Debt Collection Pt. 02


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Over the next week, I put into place my plan to return to the loan shark office. Given that my sister was lying about working at McDonald’s, I figured I would take a page from her book and lie about still working at the aquarium.

I thought about the ways my sister could find out that I was lying. I figured if she called the aquarium and asked if I still worked there, I was pretty much done for. So I still kept my weekend shifts at the aquarium, to be extra safe. If she dug hard enough for details, I figured I could say I was working another part-time job during the weekdays. I could keep it vague enough so that she couldn’t prove I was lying.

After the fateful day when I discovered Tessa was paying the loan sharks back with her body, my relationship with Tessa became quite awkward. There were many lies and broken trust between us, and somehow, it felt like the truth was even more complicated than the lies. By also bearing her burden secretly, I knew that I would be adding even more lies to the mix. However, I needed to keep this secret for Tessa’s sake. After all, she would never forgive herself if she let me get dragged into prostitution along with her. So the best thing to do was to lie until the lies fell apart, and the truth finally reared its ugly head. After all, that’s what Tessa had done.

I called Lily, the brunette from the Debt Collection Agency, after two days of waiting. Even though I knew I wanted to bear part of my sister’s burden, doubts and angst held me back. I wondered if I was just going to become a glorified whore. I wondered if I was going to get hurt, emotionally and physically. Most of all, I was scared of the future. I wondered if any boy would ever love me in the future if I told them about this part of my life. I wondered if this would become another secret I could never tell, something that would eat away at me until I died.

Eventually, I pushed all that away and just thought about it in terms of Tessa. She was sacrificing for the family, and I needed to help as well. There was no amount of overthinking that would change my mind once I established the situation in terms of my family’s welfare. So one night, I finally dialed up Lily’s number.

“Hi,” I said. “This is Angie. Tessa’s sister.”

I heard Lily’s voice from across the line after a pause. “Hey there. Have you decided to work for us?”

Her tone was carefully measured. I wondered if she was used to dealing with wiretaps.

“Yes,” I said. “I want to come over and fill out some paperwork.”

I heard Lily chuckle. She clearly understood the reference. “Okay. We can arrange that. When are you free?”

“I’m free all day tomorrow,” I said.

“Alright. Meet me at 1 PM. I’ll make sure your sister is occupied at that time.”

“Okay. Thank you. See you later.”

I took a deep breath. That wasn’t too bad, I thought to myself. Almost indistinguishable from a normal work call. As if on cue, the image of Alex coming into Tessa’s mouth appeared in my head, and that illusion fell apart in an instant.

I had trouble sleeping before the day of the meeting. All night I tossed and turned, and I wasn’t sure if I was dreading the next day, or looking forward to it. When I woke up, it was 11 AM. My sister wasn’t home, and I assumed she had left for work already. I put on some slightly less conservative clothes today, donning a loose-fitting tank top and short shorts which revealed my bare legs. The loan sharks would have me for dinner today, I thought. Might as well give them a treat.

After eating lunch, I biked down to the Debt Collection Agency. It was another hot day, and I was afraid of sweating too much again. I pedaled up that hill that led to that familiar two-story complex, feeling a little more self-conscious now that my appearance mattered.

I knocked on the door. That familiar brunette opened it and smiled when she saw me.

“Hello, Angie,” Lily said warmly. She wore a white blouse with a black skirt, pantyhose, and heels. Again, she pulled off the sexy secretary look quite well. “Come in and follow me.”

I walked into the lobby, which was nice and air-conditioned. Lily led me past the reception desk and into her office. For the office overlooking a prostitution ring, I found it to be quite neat and orderly, with the sole exception of a condom wrapper lying on the floor, which Lily quickly picked up and tossed into the garbage.

“Take a seat,” she said.

I sat on the large leather chair facing her desk. She sat down at her computer, and began typing something.

Strangely, the environment reminded me of a job interview, until I heard the crack of a whip in the room above us. Startled, I jumped in my seat a little bit. Lily stopped typing, eyed me for a second, then stared back at her screen. “Not going to back out now, are you?” she said.

“Of course not,” I said. She kept typing, and I wondered if I should make casual conversation. I felt more open to asking xslot questions today, honestly. “I’m just curious, but are you the president of this organization?”


“Oh. How did you get into this business?” I said.

