Dazzled by December: Honolulu


Author’s Note: I love Country Music. I know for many you are hanging your head and saying ‘why Red… why?’ I really like George Straight’s song She Let Herself Go and I started a series with that title, but the woman in that story is different from this character. The character in She Let Herself Go is just as special to me, but as I looked back and reflected on the words to this song I realized I wanted to create another She Let Herself Go with a different woman in mind.

So I hope you enjoy Dazzled by December . Her adventures will follow the path of George’s Straight’s song. . .where Alissa in She Let Herself Go follows a path of fantasies that she and her lover had played out on the phone and now play out when they spend the Summer together. I hope you give both a look see and I know you’ll see the difference and perhaps you’ll see similarities, but not in their excursions… each is unique in that regard. Please enjoy these short stories of December and leave a comment if you wish. ~ Thanks ~ Red.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The soft breeze lifted December’s hair from her shoulders. She brushed it away from her face and stepped out off the sidewalk toward the rental agency, across the road from the small airport. She checked to make sure she had her briefcase, an item new to her business attire, but one she was enjoying. The first class ticket to Honolulu had been provided to her, courtesy of her new employer, one of the top retailers for ladies clothing.

December smiled warmly to the young Hawaiian girl behind the Avis rental counter, accepted her keys to the Lincoln Town Car and headed out to pick up the vehicle. As the breeze kissed her face again, she thought back over the past several months. Her divorce was over a year old now. Her love life currently free of a steady lover, not from the lack of not having a willing partner, she just wasn’t ready for another relationship. She had gotten a job with one retail company, learned the mechanics behind making a sale, and eventually worked her way up to a management position, and then to acquiring new designers. It had been a fun year, one full of learning experiences.

“Miss?” a voice broke into her reverie.

December turned and looked at the same Hawaiian girl from the rental agency. “Yes?” she asked.

“You dropped this,” the woman said and passed December a small black wallet.

She glanced down and grinned. “Oh thank you,” she told her and took the wallet. “This is my book of memories,” she told the woman.

The Avis girl raised a curious brow. “I admit I glanced through the pictures. You and your friends look very happy. I thought I recognized one of the pictures. A casino in Vegas right?”

“Yes, Ruben and I met there. He’s a friend of mine and this gentleman,” December flipped through a few glossy prints, covered by plastic, “is Ridge. I met him on a cruise I took last year.”

“I’ve never been on a cruise,” the woman said. “It looks like fun and if you meet men like that, I’ll have to take one sometime.”

December laughed. “This was a singles cruise. It was just after my divorce. I had the greatest time, too. Ridge and I, spent the whole two weeks together. You’ve been to Vegas though?”

“Oh no, I just recognize the picture. I have a brother that lives there. I’ve never seen it,” the young woman answered. “I should let you go. You have a great time on the Island.”

December watched the Avis girl walk away and thought to herself how sweet it had been for the girl to return her pictures. She rushed back to her and tapped here arm. “Excuse me. Just say no if want to but. . . I’m on the island for a week and was wondering, where should I go when I’m done with work, Lily?”

Lily looked confused and then looked down to her name tag and smiled. “My husband owns a little club near the beach and of course I’m going to tell you it is the best place to go, but it really is.” Lily gave December the name of the tiki club and the directions. “If you go there tonight, you’ll see me. I’ll introduce you to some locals and my Benny. You’ll like him.”

“I’m sure I will, thanks,” December said and offered her hand.

Lily took it in her slim dark one and shook it gently. December watched the young woman move away, allowing her thoughts to travel to the delicate figure of the native girl. “I’d love to have a body like that,” she muttered to herself, thinking of her white skin and dotted freckled chest, shoulders, knees and nose. She continued watching Lily, noting the sway of her hips and found herself curious if the girl danced the native dances of the island too. Secretly she hoped she did. “Maybe she can teach me some moves.”

December turned around and headed to her car, reached it and started the engine. As she drove to the downtown Island businesses she thought of Lily and how nice it would be to have someone to enjoy her first night with on the tropical island getaway.

