Deceived by a Mother and Daughter


They say the best time to visit a college campus town on business is during the holidays when the dorms are closed and the students have all gone home. I used that advice on many occasions to visit my clients in Florida. I don’t mind students and I don’t mind the seniors in Florida, it just makes it easier to get around when they have all gone north. On my last trip down I ventured into something that I had managed to avoid in all previous visits. In fact, I had never had an experience like it. I made a rule long ago that I would not accept offers of evening entertainment with clients or their female friends. My professional reputation and the network of clients could potentially be at risk if I made any mistakes in the field. Therefore clients, coworkers, and close friends of theirs always were listed as acquaintances and nothing further.

I usually stay at a major hotel chain that has a manager’s reception each evening and a cook-to-order breakfast. My lunches frequently include clients and I get my share of eating in when you consider I make good use of the free breakfast each morning. When I return to the hotel each evening I am good for a snack and not able to even think about a big dinner. Therefore the manager’s reception works out just great even if I don’t drink the free wine or beer.

For all of the same reasons the business travelers are usually thinned out making the available scenery of woman and other people fairly slim pickings. I have spent many a night in the lounges and breakfast areas of these large hotels alone. I don’t mind since it is a business trip and I use the downtime to relax and prepare for the following day ahead. It is early in my life and I figure that once I get a little older, a little better off financially, and knock some of the immaturity out of my system I can work less and look to settle down.

It was at the end of the day on a Tuesday and with a little extra time I was able to shower, put on some jeans, thrown on a polo and head down to the hotel lobby. For the first fifteen moments I was alone in the dining area eating some chips and salsa. A couple of woman came in and sat a few tables away from me and further away from the food counter. I watched them as they spoke quietly to each other and after taking a closer look decided their age difference most likely placed them as a mother and daughter with very similar figures and facial features. I also noticed the younger one was dressed very conservatively with a loose thigh length dress that hid her figure.

They made their way up to the counter for beverages and a snack and on their way back the mother and I met each other’s gaze and said hello. She momentarily stopped at my table and mentioned that she hoped there would be enough food for the three of us which was funny because there looked to be enough for ten people or more. I promised I wouldn’t eat it all on my first or second trip but after that who knew?

She was looking at me rather closely as we talked and I felt like I was being sized up for something. She studied my face then my clothing and then back up to my face. Her daughter looked to be college aged near nineteen or so if I had reason to guess. The mother appeared to be in her late thirties or early forties compared to my twenty five. She took a break from her interrogation of me to go back and sit with her daughter but kept looking at me and saying something that caused her daughter to look back every so often as they talked. I only wished that I knew what was being discussed?

When her daughter got up to refill their soda’s I said hi to her as she passed. This caused her to blush and keep walking without ever looking back at me. She didn’t know me and I didn’t know her but I planned on saying something else to her in an attempt to break the ice. Her mother was staring straight at me smiling when I looked over so the fact that I had even tried to speak to her was OK.

I had to laugh at the ice machine that would make a lot of noise giving you hope that ice would eventually come out if you held your glass long enough and then just when you are about to give up twice as much ice as your glass can hold would come out. It almost buried the young girl’s arm who briefly screamed and jumped back a step sending ice all over the counter and floor. I sensed that she was about to turn and see if I was watching so to avoid embarrassing her anymore I looked away quickly catching her mother’s smile once again with mine.

“You know that is not fair.” I said as she walked back carrying both glasses.

“What, excuse me?”

I am pretty sure I was loud enough for her to have heard me but she responded as if I had caught her off guard.

“I said it is not fair that you and your mother get to sit over there and talk about me and I have no one to talk about you with?”

“Oh no, we didn’t think you could hear us. We were being kind. It was nothing bad I promise.”

“I couldn’t hear you but figured that since you kept looking at me and laughing I Escort Bayan must have had salsa on my nose or something.”

