had chocolate syrup and whipped cream in his hands. Dave put them down on the side table and pulled on Leroy’s left ankle and attached a strap to it and then did the same to his right. Leroy was now spread eagle on their king size bed.

“Would you like pain or pleasure, Leroy?”

“Oh God,” was all Leroy could say before Dave grabbed up the whipped cream and sprayed it on his cock and balls. “Oh shit, that is cold.” Dave didn’t say anything. He was too busy licking up all the cream and taking Leroy’s cock in his mouth. He reached up and pinched Leroy’s nipples and Leroy moaned loudly. Occasionally Dave would spray more whipped cream on Leroy’s cock and then tease the hell out of him.

Dave rose up from Leroy’s very erect cock and smiled up at him. He got off the bed to remove all of his clothes and reached over and poured a little chocolate syrup on Leroy’s nipples and dove down on them. “Oh shit Babe, I’ve missed this,” Leroy panted. “Date night is a yes from now on.” Dave looked up at Leroy, smiled and kissed him.


Dave couldn’t wait any longer to fuck Leroy. He quickly released his ankles then grabbed the key for the handcuffs. “Just leave them and fuck me, Dave.” Dave didn’t think. He dropped the key, grabbed the lube, rubbed it on himself and on Leroy’s ass, and quickly opened him up. Dave added some more lube and pushed the head of his cock into Leroy. “Oh shit, Dave.” Leroy tensed up and balled his fist up, willing himself to relax.

“I’m sorry,” Dave responded. “I wasn’t thinking.”

“Fuck it, Dave, and fuck me.” Leroy wrapped his legs around Dave and was pulling Dave into him.

When Dave was completely in Leroy, he bent down and kissed him. “I love you.”

“Ditto, fuck me, Dave,” Leroy smiled up at him.

Dave started fucking him hard, fast, and deep. He grabbed Leroy legs and put them over his shoulders. Leroy’s ass was off the bed because he was curled up so much to be fucked. Leroy wished he had his arms free but liked not being able to do much. Dave was rubbing Leroy’s cock when he could. To do it properly, he would have to drop one of Leroy’s legs. He did end up doing that, because he was getting close and wanted Leroy to go over the edge too. It didn’t take long to cum for either of them. It felt great. When Dave did release he was seeing stars. Leroy shot his cum past his cheek, then it hit his chest and his last few pumps didn’t make it beyond his stomach.

When Dave lowered Leroy’s other leg from his shoulder, Leroy groaned. “Shit I’m not made to bend like that anymore.” They both started laughing and Leroy’s cell phone started ringing. Leroy went to get up and realized he was still handcuffed.

“I’ll get it,” Dave laughed and got off the bed and picked up Leroy’s jeans and dug his cell out as it stopped ringing. He looked at the missed call. “It was Allison.” Then his cell started ringing and he grabbed up his pants and answered, “Yeah, Allison.”

“Apparently Jason wants his Daddy.” Dave could hear Jason crying in the background. “Has he ever Ankara escort bayan asked for his Daddy before?”


“Well he is now.”

“We will be there in a few minutes.” Dave said as he hung up and looked at Leroy. “He wants his parents.” Dave went and turned on the shower. “Come on you need the shower worse than me.”

“Ah Dave, you have to release me first.”

Dave laughed and ran back into the room and looked for the key that he dropped.

“Please say you can find it.”

He held it up, laughed and opened the cuffs. Leroy jumped up and into the shower. Dave jumped in after Leroy got out. When Dave came out, Leroy was dressed and had most of the toys put away. “We didn’t even get a chance to use these.” He held up a vibrator and a dildo. “Not to mention all the other fun toys.”

“For someone who was scared to have sex for the last two months, this is truly funny,” Dave laughed as he pulled on his shoes. He pulled Leroy into a long kiss. “Let’s go.”

When Dave and Leroy arrived at Allison’s, they walked in to find Jason asleep in Lee’s arms. “I’m sorry, Dave, Leroy. I should have called you back and said not to bother. Dad walked in and Jason went straight to him and fell asleep.”

