Deal, Chapter 1

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She found herself bent over the end of a bed, her ankles tied to the bedposts and her arms stretched out above her head and tied securely to the headboard. She was still wearing a green tank top with her brown skirt that came to her knees, as well as her bra and panties; but she feared she soon would not be, and she struggled in vain against the manacles and anklets that held her restrained. Presently, he entered. There were several mirrors around the room, and she could see him as he eyed her and undressed.

Now he was completely naked and stepped up behind her. At this, she began pleading with him, saying, “Please. Please don’t fuck me. I’ll do anything you ask.” At her pleadings, he stopped and thought for a minute. Then he said, “Ok, I’ll make you a deal: you suck my dick and lick me clean, and I won’t fuck your pussy.”

She readily nodded her head, and he climbed onto the bed, sitting right in front of her face and hooking his knees over her shoulders. She had just enough slack in the ropes that she could use her elbows to support herself as she stared at the semi-hard cock that now pressed against her face. With a deep breath she took his member into her mouth.

He could feel her gentle lips glide halfway down the shaft as her tongue slid along the underside before she started sliding back to the head. Her mouth gripped his cock strongly and gracefully like she’d done this a hundred times before, and his member started to swell as her lips undulated up and down his shaft. After about a dozen strokes he was rock hard and he placed his hands gently on her head. At his direction she quickened her pace a bit until she was bobbing her head up and down on his cock at a brisk, rhythmic tempo.

She wouldn’t admit it to herself, but she loved the taste of his cock, and after a minute or two she pulled her mouth off of him and started licking his shaft with her tongue. He didn’t seem to mind the break, and she could hear him sighing contentedly as she sucked on the base of his shaft. After a few moments she thought she’d better keep going and licked her way back up to his head. When her tongue touched the underside of his head, his cock jumped and she decided to extend her little break. Licking and sucking on this small, swollen area and the ring beneath the base of his head she could hear him moan with pleasure and she started to taste pre-cum, and she smiled to herself.

Taking the engorged head back into her mouth she teased his pleasure ring with her lips, bobbing her head only the tiniest bit and licking the top of his cock’s canal. His muscles started tensing, pulsing with strength as he neared his climax. His cock was completely engorged, filling her mouth with its head, and his shaft was rock-hard, glistening with her saliva and its natural sheen. He put his hands on her head again, but this time he started pulling her mouth over his cock quickly and roughly, fucking her face with his dick. A soft scream rose up from her throat in surprise but it was muffled by the head and shaft dominating her mouth.

Suddenly he tensed and pulled her head back until only his tip was left inside her. In a surge of energy his cock erupted into her mouth. It had been ages since she had tasted a man, and she dutifully sucked down his cum as he emptied himself into her. Slowly his climax subsided and after a few swallows she felt him pull out of her mouth. As she swallowed one last time, she could see his semi-hard cock begin to shrink and she felt relieved.

Just as she relaxed and laid her head back down on the bed she realized he wasn’t moving off the bed. She felt another pair of hands on her ass reaching down to pull up her skirt. She jerked her head up and saw in the mirror two more men that looked identical to this one standing behind her, both completely naked and both with already rock-hard cocks.

“Wait,” she exclaimed to the man in front of her, “we had a deal!”

“We do have a deal,” he said, “You sucked my dick, and I won’t fuck your pussy.” Then he pointed to the two men standing behind her. “But it looks like that’s exactly what they’re gonna do.”

“Wait,” she called out to him, “Please don’t fuck me!” She felt him reach down and pull the hem of her skirt up to her waist, leaving her ass exposed. “I’ll make you a deal, too! I’ll suck your dick!” She felt her panties being torn off as rough hands lustily caressed her ass. “You can cum in my mouth,” she offered seductively, “I’ll even swallow your cum and lick you clean.” After a moment’s hesitation she heard him reply, “Ok, it’s a deal.” She smiled and said, “You won’t regret it.” The first man slid off the bed as the second one sat his dick right in front of her face. He grabbed her hair and slid his cock right into her mouth, letting her tongue pleasure his engorged sex organ.

The second man’s cock was shorter and wider than the first man’s, and she could just take his whole shaft into her throat, which he seemed to enjoy. Rolling his head back, he put his hands behind his head and relaxed as she sucked him off. The third man stood beside the bed, a little annoyed, and said, “Well what am I supposed to do?” She pulled her mouth off of the second man’s cock to say, “If you untie my hands, I could jack you off until I’m done here.” Her hands, though still in the manacles, were promptly released from their bondage and she could move them freely. She felt a relief in her shoulders as she moved her hands to pleasure the second and third men.

