Dave’s sister Pt. 01

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“Dave” – Sue appeared at the door of Dave’s bedroom and started to approach her brother pouting and talking in one of her please, please whining voices.

“Yeeees”, came the reply as Dave turned away from his computer to face his little sister.

“What can I do for you sis?”

“Are you busy, can you talk?” Sue paused and hesitated a little before continuing.

“You know you said if ever I had a problem and wanted to talk it through just to ask you anytime.”

“Yeses –, but it was quite a long time ago I said that. You’re a big girl now, 20 next week, don’t know if there is very much I can help you with these days but go ahead, try me.”

“I’m sure you can, from what my friends tell me. It’s sort of, we’ll, umm I’m.” Sue stopped talking and paused – lost for words. She was slowly turning a brighter shade of red as she started to feel hot and starter to blush.

Not being sure what to do next Sue hesitate, turned to leave slowly shuffled back towards the bedroom door.

“Doesn’t matter, can’t put it into words, oh hell, shit, shit, shit.”

“Hey sis if I can help I will. What is the problem, is it that serious, in trouble with mum and dad again? Has your love life fallen apart, are you pregnant or something?

In an automatic response Sue stopped walking then turned around as she started to reply.

“No, no, no nothing like that. I have been on the pill for nearly 2 years now, thought you knew that. Mum gave me the parental lecture a long time ago, said that with a body like mine and the friends I had there was no alternative but to play safe and marched me down to the doctor.

She was very up front and basic, sat me down, asked a lot of questions, gave me a short talk about boys and said that their brains were often below their belt at my age, then just told me to think about what I did but enjoy myself while I could.

We chatted about growing up and exploring life, from what she told me it sounded like she was quite a girl in her younger days.”

Sue’s quick response seemed to restore her confidence and she continued to talk ninety to the dozen and walked back towards Dave.

“It’s sort of girl’s problems brov, I just need some help and some — eeer, you know, eeer – sort of directional instructions — about boys and sex — I just want to know what to do and how to do it.”

Another short pause as Sue looked at David with her hands clasped together.

“Jenny and the girls say you and Barry are the best fuck going in the crowd. Barry spends all his time with Jenny now. I think they have something serious since you and Jenny split. She keeps telling us what they get up to and how much she likes him, so I can’t ask Barry for help can I and Jenny only sees it from a girl’s point of view.”

“What’s up then, talk to me sis.”

“Well it is sort of — I er, need to know, what to do when and how — boys and sex wise.”

Dave looked at her and replied.

“I thought you were already playing and working through the crowd?”

“I was — am but Tim ditched me a couple of weeks ago after I fucked up trying to be more, how do you say it, sexually pleasing.”

“Now he has been telling all his mates I am a useless cow who doesn’t know how to please. He is saying I’m Just a five-minute fuck pig that’s a substitute for a quick wank. That I am just a quick wank machine who lays flat on my back with my legs open waiting to get serviced.” Sue paused with a tear in her eye.

“Now no one will date me.” Another pause as Sue wiped her eyes.

“What happened to get that response from Tim?” Dave asked.

“I err, – well it all sort of went wrong after he told me I needed to do more things to please him before he shagged me.” Sue paused again and lowered her head and her voice before continuing.

“To start with he wanted me to learn how to give him a proper blow job and take an oral fucking. I haven’t done anything much like that although I had heard about it from Jenny and it sounded sort of exciting. Tim told me there were lots of things I needed to learn to do to please a man before letting them just get between my legs and fuck me.” Another pause from Sue.

“He said I needed to learn to please him first if I wanted him to play with my body and I needed to give him what he wanted when he wanted it, not just lay on my back and take what was on offer, told me my sex life wasn’t just about me coming.”

“I didn’t know what to do brov, the only person I could think off to ask for help was Jenny.

The next time I saw her I told her what had happened, she just laughed and said, —

To start with all you need to do is just open your mouth a little more and slip the big purple monster past your lips into it, lick it, play with it, stroke it, pull it, wank it and let them slide it in and out – as far as you can take it without too much gagging. Basically, you play with their pride and joy until you get them so turned on they can’t stop themselves for cuming.”

