Dean’s Summer Ch. 4

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That night, I was elated beyond my wildest imagination. I couldn’t help smiling gleefully, my stomach was filled with butterflies and my heart beat faster than a man running a marathon. I felt as if I had gone to heaven and back so many times and each time was better than the last. I was a man in charge now, I now knew what full and total control felt like.

From where I sat on the hall floor, I had a viewing that other guys could only dream about: two women sitting opposite me, as naked as the day they were born, with their legs stretched out and their hands touching each other’s bodies. They smiled and giggled, which only heightened the excitement and electricity in the room. But the best part was, they were my sisters. And I had fucked them.

Correction, I should say that I had been fucking them the whole day. That morning, I had done what many guys in my school had always talked about: having sex with wild Rebecca, or Becky, and making love to Amy, my formerly virgin younger sister. Of course, it took a little coaxing, what with me being their brother and all. But in so doing, I had unknowingly unleashed their pent-up teenage sexual passion and frustration like never before. That suited me fine, since I too am a young, virile teenager, so I helped them out in every sexual way to our hearts’ content.

And now, it was dinner time. We had ordered pizza since none of us felt like leaving the house nor cooking. One thing great about pizza: the sauce and toppings can be sloughed off and placed on any surface to be eaten. We found that eating it off breasts, cunts, assholes and dick were the best places. Needless to say, we made a mess of the hall but it was all in good fun. I especially enjoyed watching Amy eat out Becky’s pussy while she groaned loudly in pleasure. Both of them had orgasms throughout dinner, then they made me cum to add some ‘spice’ to their slices of pizza.

We were in the middle of another pizza-eating delight when we heard the front door unlock. I turned my head to see who it was while Becky and Amy froze with surprise. In walked mom. She was clad in the same outfit she had worn that day, and from my vantage position on the floor, I caught sight of her white panties under the short skirt.

Amy yelped and tried to hide herself with a cushion while Becky just continued staring. Mom saw all three of us sitting in a messy pile in the middle of the hall and laughed. “My goodness,” she said, “I thought I had done a better job in teaching the three of you how to eat.”

I saw the fear in Becky and Amy’s eyes. Although I had told them that I had fucked mom, it seemed that I hadn’t gotten the message across that mom was also privy to our incestuous situation. So to relieve their fears, I got up and walked to mom, my dick flopping around loosely. I put a hand behind mom’s head and pulled her to me. “Hi, mom,” I said and kissed her loudly on her lips. Mom responded by wrapping her arms around my chest and head and opened her mouth, letting our tongues meet and our salivas mix. She put a hand on my bum…

… and pulled back. “Yuck!” she exclaimed, looking at her tomato sauce-covered palm. “What’s this?”

I looked at the stain and laughed. “Err, I guess that’s what’s left of our dinner.”

She looked at me, then at Amy and Becky, who were unsure of what to think about. Mom glared at Amy. “And I suppose you have sauce on your chest, which is now being rubbed onto the pillow.”

Amy slowly removed the pillow. True enough, it was stained with sauce and some toppings. “I… I’m sorry, mom,” she whimpered.

“You’ll just have to clean it up then.” She looked at the three of us, then at the pizza box. “In fact, all of you will have to clean this mess.”

Becky and Amy, who were already horrified and embarrassed about being caught in the buff by mom, now were totally speechless. Mom must have sensed that, because she walked up to them, pecked them lightly on their cheeks, then looked over their bodies. “My goodness, you two have really grown up to be beauties.”

The girls were still speechless. Then Becky, being the braver of the two, touched mom’s arm lightly. Mom encouraged her by putting her hand on her breast. Then she took Amy’s hand and placed it on her other breast. “Does that feel good?” she asked them.

They knew what to do them. Both sisters alternately kissed mom as they fondled her body. I just bursa suriyeli escort escort sat back and watched the amazing lesbian scene. This was better than any porn video I had ever seen. The sight of two naked and beautiful teenagers making out with a woman whose clothes hid the beauty and mystery of her body was more than I had ever wanted. I took hold of my dick and starting jerking it slowly.

Mom stopped kissing to look at me. “Dean, dear,” she said, “stop doing that.”

“Doing what?”

“Masturbating yourself.”

“Why? That’s what guys do.”

“Yes, but you’ll want to keep your cum for your gift.”

Then I remembered. Mom had promised me a gift for fucking my sisters. I had totally forgotten about it. A wide smile spread across my face and I stopped jerking. “Ok, mom, give it to me.”

“Not here, it’s… private.” She turned to Amy and Becky. “Why don’t the two of you just have fun together while your brother and I have a private moment?”

Amy giggled. “Sure,” Becky said. They took each other’s hands and went into the kitchen. “C’mon, there’s more stuff to play with inside,” Becky said to Amy.

“Just don’t finish it all or you’ll be paying for groceries next week!” mom yelled at them.

I stood up and wrapped my arms around mom, pressing my hard dick into her back. “Now, about that gift.”

