Dean’s Story Ch. 04


Apologies for the delay in posting; I’ve been in for a couple of months. As ever, everyone involved is 18 or over and I really enjoy getting feedback so please send some!

It was the evening of the craziest and best day of my life. It had started with me getting a blow job and a tit fuck from my eighteen year old sister Shannon, then being blown by my mom at the health clinic where she works, then fucking Shannon when I’d gotten home only for us to be caught by our older sister Dawn who’d joined in. I’d then told Shannon and Dawn what had happened at the clinic and we’d hatched a plan to get mom involved with all of us, a plan which started with my sisters being out of the house when our mom, Jenna, returned from work.

“So when will they be back?” mom asked, sitting next to me on the sofa, running her hand up my thigh.

“They didn’t say, but I think they’ll be out most of the night.”

“How do you feel about . . . About what happened at the clinic this morning, Dean?”

I smiled at her. “How do you think? It was great. I still can’t believe how lucky I am.”

Mom sighed. “That’s a relief. I thought you might end up hating me for what I did.”

“God no, mom, I love you. And besides, it was me who told you what to do, remember?”

Mom giggled and moved a little closer to me, the blouse she was wearing showing off the large cleavage between her 38FF tits.

“I liked you telling me what to do.” she said. “If you told me to do something, I guess I’d have to do it, whatever it was. You’d be the boss if you ever . . . You know . . . Wanted me to do anything like that again.”

This was amazing! Not only was my mom willing for me to fool around with her, but she was a blatant submissive as well. This would make the plan me and my sisters had come up with even easier.

“So if I told you to do something, you’d have to do it, yeah?” I said, double checking. She smiled and nodded. “Okay. Show me your tits.”

My mom slowly undid the few buttons on her blouse and opened it, revealing her gorgeous big tits in a white lace bra. She took her blouse off and cupped her tits in her hands, pushing them together, deepening the already impressive cleavage.

“You like them?”

“Oh yes. But I told you to show me them, not your bra.”

“I’m sorry, son, I didn’t mean to disappoint you.” she said with a smile, reaching behind herself and undoing the clasp, slipping the bra off completely.

I felt my big dick hardening in my jeans as I pulled her close and began sucking on her already stiff nipples, first one then the other, taking her big tits in my hands, making her sigh and moan.

“Is there anything else you want me to do?” she gasped as I nursed on her tits. I looked up at her and smiled around a mouthful of tit.

“Take my dick out and suck it.” I said.

My mom smiled and reached for my jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them, then pulling my hard cock out, running her hand up and down it’s length.

“Such a big cock.” she said quietly, leaning down and rubbing it izmir escort over her face. “You didn’t get this from your father, I can tell you.” She looked up at me, licking the head of my cock. “You obviously follow my side of the family.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“My daddy had a cock this big too.” she said before taking my dick in her mouth, her gaze never leaving mine. I stared at her in amazement. Not only was my mom blowing me for the second time that day, but she’d as good as admitted that she’d fucked her father as well!

“So you like big dick, huh?” I asked.

“Mm-mmm.” she murmured, her mouth full of my cock.

“Where do you like it? Tell me.”

She took my cock out of her mouth and licked it as she spoke, still staring at me the whole time. “I like it in my mouth.” she said. “I like it between my big tits. I like it in my pussy.”

“Anywhere else?” I asked, prompting her.

“If it’s really big like yours is,” she said with a smile. “I like it in my ass.”

I grinned at her as she went back to sucking my cock, thinking that life just didn’t get much better. Of course, if everything went according to plan, things would get a lot better pretty soon.

“What else do you like? You like girls, too?”

“I had a girlfriend years ago, when I was in medical college. Your dad never knew, though.”

“You like girls with big tits like yours?” I asked.

“Yeah,” mom said. “The bigger the better.”

I smiled; that was all I needed to know.

“Stand up and take your skirt and panties off.” I said. As I watched my mom undress slowly in front of me, I pulled my T-shirt off and then my jeans, taking a moment to get my cell phone out of my pocket and, unknown to my mom, I pressed the send button on a text message I had ready.

I leaned back, stroking my hard cock as I looked at my semi-naked, hot mom in front of me, wearing only a pair of hold up stockings, waiting for me to tell her what to do.

“Come sit on my cock, mom. Let me fuck you.”

She smiled and stepped forward, straddling me, holding on to the back of the sofa as I held my cock up, the head rubbing against the lips of her moist and neatly trimmed pussy.

“Are you sure you want to do this? Do you really want to fuck your own mother?” she asked, looking deep into my eyes.

In answer, I took hold of her hips with one hand, guiding my cock with the other, and eased her down on to it, watching as she closed her eyes, her mouth falling open as she sighed, my thick cock slipping inside her tight pussy. It took all the self control I had not to just shoot my load inside her then, it felt so good. She inched her way down slowly, taking the whole length of my cock, right down to my balls before opening her eyes and looking at me.

“Fuck that feels so damn good.” she said, raising herself up and then sliding back down. I held her tits in my hands, leaning forward and sucking on her nipples again as she fucked herself on my cock. “Oh baby, that’s so good.” she said.

“It looks good, too.” Dawn said from the doorway where she and Shannon stood, huge grins on their faces. They’d obviously received the text message I’d sent telling them to come in from where they’d been waiting outside.

Mom turned to look at them and would have jumped up and ran if I hadn’t held her hips tightly, pulling her right down on to my cock.

