Dave Meets Vicki Ch. 03


The Whole Story: Ch. 03

During lunch, Vicki’s step-mother returned. Vicki was wearing her bikini – with its matching top – which served to keep Dave’s mind and cock’s attention focused upon her womanhood. She seductively rubbed her body against him while serving him. They traded grabs playfully. They were discussing school when the Vicki’s step-mother walked in. “Hi, Mom.” Vicki greeted. “This is Dave. He’s here to fix our plumbing. I’m sorry I didn’t know what to tell him to do. Dave, this is my step-mother, Denise.”

Dave stood and said hello. This woman was another knock-out. Denise was a raven-haired beauty. She was only five feet tall, but her body was perfectly proportioned. In fact, her large tits and flared hips accentuated her narrow waste. She had large, sexy eyes, full lips and short black hair. She was wearing short shorts with high hip slits to show her well shaped thighs, and a cut-off t-shirt that barely covered her firm breasts. The lower part of her tits hung below the material, in an enticing fashion. The top had a low cut front and back. Her full cleavage was well displayed. She wore no bra, and needed none. She looked maybe ten years older than her pretty step-daughter.

Denise smiled at the brawny young man with a come-hither look. Her eyes ran greedily over his frame and froze momentarily on the thick bulge in his tight shorts. She put the packages she held on the counter, walked up to Dave, and held out a dainty hand. “Nice to meet to, Dave. I’m glad Vicki’s been taking care of you.” She said as she winked at the stacked, blond woman. “After lunch, I’ll show you the pipe that’s leaking.” She moved gracefully around the room. Her sexuality was evident and inviting. Dave didn’t know how to respond to this situation. Both women were obviously interested in him, and neither showed any hint of being the least bid coy about it, even with the other around.

He enjoyed watching both ladies move around the kitchen, putting away the groceries Denise had bought. Denise bent over several times, showing him her ass and cleavage. “I hope you don’t mind our sexual freedom, Dave.” The older woman explained. “We demonstrate our wants and needs openly, as a family. Vicki’s father, Jim, is in Europe for a month, and I’m afraid we’ve been left without male affiliation too long!

“We usually don’t wear clothes out here. We bought this property because of its seclusion. We’ve always felt its better to be completely truthful about our feelings and desires. We have kept a pretty good relationship. Haven’t we, honey?” Denise enquired as she hugged the statuesque younger woman. Their tits pressed together lewdly. They kissed. Dave saw their mouths open for a quick French.

Vicki smiled and kept an arm around the older woman’s shoulders, her finger-tips grazed the stiff nipple of her step- mother. “That’s right, Mom!” She agreed. Her own nipples were fully erect. Dave noticed a damp spot at the front of the thin material of her white bikini crotch. “I want you to know that I really like Dave! I’ve already had a little chance to get to “know” him,” she said winking, “and he’s a very special man.”

The older woman’s arm wrapped around her waist. She placed her hand just under the bulging material of her step-daughter’s skimpy bikini bra. Her finger tips just resting on the skin of the tit that refused to stay confined inside the tiny cup. Denise’s tit was pressed against the young woman’s side. The material on her top bunched, and her nipple was exposed. Denise ran her other hand under the top where it covered the other nipple. The gesture was natural – like scratching an itch. He saw her fingers pinch the hard nipple. Then she slid her hand down her side, scratched an imaginary itch at the crotch of her shorts. One finger disappeared slyly beneath the shiny, pink satin fabric. A trail of moisture remained on her olive skinned thigh when she removed the questing digit. Denise was looking directly into the young man’s eyes during this lurid act. Dave’s cock jumped in its tight confines. He was getting more and more aroused.

“Well ladies,” He commented. “Don’t worry about me. This is your home. You do what’s comfortable. I usually don’t wear anything around my apartment either. Besides, you both look mighty nice, with – or without – clothes.” Dave got from his chair at the table. His stiff dick was trying to get out of his pant leg. The head had this nagging ability to wiggle out for a peek. Dave nonchalantly adjusted the bunched material and slid his cock back inside the shorts. He smiled awkwardly. “Denise,” He asked, “How about showing me your plumbing problem?”

“Just follow me, Dave.” She replied huskily, as she swayed her hips, walking down the hall. She walked into the master bedroom. The cheeks of her fine ass peeked out from her satin shorts.