Two of them tried to slide her bra straps and spaghetti straps off her arms and she obliged just to tease them, making sure she kept her chest pressed against the bed. izmit sansürsüz escort She wrapped her fingers around the shaft in her mouth and delicately gripped him as he swelled and throbbed in her hand and on her tongue. Her other hand went to work on the third man, cupping his balls and stroking his shaft until he was fully erect. He slid onto the bed, kneeling to thrust his hips in time with her strokes letting his balls tap against her wrist.

She had never had so many dicks at once and found herself somewhat aroused at the prospect of three men vying for her body. The second man’s swollen head pressed against her tongue and the roof of her mouth, and she began moving her fingers to pleasure his manhood in a slow, sensual massage. Soon he seemed close to cumming, and she pressed her hand against the base of his shaft and slowly deep-throated him in long strokes, to his obvious pleasure.

She felt the second man tense up as the first had done, and quickly moved her mouth into position to receive his pleasure. Pulling back on the base of his shaft, she felt his cock swell and erupt into her eagerly waiting mouth. Swallowing mouthful after mouthful, she felt him slowly subside and the second man, too, pulled back from her as his raging cock abated.

Her hand had stopped stroking the third man while her attention was on licking and sucking, and now he was impatient. The second man slid off the bed as the third man perched the head of his cock, already budding in eagerness with pre-cum, against her lips. This wasn’t so bad. All she had to do was gratify one more cock and they would let her go. She took his swollen member into her mouth and started sucking him off in earnest. “At least this will be faster than the others,” she thought.

His dick was thinner than the other two, but longer, and her jaw was sore from sucking so much cock. With both hands she tickled his balls and shaft while she slowly slid up and down on his rock-hard manhood. When she bottomed out on his cock, her lips didn’t even touch his ball sack, so she started licking his pleasure ring under his head while she jacked him off with both hands.

Suddenly, he grabbed her head and started ramming himself down her throat. Her hands grabbed his thighs just to hang on, and she felt like she was going to throw up. Instinctively, she pulled back off of his cock, and started coughing and gagging. “Hey! We had a deal,” he said, and started to move off the bed. “I’m fine! I’m fine!” She protested, and hungrily dove for his cock, but it was no use.

The first and second men caught her arms and secured her manacles above her head to a chain hanging from the ceiling. “No, please!” she begged, “Give me another chance! I promise I’ll do you right this time.” The third man was on the edge of the bed, and hesitated. “Well, your mouth did feel really good.” At this she licked her lips enticingly and he stood up on the bed in front of her. “Ok, I’ll give you a second chance; but only because I’m such a nice guy,” he said, and slid his cock back into her mouth.

As she redoubled her efforts, bobbing her head on his long shaft and head, he started to relax and let out a low moan. His companions moved beside her and removed her bra. This was not part of their deal, but she wasn’t going to argue being as turned on as she was, and she was far too preoccupied with pleasuring the cock in her mouth when they pulled her shirt down to her waist and her breasts spilled out into the warm, humid air. The two of them started getting hard again, and gently caressed her breasts, ass, and thighs. “Still better than getting taken advantage of,” she told herself, though now the line was beginning to blur and she let out a soft moan as she felt fingers brushing past her pussy lips and the third rock hard shaft of the night pulsed against her tongue.

The member in her mouth was now as hard as it had ever been, and she knew he must be close. Just then, he grabbed her head again and started forcing himself into her mouth. Despite her best efforts, she was coughing and gagging on his penetrating member in no time at all. He pulled away from her and slid off the bed. “That’s what I thought,” he said, and she was unable to reply through her sputtering and coughing.

The first two men stood beside the bed in front of her, masturbating as they watched the third man step up behind her and press his legs and hips up against hers. Now she was completely defenseless, and she looked up anxiously at the first man. The third man stroked her ass and rubbed his dick along her ass crack. “Please, one more chance,” she said as he touched the tip of his dick to her pussy lips. “Sorry,” he replied with a wide grin, “but a deal’s a deal.”

She wanted to say “No no no!” as she felt the dick pierce her pussy lips, but that desire faded into a wave of ecstasy as his head passed through her waiting pussy and bottomed out inside her. His balls swung freely between his widespread legs and her face contorted into a look of painful forbidden pleasure as his long, thin dick prodded her kidneys. Her eyes were closed tight, her mouth frozen in a bottomless silent scream of delight. The first man stroked himself and licked his lips as he looked on, and the second man mounted the bed and started caressing her face and free-hanging tits.

The third man started sliding his shaft home at an uncomfortable pace, his manhood swelling from rock-hard to near-bursting as he roughly fondled her ass and hips. She felt a hard cock slide into her mouth and her lips closed naturally around the invading member. Before she knew izmit escort bayan it she was being double-penetrated, the third man taking her womanhood slowly and deliberately from behind and the second man pulling her head down over his cock til she almost gagged. Both dicks were rock hard and while one man quickly fucked her mouth with his cock and another slowly fucked her pussy as she lay helpless, the third one stroked himself and fucked her with his eyes as he planned what he was going to do to her.

