Deadlines Wait


“Working late again,” he thought to himself, “when will this ever stop?”

David realized just how quiet the office was at night without the radios and voices. The computer screen before him started to blur and he closed his eyes. He knew he should go home and take a break, but with a deadline looming so close, he instead leaned back…for just a moment. He stretched out his aching muscles. Closing his eyes, he immediately started to doze.

The sound of footsteps roused him.

He swiveled in his chair and looked towards the open door. He blinked once, and then closed his eyes. He had to be seeing things. Nevertheless, when he opened them again, there she still stood…5’7”, brown shoulder length wavy hair and soft green eyes. Shaking his head in disbelief, his eyes traveled down to where he noticed the heaving bosom only partially covered by a black lace teddy. He knew he was staring, his mouth hanging open, but he could not stop himself.

“Ellen, uh… what are you doing here?” He looked her up and down again, her silhouette marked by wonderful curves. “And, uh, dressed like that?”

Smiling, she moved towards him.

He gazed lower taking in the black satin panties that barely covered her womanly charms.

She rounded his desk and still no words from her.

His lips tried to form the words to ask her, what, why, anything. Nothing came through them except his tongue as he wet them.

By this point, she was right before him. She shook her head, smiled, and put her fingertips to his mouth. Her eyes captured his.

He noticed them darken with passion. Her chest heaved, pushing against the silk and lace that barely hid it from his gaze.

Resting her hands on his shoulders, she leaned towards him, her lips pressing a burning kiss against his. Her tongue pried open his lips and captured his tongue. Her legs straddled his as she pressed down upon him, David, a captive of lust in his own office.

He reached for her, his hands grasping the soft mounds nearly bared by the sheer teddy, pulling her closer to him.

She pulled away from the kiss.

He gasped for air and watched as her fingers slowly unbuttoned his shirt. One button, then two, then three, he groaned as he felt her fingers lightly play with the hair on his chest now exposed. Then the fourth button was undone and her tongue swirled lightly over his chest. Fifth button, he wanted to scream for her to hurry, rip it off. Sixth button and his shirt fell open. She pressed her body down until the feel of the silk and the lace drove him crazy.

Her body moved down his, every inch of his exposed skin covered in kisses and little flicks of her tongue. Without even knowing how she came to be there, she was between his legs, her lips and tongue playing across his belly. Her tongue ran along the top of his slacks, he groaned and pressed up towards her. She wiggled against him and looked up as a wickedly delightful smile lit up her face. She moved away just enough so her hands could softly caress him. With a knowing smile, she undid his pants.

He lifted his hips from the chair and she quickly drew them down.

She stood as he made a grab for her.

She shook her head ‘no’ once again, and moved just out of arms reach. Part of him wanted to leap from the chair, grab her, and rip off the silk that barely hid her from his gaze. However, for some reason he just sat there, staring at her, waiting for her next move.

He didn’t have long to wait as he Escort bayan watched her fingers move beneath the band of silk that barely covered her, pushing it down off her hips and letting it fall to the floor. She gracefully stepped out of them and reached up to undo the tie that held the teddy in place. Soon, that too fell to the floor and there she was, dressed only in the beautiful soft skin that seemed ever more radiant tonight.

She turned slowly, letting him look his fill.

David reached out, took her hips in each hand, and looked into her luscious green eyes and said, “I think you are something most special, Ellen.” He leaned in and kissed the hollow of her belly, just above her navel. Then sat back again. “I also think you’re many more things…”

Just then, he felt her hand slide down and cup him gently within her palm. He closed his eyes and felt her other hand on the side of his face, pulling him upward.

“Come over here…” she said and backed a step away from him, urging him to follow.

David bent and caught himself on his hands as she scooted back to lie down on the loveseat. He knelt next to her as she lay on her back, her legs closed, her hair splayed around her pretty face. A very big, anxious smile spread across her lips.

David grinned too and then leaned over to kiss her lovely mouth. He kissed her softly then laid his head next to hers.

“Make me feel nice David.” She whispered in his ear. She lay with her eyes closed and relaxed her body.

David rose up and looked into Ellen’s eyes. The deep passion was there. He had known that passion many times before. This time was different, much different. He felt a fire that he had not felt in years…

…he began kissing her naked breasts…making small circles with the tip of his tongue around each already taut nipple…he dragged his tongue from right to left and then back again…his right hand slowly caressed down her thigh and over her knee…he moved his body between her legs, opening them so he could fit there kneeling…gently, easily he began kissing lower and lower…

Ellen whimpered in a short, desperate, impatient sound. She began to very slowly rotate her hips and lift her bottom just slightly off the loveseat.

David eased back, just far enough to watch her for a moment or two, enjoying her urgency. He fought with every strand of his will not to simply take her body to reach his own release.

He lowered his head again, and let his tongue go places she wanted. Her hips easing his head to where he should be. His tongue finding a warmth and wetness, a desire he had to fulfill for her.

He concentrated on Ellen, her every sound, and every move.

His tongue buried within her charmed womanhood. He could taste of her heat and passion. He tasted of the musky sensuality.

Then he raked his tongue upward, underneath the tiny hooded pebble of her pleasured core. He flicked gently at first then, looking up over her curly mound and on up past her belly and heaving bosom her saw her face. He eyes looking down at him, looking at him, urging him, biting her lip…

…she was groaned and frantically held his head, then grasped handfuls of his thick hair…she clawed the armrest behind her head and then slapped her hands flat onto his back, all the while moaning and groaning…

“Dave… oh yes, David, my baby…” she called his name over and over. Then she held her breath.

David could feel her hips stop moving for a moment; Bayan escort she tensed and became taut, then fell back into the cushions.

