Daydreams Ch. 01


For several months now we have been chatting on-line and growing closer. One of our initial conversations on-line centered on the possibility of meeting each other. Tim’s comment on that possibility was that if we did meet it would take him no more than 18 seconds to get me naked. That was assuming of course, that I wasn’t wearing any decent clothing. Another conversation revolved around multiple orgasms. Tim’s goal, if you will, was to give me 8 orgasms in one night. This comment, as much as any of our conversations, I think started the whole thing.

What began with a daydream, while driving down the road, which Tim shared with me, evolved into this series of little stories. This is what we have shared. I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed creating them. CopperButterfly

Daydreams 1: The Beginning


We are talking on the phone, chatting about many different things. I am standing on your front porch though you don’t know it. I ring the bell. “Hold on a second, someone is at the door.” You walk to the door and open it. Standing there, a tall man is holding a flower arrangement consisting of a single orchid surrounded by six white teacup roses. My hat covers my eyes blocking my identity as I hand you the flowers. You thank me and close the door.

“Oh Tim, the flowers are beautiful!” You speak into the phone.

“I’m glad you like them.” I reply. “They are nothing compared to your beauty though.”

“Rita?” I speak into the phone.

“Yes Tim.” You reply.

“Do you think you could open the door, I’m freezing my ass off out here?”


When I closed the door, returning to Tim on the phone, I thought, “Why does that delivery guy seem familiar?” Smiling at the beauty of the arrangement just received, I say, “Tim, baby these are just beautiful…the tea roses are exquisite, the orchid, well, absolutely Mardin Escort magnificent.” “To what do I owe the extravagance?” I hear you gasping on the line…”Rita please, I’m freezing my ass off!”

And it dawns on me…..the delivery guy….it’s him….returning to the door, I yank it open…grab you by your coat lapels and pull you into the entry way and into my arms.

My small warm hand reaches up and lifts off your hat….I gaze into your beautiful, smiling eyes and press my lips to yours in a warm deep kiss. Releasing you, I whisper, “Oh God, Tim, I can’t believe that you are here!” “I’ve wanted this for so long”.


I felt your hands grabbing at the lapels of my jacket. My hat flying off my head as your soft full lips contacted mine. Our tongues meeting for the first time, playing gently with each other. A sense of urgency in our contact as we explore each other’s mouths.

Leaning down I whisper: “Glad to see you aren’t wearing good clothes!”

Smiling my hands grasp the bottom of the oversize sweatshirt you are wearing and yank it up over your head. Before it even hits the floor my fingers have unclasped your bra allowing your magnificent breasts to flow freely, the nipples hardening against the cool air. Moving swiftly my fingers hook the waistband of both your sweatpants and panties, as I kneel they fall quietly to the floor.

“18 seconds…not too bad!” I muse as I stand up and scoop you into my arms. Your full breasts are just under my mouth. Gazing into your eyes, loving what I see as my own arousal begins to show. Carefully carrying you down the stairs into your bedroom, I gently lay you on the bed. Taking in the sight of your radiant beauty I start to unbutton my shirt. Peeling it off, I unzip my pants and slide them and the silk boxers to the floor. Climbing along side you onto the bed, my Mardin Escort Bayan fingers lightly play across your body. My touch teasing your senses, as I explore your entire form.

Leaning up as I gently kiss your shoulder and neck I whisper in your ear. “Now about you leaving me standing out in the cold!”…….


I blush at your ministrations to my body, smiling, I feel my body re-act, tighten and pulse. Heat begins to build, slowly enveloping me, blending with the heat emanating from your body. It mixes and becomes one radiant heat source. Lying entangled, arms and legs wrapped, lips pressed, we melt within the heat of our passion.

I feel you hard against me…twitching, moving, pulling and pushing….we lay pressed together, touching for the first time…we revel in the feel of each other. The newness long awaited, anticipated… built to an incredible pressure, wanting and needing this release…this first time will not be slow and gentle…this first time will be nothing of love making ….this first time will be only lust, passion, need, want…

Breaking off our kiss, I slip my lips to your neck, kissing and nuzzling up and up and licking at your ear, I whisper…. “Tim, please, I want this…I want you”…. I hear your moan, lick an ear again, nibble and kiss. And slowly I lick down your neck. Licking across to the center, kissing at the hollow and trailing wet kisses down and out, I circle your nipples. Nipples that have hardened, puckered…anticipating wet lips…and as my lips reach out, I moan with my need…send vibrations through you and you swell yet again, hard and solid now, rigid and firm, pulsing and wet against me.

“Not cold now, are you love?”


My erection presses gently against your thigh as I move my mouth toward your full soft breasts. My tongue teases the underside Escort Mardin of your magnificent tits, the softness smooth against the wet rasp of my tongue. Slowly licking around the perimeter…teasing as I move from one to the other. My hand ever so lightly plays with the inside of your tender thighs, small delicate circles being drawn on the soft skin.

No longer able to control myself, I slide up along your nakedness. Your yielding skin caressing my rigid hardness as my mouth finds your neck again. Gently sucking just below the ear, my tongue making small wet areas as I slowly start to move down your upper chest and over the full breast. My lips touch a very hard and erect nipple, sucking just the very tip into my wet warm mouth, feeling your body react as I caress the tip with my tongue. Your hand finds the back of my head as you pull me into your chest, my mouth inhaling the entire little nub. Sucking like a baby on the tip, my other hand slowly creeping up your thigh until my finger brushes against the soft hair surrounding your womanhood. Your heat and moisture gently greets my advancing fingers, the fleshy lips lying against my hand.

My mouth moves from nipple to nipple, gently pulling them away from their mounds, sucking softly, wanting to make you as hot as I can. I feel you moving under my body as I continue to try and please you. Pushing both breasts together, capturing both firm nipples in my mouth, my fingers softly stroking your now wet and warm sex.

I release your breasts and slowly start to run my tongue traveling down your soft stomach. A wet trail appears behind as I tickle the indentation of your belly button. Slowly and with great deliberation I work my way lower, teasing your soft skin as I go down, your soft well-trimmed red hair coursing through my mouth. The softness of the nap rubbing against my lips, your scent fills my nostrils.

Slowly my tongue and mouth start to move lower…

To be continued…

I wish to express my adoration and deepest thanks to a wonderful friend, Mityam for all his input and support with these stories. Without his contribution they would be but fantasy in my mind!