Deanne and Me Ch. 03

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Walking to the bed, I sat down close to Dee and once again discretely watched her eating which soon had my sexual desires regrouping and ready to charge. I reached over and ran my hand down through her dark, waist long, ‘baby butt soft’ hair. She turned her head toward me and smiled. That smile! When this lady smiled the angels sang! I swear it’s true!

“What??” she asked, obviously wondering what I was thinking, but there was a tenderness to her voice I had never heard – well, maybe never noticed before. With my hand repeatedly gliding down through the silk strands of her hair which put me in mind of a stream gently flowing down a mountain, I was deep in thought. Her hair flowed gently over her shoulders and I loved the feel of it. I spoke no words for several minutes until I finally had most of my countless thoughts organized into a semi-cohesive mass of confusion in my head.

“I’ll tell ya, Dee, if there would be many ladies on the mainland that were as pretty and as sexy as you, there’d be no need for ‘Viagra’ but you can bet sales for things like ‘Extenze’ would skyrocket through the roof!”, was what I began with.

She lowered her head a bit as if embarrassed from my opinion but with a faint smile on her enticing lips, she said, “Thank you.” She softly added, “I think you exaggerate a bit.”

Reaching under her chin and gently lifting her head, turning it so she was facing me again, I explained to her that it was going to be very difficult for me to leave when my training time was over because she is so beautiful, but more than that her wonderful personality made me feel like I’ve known her for years instead of just days. I then leaned over and we lightly kissed. I removed my hand from under her chin and we continued with our dinner. The conversation was minimal as we both were enjoying the sushi and soon all the containers were empty and destined for the waste basket.

I went to discard the containers and she had walked to the sink. As I turned around after discarding the carry-out containers, she was right there. “You know,” I started to say as I placed my hands on her shoulders, “you’re a fabulous lover! The way your skin feels, the shape of your body, the things you do to make it feel the best you can – you’re a very caring and compassionate lady.”

She smiled and rested her head on my shoulder as her arms went around me. As I held her, enjoying the sensation of her body against me, I whispered, “It is a good thing I do need to leave or I could fall in love with you.” She lifted her head quickly. Her eyes expressed her surprise and fear as my words sank in even more. “Don’t worry, Dee,” I said smiling. “I know I can’t allow myself to do that because I don’t need it anymore than you do, but I do love you dearly as a friend. A very dear friend,” I assured her as I lightly ran my hand over her cheek.

We stood there talking for several minutes. She was still wearing her dress but I was, as I had been the entire time since she arrived, totally nude. When we turned to walk to the bed I began to tug upward at her dress, silently indicating my desire for her to take it off. She obliged me and we laid down on the bed, facing each other. My cock was as hard as it ever had been while I allowed myself the pleasure of exploring all the wonderful and sexual curves of her body as we chatted. After several minutes she turned onto her stomach so naturally my hands and my attention focused on the sexiness of her ass and all of the wonderful curves the lower half of her naked body offered to me. We continued talking but it didn’t take long before I asked if she’d want a back rub, cautioning her that I would need to straddle her to do my best.

She laughed. Stating said could use a massage she also informed me that I should know she didn’t mind arcane izle me straddling her or doing whatever else I needed to do. With that I quickly went and got the bottle of olive oil I use for massages. Olive oil is my favorite because if somehow it were to get ingested into the body through the mouth, (-wink-) there’s no harm.

Pouring a generous amount of oil on my hand I began with her feet. Christ! Even her feet were sexy! As my strong hands skillfully manipulated and massaged her muscles from her toes to her thighs, I really enjoyed the view I had even though it was driving me crazy with very intense sexual cravings. Scanning up from her slender ankles, over her firm, shapely calves, and enjoying the perfect taper of her thighs as they gently widened to create her breathtaking butt, my cock throbbed continuously as I wallowed in the beauty of her. It was even more of a turn-on to me because her thick long hair draped softly over her back, and I love long hair!

With gentle moans wafting from her lips, I knew she was enjoying her massage so I willingly continued. Stepping just a bot closer, I wrapped her oiled feet around my hard flesh. As soon my hot flesh touched her feet, she began rubbing her feet over me. Her toes were like magical fingers as she elevated my cravings for her even higher.