“Well, it’s quite complicated. I was an entrepreneur and originally founded this agency a few years ago. I got a decent amount of wealth from collecting debts, but I felt unsatisfied. To put it bluntly, I was immensely turned on by having power over others and wanted to be in a position where I could feed that desire. I fired most of the staff, began to hire other people who possessed the same tendencies as me, and gave them the power to act on their fantasies.”

“Are the staff all men?” I asked.

“We have plenty of women as well,” Lily said, gesturing to herself. “And those women also love to have sex with these girls.”

I felt a shiver down my spine. Lily was one of those women, wasn’t she? But I guess I would find out later. There was another question that I wanted to ask. “How much money do we get paid per… sex session? Like, does it get paid by the hour or something?”

“It’s simple supply and demand,” she said. “The men will request a service for a certain price. You will accept the price, if that’s what you are willing to give that service for. Of course, you can make the first move on the men, if you’re so inclined. You’re the boss here. You can come to work whenever you want, and you can fuck whoever you want. You can also charge per hour, per orgasm, whatever you two want, just make sure you eventually write down your transactions and report them to me at the end of each week. “

Interesting. So every girl here was like some sort of independent sex contractor, and men who worked here could take up their services.

Lily continued. “Here’s some advice if you want to get the most buck for your bang. There are a lot of filthy rich people here, so don’t be afraid to haggle a little. Know your value. Use your sexuality to your advantage. I have found that many men, no matter their status or position in society, become a drooling, irrational mess in the face of a woman that they desperately want to fuck.” Lily continued to type into the computer at a rapid pace. “Also, notify me immediately if somebody rips you off, or just takes advantage of you in any way. I will have them sent to Amy for punishment.”

Amy? That sounded like the name of the pink-haired girl who I had seen the first time I had come here. But what did punishment mean? I was going to ask, but Lily said, “Alright, I need to take some measurements of you. What’s your height?”




“Cup size?”


“That last one was for my personal use,” Lily said.

“Shit. You got me.”

“Full name?”

“Angie Bloomingfield.”


“Half Caucasian, half Asian.”

“Interesting,” Lily said, as she typed the answers into the computer. “Any hobbies?”

“I work at an aquarium as a tour guide. Also, I play soccer for my intramural team. I play guitar as well, but I suck,” I said.

“When you’re having sex, do you have any specific turn-ons?”

I paused. “I like when the guy takes charge.”

“What about non-consensual play? Bondage?”

I remembered Tessa, tied up to the bed and unable to resist the two men, and felt a tingle in my loins. “Yeah, maybe,” I said. “It kinda turns me on.”

“Do you like pain play?”

“No. Maybe a smack on the ass. But that’s about it.”

“Sexual orientation?”

“I like guys. Don’t know about girls yet.”

“How many sexual partners have you had?”



I nodded my head. “He cheated on me. I don’t have one anymore.” It was painful to admit it out loud, somehow. I hadn’t discussed it with many people.

“STD test?”

“I got one after my ex cheated. It was clear.”

“Birth control?”

“Yeah, I’ve always been taking it. Helps with my period.”

“How many times did you have sex with your boyfriend? Roughly?” Lily asked.

“Maybe around a hundred times, over four months.”

“Holy shit. That good, huh?”

“Yes,” I said. “Lily, could you do me a favor?”

“Yeah, sure. What is it?”

“I know this is a lot to ask because you guys are helping me out financially as well. But could you guys help me… forget my ex?” I felt self-conscious just saying it. “Could somebody fuck me so hard that I could get over him?”

Lily raised her eyebrows. Then she smiled coyly. “If you want, we can do things to you that would make your ex-boyfriend… feel extremely jealous.”

“Thanks. I would love that,” I said, though I didn’t quite know exactly what she meant by that.

Lily finally stopped typing. I heard something printing behind me, and Lily got up to retrieve it. She pulled out a stack of ten pages and stapled them together. Then, she plopped it down in front of me.

“This is your non-disclosure agreement,” Lily said. “Read it if you’d like; if xslot Giriş you don’t, it won’t matter, because it would never hold up in a court of law. But remember, we won’t be happy if you break it, and that we have all sorts of collateral prepared.” She pointed at a particular page and said, “I had to add in a few clauses because we are keeping this secret from your sister. You cannot talk to your sister at all about this operation unless she eventually finds out you are working here.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” I said, and signed the paper. “Uh, what if other people tell Tessa about me?”