Once she reached the office of the gentleman her company was interested in doing qiqitv.info business with, December found herself thinking more of Lily, wondering if it would be okay to assume she could spend most of her time with the young woman. The idea of wondering the island alone held no appeal, and she wasn’t looking for romance this particular trip. She wouldn’t push it away, but it wasn’t at the top of her list of things to do. Maybe, she’d leave Hawaii with not only a new business deal, but with a great friend to come back and visit.

Business contracts and breaks for coffee filled most of December’s afternoon, and then promises to look over offers as well as counteroffers added to her day, before she made her way to her hotel. She’d not yet gotten a chance to see the spacious living quarters her employer was providing, but once she did she was grinning wide and thanking her lucky stars for working so hard the past year. She thought of her ex-husband, the old high-school boyfriend, and hoped he was doing well in his life too.

After showering and changing into a bikini and pulling on a short skirt and knitted blouse she headed down to the beach. The attendant at the hotel reassured her the tiki club she was interested in was only a few yards down from the hotel and it was in fact one of the most happening places. She made her way toward the glowing torches and the drumming music. Her smile already growing wider as she took in the view of Lily. She blushed at having recognized the young girl’s backside attributes.

Lily felt the stare of another on her rump, something she was accustomed too. She turned, expecting to see some tourist or local male staring at her ass. Her gaze widened in surprised pleasure as she gazed at the pretty woman from this morning. “December,” she called out and waved.

She hurried toward her and took her hands in hers. “I looked up your contract. Lovely name.”

“Thank you,” December answered.

Lily continued to hold December’s right hand, releasing the left and took her toward the bar. “My husband is working this evening, but now that you are here, he’ll take off and introduce you to our friends. I am so glad you came. How was your work?”

December felt a warmth spread over her as she was welcomed by the young woman. “Work is fine. I’ll probably close the deal and work out all the details over the next couple days.”

“Wonderful. I know that will make your time on the island sweeter,” Lily answered and handed December a drink.

The time moved swiftly and December found herself growing more and more relaxed with Lily and her friends, her husband too was a welcomed figure to the group of laughing and dancing individuals. She pressed herself close to Lily and whispered, “Could you teach me some steps to your dances?”

When Lily agreed, December’s grin was genuine and appreciative. “Thanks,” she whispered. She was nervous, but wanted to move with grace and knew the Hawaiian dances would help her to do that.

Lily took her hands and placed them on December’s hips. She pressed her pelvis to her ass and her breasts to her back. “We’ll become one my beauty and your body will flow like the water slipping over the beach.”

December shivered and felt her skin prickle with desire. She shook her head, hoping to clear her senses. She felt Lily’s fingers grip her hips firmly and they slowly began to press her sides, urging her to move to the left and then the right. “Close your eyes my friend. Listen to the music and feel my body sway with yours.”

She did as she was told and took several deep breaths.

“Calm December, just feel it, feel me. . . do what comes natural,” Lily’s voice reached out to sooth December.

“This is beautiful,” December whispered and slowly began to move with Lily. The music filled her ears and played on her senses. Her hands moved down to slide over Lily’s fingers and then up her forearms. Her legs moved like wine and her teacher’s coaxing helped her to become like liquid silk. Her hips moved. Her belly began to wave gently like the tropic waters that surrounded the sandy shores of the island.

She felt Lily brush her hair from her shoulders and she heard her whisper. “People are watching us my friend.”

December moaned.

“I want to take you home with me. . . may I show you how beautiful your body is?” Lily asked. “My husband and I like you. . .” Lily whispered and pressed a gentle kiss to December’s shoulder.

Her eyes fluttered open and then closed. “Umm. . .I’ve never,” she whispered and felt Lily’s fingers glide up and cup her breasts and then slide back down.

“It is okay, we rarely play with a stranger, but you are different, exciting. . .fresh. . .,” Lily told her and licked the creamy neck. “We will be safe,” she told her and finished teaching her the dance moves with hard thrusts of her hips.

When the music ended December’s skin was covered in a sheen of sweat. Her eyes hungry with new desires and curiosity. Her pulse raced hard porno and her sex throbbed. She turned in Lily’s arms and licked her lips, moistening the dry petals. “I’d like that. . .if you are sure.”

Lily grinned and took December’s hand. “I am very sure and Benny is too. Already I see hunger in his eyes. He will reward us both with many climaxes.”