Caught in a surprise conversation with a stranger brought a blush and caused her to retreat back to her table the moment she got a chance. Their talking and occasional glance back resumed and I sat amused by it all until the mother got up and walked over to my table and sat down.

“Can I ask you a favor?” She started with?

“My daughter is away from home at college for the first time and she is struggling to make friends and specifically is not comfortable around boys. I mean men, I am sorry.”

“That’s OK.”

“Would it be possible for her and me to join you at your table? I would like to get her used to meeting and talking to men.”

“Yes of course you can.” I replied not knowing why I had just agreed to that?

The young girl was called over and just like that there were the three of us sitting together with plates of chips and salsa. Renee the mother introduced Randi, short for Miranda, to me and we started discussing her first year at school. She had been homeschooled in western Tennessee and spend her first three years at a junior college near her house where she could get accustomed to formal education away from the home. Randi didn’t live in an area near boys and only had two younger sisters. Even at twenty-one the whole dorm living and class sizes of over one hundred people in a lecture hall were intimidating. As we talked she eventually started answering questions without being startled every time I spoke to her. Miranda’s voice was mesmerizing when she opened up. I liked the sound of it and along with her being very intelligent she was also easy to listen to. Her mother sat there smiling as she went on and on about her childhood.

Miranda had excelled in her studies and even at the Junior College they tried to pair her up with advanced placement classes to push her to new heights. She didn’t particularly like it this way especially now when she thought she may be able to meet someone if she didn’t have all of the extra coursework that came along with her selection of courses this semester. We sat and talked until the staff informed us they were closing the beverage cabinet and to refill our cokes on last time. It hadn’t dawned on us that we had just talked for over two hours. When I learned that her mother had decided to come down to Florida instead of letting her daughter come home for the holiday I knew that I would see her again the next day.

Early the next morning I was back in a suit and tie ready to head out to visit some customers as soon as I had my breakfast. The girls weren’t around and suddenly I was disappointed at their absence and didn’t know why? The conversation had been lengthy but did I really feel a closeness? All day long my thoughts kept drifting back to her. Well actually the two of them but for different reasons. I wanted to hear more from her and I was still confused as to whether or not I was just providing therapy or was I actually being accepted by her and her mother.

Today’s meetings in the afternoon took a little longer than I had anticipated and we had a working lunch complete with pizza in a conference room. The current corporate contacts I was working with insisted on a dinner and fancy bar but I begged off explaining that I had to get more work done that evening. And with that said I was on my way back to the hotel. It was almost six when I got back and I headed straight to the eating area behind the bar hoping to find the two ladies. I was not disappointed.

Renee spotted me and waved me over as I walked in. Randi got up and went and got me a coke as they made me feel like I was being wooed and waited on. Tonight’s manager’s buffet consisted of cheese and vegetable trays with various types of dipping sauces. Well if listening to Randi the night before was to get to know her, tonight the ladies were full of questions about me.

I sold insurance products to financial institutions which neither of them understood. But they prodded me for as much information about me as possible. I should have been careful when being asked about my finances and future plans but instead I just kept talking while enjoying my time with them. And like the evening before, we were there when the staff closed up. Renee asked if I could join them the following night and inquired about my schedule. With a forced promise I made, we agreed to meet the following evening at four which was earlier than they opened. But I wasn’t paying attention to details.

A couple of changes were made to my schedule the next day allowing me to move up some of my visits and end my day as I wanted around two in the afternoon. Knowing only that I was looking forward to seeing them again, I headed back to the hotel. Intrigued by the naiveté of Randi but also intimidated by her intelligence I found my heart beating in anticipation. I could feel my pulse in my fingers as they gripped the steering wheel of my rental. What is this all about I asked myself? Whatever it was caused me to shower, shave again, and actually press my khakis before I headed down to the lobby.

“Well, well, well, fancy meeting you here young man.”