She didn’t say anything. She just took hold of my dick and led me up the stairs. As we walked, all I could see – and enjoy – was her swaying ass. I reached out and grabbed it. She didn’t stop me, so I just left my hands there until we were in her room. Then she let go of me and walked to her dresser.

“So what happened today?” she asked as she took off her jewellery.

I moved behind her. As I helped her undress, I recounted my many sexual exploits that day, making sure not to leave out any juicy, intimate and sensual details. I had started off the day by managing to seduce and fuck Becky and Amy. After that, Becky, Amy and I had a bit of fun in Amy’s room, with them sucking my dick, then going on all fours to let me penetrate them from behind. After I had cum into Becky’s pussy, Amy leant down and swallowed whatever dripped out. We then decided to have a bath to freshen up, so into the shower we went. We never knew water, soap and shampoo could be such a potent combination. By the time we had finished bathing, I had fucked them again in the shower, over the sink and on the toilet. The bathroom became misty not from the heat of the hot water but our perspiring bodies.

The fun didn’t stop there. Over breakfast, Becky and Amy decided to change their diets and feasted on my dick. I came into Becky’s mouth and she fed some of it to Amy, who spat it out. Apparently, she still had a bit more to learn about properly eating out a guy to the end. By then, I was spent, so we spend the rest of the morning playing with each other. Amy was still all over the both of us and Becky was the one who suggested that we try to have a normal lunch. And by normal, I meant that we ate lunch at the dining table – naked, of course.

I decided to watch some TV, so Becky and Amy had a little fun by themselves. I watched them kiss and suck each other’s bodies, focussing their attention on their breasts. In fact, they spent so much time on their tits that I thought they had forgotten about the rest of their bodies. It turns out that women really had something about breasts, something that guys had forgotten, so I made sure that I learned my lesson at that moment. Later, they went into a sixty-nine position to eat each other out. Needless to say, I didn’t watch much TV that afternoon.

By evening, I was back in the saddle again. We fucked all over the house. Wherever there was an empty spot, there would be one of the girls with my dick firmly implanted in her pussy. We did it on the dining table, in the laundry room, on the stairs and against the walls. We even made some interesting music on the piano.

But the biggest shocker was to come. When the pizza guy arrived, Becky and Amy greeted him in the buff. He was so shocked that he nearly dropped the pizza. Luckily, Becky had quick reflexes and took it from him. Meanwhile, Amy quickly undid his pants, took his cock out, then pulled him into the house. This shocked Becky and me, Amy was always the courteous, considerate sibling, bursa ucuz escort but now, she was a wanton sex femme fatale. She went down on the poor guy and he came into her mouth almost immediately. She had no time to react and swallowed his cum as it he shot it out. She quickly turned away and started coughing and gagging, while her hand continued working on his dick. When she had recovered, she gave him another good long lick. Unfortunately, the guy was such a prude that all he could do was pull away and rush out of the house with his dick still hanging out. He didn’t even bother to wait for us to pay. Then we had some dinner fun, which is when mom entered the house.

When I finished my story, mom was already naked and sitting at the edge of her bed. “My goodness, that Amy,” she said. “Who would’ve known?”

“The funny thing is, that slut still refuses to let me cum in her,” I added.

Mom looked at me sternly. “Don’t speak about your sister like that. Although we have this… thing going on, we are still family and family members don’t call one another names.”

I apologised sheepishly. She might be my lover, but she was still my mother and I had to obey her.

She reached up and took my dick. She stroked it gently and kissed the tip. “I hope you still have enough cum for your dear mother,” she purred.

“Oh yeah, mom, you can count on it.”

“That’s good.” And she took my whole dick into her mouth. She pushed it all the way in and let it stay there for a while. I was shocked at watching my mother deepthroat. I never knew her mouth was that, that flexible. I moaned and felt a tugging at my balls, but I managed to hold back. My legs nearly buckled from the intense feeling. Then mom pulled out and looked at me. “Did you like that?”

“Holy cow, mom, don’t stop!”

So she didn’t. She continued deepthroating me and I continued screaming and groaning. Her mouth was incredible, it was one helluva sucking machine. And her tongue, the way it roamed all over my tongue and licked my balls, it was like it had a life of its own. I pulled mom’s head against me each time she went down, I had to have more, more! But I knew she had her limits and let go when I heard her gagging.

Finally, she stopped and took a deep breath. “Oh wow, I’ve never done it like that before,” she said.

“Even with dad?”

“Your dad’s another story, one I don’t want to tell right now.”

“Ok, whatever. So, was that your gift to me?”

“That was just part of the gift.” She crawled back and rested against her pillows. I crawled up to her and bent over her body. I kissed her on the lips, then her neck and shoulders. I cupped her breasts, tweaking her nipples with my fingers, and swallowed her beautiful mounds. She couldn’t help but moan uncontrollably. Her back arched, pushing her breasts into my face. Knowing what I had learnt from watching my sisters earlier that day, I continued feeding on her breasts and sucking her nipples. My hands massaged them sensually, then moved down her chest to her belly button before coming back up for more breasts.