December felt a new blush and was surprised at the ache her body now had to take this woman and her offer. She inwardly shook, the thought of being taken by a beautiful tanned Goddess and her equally God-like husband, brought a sense of unexpected pleasure to her loins. She moved to her table and retrieved her purse. She shook hands and accepted hugs from people she suspected knew what she was going to do. December left with Lily and Benny, once more throwing caution to the wind and taking a step out of her shadowy past of order and decorum.

She followed Lily to a small car and climbed into the backseat. Lily moved in behind her and Benny took the driver’s seat. December glanced at him. She’d not spoken to him much and she knew everything was moving fast, but she also knew if she spent too much time thinking about it, she would back out. The soft hand on her thigh, told her to not think, but simply feel.

Lily’s mouth moved over December’s arm and she moaned softly. “Lily, please. . .I want to kiss you. . . I want. . .”

Her words were cut off by Lily’s mouth. Her tongue slid in with Lily’s and December felt the throb of her sex increase tenfold. She turned her head and dove deeper. Her lips mashed with the other woman’s and she pushed her fingers into her hair. “Lily,” she whimpered and pulled her mouth away.

“You taste good,” Lily told her and slipped her fingers down over December’s shoulder and then across her breast. She pinched her nipple and grinned at December’s hiss.

December shuddered. Her back arched into the woman’s touch and she moaned with desire. Lily’s mouth moved away and she tugged off the mesh shirt that December had put on over her bikini top. “Beautiful skin,” she heard Lily whisper and choked back the words of thanks, instead moving away and helping Lily lose her own covering and leaving her breasts barely concealed in her bikini top.

“You are beautiful,” she whispered and lowered her lips back to Lily’s.

They kissed and petted, fondled nipples and eased out one breasts from each other’s bikini’s. Lily cupped the soft globe and sucked on the rosy nipple. December’s fingers mingled in Lily’s hair and she held her to the wet pearl.

When the car stopped Lily was panting as was December. Benny turned and looked at the two women. He opened the car door and assisted both passion-filled ladies to the porch, where they leaned against each other.

“December,” he whispered and took her hand. He kissed the palm and then each finger. “Lily likes you and that means I will too. I will not do anything you do not wish. We are strangers to you, but we are here to make your stay on the island pleasurable. You can leave if you’d like and we will not feel anything but respect from us. . .as you will even if you choose to stay.”

Lily smiled and waited for December to answer. December swallowed and took several calming breaths. She closed her eyes and when she opened them a new sense of well-being filled her. She looked at her surroundings and the people she was with. She knew the risks, but had decided along time ago to let herself go and to take chances. She reached into her purse and pressed several condoms into Benny’s hand. She then kissed his lips and whispered. “I have met only a select number of people since my divorce. I look forward to a week of knowing you.”

December stepped into the home, removed her sparse clothing and then turned to take a seat on the large couch where she knew she would spend several sessions of erotic pleasure with Lily and Benny.

The young married couple moved together into their small dwelling. Benny chuckled and stripped as did Lily. They followed their new friend and slowly moved onto the couch. Benny whispered for December to sit back and enjoy the ministrations that the island people were going to give her. December sighed and felt the first moist kiss on her slippery pussy.

“Oh fuck,” she hissed and heard Benny laugh softly. She opened her eyes and watched Lily run her tongue over her puffy lips. She turned her head, Benny’s hands coaxing her to look at him. His lips descended to hers and she pushed her tongue between them. Her hips jerked up and she moaned into his mouth when Lily’s teeth pulled on her clit.

She cried out when Lily’s fingers and one of Benny’s entered her sex. “Ohhh god,” she howled and rolled her hips. Three feminine fingers scrapped the sides of her pussy, while a thick male one fucked her slow and steadily, occasionally hooking the front of her fleshy muscle and tugging on it.

Benny’s mouth moved to capture December’s right nipple and he sucked reklamsız porno hard. He flicked it with his tongue, held it between his teeth and tugged hard. “Fuck girl,” he muttered and looked down to see December’s hand wrapped around his dick. December smiled and increased her stroking, only pausing when Lily’s fingers drove her toward distraction and she let herself enjoy the sweet feeling of a pending climax.

