Dear Diary Ch. 08


As Michael reached the hotel room door where he stayed, he hesitated. Still thinking about what had happened between him and his eldest daughter, he really hadn’t decided much at work, and it had been too busy to get any serious thinking done. So he hesitated, his hand pulling away from the knob, he just stood there, not sure what to do…to try and fight what his daughter was doing or embrace it, and her. For several minutes he was lost in thought, until other patrons of the hotel started to walk toward him and he slid his door key in and opened the door.

It was quiet inside, and it being a small room, it was more so. Michael wondered where Marie was, honestly expecting her here waiting for him when he arrived from work. Or maybe that was just his own desires, he wondered to himself. He started to take off his jacket when Marie walked out from the darkened bathroom, surprising him slightly.

“Oh damn I was thinking you were…whoa!” Michael exclaimed, finally noticing how his daughter was dressed. Marie was dressed as your typical school girl…except the outfit wasn’t typical. The skirt was far too short, not even covering her ass cheeks which hung out beyond the bottom of the skirt, and that was not to mention the fishnet leggings that went with it. And the shirt was a bustier with sleeves…open in the front too the point that her nipples were ever so slightly covered. Not to mention the ‘fuck-me’ high heels which she wore. But what really completed the picture were the pigtails Marie had placed in her hair. She looked at him with a smile as he stood speechless.

“I take it that you like?” Marie asked as she struck a pose…sticking her thumb in her mouth, gently sucking on it as she smiled. “Does my big daddy like?” She asked again, as she bent over slightly showing the side of her uncovered ass to him.

“Holy shit!” Was all he could say as his daughter turned in place, showing him her bare ass. He could see her juices running down her inner thigh, and the thought that she must have been waiting, dressed like that, for him for some while. “Jesus Marie!” he uttered, finally looking up at his daughter’s face, seeing her brow’s humorously uplifted, waiting on his answer. “Yes…God yes!” Michael answered, grinning as his eyes again wondered down his daughter’s body. Marie openly laughed, but started to slowly walk towards her father.

“I thought you would.” She said as she threw her arms around his shoulders and gave him a kiss. Michael accepted her tongue and groaned as she rubbed her breasts against his chest, he heard her growling as they kissed. She broke away and looked at him. “I had to get some incentive to make sure you didn’t try and change your mind about us…” She said in a whisper her mouth going to his neck as she started nibbling. “Take off your pants, unless you want me to get them wet…” She suggested to him and he knew how they would get wet…he could smell her oozing juices from here. He hurriedly stripped, not only out of his pants, but everything. “I’ve been a naughty girl today daddy; you might want to punish me.” Marie purred as she suggestively offered her ass for punishment. Michael groaned loudly.

“Jesus Marie, if you don’t stop teasing I might not make it to the bed!” He said with a smile. Marie laughed, but moved toward him, still grinning as she pushed him backward unto the bed. “Whoa!” He muttered as he fell. Seconds later Marie climbed over him and he could feel the heat from between her legs like an oven as she straddled his legs and crawled upward, and Michael could feel her leaving wet spots along his thighs. She started kissing his stomach and working her way up. When she reached his nipples, she began sucking them, all the while settling her hips over his. He then felt his erect member as it met her steaming, sopping wet pussy and Marie shifted and started to take it inside herself. Slowly lowering her body down his cock, he gasped out when he felt her bite down softly on his nipple.

“Don’t bite it off.” He whispered with a smile, looking up at the ceiling in bliss.

“Only if I get hungry!” She growled out playfully as she bottomed out on his imbedded member. She then started to slowly rotate her hips atop him.

“You are so wet! We won’t get much friction.” He muttered out, it feeling like times after he had already come inside a woman…his daughter was drenched. Marie just nodded as she began bucking harder.

“You feel good to me. You gonna last awhile?” Marie asked, sounding a bit out of breath as she leaned up, looking at her father.

“I think so.” Was all he said as his daughter continued her slow, steady motion atop his cock. She nodded and smiled.