“Jenny followed that up with, – Once you get used bursa eskort to it, depending on the size and if you can take it, let them go all the way down your throat and fuck your tonsils, but it takes the right person, plus a lot of time and training to get enjoyably orally fucked. You also need to do it with the right person, it is a great feeling, once you get it right and mastered the swallowing technique.”

“Jenny said you and she played around a lot and she soon learnt how to take it all the way down after she got used to gaging. She suggested practicing with a banana dipped in olive oil, once you get it right just open your mouth wide and enjoy.”

“Her other comment was that the only other thing you need to think about is do you spit or swallow, which usually happens after you have had a few mouthfuls and depends on what they taste like.

Most of the time they will decide it for you anyway, you either get a mouth full while they hold your head in their hands and choose how deep they go, our they will take it out at the last moment and come all over your face and tits.”

“I asked her what she liked, and her answer was that she liked to swallow it most times, but she was happy to let then cum over her tits and face. She said some boys like the tits and face option all the time as it made them feel dominant, and then laughed.”

“I’ve been trying the banana trick but need more help now brov, please.”

“Fucking heel Sue, slow down, take time to breath, – Jenny said what.” Dave put his hands on Sues shoulders to settle her down, but Sue just continued to pour it all out to him.

“Jenny said you and she tried lots of the things you saw while watching your porn and that’s what ended up happening when she placed your prick in front of her lips. You told her to play and enjoy and that she could choose what she wanted to do, spit or swallow, although you said you liked your girls to swallow, depended on how domineering you were feeling. Jenny said all options are in most porno’s, – That’s why I want to watch your porn brov, please, please can I?”

“Jenny said that there was a lot of other things men thought they should be allowed to do but I should only do what I enjoy and do it with who I wanted to please. The problem is I do not know what I will enjoy, what other things to do, and do not have anyone to try it all with now.”

Sue suddenly went quiet with another pregnant pause as tears appeared in her eyes.

“The trouble is the next time I was with Tim I got excited and told him I just wanted to please him but I did not know what to do and was worried I would not be very good at it.

Tim was sitting on the edge of his bed and ordered me to get on my knees in front of him.

“He said he was going to make me his good little fuck pig and told me to open my mouth and wrap my lips around his prick while to start with he was going to teach me how to get my face fucked.

I really did want to try and blow him and thought of what Jenny had told me but felt a bit lost and needed to be told what he wanted. When I asked him to tell me what I needed to do he got all fired up and stuck his prick in front of my face and started shouting.” Sue paused again before she carried on talking.

“Suck it Sue just open your fucking mouth and suck, it. It’s not rock science you silly cow. were his exact words. I’ll never forget them.” Another little tear appeared as Sue spluttered a bit.

Dave lifted her chin and looked her in the eyes.

Shit they were the best set of come to bed eyes he had seen for a long time.

Behave – he told himself; she is your little sister. Sue just looked up at him all puppy like then slowly started to talk again.

“I sucked it, brov, I sucked it, licked it and played with it for a long time just like Jenny told me to. I started to really like it, you know the taste and the feel. I rolled it around my mouth and worked it in and out taking as much as I could. I pulled and played with it and was thinking I wanted to feel him fill my mouth with cum. He was pinching and pulling on my nipples and squeezing my tits and moaning. I was well turned on and that bit seemed to work ok.”

Another long pause and Dave could see she was reliving the moment – he was also getting turned on with all her innocent dirty talk. He could almost relive the memory with her and suddenly realised he had one hell of a boner growing in his shorts.

He came back to reality as Sue started to talk again.

“I thought I was doing all right I really did. Tim was talking dirty saying he was going to fuck my brains out and breathing really hard.” she mumbled.

“The trouble was he suddenly grabbed the back of my head and pushed the full length of his prick into my mouth. It went right down my throat brov and I started to gag and choke.

He started shouting and was rough with me, he scared me, it was all so sudden. — he was shouting –

You bitch I’m going fuck your tonsils and fill you with cum, you dirty cow you are going to take it bursa escort bayan all the way down, I’m going to fuck your face until I’m ready to cream all over you.