“First things first, I have already explained the situation to all of our workers. They are not to mention or discuss anything about you to Tessa or face severe consequences. Also, to avoid Tessa running into you, you need to work on the 1st floor, as Tessa’s room is on the 2nd floor.”

This all felt exhausting for her to do. I wondered why Lily had gone so far to help me out and protect my secret. But I was happy. My indiscretions wouldn’t be revealed, at least soon.

“Second of all. If you want to get fucked by anybody, you can find the cell phone numbers of the men in the lobby. Or, you can just visit their room. Everybody has their own assigned room, man or woman.”

“What’s my room?”

“You may make any of the remaining rooms your private room. There’s a selection of rooms to choose from, but some of them are… more inclined for special tastes. I figured you’d want a week or so to figure out which one you want.”

Something about her professional demeanor was so comforting in this crazy, fucked-up business I was about to get involved in. I could tell she had thought over all of her actions thoroughly. Maybe that was just an elaborate act, and she was secretly batshit insane, but it certainly made me feel better.

“Why are you going so far to protect my secret?” I asked her. “Is it worth it?”

“Well, we don’t want to risk losing Tessa. She may not forgive us if she learns that we have hired you as well,” Lily said. “I can imagine you, of all people, understand how popular she is with the guys. It would kill them if she left.” Again, the image of Alex and Jake thrusting in and out of my sister appeared in my mind.

I nodded, but another thing bothered me.

“Was I worth hiring? I mean, like, I’m not as attractive as Tessa. So why risk it?”

Lily looked up. “Yes, I will admit your sister is hot, unbelievably so. But in this business, it’s not just about how hot you are. Sex is also about emotion. It’s about turning somebody on in ways that go beyond physical attraction.”

“And I can do that?”

She peered at me. “I think so. I have a good feeling. You’re pretty damn cute,” she said, and I blushed. She placed the agreement into a neatly organized drawer. “Okay! We’re done with all the messy stuff.”

“What now?” I said.

“To be honest, all that talk of sex has got me quite horny,” Lily said. “I want to see you get fucked. Right now.”


After she said those words, Lily eagerly led me by my hand to a changing room down the hall. It looked like a typical gym locker room, except it was full of dirty clothes lying in laundry hampers.

I was relieved to see her point to the shower room and say, “Go take a shower first.” The bike ride up the hill had left me quite sweaty. After I took a quick shower, I felt quite refreshed. I walked outside to see Lily cleaning up the dirty laundry hampers, an annoyed expression on her face.

“Everybody is a fucking slob here,” Lily said. “Sometimes, I feel like a full-time mother with twenty children peeing everywhere. Except, the children aren’t peeing, they’re coming all over the clothes, and —” she picked up a dirty sock which was covered in cum, and tossed it into the trash ” — ruining them!”

We walked into the other room, which was near the washers and dryers. Thankfully, the laundry hampers in this room were full of clean clothes. Many of them were quite sexy and revealing, I could tell, and Lily seemed to be excited.

“Let’s begin,” Lily said, smiling.

That afternoon, Lily tried all sorts of naughty outfits on me. From babydolls to bustiers, to stockings and garter belts, to chokers and high heels, she experimented with all sorts of outfit combinations, taking pictures of me and trying to decide which one she found the hottest.

Of course, because I was quite the tomboy, I had no idea how to put on half of these outfits, so Lily helped me out.

“Your figure is so tiny, Angie,” Lily said as she helped me put on a pair of stockings. Her hands roamed around my tiny hips, moved to admire my flat stomach, and finally came down to stroke my petite, stocking-clad legs. “Why do you hide such a cute body under all your regular clothes?”

“I’m just self-conscious. My sister is so much more… fleshed out. I don’t feel comfortable showing myself.”

“I think you are just as fuckable as her, if not more,” Lily said, and I felt myself xslot Güncel Giriş blush.