“Good…because…I’m not….Uhhhhhh!” She muttered out hoarsely as she sped up her thrusts, making them deeper as she raised herself up and slammed back down on the spike impaling her. “Ohhhh god…not…not long…at all.” She moaned out as she began panting heavily. “Oh god daddy…pull my nipples!” She growled out kastamonu escort as she raised back, her hands on his chest. Michael reached up without finesse and taking his daughters nipples in his fingers, began tweaking and pulling them. “Oh good…pull them…hurt them!” She gasped out, very close to orgasm as she slammed down on him. Michael fought getting too excited as his daughter rode him hard, and he now twisted her nipples mercilessly as she commanded him, with immediate results. “Oh Shit! YES YES…goddamn yes…uuuhhhhhhh…AARRGGHHHHHHH!” Marie screamed out as she impaled herself hard on his cock and came. Michael could feel her pussy squeeze him like a vice and he was a hair away from coming as well. He palmed her breasts in awe as she bucked on him, her juices running down him to the sheets below. Marie continued to growl and moan, until finally spent, she looked weakly down at her father, and then collapsed in his hands.

“Was that good baby?” He asked her as he lowered her to his chest, embracing her. They both were panting for breath, but she nodded to him. After a minute she was able to talk, and she lifted up to look at his face, giving him a deep kiss as she did.

“I was primed, I can tell you. I have been back for two hours in this get up waiting for you, afraid if I touched my self I wouldn’t stop…and I wanted to surprise you, not have you see a rutting child on the bed.” She purred out as she started to play with his chest hair, her hips ever so gently moving again. He laughed at her statement.

“And I don’t have a rutting child in my bed now? I’d say we just rutted.” He chuckled as he leaned up and kissed her. She grinned and rolled her eyes.

“Well yeah, but not at first. Did you like the little schoolgirl?” She asked as she lifted back up and started to work her body a bit more.

“God yes…I almost came right there in my pants.” Michael told her, and she laughed again.

“Well I thought you might need reminding about what happened and I have two more outfits in case you get cold feet again.” She confided too him as she started to hump atop him more vigorously, watching his face closely.

“Really? When can…uuhh…I see them?” He asked, his pleasure growing again as his daughter started working his cock again.

“Uh-uh, it’s a secret. For me to…oh god…ooohhh…know…and you…hhhaaaa…ah fuck it!” She gasped out as she was getting into fucking again instead of talking.

“Fuck it…huh?” He muttered and giving her a huge grin started hammering his cock into her, fucking his hips hard and fast up at her.

“Ohhh daddy…oohhh god…OHHH GOD…OHHHHHH!” Marie screamed out again as her father slammed into her, holding her hips and thrusting hard against her. Again Michael felt her pussy clamp down on him, but he wasn’t as close to orgasm as last time and just watched his daughter’s wonderful expression as she came. Her mouth panting out in that amazing ‘O’ shape. But it was a quick orgasm and she soon came down from it, panting and gasping for air. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

“No fair…you didn’t…come!” She gasped out as she fought for breath. He shrugged as he rested a minute.

“I love watching you come.” He told her and she actually blushed. “Oh now you blush?” he chuckled as did she and she stuck her tongue out at him.

“I like watching you come too….that’s why I wanted you too!” She growled out and playfully pinched his nipples. They both laughed, and then a sudden thought hit him.

“Marie are you on the pill? I had a vasectomy after Mary, but…” He asked her hurriedly. She laughed again.

“God yes dad, I’ve been on the pill since fourteen.” She giggled out. “AND I usually have them use condoms as well…so don’t ask that one.” She threw in as she looked down at him, more serious now. He nodded.

“I was just wondering…I mean I know it should be impossible …but you never…” He said and it was his turn to blush.

“Now you blush! After you blow about a gallon of joy juice inside your innocent daughter!” She laughed out, mocking him slightly. “So…you gonna come this time, or do I have to hurt you?” She asked before he could respond to her other statement.

“Is that a promise?” He asked jokingly. She raised an eyebrow at him.

“It can be, but I don’t think you would want it. I had a boyfriend that was heavily into that and I became quite good at being his mistress.” She said with a smile, though being serious.

“Ok, Mistress Marie…make me come!” He said with a smile. She started slowly riding him again, smiling at him in a serious way.

“I might have to pull out my old whips and cuffs…” She said with a grin as she tightened up her pussy as she rode him, trying to get him to come.

“I bet you would.” He said, knowing she was serious. She smiled at him.