This was Renee’s way of making their presence known as they walked up behind me. Turning to them I was greeted by two beautiful women who had obviously both enhanced their appearances this evening. Heels, make-up, hair brushed and tied up, and most of all form fitting knit dresses that came to mid-thigh. These two would get all of the attention they wanted at a club but instead were standing here with me? I was also shocked when Renee grabbed my arm and walked us into the bar area.

“Randi and I decided to have a glass of wine tonight, will you join us?” How could I say no?

It didn’t take long until she started executing a plan that I never saw coming. She kept asking Randi if she liked the way I looked tonight and then would ask what I thought of Randi’s hair, or her dress, and so on. The first glass of wine went down during a continued barrage and shower of suggested compliments. I was being trained it seemed to keep Randi on nerves as we were somewhat pushed together. We each had a second glass of wine before the manager’s reception began. Randi made a push to change our seating out to the food area but was unable to convince her mother Renee to move. While this conversation was taking place Renee decided it was now getting too difficult to talk over the music and asked me to scoot over to the middle of the booth so she could sit next to me before asking Randi to join me on the other side.

I couldn’t help but get a strong dose of their perfume as Renee kept turning and putting her mouth up to my ear. When she would talk to Randi she would put her face right next to me and talk softly causing Randi to have to lean towards me as well. This was cozy and warm but the intent was confusing. I thought I was to woo Randi but with Renee practically in my lap I wasn’t sure. Randi excused herself to use the woman’s room after a subtle nod by Renee and I thought she would follow but instead stayed at my side and shocked the hell out of me with her next suggestion.

“We would like to get another bottle of wine or two and go upstairs to our room. It seems that Randi is thinking she is going to get her very first kiss tonight? And we thought maybe you would like to go along with that plan? What man wouldn’t want to be the first to have a hot little coed?”

I am not sure if I was agreeing, being told I was going to do it, or if I even had a choice but next thing I knew I was riding up the elevator with the two of them. I wasn’t even sure if the plan was for just a kiss? She said first to have a hot little coed? Just what did that mean exactly I wondered? Randi had retreated into her shell from the first day we had met. She lowered her eyes, backed into the corner of the elevator, and turned an incredible shade of deep red. A hue I had never seen before on the face of anyone.

I was in for an even bigger surprise when we walked into the room. Their sheets were already turned down, the shades were drawn, and the lights were dimmed.

“Why don’t you two sit right there on the side of the bed next to each other and I will sit across from you?”

Again, even though the tone of her voice suggested that was a question, I didn’t think any choices went along with it. We sat together as she ran around the room preparing three glasses of wine for us. When she returned we all sat in silence holding our glasses not really sure of what to do next until Renee spoke up again.

“Randi it is like we discussed. You both are young beautiful people who just going to share something special. I will help if you need it but he is here because he wants to be. So just relax. It is just going to be a kiss if that is all you want?”

Never would I have imagined this at all. She looked at me as her mother said this and even though I could tell she was very nervous she was looking for some reassurance from me that I wanted this as well. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, so I made a stab at it. I moved closer to her and slowly reached and grabbed her hand. Renee stood as I did that and took our glasses and set them on the credenza. Without something in my hand I reached for her other hand and gave a little pull so she turned slightly towards me. This wasn’t my first kiss or anything close, but it was probably the most intimate I ever felt due to the intimidation and trained seduction her mother was unravelling for us. When I reached in to kiss her on the cheek she turned away and lowered her head.

“Randi, don’t be afraid. You are safe here.” Renee said.

It was at that point that I knew she was scared. I could feel goosebumps on her arms and felt her shaking slightly so I moved closer and put my left arm around her pulling her into a hug. With my right arm I reached across to her left shoulder and turned her even more towards me and let her rest her head on my shoulder.

“Would you like to watch me kiss him first? Would that make it easier?” Renee suggested.