It was all so quick, so frightening, he grabbed my head and rammed his prick down as far as he could and continued slamming his tool into my face until my nose was buried in his belly.”

“He is big brov, my eyes were running, my heart was racing and I was shit scared. He just kept pumping his weapon into me and I couldn’t stop him.

Next thing I knew I was gagging hard and spewed up all over his prick and balls.”

“He just lost it and called me a useless fucking cow.

As he went to the bathroom to clean up he shouted at me to piss off out of it and be gone before he came back from the bathroom.

I just grabbed my clothes, dressed and left as quick as I could. When I got outside I didn’t know what to do. I was crying, in a right mess, and just phoned Jenny while I sat on the curb in a panic.

Jenny told me to stay put until she picked me up in her car and took me back to her place.

She said I should have kicked Tim in the balls on my way out and it sounded like I’d met my first bastard. I spent the night at her place, and we talked a lot. She told me I had a lot to learn but I needed to be careful who I chose to learn it with as the world was full of Tim’s.”

Sue looked straight into Dave’s eyes with a long, fixed stare.

“Brov – Tim has told all his mates what a waste of time I am and now nobody wants to date me. Help me please help me.” Sue suddenly seemed to become aware of the verbal explosion she had just completed and drew a deep breath before continuing.

“Shit, there I’ve done it, I’ve told you everything, I’ve said it. Now you know, now you know what a useless cow I am – please brov – please help, help your useless little sister.” Silence hit the room and the atmosphere was alive with emotions.

Dave just looked at his sister while his mind raced through what he was going to do to Tim when he next saw him.

Then the bigger problem hit him, what was he going to do now? Sue broke the silence in a quiet, desperate voice.

“Please, please can I watch some of your porn with you?

Please, please can you tell me what I need to do. I really like getting fucked but Jenny said there is a lot more to it than just getting fucked if I want to move on.

Jenny said you and her spent hours watching your porn and doing it all.

She said you sucked her off, shagged her tonsils, played with her tits, cam all over them and made her scream the house down. She said with the right person it’s all fantastic.”

“Jenny and I have talked a lot about what to do and how much to do and finding your limits.

Jenny even told me you have stuck your purple beast into her bum, but you took it slowly and with a lot of lube. She said getting it right was fun and there is so much more to learn, it is just a case of how far you want to go. She recons that things like feeling you sliding in and out of her bum then cuming full throttle while in as far as you could go was just fantastic especially while you were tickling her clit and pumping her fanny with your fingers while doing it, but she did say that she was a dirty cow that like everything she had tried so far. She said that doing things you like with the right person is exciting and the experience is something to die for.

Her idea was that if you want to keep a man you need to show them you are enthusiastic and want to find out what he and you both enjoy then you will keep them wanting you to play with their body as well as letting them use you.

“Another of her comments was that you sharing her and her body with Barry and having both of you playing with her at the same time was the best thing ever – and her sex is now awesome without her old boundaries.”

“Dave I just want to know how to do it all, I really what to try it all. So far I just love everything I try and want to push my boundaries so that I am as good at it as Jenny”

“Shit sis, slow down, take a breath, give me a minute. What happened to my innocent little sister?”

“Brov I grew up a long time ago, we’ll I thought I had until a couple of weeks ago. I have spent a lot of time talking and listening to my friends and how they got fucked. All I hear from the girls is how good you and Barry are at it. From what I’ve been told you two have fucked all of them more or less, — and a couple of them at the same time, one of you at each end giving them a few spit roasts?

Don’t go all innocent and quiet on me, you randy bastard.” Sue continued talking while she stood with her hands clasped together looking all vulnerable.

Dave thoughts turned to how she looked ready and waiting to be taken. He reprimanded himself again telling himself she was his sister.

“I’m like you I just luv it all — and I need to have, know more. I want to get it right, it’s not fair that Jenny has so much fun and everyone görükle escort is after her while they are parking me just because I got it wrong once.”

Dave pulled his sister into him and gave her a long cuddle before answering, he needed time to think.

“Two things sis: First you didn’t get it wrong you just need to take it a lot more slowly, do it with the right person and get yourself into the rhythm while sorting out what you like.