“I will…and you better come or they come out.” She said playfully…she had left them at school, but it was fun to play. She took him deep, grinding her hips, rubbing the head of his cock well inside herself. She leaned far back, trying to take every millimeter of him. He grinned, reaching forward and started to vigorously stroke her clit. “Oh god…you…rat! You better…come!” She panted out as her own pleasure skyrocketed.

“I’m close.” He groaned out as his fingers flew over her clit. Marie worked herself even faster on his cock, keeping it deep within her. In seconds her father started to orgasm. “Oh Jesus…UUHHHHHHH!” He grunted out as his sore balls started to blast deep within her and Marie sighed as she felt her pussy grow even more wet, She furiously worked herself on his spewing member, close herself. She was panting and moaning in frustration for a few seconds until she hit a wall and blasted through it.

“UHHHHHGGGAAAWWDDDDD!” She grunted out as her body started to jerk. In seconds her rubber legs gave way and she fell backward from her father, landing between his spread legs, her pussy still contracting as her orgasm died down. Her father’s cock slipped from her now gushing pussy as it began to shrink; she jerked up and tried to put her hand under her ass to limit the stain on the bed. He noticed her and started laughing, and she began blushing.

“I think it’s a lost cause Marie!” He said as he sat up and looked between their legs. “I think you would need a bucket.” He said in finality as he looked at her. She grinned back and removing her hand, let her slit ooze all it wanted. She then looked at her dripping hand and then brought it to her mouth, sucking her fingers. Her father cleared his throat and sat up. He gave her a “eww” look, but she continued to lick her hand clean, even then dipping her other hand to her open pussy and pulled back with more.

“Ok…well I’m going to clean up, my ass is wet…” He told her as she continued to lick her fingers.

“Want me to get that for you?” She teased, and he chuckled although he knew she was probably serious. He didn’t say a word as he walked to the bathroom. She laughed, but continued to clean herself like a cat would. But soon grew tired of it and getting up, looked at the big wet spot in the bed. She uncovered the spread for the sheet to dry…just in case they needed that bed later. “Sleep in the other bed for sure.” She commented as she took in herself. Her top was fine but the skirt and stockings were wet and stained, so she took the outfit off and put on a shirt she had in her bag, and got panties for after she washed up. She casually ran a finger through her still dripping slit and after smelling it, popped it into her mouth.

“I love you honey but that’s kind of…nasty.” Michael told her from the doorway. He had watched her for a few seconds and was smiling as she shrugged. Marie looked at him, smiling as well and walked toward him. Standing in front of him she reached another finger down and brought it up to his face. “Uhhh…no!” He told her.

“Oh come on, mom never made you eat a little cream pie afterward?” She asked him in all seriousness.

“Only once or twice and I made it clear I didn’t like it.” He told her. She brought the finger closer to his mouth. “Marie!”

“Daddy, you are fucking your eldest daughter and you have a problem with eating a bit of your own cream?” she asked him, looking at him sternly.

“Yes I do Marie.” He told her with a grin. Marie eyed him a few seconds, then grabbed his arm and pulled him to the used bed and backed him up. At first he was shocked, then stunned at what she was doing, but now he knew what she intended and resisted laying back. “Marie!” He muttered loudly out at his daughter, but Marie brought her foot under the back of his and pushed with her shoulders and he fell back on the bed. She immediately followed, straddling his hips, looking at his eyes. “Marie dammit…” he started but she shushed him, and he was so shocked…he did shush.

“After what we did…with everything that HAS to happen to keep this family together dad…you can’t be squeamish over THIS! I was playing then, but I realize that if you are going to balk at this little concoction then this family is in deep shit dad! Do you want to get divorced from mom…DO YOU! Do you want your whole family blasted apart or are you going to be pigheaded and proud and not keep it together…whoever’s fault it is!” She railed at him in a huff, her heart beating hard. She wasn’t sure why she went from a bit of play to throwing all of the cards on the table, but it was now out there. He looked confused.

“How did you get from that to me getting a divorce?” He cried out, a small grin on his face. She chuckled aloud and shook her head.

“I’m not sure, but are you going to eat my pussy?” Marie asked, trying to get it back to playful. He grinned but shook his head.

“I really don’t want too.” He told her.

“Well ‘don’t want’ is better then wont…it’s dinner time daddy!” She laughed out as she turned her body and using her hands to restrain him. She knew that if he wanted to that he could stop her but again he didn’t. She settled her head over her fathers crotch as her legs rested beside his head.