The room was plush. The furnishings were more in the style of a Nineteenth Century bordello. The bed cover was red. The back of the door was padded with xhamster porno black leather. The canopy of the king- sized bed was a huge mirror, supported by four dark oak posts. Dave noticed an array of dildos on the lampstand beside the bed. As if she was embarrassed, Denise hurried to the lewd phallic display. She quickly grabbed the largest pliable, pink plastic penis. She tried to hide the twelve inch monster between her firm tits. “Oh! I hope you don’t mind. I’ve not had a man for two weeks, since Jim left on his company’s trip. I didn’t think about having company today.” She said as she slid the huge cock down her front. She pressed the tip against her crotch before she opened a drawer and slid it inside. She swept the other three or four dildos in the assortment into the open drawer. Jim noticed a damp spot at the crotch of her pink shorts. As if nothing had happened, she led him into the bathroom that adjoined the suite.

Jim stood behind the pixy-like woman. She bent over at the hips and opened the cabinet doors under the vanity. “I’ve noticed the drain leaks under here, Dave. Could you take a look?” She asked – still bent over – her ass pressed against his thick crotch. The thin material of her satin shorts parted her labia. She looked over her shoulder at the young stud. His eyes were staring at her hips.

“I’d be happy to, ma’am.” Dave responded huskily. He really liked Vicki. He felt like he’d be betraying her if he fucked her step-mother, but this bitch was begging for it. The scene in the kitchen suggested that this family didn’t mind sharing openly. Dave’s own philosophy was that of hedonism, however, he had found few other people that could cope with the idea of sharing openly and freely with other sexually. They stood still for a moment.

Denise wanted this young man badly. Her need was at its peak. She had her hair done this morning. The young man she patronized was the best at the salon. His boyish features turned her on. She had been trying to seduce him shamelessly for a year. He enjoyed her attempts, but was a dedicated homo-sexual. Denise thought it was such a waste to limit one’s sexuality in such a manner. Now, in spite of her blatant attempts to lure the young service man, he would not make the first move. She decided she was going to get some cock today, and this man was going to service her, if she had to rape him. From the size of the bulge in his pants, she didn’t think that she was going to have to go that far.

She moved to the side to let him crawl in next to her, under the cabinet. Dave took out a flashlight and looked at the p-trap. A drop of water had formed under the curve of the stainless steel pipe. Dave’s hand shook slightly. In spite of the fact that he had fucked a beautiful woman shortly before, he felt his need grow. The older woman’s body scent filled the confined space around them. He was attracted to it like a drone to the queen bee. “Uh…” He stammered, “Yeah, I think I see the problem.” He quickly slid out of the cabinet, bumping his head on the low frame. “Oops!” He exclaimed clumsily, rubbing his head.

Denise followed him. “Did you hurt yourself, Dave?” She asked. “Here, let me take a look…” She held his head in her hands and pressed his face between her tits, as she pretended to look in his thick hair for an imaginary cut. Dave’s cheeks rested between the deep valley of pleasure at the juncture of her firm breasts. He inhaled deeply. His face was flushed with excitement. She released him slowly.

“I think I’ll be alright. Thanks!” He mumbled. If his cock got any tighter in his pants, he was going to faint from the pain. He reached for a wrench, climbing back under the vanity. “I’ll have this fixed in a few minutes, but I’ll have the water off in the sink until I’m done. Okay?”

When he received no answer, he peeked out to see the woman had disappeared. He reached into his shorts and adjusted his monster hard-on for best comfort. He jacked the throbbing member a couple of strokes to try to help relieve his sexual tension. It didn’t help.

He continued with the repair to the plumbing. Unaware that the little dark-haired minx had returned. She admired the firm outline of his manhood. She liked his well-muscled body. His broad, bulging chest reminded her of a weight-lifter. “Do you lift weights, Dave? She asked suddenly.

Dave jumped. He hadn’t heard her return. “Yeah. Uh…I’m on the swim team at State U.” He continued with his repairs. A sheen of perspiration had formed across his expansive chest.

Denise knelt over his prone form. Her face was inches from his groin. She inhaled his manly scent. Her red tongue flicked out over her lips. Then she disappeared again.

Denise moved over to the bidet. She had removed all her clothes and squatted over the porcelain fixture. She had a collection of shaving materials on the little stand beside her. She playfully diddled her pussy, with her fingers. Her clitoris was erotik porno unusually large. The little nub looked like a miniature penis. It protruded from the puffy lips of her sopping pussy. It was an angry red knob of flesh about an inch long. She trapped it between two slender fingers. Her cum was close.