Secondly you can watch porn till the cows come home but you need to have someone you really trust to watch it with, someone who will just do what you want when you want to try it.

Not everyone is like that.

Some are just animal and with a body like yours they’d just loose it like Tim did. There are a lot of wankers like Tim; they are arseholes and a waste of time.”

Sue butted in all excited.

“That’s why I want you to teach me brov, show me everything? I’m a quick learner and as far as I know I like it all. You have played with everyone else and none of them are complaining. I do more than really like you brov, I really, really luv you, always have.”

“Just a minute, I’m your brother, you’re not supposed to do it with your brother. You’re not supposed to fancy your brother. Behave.”

“I don’t want to behave. I’ve watched your body grow over the years and the way you flash it around. You get me all worked just seeing your shape, and the outline of what you have in your pants. I have wanted to play with your body, your weapon for a long time – honest.

I have always wanted you to touch me, play with my tits, do all the things you do with my friends. You just look so appetising and when Jenny and my friends give out their graphic descriptions on how you use that weapon and tongue of yours I get so wet it’s embarrassing.”

“Look your standing out like a tent pole now. You can’t deny you’re turned on and it looks so big. Wouldn’t you like to play with your little sister’s body – let her play with yours – let me wrap myself around your purple headed monster and satisfy the beast?”

Oh sorry, that’s the way Jenny describes how you affected her, and I have the same thoughts. Please, please use me, use my body and make me scream.

Teach me how to give a blow job – fuck my face visit my tonsils, fuck the shit out of every inch of my body – let me ride you and fuck the shit out of you. Dave I’m yours, your own little fuck toy. Your little sister is begging to be used.

“It’s been a couple of weeks since I last had Tim inside me and my vibrator is not the same, I need the real thing. I know you’re big, much bigger than Tim or anyone else I know and I know you’re good at it. If I’m not what you like, and my body isn’t what you want, then please just let me watch your porn and tell me what to do so that I can go elsewhere and find someone to play with.”

Dave stopped her in her tracks and in his best composed, masterful voice he started to reply

“Sis there’s nothing wrong with your body. You have great tits, an arse to die for and all the curves in the right places. If you weren’t my little sister I’d have fucked the living shit out of you a long time ago. You have come to bed eyes and a pair of lips that just begs to be used — but you’re my sister.”

“Oh Dave.” Sue just looked at him as she stepped back and raised her arms to peel off her skimpy tank top. “Look at what I’m offering.”

The tank top fell to the floor as her 36C’s bounced free, nothing covering them.

Her nipples stood out like organ stops just asking to be sucked into a willing mouth. Her cleavage looked ready to have a prick, Dave’s prick, slid up and down between them.

Her mouth looked warm and wet, waiting to be filled, he did not dare to think any further.

Sue started to remove her denim shorts unbuttoning them with an obvious and provocative movement. Her eyes just held Dave’s stare. She dropped her shorts, there was nothing underneath them, just a beautiful curved pelvic region of flesh with a neat little mound of pubic hair.

One hand dropped to her crutch as she moved to open her legs more and toy with her hard, erect clit, she was very wet, Dave could see she was turned on. Her other hand lifted and played with her left breast and rolled of her hard nipple between her fingers pinching it gently.

“Stop, stop it, Sue if you carry on like that I won’t be able to control myself.”

“Goooood.” Was Sue’s sensuous reply as she kicked her shorts across Dave’s bedroom and took a step forward placing her hand on just about the biggest erection Dave could remember having.

“Fucking hell sis.”

“I hope so brov cause I’m sure that’s where I will be going. Now what about I take this beautiful handful out of your pants, go down on my knees, and wrap my lips around your beautiful weapon?”

“You can tell your little sister how to suck it, how to get it down past her tonsils then you can give me a good oral fucking, and a mouthful of your cum, – just so that I know it is not me that has the problem.

Do it just like you used to do with Jenny — teach me how to give the perfect blow job. Don’t you want to play with these hard, erect nipples and have a handful of my tits? Don’t you want me to let you pump my mouth full of your hot cum and watch me drink it all down?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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