Precum started budding again on the second man’s cock and her pussy clenched in orgasm as she could feel both of them were ready to cum. “Oh God, her pussy’s so tight!” the third man said, and quickened his pace. Her breasts jostled with every stroke, her nipples gently brushing the sheets every now and again, getting full and hard reflexively. After a minute of eternity he pressed hard inside her and she felt both men brace for ecstasy. In unison, their dominating members started contracting and they filled her from both ends with their milky white invasion. She was squeezed between them as they pumped their shafts into her at least a dozen times and she tensed hard against her restraints she milked them dry with her own rolling climax. Like a good little cock sucker, she slowly guzzled his balls dry through his engorged shaft and head.

They both pulled out of their conquest and lay in an exhausted, stunned elysium. “You weren’t kidding,” the second man said, “you really know how to suck a man’s dick.” She smiled to herself and hung her head as she waited for them to release her. Then she felt another pair of hands on her ass and looked up into the mirror to see the first man start rubbing his dick along her asscrack.

“Wait,” she said, “You can’t fuck me now. I gave you a blow job. We had a deal.” Through the wicked grin on his face he said, “We had a deal alright: you suck my dick, and I won’t fuck your pussy.” She felt him press the head of his cock against her asshole. “What?! You can’t do that,” she protested, unsure if she would enjoy this new territory. “Sure I can,” he replied, “We made a deal,” and started pressing himself into her.

She pushed against him, trying to keep him out, but his shaft just kept sliding deeper into her until his balls tapped her vacant pussy. Her face locked in a look of cautious pain as she took in this new kind of being filled and subjugated. He left his dick in her for quite a while, savoring his dominance and the feel of her ass around his shaft. His dick glided in and out a few times before burying itself once more. He took his time with her and stroked her skin, letting his cock jump inside her to convey his lust.

He leaned into her and laid his chest against her naked back. His legs pressed against hers, his hips into hers, and he ran his hands across her tits. For the next few minutes he held her and stroked her, pressing his naked body against her soft, warm skin. He ran his hands over every inch of her a hundred times, all the while slowly fucking her in the ass. More and more she started liking the mixed feelings of pain, pleasure, and desire. Finally, he sunk his cock into her and cupped one breast in each hand, pulling her tight against himself. He held her like a statue, his cock swelling inside her, her face agape in pain and pleasure.

They stayed frozen for a full minute until his dick burst inside of her, coating the inside of her ass with his creamy pleasure. He subsided and pulled out of her, resting his hand on her asscheek for a moment before leaving to wash off his soiled penis.

The second man came up behind her again, ran his finger along her pussy contemplatively and said, “You know…” She looked at him through the mirror in exhausted submission. “We could change our deal,” he said as he rubbed his shaft along her swollen pussy slit. “Instead of saying I won’t fuck you in the pussy, let’s say I won’t fuck you in the ass.” She looked away and sassily said, “What? No! A deal’s a deal.”

“True,” he mused, sliding his cock up to run his shaft along her asscrack, “And if you want me to fuck your asshole I’d be more than happy to.” She grimmaced at the thought that he might actually tear her and turned her head away. “But I think we’d both enjoy it more if I fucked your pussy.” She licked her lips subconsciously knowing he was right. “Of course, I would never dream of going back on a deal.” She looked up at him coyly; she saw where he was going with this and was eager to play along. He pulled open her asshole with his thumbs, lined up his dick for penetration, and waited. “Ok, ok,” she said after a few seconds and waited for his dick to fill her pleasure palace.

“I knew you’d see reason,” he said and slid his dick under her sopping wet pussy so it could lubricate the top of his dick as he rubbed it along her slit. She stifled a moan and tried to focus on what he was saying, even though all she wanted was to have him inside her. “But you need to be clear about what you want,” he chided, “You need to ask me to change the deal.” She let a “Please…” escape her lips, and he smiled. “Please what?” he asked. “Do you want me to fuck your asshole or your pussy? I mean, if you don’t want me to fuck your pussy, I don’t have to,” he said, and started fingering her asshole again, using his thumb to massage her gaping hole. “No,” she said earnestly, “not there.” “Tell me what you want me to do.” he asked, laying his hands on her ass cheeks and grinding his hips into hers. “Please… I want…,” she said as he stroked her ass. “Yes?” he prompted, “How do you want to be fucked?”