The sexual genius in her wanted to wait to take advantage of the young stiff cock only a few feet away. She had been using practically everything else in the house, since her lover, Vicki’s father, had left. Denise lathered the pink mound of her sex with shaving cream. She kept herself completely bare. A short stubble had appeared, and needed to be removed. She felt the nudity of her sex enhanced her sexual pleasure. She slowly spread the slippery white foam over her pubic mound and down the crack of her full ass. A dibble of her sexual juices ran out of her vagina and mixed with the cream. She played with her stiff nipples. Her aureoles were also firm and protruded out from the firm mounds of her breasts. The brown circles that surrounded her nipples were two inches across. She closed her eyes imagining the young stud’s flaming cock jammed into her tight little pussy. A quiver of sexual thrill flooded her crotch.

About the time she had covered her little pussy with the white mixture, Dave finished and slid out of the hot cabinet. His mouth dropped in surprise at the lewd sight of the elfish woman shaving herself. One of his fantasies had been to eat and fuck a bald pussy. He had always kept his own body completely shaved (except for his head). Even his cock and balls were nude of any hair. Many of his partners found this rarity to be pleasing. Dave stood and turned on the water in the repaired sink. He washed his hands. He bent down and looked under the sink to check his work. Then he closed the cabinet doors. He looked at the lustful woman displayed before him.

“My husband usually takes care of this detail. You seem so handy, do you think you could help me shave my little pussy?” She asked with a wicked smile. One hand kept massaging the white foam between her legs, and the other tweaked her stiff nipples.

Dave unsnapped and unzipped his shorts. He had decided to fuck this woman. He lowered his pants slowly. His cock slid into view. The long, hard member bounced lazily before the woman’s face. With its freedom, the sexual member gained its final massive dimensions. The head peeked out from its protective skin.

The combination of Dave’s hairless groin and his uncircumcised cock drew Denise like a fly to honey. For a moment, she forgot her own throbbing need. She wanted to worship the young man’s cock. She bent forward and sniffed his essence. The her little tongue snaked out to lick the clear droplet of precum on its tip. The monster lept suddenly at the touch of her probing taster. Her tongue quested around under the cock skin. She licked his massive length, and smooth balls.

Dave pressed her back on the bidet. He knelt between her perfect thighs. He rinsed the safety razor, and began to shave her tender parts carefully. He shaved her mound, and the soft skin around her vagina. He made sure to get between the sloppy folds of her sex. His thick fingers found the little hard-on that was her clit. His cock jumped at her unusually large size. He kept the little woman’s giant clit trapped between his fingers as he stretched her pussy lips to shave the remaining fuzz around them. Dave lifted her legs over his broad shoulders. He shaved her tight ass crack. He took the foam can and spread a dab directly on her anus. She wiggled with delight. Her eyes were locked on the movement of his ministrations. Dave shaved her crack. When he was finished he stood and prepared a warm, wet wash cloth. His cock bobbed maddeningly before her – just out of her reach. She admired his manly form.

Dave returned to lightly wash the remaining foam from her crotch. He slowly ran the soft cloth over her ass, anus, and pussy. He took special care to pull back the sheath that surrounded her clitoris, and washed it completely. Denise’s eyes were closed in rapture. Her pussy was leaking a continuous flow of sexual cream.

Dave paused to put the shaving materials out of the way. Denise kept her eyes closed. Her breasts heaved with her excited breathing. Dave slowly lowered his mouth to her crotch. He kissed the pink mound. His tongue bathed the area until it was slick with saliva. The wanton woman squirmed with lust. Soft moans of delight escaped her heaving chest. She spread her limbs wide to allow the young man full access to her pulsating privates. He deliberately allowed his saliva to drool from his open mouth over her crotch. His spit covered her from her pubis to her anus. His questing tongue played along the pliant lips of her steaming snatch. He flicked the loose folds of flesh with brief strokes of his taster. Her juices dribbled out of the lower end of her cunt and collected at her wet ass milf porno hole.

Dave’s hands were busy fondling her firm mammaries. He pinched and rolled her stiff nipples. She hunched her pussy at his handsome face, trying to get her yearning crotch to make contact with his tongue. He slurped his way past her gaping womanhood. He lapped at the sensitive skin between her pussy and ass hole. Her aroma filled his head. His cock throbbed between his muscled thighs. His tongue brushed her anus and ringed the soft mounds that flanked her musky hole.