After a while I crawled onto the bed and placed one knee on either side of her legs, straddling her. My sperm filled and firm scrotum rubbed lightly over her oiled skin as I leaned forward repeatedly to massage her thighs, ass, and the small of her back. Little by little I inched higher and higher up her body as I continued her massage. She had moved her hair off her back and with me now positioned at the base of her gently rolling hills of heaven, I knew when I leaned forward to reach her shoulders I’d have the delight of my crazed and hard cock ‘accidentally’ getting pressed into the shallow but sweet crevice of her ass. I leaned forward massaging along her spine as I did. Sure enough, I felt the heavenly sensation of my cock slowly slide between her oiled and slippery ass cheeks. Her soft skin caressed my shaft with pure delight as an uncontrollable gasp of pleasure escaped my mouth. The sensation of her ass hugging my cock sent huge waves of pleasure through my entire body.

As her flesh parted to accommodate the thickness of the intruder in her crack, the subtle pressure against me was astronomically splendid. Still leaning forward I unknowingly paused for several seconds as the throbbing flesh of my body worked itself slowly deeper and deeper into her cradle of erotic delight. She flexed her ass muscles several times and I almost lost it right then. “You like that, huh?” she teasingly asked as the flexing of her ass continued, driving me totally insane with pleasure.

“Oh-h-h Dee, if you only knew…” I moaned softly as the intense pleasure washed over me like a tsunami. I just lay there, my cock not in her anus but buried between her cheeks, enjoying the massage she was now giving me. Several moments later I had to force myself to roll onto the bed for fear of losing my control so early. A few minutes later she asked me a question I never thought she would.

“When you make love, is it different than when you have sex?”

I looked at her. Her soft brown circles of enchantment were examining me closely as I took a few minutes to try and answer that question honestly but without sounding like a fool. Quite frankly, I found that to be a difficult question to answer. Yes, mentally there’s a big difference to me between making love and just having sex. Sex is for fun and relief whereas making love has more connotations associated with it – at least in my mind. Clinically speaking though, the physical end result of either is the same.

“In aşk kumardır izle some ways it is. Mostly mental. Well, perhaps emotionally different would be a better word,” I began. After I finished a lengthy and ungodly awkward monologue trying to explain my thoughts as clearly as possible, she then surprised me with another question.

“So, have you made love to me?”

I felt my face redden, not from any shame of my upcoming answer, but from the fact that my answer could easily be misinterpreted. “Well,” I stalled with, my head wavering back and forth as I tried to figure out the best way to phrase the answer. “Not quite what I would call making love, but yes, I have in the sense that it’s been much more than just sex to me. You’re a very dear friend, and we relate so well, but I…”

She stopped me abruptly by giving me a soft, passionate kiss. For several minutes we kissed and embraced like teenagers. Then she moved her head back a few inches from mine and in the softest, gentlest voice I ever heard, asked, “Will you make love to me? Can you make love to me?”

My answer simply was to reach over and turn off the light before I went to the window to open the drapes. I left the shears across the window and they allowed the bright Hawaiian moon the opportunity to spread it’s golden glow over the gem of a lady I was with. Her skin glistened like diamonds as she moved to welcome me back to the bed. Uninhibitedly I began to release my innermost feelings for her. We were soon kissing, embracing, and rolling around with our limbs intertwining to the point where we probably looked like two octopuses in a mating dance.

Having lost all concept of time by that point, I’ve no idea how long it was before I positioned myself in the warm embrace of her legs. The sensation of her skin around my waist and her arms encircling my torso was second in pleasure only to the glorious elation I felt the moment my erection found it’s way to the warmth and wetness her femininity had waiting for me.

With amazing ease my thickness penetrated her. When the girth of my flange had slid through the aperture of her satin lined cavity, a deep, rumbling moan erupted from within me. With the moonlight streaming through the window I saw she had closed her eyes and had tilted her head back. Soft moans drifted from her mouth and she was smiling as her hands glided over my back. She felt herself being stretched to accommodate the extent of my stimulated flesh rod as my insertion continued. As I slid the full length of my shaft into her, I kissed her on the neck several times. Her muscles tightened around my pole and the wetness that surrounded my most appreciative flesh was a perfect mix of slipperiness and snugness. I began taking slow and measured strokes.