“That is okay, we will take him home anyways,” Leroy responded and Dave nodded his head.

“The hell you two are,” Lee responded. “You two are going to go back home and finish your date night. Allison can deal with a crying kid. She shouldn’t have called you, and she should have just tried to calm him.”

“I did, Dad. Nothing was working.” Allison was getting a little upset with her father.

“That is why we will take him home. We should have just started out with a few hours away not a night for his first time away from us. And how do you tell a three year old that his daddy isn’t around anymore.”

“You don’t. You tell him, the two of you are his daddies,” Lee responded. “When he is older and asks, that is different. Now go home and finish your date night.”

“Yes, Sir,” Dave responded and pulled Leroy to the door.


“Leroy, he will be fine until morning. We will come back and pick him up. Let’s have some time together. We need this.” Dave responded as he pulled Leroy out back to the car.

Lee, Allison, and Jason, Allison’s husband, continued to talk and waved goodnight to Dave and Leroy.

While driving back to the house, Leroy decided that Dave was right and got a little frisky. He leaned his head over onto Dave’s shoulder, reached down to unbutton and unzip Dave’s pants. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Leroy smiled and proceeded to stick his hand into Dave’s underwear and caress Dave’s cock.

“Babe, we should wait until we get home.”

Leroy continued to do what he was doing and Dave drove home quickly and safe as he could. When he pulled into the driveway, he left the car running for the heat and leaned his seat back to give Leroy better access, because Leroy already had Dave’s cock in his mouth.

“Leroy.” Dave grabbed for hair.

When Leroy sat up, Dave lightly slapped him on the cheek. “What was that for?” Leroy smirked.

“For making me cum in the car. While we have whipped cream, chocolate syrup and other things to eat and have fun with, and you choose to make me cum out here,” Dave chuckled.

“Are you saying you won’t get it up anymore tonight?” Leroy asked.

“No, I’m not saying that. Shit Leroy, let’s get inside.” Dave tucked himself back in, buttoned and zipped his pants. He sat his seat up, turned off the car and headed into the house with Leroy hot on his heels. “You know for someone, I just had to drag out of his sister’s house because he wanted to bring our son home, you change your tone quickly.”

“Okay, what can I say? I’m sex deprived,” Leroy laughed as they were walking back into the bedroom. “We use to have sex daily before Jason.”

“And we still can, you just have to loosen up a little. Jason is not going to wake up every time we want to make love. Yes, he will sometimes, but not every time. We will have to just get good at choosing the time we make love is all.” Dave hugged and kissed Leroy. “I love you, Babe.”

“Ditto, now get in that bed. I have some catching up to do.” Leroy was already hard. He had been since he gave Dave the blowjob in the car. Dave quickly undressed, as did Leroy, and they grabbed down the box of toys and lube.

They would sleep for a little while and then one of them would wake up and start something again, Leroy woke one time with one arm and leg already cuffed and tied to the bed. Dave woke with Leroy licking chocolate syrup off of his balls with a vibe on low being held underneath his scrotum on his perineum. Leroy knew that it drove Dave insane when he did this. Sure enough, as soon as Dave woke up to this, Dave went from semi-hard to hard in seconds flat.

They finally tired themselves out sexually at seven that morning. They snuggled together and fell asleep, only to be woken by the phone at nine. Leroy grabbed Escort Ankara for the cell that was ringing. He didn’t even look to see who was calling, “Yeah?”

He could hear Jason in the background asking what Allison was doing. “You sound tired. I take it you two had fun last night?”

“Yes, how is Jason this morning?”

“Oh, he is still in bed,” Allison laughed. “Oh! You would like to know about the silly three year old that has been asking questions all morning.”

“Yeah, our son. How is our son doing this morning?”

“He is still wondering where his daddy is, but he isn’t crying about it today. When are you coming by?”

Dave took the phone from Leroy, “We will be over in a few Allison. You think he can hold out for a little longer to be picked up?”

“A little, yes,” Allison chuckled.