After they both gained their composure, David sat up between her legs.

“Wow, where did all of this come from?” David said wiping his brow.

“Actually, this,” she reached down to pick up her underwear off the carpet, “and the teddy. I bought them at Victoria’s last night.” She scooted up and reached out to put her hand to his lips. She looked into David’s eyes. “I know we’ve been together long enough for you to know I am not normally like this. I’m not sure what’s happened this week, but I’ve wanted you more than you can imagine.”

David did not know how to respond. As his eyes welled up with emotion he took her chin in his hand and kissed her lips softly, lingering, and then lifted Ellen in his arms.

She whispered in his ear. “This is something I didn’t want you to forget. And even though I gave myself to you last night, I want you to know I’m yours always, lover…” smiling wide, she kissed him on the lips before pulling him back down atop her warm moist body…


Ellen woke feeling strangely refreshed. She was sure she had been asleep for several minutes or even an hour. She lay there wrapped in her husband’s suit coat. The soft material of the silk lining around her breasts and across her thighs almost caused an aching feeling, not a painful one, but rather a recently familiar insatiable feeling.

“I’m sorry,” he exclaimed as he noticed she was awake, “I didn’t mean to wake you with my clicking keyboard.”

“Its okay,” Ellen replied in a low tone, “I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you.”

“I just thought I’d catch up on a little writing.”

“Don’t be sorry.” She answered, glancing in his direction as he sat and typed away on his computer. As if her body had a mind of its own, she felt the wonderful sensations returning as she vividly recalled his manipulation of her body. He had always been quick to excite her. Only it had never been like this, like last night and then again, moments ago in this very office.

She slid his coat off her naked body, rose, and walked around the desk until she stood at his side.

She leaned and stared at the computer monitor. “This is the machine where it happens. You do it with this computer, don’t you?”


“You know. Your sexy stories you write.”

“Well, yea, I do type most of them on here. I write on those pads at home, but do type them here.”

Seductively, her hand brushed over his lap.

“I hope I’ve added to your inspiration.”

“To be honest you have.” He turned the monitor toward her. “Read this. I thought of it as I watched you lying there just now.”

Ellen leaned over closer to the computer screen and began to read…

‘You know, I could really use one of those mornings where I’m showered and changed, ready to go, only to see you lying there. You are lying there with the sheet pulled way down and your nightgown pulled way up. Your panties are still in a crumple on the floor where they fell last night.

I have a few minutes. I will make more than a few. I just casually take my suit back off and crawl right back in next to you. You are so warm and most inviting. You are still asleep but my fingers make their way up and down your body. First on your shoulder, down the smoothness of your arm, over onto your hip until my palm runs the length of your thigh.

By now, Escort you are stirring and by now, I am stirred. You roll over and I take you into my arms and kiss you lightly on the cheek, then to your lips. I can feel your breasts in the palm of my hand as things warm up and we begin to kiss for all we’re worth. You are on your back by now. My hands are roaming your entire body in a frenzy of morning passion. Our lovemaking is only beginning…’

“Wow, pretty hot.” She looked back into David’s eyes with a gleam. “Got any of that inspiration still inside of you. To share with me?”

David sat back in his chair and nodded down.

“What do you think?”

Ellen looked down; indeed, he was ‘inspired’. His erection bobbed up at her.

David didn’t object as she put her hand on top of it. He closed his eyes and bit his lower lip as he felt her hand warmly take hold of him. He felt himself swell. She stroked the length and then ran her finger back up around the full head. He was very full, he was throbbing.

With his eyes still closed, he felt Ellen move. He opened his eyes just in time to see Ellen sit down over his lap, over his hard manhood. He watched as she slowly eased it through the waiting wet lips and presses her full body into him.

David pressed his hard, manly body back up against her.

She reached up and put her arms around his neck.

“Now big boy, let me ride you like a naughty girl should.” She held his neck and proceeded to rise up on his hardness then just as swiftly slam back down. Her eyes blazed and her lips smiled as she moved up and down again and again.

David caught both her arms and pulled her to him. Her breasts arched up and out straining against his chest. He met her thrusts with his, seemingly burying himself deeper with every stroke.

She arched back even further.

Ellen’s breasts ached and her nipples begged to be touched. She wanted him to take them in his mouth.

David sensed it and his hands left her arms and he reached down to gently caress her.

She didn’t expect the sensation of the extra warmth of his touch. He cupped and stroked at her breast with the feeling of herself swelling into delicious softness. Her brain was screaming as he teased her, caressed her, and took her to still another new height…

David bucked his hips, his cock swelled to the limit… his body on fire…his mouth sucked her nipple to no end…then he burst within Ellen’s body…his hips thrusting upward…deep and still deeper…he was so hard with desire…the first release so powerful. The second, with his hips lifting both them off the chair…commanded passion…he could feel himself spill within her. Again…

David bucked until the chair slammed into the wall behind his desk.

“David, are you all right?”

David heard the sweet voice. He felt the lightness of his body.

“David,” Ellen reached up to stoke the sweaty bangs back form his forehead. “are you still with me baby?”

“Yes, baby, I’m still here.” David felt her body still stop his, him still within her. “That was sweet baby, so very sweet.”

“Yes it was my dear.” Ellen leaned forward and kissed him wetly on the lips. “Let’s go home now. I’ll fix a simple dinner and then we can resume this fantasy in the privacy of our own bedroom.”

“I’d like that very much,” David said in not much more than a whisper. His body felt drained. However, as Ellen eased herself off him, he looked at her damp body. After all these years, she was still his lover, she was still his desire. As she walked across the office, bent to pick up her clothes, he knew he needed her.

He knew tonight would be even sweeter than this latest moment…another night they would not forget.