In time Benny pulled his cock free and took Lily’s face and fingers from December’s pussy. “Come to bed, my beautiful women.”

Lily giggled and December smirked. “You are a charmer,” she told him and winked when he grinned wide. He gathered up the condoms and they moved toward the small, bedroom. The windows were open and the ocean breeze filled the room, as did the smell of the island and the women.

December looked at the bed and turned to face Lily and Benny. “Lay down Benny,” she said and gave a stern look that told him not to argue.

Benny smirked and Lily watched. December felt an overwhelming need to control what was going to happen and she embraced it. “Lily I want you to sit on his face.” She grinned at the hungry growl that erupted from Benny. Lily smiled wide and nodded her head. She climbed on to the bed. “Face his cock though,” she added. Lily showed her understanding and straddled her husband. She shivered when Benny’s tongue sampled her pussy.

Moving to the table, where Benny had dropped the condoms, she opened one and walked over to the bed, crawled between his legs and slipped the shield over his thick tool. December smirked and straddled the dark-skinned man. Her fingers gripped the base of his cock and she placed the latex covered tip against her clit. She stroked herself, and watched as Benny lifted his wife’s ass up. His movements gave some space that helped December’s view of his thick tongue and fingers working her bright pink folds.

She lowered herself onto his cock and shuddered as his large girth filled her. “Fuck,” she moaned and gripped his member with the tight sides of her sex. December felt Lily’s eyes on her and she gazed up at the woman. They leaned toward each other, embraced and began to kiss and fondle the other’s breasts. December moaned and rose up to the head of Benny’s cock, licked her way down Lily’s jaw and then cupped her breasts. She pinched a nipple, before sucking it into her mouth. She then slid herself back onto Benny’s dick and bit Lily’s tit, forcing the young woman to move with her or feel the pain of December’s grip increase.

“Ohhh. . .you naughty girl,” Lily mumbled. She reached down and pinched December’s clit, rolled it between her thumb and finger and then pulled it hard, before releasing it. She moaned and pushed her pussy deeper onto her husband’s face. “Mmm Benny,” she moaned and began to grind her hips against him.

December dropped Lily’s nipple and arched her back. She rode her newest lover, welcoming his timely thrusts with her own pressing bucks. In and out and back and forth, she alternated her hips. She’d lift herself and drive herself back down. Suddenly she’d stop and rock her body as if she were riding a swing and was taking her time, being sure not to lose her seat. Eventually, the sounds of “harder,” “faster,” “fuck don’t stop” filled the room as did the scent of two women coming.

Lily shouted her husband’s name, while December screamed out she was coming. As the women climaxed, Benny filled the condom with juice at the same time he swallowed his wife’s honey. Lily and December gasped for air, moved back toward each other and embraced again. This time they kissed quickly, catching the breath their lungs craved.

Benny moaned when he felt the lovely thighs of the creamy skinned lovely slide away from him. He felt her press against him and smiled, kissed his wife’s come-soaked pussy and waited for her to leave his face before he rolled onto his side and turned his body to cover December’s. He pushed his face into her sex and began to drink her fluids. His tongue dived into the dark hole, still open from the invasion of his cock. He shifted, parting his legs when he felt a pair of soft hands reach up and begin removing the condom. Lifting his head he watched December’s mouth open and circle his half-mast member into her warm home. “Fuck yeah,” he growled and pushed his hips forward, before returning to the salty, sweet cunt that lay under his chin.

December lifted her hips in offering as she began to work Benny’s cock with longer strokes and laps of her tongue. Her teeth grazed the sides and then she growled against his cock, when she felt cool gel being pushed into her ass. A slim finger, topped by a smooth nail slipped into her anal passage and she moaned, released Benny’s cock and sighed in pleasure. “Mmmm. . .” she muttered against Benny’s inner thigh, licking her way to his balls.

Soon she was relaxing fully into Lily’s probing digit and encouraging Benny to “eat her pussy” with words that were gasped out whenever she left his cock to suckle his balls.

In time, come was flowing free again. December swallowed ropes of pearly white seed and covered Benny’s tongue, finger, face with juice as well as Lily’s that had moved to join her husband in the servicing of their new friend.