Dave hand the phone back to Leroy and started to get out of the bed. “Okay, Allison, as Dave said we will be over in a bit.” He looked at Dave, “You need to sleep some. I will go and get Jason.”

“Leroy, I will sleep after we come back with Jason. I want to see him just as bad as you. You go take a shower. I will clean these things up and strip the bed.”

“No, you worked today. You take the shower. I will clean the stuff up and strip the bed. We will go pick Jason up, and then you are coming back and going to sleep until one.”

Dave just shook his head and walked into the bathroom and started the shower. When he was finished less than ten minutes later, he came out to a clean bedroom and Leroy kissed him as he headed for the shower. As soon as Leroy was dressed and ready, they were heading over to Allison’s. When they walked in, Jason saw them immediately, screamed ‘Daddy’ and ran over to Dave and Leroy. They were shocked.

“Daddy, watch cartoon.” Jason grabbed a hand of both Dave and Leroy, who were still stunned and pulled them over to the couch. “Sit.”

Allison and Jason were sitting on the loveseat watching Dave and Leroy trying to comprehend what had just happened. Little Jason climbed into Leroy’s lap when he sat down and snuggle into him. “Has he ever called you that before?” Allison asked.

Both Dave and Leroy looked at her. “No.”

“What started him wanting his daddy, anyways?” Leroy asked, and Jason pushed away from Leroy to look at him.

“Daddy?” He was looking at Leroy.

“Yes,” Leroy smiled.

Jason looked over at Dave and pointed, “Daddy?”

“Yes,” Dave responded and smiled. Jason just smiled and cuddled back into Leroy.

“What’s he doing?” Dave asked.

“I think he is confirming that you are his daddies,” Allison responded. “Last night the kids were looking for their father, and Jason followed them around when they were calling for their daddy. So he started doing it, too. Mikey told him that their daddy wasn’t his daddy. That’s when he started crying and wanting his daddy.”

“Okay, I get it. I just don’t understand how he figured it out. We’ve wanted to tell him to call us daddy, but we weren’t sure if that would be right. Also weren’t sure if he would want to,” Leroy responded.

“Children’s minds, Leroy, are odd things. They figure out things that you don’t think they can, and other things they are clueless about,” Allison laughed. “You two look beat.” Then Allison thought about it, “Please forget that I just said that.”

Dave and Leroy laughed. Jason looked up at Leroy, “Are you about ready to go there, Bud?”

“Home?” Jason asked.

“Yeah home, Jason,” Leroy responded.

Allison got up and retrieved Jason’s bag for them. They said their goodbyes and got in the car. “You know you are evil,” Jason laughed at Allison. “When do you think the sugar is going to kick in?”

Allison laughed. “Give it just a few more minutes, but I bet before they get home.”

Jason started talking, really asking questions, a few blocks from Allison’s house. “Where we going?”

“Home, Jason,” Dave responded.

“Why are we going home?”

“Because we need to,” Dave replied.

“But why?”

“Because we need to.”

Jason leaned over in his seat and looked out the window. “Why is the sky blue?”

“Because that is the color.”

“Daddy, why are we going home?”

Dave looked over at Leroy. They were at a stop light.

“Why are we stopped?”

“What turned on the questions?” Dave asked Leroy.

“I don’t know.”

“Daddy, Daddy?” Jason was almost screaming now, “Daddy?”

“What Jason?” Leroy asked.

“Can we have a cat?”

Leroy just shook his head.


“No, Jason.”


Dave put his head in his hands. “We turned a really sweet boy over to Allison yesterday. He was quiet and didn’t ask a lot of questions. Today we get back a kid that is calling us Daddy, which is the most wonderful thing, but he is asking a million and one questions.”

Then Jason asked the one question they weren’t ready for. “Where’s Mommy?”

“Well,” Dave looked over at Leroy and smiled.

“Don’t you dare,” Leroy shook his head.

Dave turned around in the seat so he could look Jason in the eye. “Well Jason, some little kids have a mommy and a daddy, some just have a mommy or a daddy, and some have either two mommies or, like you, have two daddies.”

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