“Please, I want you otele gelen escort to… do me in my vagina,” she said softly and seductively. “What’s that?” he said, “I couldn’t quite hear…” She spoke loudly this time, “I want you to fuck my pussy.” “Beg,” he said. “I want you to fuck my pussy! Oh, please fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy!” she started pleading longingly.

“If you insist,” he grinned, pulling his dick along her pussy and lining up for penetration. His head pushed through her engorged pussy lips and sank his shaft in up to his balls. Her cries of “Fuck my pussy!” turned into a loud moan as her pussy, supersaturated with expectancy, was finally sated. He was thicker than the third man, and even though he didn’t quite bottom out inside her he stretched her pussy tight. Her moan turned to a long, soft scream of delight as he continued invading her womanhood with his over-engorged manhood, and the other two men looked on in amusement. She felt the third man crawl onto the bed and start kissing and licking her free-hanging tits while the first man climbed up in front of her, letting her mouth eagerly suck on his ballsack.

The second man pulsed and swelled, plunging into her one final time before squirting his pleasure inside her helpless body. She screamed softly into the cock in her mouth, the first man pressed his cock deeper into her mouth and gave the second man a high five. The second man leaned forward to say, “That was real sweet of you to ask to change our deal,” softly in her ear. “I really appreciate it.” The dick in her mouth was mostly hard and she just smiled as she flicked his pleasure ring with her tongue. The dick in her pussy pulsed a few more times before he pulled out and went to go wash off.

The third man turned around excitedly, still under her tits, and slid his legs between hers. The head of his dick found her ravaged pussy with the help of his hand, and he slowly slid his cock into her as he licked her tits and stroked her ass. Even though there were cum spatters on her ass and inner thighs his caress told her it didn’t bother him one bit. Her pussy started to tense up around his cock as she neared her own orgasm, and she relaxed into the euphoric sensations as she sucked and fucked these two virile men. Since her arms were still chained to the ceiling, he could move her back and forth easily and with very little help from her she found she was soon riding his engorged member at a full gallop. Her ass ground down hard into his hips with every downstroke and buried him deep inside her.

The dick in her mouth had fully swelled again when it pulled out. She watched silently as the first man got off the bed and she soon felt a pair of hands on her ass once more. The third man slowed his pace and she bit her lower lip gently as the first man inched his cock into her ass. She let out a gasp at the feeling of double penetration, with a long thin dick in her pussy and rock hard cock in her ass. The man underneath her grabbed her ribs while the one behind her grabbed her ass, and together they made her sate them both. Just then the second man came back into the room and walked right up onto the bed. “We still have a deal, don’t we?” he said and she nodded absentmindedly, the waves of pleasure from her pussy and ass numbing her mind. Holding her jaw, he slid his cock into her mouth and she started licking his shaft reflexively.

Now when the two men in her ass and pussy rocked her back and forth, the third man guided her lips up and down his shaft. The unbelievable had happened: she was now triple penetrated, all three dicks fucking her at the same time, in the same motion. She was exhausted, but was enjoying every minute of it. All she had to do was let them have their way with her trapped, vulnerable body laid bare before their voracious sexual appetites. Over four hours she lay there exhausted, getting fucked by the three horny cocks, one after another or all at the same time.

They took their time and made it last, invading every hole she had again and again. There was nothing she could do to stop them, and every request they made she would gladly accept. Her hands were sore from jacking them off, her tits were red from being sucked on, and her asshole was stretched from receiving their cocks. Her pussy had cum several times and its juices were spent, but they had shot so much cum inside her that their own emissions lubricated their further enjoyment of her once-hidden cove. After several hours she passed out from fatigue with an exhausted smile on her face. By that time there was no sexual act she had not done for them, and she was so full of cum she couldn’t drink another drop. She had been untied and retied a dozen times; she had been fucked in every sexual position again and again.

She slept for twenty four hours, and when she awoke she was bathed and lying in a clean bed. Every muscle ached and when she saw she was still naked she knew it had not been a dream. A smile of reminiscence crept across her face as she thought of the day before. There was a large platter of food and drink on the bedside table, and when she finally tried to move she found her wrists and ankles were still in their manacles and she could barely reach the tray.

She pulled the tray onto the bed, and just as she was starting to eat the door opened and in walked the first man. He sat down on the edge of the bed and stroked her hair; she stuffed a piece of bread in her mouth so he wouldn’t see her blushing. Finally he said, “You were really great yesterday. We couldn’t just let you go, now could we?” She looked away shyly as her face turned bright red, and he said, “We’re still pretty tired from the ordeal, so we’re giving you the rest of the day off.” Then he stood and walked back to the door. “But we’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning. We’re having a few friends over; it’ll be a real party.” He smiled a devilish smile, said “Maybe you’ll be able to make a few more deals,” and closed the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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