Mom started shivering and her hips bucked against me. She squeezed her eyes shut and groaned louder. Suddenly, she pulled me against her and held me tightly as her whole body trembled. And when it stopped, she let go of me and lay back on the bed.

“Oh my god,” she sighed, “you made me cum so badly.”

“And that was just with your breasts,” I replied. Now that I had given my mother some pleasure, I decided to give myself some too. I moved down and started eating her pussy. Each time my tongue darted around her pink clit, mom would groan and buck her hips against me. My tongue entered her a few times and she yelped. She coated my face with her juices.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me!” she demanded.

I didn’t need to hear that a second time. I pushed my dick into her and started fucking her furiously. I had been waiting for more than ten hours to reenter her hot hole and was rewarded with the feeling of her tight, wet pussy. She worked her body against me as I pounded into her, her cunt muscles squeezing against my member.

“Oh mom, this is great!” I yelled. “Oh fuck, yeah!” I looked down at my balls slamming against her crotch, enjoying the wet slapping sound. “I think I’m gonna cum soon!”

“No!” she screamed. “Not yet!”

“But, mom…”

“Your bursa üniversiteli escort gift, I need to give you your gift!”

“You’re giving it to me now.” And I banged into her to show it.

“No, not my pussy, my ass! My gift is my ass!”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Did she just say that she was giving her ass to me? I was so shocked that my body worked on intertia, continuing to fuck her while the words settled into me.

She groaned, then yelled, “Fuck my ass!”

This time, I heard her loud and clear. I pulled out, grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs over her body. Her little pink asshole was now exposed to me. I grinned as I fingered it. It was so tight, I could barely fit a finger in. “Mom, are you sure you can take my dick?”

“I said fuck it!” she ordered.

“Ok, it’s your ass.” What did I care? As long as I fucked her, it didn’t matter to me whether she felt pain or pleasure, I needed to satisfy my needs, which was to fuck and cum in her, no matter which hole I used. Man, I felt evil. I supposed I should since I was fucking the very person who had given me life. But at that moment, the only thing that mattered to me was fulfilling my desires.

I placed the head of my dick against her asshole and pushed in. She screamed at the top of her lungs and her whole body became tense. I continued pushing. It was going to take a long time since her hole was so tight. It even hurt me as I entered her. Soon, I had the head of my dick in. I let it rest there for a while, then took a deep breath and pushed again. Mom screamed again, her hands squeezing her breasts until the marks of her fingers could be clearly seen.

“Oh Dean, oh, you…you’re so big…oh fuck, yes, yes!”

Then I gave one loud grunt and pushed my whole member in! Mom bucked, her back arched, and loud guttural groan came out of her throat. Before she had a chance to settle down, I was moving in and out of her, and with each thrust, I sent her into intense excitement. By my fifth stroke, mom had come again. I slipped two fingers into her soppy pussy and finger-fucked her as I continued fucking her ass. Mom was screaming unstoppably now and the whole neighborhood must have heard her. I didn’t care and neither did she. We were so into each other that the whole world could explode and we’d still be fucking each other right there and then.

Well, the whole world didn’t explode, but I did. The sensation was too great for me and my dick started shooting into her rectum. Mom gasped and groaned with each spurt while I continued moving in her. I removed my fingers and fed it to her. She sucked them dry hungrily while her ass muscles worked on my dick, emptying me completely.

Finally, I pulled out and let go of her legs. She kept them apart as it was still too painful down there. I looked at her. She was covered with perspiration and, as it glistened on her body, she looked so beautiful. I moved up and kissed her forehead. “That was wonderful, mom,” I said. “Thank you so much.”

“No,” she said, still panting, “thank you. I’ve always wanted to be fucked in the ass but your dad would never…”

I placed a finger on her lips. “Remember, we’re not talking about dad now.” And I kissed her.

“God, that was so strong and intense.” She turned to me. “Was it the same for you?”

“What do you think?”

She smiled and pulled me towards her. We kissed, our mouths open, tasting each other’s perspiration and saliva. I reached down and fingered her pussy. She winced.

“Sorry, dear, but it seems that I’m a bit sore all over.”

“That’s ok, mom. Anytime you’re ready.”

There was a knock on the door. Becky and Amy were standing there, an arm around each other’s back.

“We heard you screaming, mom,” Becky said, “and we couldn’t help but come and watch.”

Amy walked in first. “Did you really fuck her ass?” she asked me.

All I could do was smile.

“God, that’s so nasty!” Then she leaned in and kissed me.

Becky sat next to mom and caressed her belly. “You are beautiful, mom,” she remarked. “I never knew…”

Mom took both girls’ hands then looked at all three of us. “Listen,” she said, “what we have here, it’s something special and different. We might enjoy it, but the world doesn’t think it’s right, so we’ll have to keep it a secret.”

“No problems there, mom,” I said. “I just have one question.”

Mom looked at me. “What’s that?”

I cleared my throat and made myself look as serious as possible. “This started out as my summer job, so my question is: do I still get paid?”

Mom grabbed my dick while Becky and Amy moved towards me. “Each and every day,” she said.

And that was how my summer began.


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