“I really don’t like this Marie.” He told her as he looked up at her still messy bush.

“I know, but you have to learn to do unpleasant things, so…lick!” She commanded him with a slight giggle. She could hear a low ‘eww’ from him but felt his tongue as he started to lick her. “That’s a good daddy…get in there good!” She said and pushed her pussy hard onto his mouth. She giggled as she looked down at his soft member. Opening her mouth she took him into her mouth and began nursing on him.

Later in the evening, after another round of sex, they were both tired and a bit sore. Now both beds were wet, though this one only slightly. Both were too tired to change the sheets, and besides, they might just get them dirty as well. They had the TV on, though neither was really watching. Marie had her head on her father’s chest, near asleep.

“Marie…does your mother want a divorce?” He asked his daughter and Marie took a half minute to register the question and the answer. She moved around and looked at him, her cheek on his stomach.

“No daddy, she doesn’t. Do you?” Marie asked quietly, fearful of the answer.

“No, though I thought about it a bit after…well after I left. But only for a bit.” Michael explained to her.

“She made mistakes, but it WAS the kids that did this mess.” Marie told her father. Michael grinned at her.

“And who seduced their father?” He asked playfully. Marie blushed, but giggled.

“Guilty as charged, but I wanted to make sure you understood how it felt and what was going on…” She explained to him and he looked hurt.

“Was…is it only for that?” he asked, and Marie shook her head.

“Hell no daddy, I love you and too be honest I wanted to do this for a long time…a real long time. I just never would have except with what happened. I figured the damage to the family was already there. What I was hoping was that me and you…us, maybe it would help heal the family. Did it?” Marie asked her father, her eyes misting slightly. Michael looked at her.

“I don’t know about the family, but…maybe we shouldn’t have done this, but I’m not sorry we did. Or at least both of us together makes me happy, though even now…confused as hell sweetie.” He told her being serious. Marie laughed, kissed his stomach.

“Same as me dad, confused and happy. The best sex I’ve ever had, but daddy…you belong to mom…not me.” She told him, being serious and looking at his face. He looked like he was about to have a sudden panic attack.

“Oh God, how do we…I tell her about this!” He muttered out, his hand going to his forehead. Marie smiled.

“Let me do it daddy, I’ll explain it to her. We didn’t have a choice. Or am I wrong that even though you weren’t seriously thinking divorce, you probably would be in weeks to come?” Marie asked him, her fingers crossed in her head waiting for his answer.

“Maybe, I didn’t see a way out of what was going on. I certainly blamed your mother more then I should have.” He told her and Marie sighed slightly. “I just found it so hard to think of Mary or Genie as ‘guilty’ parties. I guess my daughters aren’t as innocent as I had thought?” He asked, aiming the comment at her with a smile. She smiled back at him.

“Guilty again dad.” She confessed then remembered about her sister’s requests.

“Oh hey dad, I went over to the house after you left for work and well anyway, Mary and Genie asked if they could come over and see you tomorrow? Would that be ok?” She asked, figuring he wouldn’t say yes, but not certain. He was quiet for a few seconds, then nodded.

“Yeah sure, why not. I mean…I’ll be a bit embarrassed with Mary, after what…you know…” he explained, but Marie interrupted him.

“You mean after so sucked your cock and swallowed your cum?” She asked him teasingly. His face turned very red in embarrassment.

“Marie, please…she’s my youngest daughter…” he said, feeling guilty and upset, but again she interrupted.

“Dad, you can’t do that! Mary is sorry about what she did, but only that it didn’t work on you. She isn’t innocent! She is still a child at heart, but she has the mind of a whore!” Marie told him; trying to make sure he had the right perspective.

“Marie, that’s enough! Mary is not a whore!” He chastised her. Marie nodded.

“I’m sorry dad, the wrong words. I just don’t want you to blame yourself…or mom. Mary did it…willingly, that’s all I meant.” She told him and he calmed down. He was quiet then for while and she thought some more about what she said about her sister. “Dad…I’m sorry I said that about Mary. I guess your right. I mean she did know what she was doing, but…from what I’ve talked to her about, she isn’t fully aware of what she does.” Marie said, trying to sooth any hard feeling she may have caused in her father. She felt his hand on her head as he began stoking her hair.

“I understand Marie…it’s ok.” He told her.