Unsurprisingly, she felt me up quite a bit. Putting on a sheer white babydoll became an exercise in holding back my moans as Lily fondled and licked my budding breasts. When Lily attached garter straps to my stockings, she would gently caress my exposed pussy and clitoris with her thumb, eliciting soft noises from my mouth. And sometimes, when Lily was particularly turned on by an outfit, she would simply kiss me fiercely, letting her tongue take over my willing mouth. Needless to say, my pussy was a quivering, hot mess by the time she was done putting clothes on me.

“I certainly have learned a lot about my sexuality today,” I remarked, panting, as Lily finally relented. My pussy was completely soaked and she had brought me to the edge of orgasm multiple times. It was scary how easily Lily had seemed to know all my weak spots. Maybe it was because she was a girl too, and an extremely horny one at that.

Sitting on a bench, Lily peered over the photos she had taken of me, absently fingering herself under her black skirt. She seemed like a far cry from the composed, professional woman I had just talked to a few hours ago. Over just a few hours, I had learned just had dominant and sex-obsessed this woman was. It made sense why Lily was the head of this organization.

She also seemed to know, just from a mere glance at my body, what clothes would fit me. Even the shoes she made me wear fit me quite well on the first try. I figured Lily must have a womanly sixth sense for matters like this. Or simply, it was plenty of experience.

“Alright. We’ll go with this,” she said, showing me a few pictures. I was wearing a cute and simple outfit that consisted of only two pieces of clothing; a short red satin dress which revealed much of my bare thighs, and a matching pair of low heel red pumps. Rummaging through the laundry hamper, Lily found the dress and heels and handed them to me.

“No panties?” I asked.

“Easy access,” she said, winking. “Panties are cute, but sometimes we have to make tradeoffs in our business.”

I nodded and began to put the dress on. When I finished changing, Lily peered over me with a satisfied look.

“It’s quite simple and innocent compared to the other outfits,” Lily said. “But I think, with you, Angie, I’d like to start with innocent outfits. There’s something about… defiling innocence that is so damn hot to me.”

I twirled around in the red satin dress and stared into the mirror on the side of the wall. The outfit was quite cute on me. I didn’t wear girly clothing very often, so this was quite a surprise. The low-cut dress revealed my bare thighs and shoulders, while subtly revealing a hint of cleavage in between my breasts. It was not a particularly tight dress; rather, it flared out over my thighs in a cute wavy pattern, giving me quite a childish and innocent look. The pretty red pumps matched with my dress and made satisfying click-clack sounds as I walked around.

As I admired myself in the mirror, I caught Lily ogling my bare thighs in the corner of my eye. “You like my legs, don’t you?” I said, with a laugh.

“You look so gorgeous,” Lily said. “If I were a man, I would push you against the wall and fuck you like you deserve to be fucked.”

I couldn’t help but blush at the remark and thought back to what Lily said: I should use my sexuality to my advantage to make men desperately want to fuck me. I wanted to see if that applied to women as well.

“I think I want that,” I said quietly, turning back to face Lily. “To get fucked up against the wall.”

Our eyes locked for a moment, and Lily’s eyes seemed to involuntarily check out the curves of my body again. There was something I saw in her eyes that I could only describe as a flash of raw lust.

“Alright, Angie,” Lily said. ” Let me make a call.”

She dialed a number on her phone, and I waited in anticipation. “Hey, James,” Lily said. “I have a present for you, baby. You’re not busy right now, are you?” She smiled as her fiance said something I couldn’t hear. “Cool. Come to the clothing room on the first floor. Alright. Love you too.”

Lily hung up and stared at me, sexual desire still flickering across her beautiful blue eyes. She pointed over at the other side of the clothing room, where I saw a metal bar that seemed to be for pull-up exercises. “Let’s go over there,” she said, pulling out a pair of handcuffs from her pocket.

I nodded, understanding what she wanted to do, and we walked over to the metal bar. Facing the wall, I submissively put my hands together and brought them to the metal bar. Lily reached up, cuffed one hand, brought the chain around the metal bar, and cuffed my other hand so my hands were cuffed above me.

At the second click, I suddenly realized I was at the complete mercy of Lily. I pulled my arms downward, almost in an instinctive reaction to seek freedom, but the cuffs held tight. I struggled playfully and looked back at Lily. “Guess you can do whatever you want to me now,” I said.

With a determined look, Lily knelt next to me. She pulled down the front of my red dress to reveal my breasts, and began to suck on one of my nipples. I couldn’t help but let out a moan of surprise.