Whoa, what do you mean you kiss me first I thought? I wasn’t even thinking along those lines but the next thing I know she had nodded yes and Renee pulled her up to have her sit on the opposite bed facing us as she sat down where Randi had just been. I was asked to put my arms back around her like I had with Randi and after a little motherly explanation to Randi, Renee pulled my face towards her and began slowly kissing me. At first I was tentative but she pulled back and whispered into my ear to make this evening special please. No reservations she said.

Renee was soft, Renee smelled incredible, Renee’s small hands held my face sensuously. That sequence of kisses lasted a few minutes before she pulled away and asked Randi to sit down next to me again as she handed us back our glasses of wine that had been topped off again. We sat for a second sipping them when she asked Randi to dip her finger in her wine and then reach over and wipe it across my lips. Then she asked me to do the same.

“Now Randi, just let him taste your lips and you taste his. But go slowly. Just taste them.”

Having presented it like that worked for her. She turned towards me and slowly our lips came together. Our tongues darted out and touched each other’s lips a few times before Renee told us to dip our fingers in our glasses and do it again. This time Randi did not seem reserved about it and actually took a sip of hers before doing it. Our kiss lasted a lot longer this time as I felt the glasses being pulled from our hands as we embraced each other. Randi gasped a couple of times while attempting to figure out how to breathe while locked in a deep French kiss. Renee was back at it and pulled one of Randi’s arms and hands down to rest on my thigh. She pulled her arm back and forth lightly before leaving Randi to her own. Randi briefly pulled back to see my reaction but I smiled at her and pulled her back in for more. I kissed the side of her lips, her cheeks, her nose, and was about to kiss her neck when Renee stopped me. Holding the glass in front of Randi she said.

“Here Randi, put some of this on your neck under your ear where you think it will feel good.”

She reluctantly obeyed and put a large amount of wine on her neck with her fingers.

“Ok, now you can kiss her there.”

I hugged her first and then started planting real light kisses on her neck. Randi started making little wispy sounds and pulled me tight and shook for a few seconds. This was a definite erotic zone for her.

“Now slowly lay her on her back but don’t stop kissing her.”

I did as I was asked and slowly lowered her to the bed. That is when I felt hands rubbing my legs up and down my thighs. When I felt Randi reach up and touch the side of my face I realized the hands running up and down my thighs belonged to Renee. That didn’t distract me from the moment as I continued to be drawn into Randi and her incredible kiss. I could not believe that this was her first kiss with the amount of warmth she created. We broke apart a couple of times to look each other in the eye before succumbing to our desires to continue. My hands started wandering on their own as well. At first I was concerned about the first kiss being just a first kiss, but with her hands on my face along with Renee rubbing my legs getting closer and closer to my swollen cock I decided to run my hand up her side and along her dress circling her chest. This caused her to moan into my mouth and raise her shoulder up pressing into the palm of my hand while at the same time Renee took the opportunity to rub my trapped hard-on with no false illusion of intent. She was not making it easy on me with my pants confining me and her trying to excite me at the same time. I was trying to decide whether to break my kiss and release the nipple I felt hardening under her dress or ignore the pain being caused by lack of room in my tight pants but I was relieved when Renee finally spoke.

“You two should get up onto the bed and get more comfortable but you cannot lay on the clean sheets in those clothes.” Renee said passionately and with a suggestive tone.

She didn’t wait for Randi and I to respond but instead reached for my zipper and started undoing my slacks. We both raised up to a sitting position as my pants were being pulled off and I stood to allow them to fall to my ankles. I then stood mesmerized watching Randi’s mother reach over and pull her dress up over her outstretched arms. The view of tits in a half cup bra prominently displaying their size with the nipples peeking out over the top caused my swollen member to push out even harder on my briefs. Seeing Randi standing there like this along with a small pink thong that matched her dress caused me to reach out and draw her into another hug and kiss. My arms completely enveloped her small frame against my chest and it felt incredible. My polo shirt was being lifted by Renee standing behind me separating us momentarily and eventually we were pushed back towards the bed.