Julie came in from work and found her mom sitting at the dining room table. “Hey mom, how was your day?” She asked from the doorway.

Teresa White looked up from the pictures in front of her and frowned. “It was going fairly well until I found these.”

Julie moved closer to the table and groaned softly. Her mom had found her stash of selfies. “Mom…” she started to say and then took a deep breath. “They were for me and no one else.”

Her mother looked at her and shook her head. “I can understand the pictures of yourself. Seeing how you look is part of getting a grasp on your self-esteem. What I can’t understand is how you can mutilate your body.”

“Uh… What?” Julie asked in confusion. Had her mom flipped completely out? Then it dawned on her. The piercings. “It was something I always wanted to do. I think they look cool and they feel awesome.”

“Cool?” Her mother said and then sighed deeply. “You passed out when you had your ears pierced, for heavens sakes.”

Julie had to stifle a giggle. “I sure didn’t pass out this time, believe me.” The sharp pain in her right nipple had turned to a throbbing tingle as the barbell went in and she hardly noticed the other nipple being pierced until it started to throb and tingle.

“I always thought you had to have your parents permission to get a tattoo or a piercing?” Teresa said quickly.

“Only if you’re under eighteen and I’ve been eighteen for well over a year now.”

“Where… when…” Teresa started to ask and then ran down.

“The where and when was a quick trip to Dallas, Lisa and I took right after high school graduation. In fact there were six of us that went.” Julie replied.

“Lisa? She put you up to this right?”

Julie laughed and shook her head as she moved to the table. “Actually, it was my idea. She almost chickened out.”

Teresa looked at her daughter hard and shook her head. “Ear lobes, a belly button, those I can understand but your nipples? What will happen if and when you have kids and want to breast feed?”

“Not a thing, unless junior decides to chew on the nipple. He might break a tooth if I don’t take the jewelry out.” Julie said with a grin as she sat down across from her mother.

For some reason that remark made Teresa smile. It was very much like her daughter to make light of serious things. “What if they had become infected?”

“They didn’t. The technician explained how to keep them clean and how to avoid that,” Julie said as she looked over the pictures her mom had. She smiled and sat back in her chair. Her mom didn’t have all the pictures.

Teresa watched her daughter. Something wasn’t right. She had missed something. “What else did you have done?” She asked softly. “A tattoo?”

“No mom, no tattoos. Although, there is one I have thought about.”

“Don’t you dare!” Teresa said sharply. Sharper than she meant to.

Julie frowned at her mother and then sighed. “It’s my body and my life. You taught me that above all else.”

Teresa sighed and sat back in her chair. “Yes, I did teach you that but I didn’t mean for you to take it so literally.”

“Mom, I’ve always had small breasts. A lot smaller than almost everyone I know. I wanted something to make them standout, shall we say. I researched piercings and even talked to some people who have them. I didn’t just wander in and have it done on a whim.”

“I would hope not,” Teresa said and then asked, “Who do you know who has pierced nipples?”

“Maggie Johnson. She had hers done back in junior high.”

“What! Did her parents know that?”

“Her mom is the one who took her to get it done.” Julie replied.

“Why?” Teresa asked in confusion.

“Maggie is the only one with boobs smaller than mine that I know. Large nipples and not much else, in her case. Her mom thought it would help her self-esteem and it did. Before the piercing, she wouldn’t even take her shirt off around the rest of us girls. After that, it was hard to keep a shirt on her.”

Teresa opened her mouth and then closed it. She didn’t know what to say. She could see the point but… Then another thought crossed her mind. “Well, why did Lisa get hers done? That girls got more breasts than I do by a mile.”

Julie chuckled. “Mom, she’s got three times the boobs you’ve got.”

Teresa did a double take on her daughter. “And what do you know about my boobs, uh, breasts?”

“I’ve seen yours on a couple of occasions, not to mention when you wear your bikini. I wish I had inherited them.”

Teresa smiled and then chuckled. “They skip a generation I think. My mother had less than you do. Your daughter will probably be blessed.”

Julie made a face and then laughed. “Just my luck.”

“So, why did Lisa have hers done?”

“Gilding the lily is what she said but I think it was because I was going to do it. We’ve always done things together. In either case, it worked out for her. She loves the feelings the jewelry causes.”

“Feelings? What kind of feelings?” Teresa asked as her hands Ordu Escort left the table and hovered for a moment before returning to the table.

Julie smiled as she saw her mother’s hands move. Her mom had medium sized breasts but very long and thick nipples. Julie had gotten the nipples on a slightly smaller scale and they were super sensitive. She had often wondered if her mom’s were even more sensitive.

“If I wear large balls on the barbells, they tug on the base of the nipple, which feels good. The large balls also concentrate anything rubbing across my nipples on the end, which feels super good. Small balls let’s the nipple roll around more, which has a totally different feel. Not to mention, they stay hard all the time.” Julie explained.