As soon as Dave’s tongue touched her pulsating pooper, Denise released the lip she had been biting, and began a stream of oral filth designed to urge her young lover’s lewd efforts and help her cum. Her erotic language was as practiced as her love making. Denise enjoyed every aspect of eroticism. She had practiced and was fluent in virtually every type of erotic behavior.

“Yes!” She hissed, twisting her hips to present herself to him fully. “You fucking stud, lick my ass hole! Eat that ass, slave. I want your fucking tongue in my brown eye, now!” She commanded. Dave, however, simply rimmed her ass, and continued his oral sodomy at his own leisurely pace. His tongue slithered back toward her pussy. His avoidance of her sexual slot and clit were maddening. “Suck my pussy! Suck my pussy! Suck my pussy!” She commanded.

Dave stopped his mouth action. Her hands were twisted in his curly hair, trying to force his mouth onto her sex. He waited, looking at her straining figure and face, until she calmed and freed his head. He stood before her suddenly. His cock flopped lewdly, inches from her lust filled eyes. Her mouth was partially open, her tongue poised on a pouting red lip. “No, bitch!” He countered. “I’m the fucking Master around here!” His voice was strong and unwavering. “I’ll decide when and if you ever get fucked again! Look at my cock, you whore.” He commanded, taking his manhood by the root. His balls dangled beneath his big fist. He jacked his iron rod slowly. The head was less than an inch from her face. Her eyes were locked, wide upon the instrument of her doom. “Look at my cock. I know you want it. You want to suck my uncircumcised penis. I should shove this monster up your sweet little ass, bitch. You don’t deserve it in your pussy! Maybe I should fuck your ass!” Her eyes glanced up at his demonic grin. She felt a tingle in her ass hole. Her butt involuntarily tipped toward him in submission. “You want me to fuck your little ass, don’t you, slut? You want me to fuck you till you cum! Maybe I will. Maybe I should fuck your ass and let you lick your nasty shit from my fucker after I cum, bitch! Is that what you want? You want to suck my cock and lick my balls? Do you want to eat my ass hole? Maybe if you take good care of your Master, he’ll let you sit on his beautiful cock. Would you like to have this cock in your tight little pussy?” He pulled the foreskin back until the slippery pink head was fully exposed. The tip was exceptionally soft and sensitive from its protective covering.

Her whole being was focused upon his giant sex and crude words. She loved to mix aural sex with her other sexual asides. Obviously, this young man was also a master. “Oh yes, Master!” She whimpered.

“Yes Master what, whore? Tell Master what you want!” His rich baritone was imperious. He slapped his prick against her soft cheeks and chin.

“Master,” She asked demurely, “Please fuck my little ass! Oh, fuck my mouth! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my tits. Let me have your sweet cock!” She begged. Her hands slid from her own tits to his thighs, and began slowly inching toward his groin. He slapped his dick on her exposed tit. The slime from his cock head splattered on her nipple.

“What do you think you’re doing? You fucking sperm bag. I’ll tell you what you can do. Get on your hands and knees, bitch. I’m going to fuck that tight little ass hole of yours. You’d better not cum or I’ll punish you. Wait!” He commanded. “Lick my cock and get it lubed up for your poop shoot!” He slapped the flesh snake at her open lips. Her tongue captured the tube of stiff cock-flesh. She sucked the sexual delicacy into her hot mouth. In moments her saliva had coated it thoroughly. He pulled it away from her. She quickly dropped to the floor, and raised her cute ass for his delight. Dave bent and ran his long tongue over her ass, and up her anus. He straightened and pushed the tip of his cock into her hole. Her experience became evident when he easily slid into the tight orifice. “Umm!” They murmured in unison. He fucked her little butt-hole with long, tender strokes in spite of his rough verbiage.

At heart, Dave was always the consummate lover. He always tried to please his partners. He’d never had any complaints. His sexual success was always a mystery to his male friends at school. Dave wasn’t outgoing, but the women always seemed to prefer his quiet, strength and stability. Many refused to date anyone else, after he had went out with them. The seemed to prefer waiting until he had an opening in his busy schedule, rather than date “just anyone.” In spite of the grilling he regularly received from his buddies, Dave never mentioned his sexual prowess. He only smiled cryptically.