“Girls! I . . . We . . . Oh God . . . What the?” she stammered, completely at a loss.

“Don’t let us stop you, mom.” Dawn said as she and Shannon stepped into the room and over to us. They each sat on the sofa, Dawn on my right, Shannon on my left, mom looking back and forth between all of us.

“You said you’d do what I tell you to do, didn’t you, mom?” I demanded.

“Yes, but . . . ” she began.

“Then I’m telling you to stay right where you are with your pussy full of my cock. Don’t move.”

She stared at me, the shock draining from her face to be replaced by a sneaky grin.

“You set this up didn’t you?” she asked.

“Girls?” I said, turning my head from Dawn to Shannon.

Both my sisters smiled and leaned forward, each taking one of our mom’s nipples between their lips and sucking gently on them.

“Oh fuck!” mom gasped in delight, moving herself back up and down on my cock as she relaxed into the situation. Her daughters, my sisters, suckled on her big tits for a moment or two, running their hands over her back and her pert ass before their hands slid between us, stroking my cock that was slick with our mother’s pussy juice. One of them, I think it was Dawn, moved her hand back a little and, with a finger greased up by mom’s cream, pushed it into her asshole, making her gasp in surprise.

“Shannon?” Dawn said. “Go get it.”

Our younger sister stood up and ran off.

“Where’s she going?” I asked.

“Just a little surprise for you, Hero.” she said, using my childhood nickname.

She stood up, her finger leaving mom’s butt hole, and quickly pulled off her T-shirt, her heavy 42EE tits swaying slightly, then pushed her jeans off, leaving her naked.

“Get off him for a second, mom.” she said, swatting our mom on the ass.

Mom lifted herself off me and moved to the other side of the sofa, watching as Dawn leaned down, took hold of my cock and sucked gently on it. She looked over at mom and grinned.

“You taste good, mom.” she said.

Mom smiled. “Would you like to eat me out?” she asked her before turning to me. “If that’s all right with you, Dean.”

“Hell yeah, I really want to see that.” I said with a smile a mile wide.

“You can see it any time you like after tonight.” Shannon said as she re-entered the room, the camcorder to her eye, recording everything that was happening on the sofa.

“Surprise!” Dawn said with a grin.

I stood up and moved out of the way, letting Dawn crawl over to where our mom sat, her legs wide apart, watching intently as she eagerly began licking at mom’s pussy.

“Oh fuck . . . Oh that’s good.” mom purred, running her hand through Dawn’s hair as she ate her.

“You just gonna watch or join in?” Shannon asked me from behind the camera.

With my cock in hand, I moved back on to the sofa, behind Dawn’s upturned ass, and eased my dick into her waiting pussy. She moaned as I inched inside her, fucking her slowly while she continued slurping at our mom’s pussy, Shannon filming our incestuous threesome.

Mom moaned loudly, cumming under Dawn’s tongue, her hands now gripping her breasts roughly, pinching at her nipples as she shook and gasped, Dawn following close behind her as my cock worked in and out of her tight pussy.

“Time to change.” I said, pulling out of Dawn and slapping her ass. “Move.”

“But mom tastes so good.” Dawn said.

“You’ll still get to eat her.” I said. “I just want something mom said I could have.” Dawn knelt up, letting me sit back down on the sofa. “Sit on me again, mom, but face the other way.”

Our mom did as she was told, leaning her back against my chest and began lowering her pussy down on to my dick. I took hold of my cock, though, and moved it back, aiming it at her butt hole.

“Oh baby!” she cried in surprise. “You want my ass?”

“That’s right. I’m going to shove my big cock up your asshole.” I said, parting her butt cheeks with one hand, feeling the head of my dick press against her back door for a moment before it suddenly popped inside.

“Oh Dean! Oh fucking hell!” mom gasped, slowly lowering her ass down my cock.

“Fucking hell that’s hot.” Shannon said, the camcorder still running, capturing everything.

I held mom’s ass in both hands now, raising and lowering her hot asshole up and down my cock, her legs spread wide apart, letting Dawn kneel in front of her and once again eat her pussy.

“I’m cumming!” mom gasped. “I’m cumming with my son’s cock in my ass!” She moaned loudly as I continued to butt fuck her, Dawn lapping away at her clit, her tight ass clinging to my cock.

“Fuck!” I grunted. “Me too!”

Dawn moved back a little, letting Shannon get the camera in place, before she grabbed hold of my dick with one hand and pushed mom up with the other, springing my cock free of mom’s asshole.

Barely a second later I came, shooting out a huge wad of cum that then rained down on mom’s belly. The second shot went higher and came down on her tits, leaving a pearly streak of jism across her big jugs. Again and again I came, Dawn jacking on my cock, aiming it at mom, spraying her with my cum until, finally, the shots began to slack off. She leaned forward and, with a grin to the camera, sucked the head of my cock into her mouth for a moment or two, licking up the last of my cum from it.

“Yummy!” she laughed, swallowing my spunk before kneeling up and starting to lick up the huge pools of cum that lay across our mom’s stomach.

“Oh baby . . . Oh my darlings . . . ” mom gasped. “That was so good.”

Dawn continued jacking on my cock while she licked mom clean.

“Is he still hard?” Shannon asked her.

“Mm-hmm.” Dawn said.

“Good, because I need you to run the camera while he fucks me.”

I smiled. This was as good as life got.