My mind was frantically trying to keep up as it attempted to sort out all the intense stimuli my body was enjoying. With her legs wrapped around my waist, her soft skin rubbing so seductively against me, well, it was almost as good as an orgasm! Her hands invigorated me even more as they glided over my shoulders, down to my waist, and all over me. Her hips moved in perfect unison with my thrusts as I became dizzy with pleasure. Our passion grew as we continued – not rushed and frantically, but tenderly, caringly, and passionately.

Dee felt the passion from me as I continued to do everything possible to make her pleasure as strong as mine. Trying desperately to hold back her own fast approaching orgasm, she was losing her fight as the thick flesh rod of mine coaxed her closer and closer. Each time I went deep in her, her ass got a light slap from my balls. She realized that she really enjoyed hearing my continuous gasps and moans of pleasure as her body surrendered all of it’s magnificence aslında özgürsün izle to me. The thickness of my shaft steadily increased and the throbbing became more rapid within her as I approached my climax. She was enjoying all of me as I ravished her body with attention, both internally and externally.

“Oh baby!” she gasped as my cock slid over her ‘G’ spot. The trigger was now pulled. Her arms quickly tightened around my shoulders as her pussy squeezed my cock even tighter. Pulling me deeper within her with her feet locked around my ass, her body released the first of many waves of her euphoria. Feeling her intense releases caused me to abandon myself to her and my juices now began mixing with hers as each of us raced rapidly to the summit of the mountain we were climbing together. Our screams and moans combined and interwove themselves in the air as our bodies continued to release the evidence of our mutual fulfillment.

Having drained myself completely, I gently relaxed on top of her. She felt my breath on her neck and the instant my lips touched her skin, an intense shiver of bliss coursed through her body, triggering another small but equally as satisfying release from her womanhood.

My breath washed over her neck as I lay there softly panting, my head beside hers with my face buried in the thickness of her soft hair. As she ran her hands over the moist skin on my back she released the grip her legs had on me and placed her feet flat on the bed. While her mind savored the feeling of my pleased body cradled between her legs, she felt the overflow of cum within her begin to sneak out, moving slowly down her ass crack.

Dee closed her eyes, her arms still holding me against her quivering body, and she knew that the feelings I had for her were indeed very strong, and there was no doubt that the physical attraction between us was something unique, but she found it comforting that I had a working brain in my head. She knew that my feelings for her wouldn’t interfere with our business interactions, nor would I allow my feelings to cause any problems in her personal life. Yes, it felt good to her to be hugging the limp, satisfied body of a man and she smiled as she reminded herself of the respect, passion, and pure sexual lust that she felt from me. There was no doubt in her mind that I had just made love with her. Yes, with her, not to her, as she silently accepted the fact the she loved me too, as a dear friend.

All too soon, knowing the time was quickly approaching when she’d have to be leaving for the night, we went to the awaiting spacious and luxurious shower. She allowed me to indulge my desire to wash her body for her. She seemed happy as my hands guided the soapy cotton washcloth over the enticing curves of her body.

“You okay?” I heard her ask through the steam in the shower while I washed and enjoyed the shapeliness of her legs. I knew she wasn’t asking about my physical state, but my mental condition. Standing and facing her, as the water flowed over our bodies, our eyes locked. It seemed totally impossible for me to prevent my hands from roaming over her as we stood there silently for several seconds.

“Yes my dear, I’m fine,” I assured her as our lips touched to fabricate another passionate kiss. We hugged each other as the warm water and steam wrapped us in a temporary blanket of seclusion. Just the two of us, together, in our own erotic world.

After I walked her to her car and we had made our farewells for the evening, I returned to the room. As I walked down the hall I was pondering if I was the luckiest or most unlucky man on Earth. Was I the luckiest man because I had found such a wonderful, beautiful, sexy lady, or was I the unluckiest man because I had found such a wonderful, beautiful, sexy lady that I knew within a few short weeks I would never be able to hold or kiss ever again?

Entering my room I laid down after stripping my clothes off. The gentle scent of Dee’s perfume that resided in the sheets made me dream of holding her in my arms as I dozed off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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