“Without a bra and under a soft silky shirt, my nipples have that itchy, tingly, feeling all the time.” Julie paused and looked at her mom from under her lashes. She was trying to decide how much more to tell her.

“How, uh, itchy, tingly, are we talking about?” Her mom asked in almost a whisper.

Julie giggled. “Enough to have a small orgasm or two while on the dance floor at the club. Lisa too, if I’m not mistaken. Although in her case, it might have been the tight shorts pulled up in her crease.”

Teresa’s mouth dropped open. “I… uh… I… uh, yeah.” She finally got out.

“Maybe you should try it,” Julie said in a soft whisper.

“Uh, no!” Teresa shot back quickly. “I’m way to old for anything like this.”

“Mom, you’re not old. The woman who did my piercings was way older than you and she has them in places you wouldn’t imagine in several lifetimes.”

Something clicked and Teresa looked at her daughter hard. “And what else did you get pierced?”

“Uh… Lets not go there,” Julie whispered.

Teresa’s eyes flicked down to the pictures and then back up to her daughter. “These aren’t all the pictures.”

“No mom, they are not.”

Teresa groaned and shook her head. “It’s that damned Internet putting ideas in peoples heads.”

“Ideas, no. Information, yes,” Julie shot back.

“Did Lisa… No, that’s none of my business.”

“No, Lisa didn’t. I did that one all on my own.”


Julie laughed. “Lisa’s clit is on the same scale as her boobs and is as sensitive as anything gets.”

Teresa’s mouth dropped open. “What… how…” Then she groaned and shook her head. “No. I really don’t want to know.”

Julie looked at her mom sharply and then giggled. “No mom, I haven’t been playing with Lisa’s clit. We’re friends. We talk about everything.” When her mom looked relieved, Julie added, “We’ve even talked about that. Playing with each other’s clits, that is.”

Teresa groaned and closed her eyes. “You didn’t have to add that last.”

Julie took a deep breath and whispered, “Sorry. That was a daughter, mother, cheap shot for shock value.”

“It worked,” Teresa whispered and opened her eyes. “Why? Why do that down there?”

Julie took a deep breath and let it out slowly. How to phrase what she wanted to say without shocking her mom was tricky. “My clit looks funny compared to others I’ve seen. On the Internet, mom, not personally. It sits on the end of a ridge and pokes more down than out. The hood pulls back but not easily. The piercing is high on that ridge and makes pulling the hood back a lot easier and it rolls my clit up at the same time.”

Teresa frowned and looked at her daughter hard. “What has that got to do with anything?”

Julie took another deep breath. “For one, it makes masturbation much easier with a barbell in and two, with a large ring or dangly dangles, it feels so good bumping my clit when I move even the least amount.”

Teresa blinked several times. Her mind was a little scrambled by her daughters open remarks about masturbation. To do it was one thing. Everyone did it whether they admitted it or not. To talk about it openly was quite another, at least in her generation. “I… uh… I.” She stammered a moment later.

“Sorry mom, but you asked.”

“Yeah, I did,” Teresa whispered. Louder, she added, “I wasn’t sure where this conversation was going to go when I started it but this wasn’t one of the scenarios in my mind.”

“I’m not a little girl anymore.”

“So I’m finding out.”

There was an extended silence and then Teresa whispered, “My, uh, clit is the same shape as yours.”

Julie opened her mouth and then closed it. A moment later, she grinned and said, “I think I won’t ask that question.”

Her mother’s eyebrows went up for a second. “Why not?”

“Shock value when none was intended for one thing and I don’t want to embarrass either of us.”

“That must be one heck of a question.”

Julie laughed softly. “Yeah, it is.”

“Then ask it,” Teresa said and then groaned. “I just hope I can answer it.”

Julie took a deep breath. “Ok, just don’t laugh.”

“No, I won’t laugh if it is a serious question.”

“Oh, it’s serious alright,” Julie Ordu Escort Bayan said and then got cold feet. “Uh, maybe I’ll just wait and find out for myself.”

“Spit it out, Julie.”

“Uh, how does the shape of my, our clits come into things during sex with another person? You know, a guy.”

Teresa blinked several times and then blinked several more. Her mind was in that foggy place again. The thought that, if Julie was asking this question, then she was still a virgin. That seemed to clear some of the fog. “Well, let see…” Teresa said stalling for time to think.

She blushed as she whispered, “During oral sex it works out great if he licks up the slit and ends up against it. If he rolls that ridge round with his finger it feels great but you’ve probably already figured that out for yourself.”

“Uh yeah, and if you hold another finger lightly against the clit itself, it feels even better,” Julie whispered and then shivered as she squeezed her thighs together tightly. It felt so strange to be having this conversation with her mom. With Lisa it would be no problem but her mom had always been this sexless creature. She had tried not to think about her mom and sex in the same thought.

“Try that with a warm wet tongue instead of the second finger and see how fast you come,” Teresa said and then looked at her daughter sharply. “Uh, no, don’t do that.”

Julie laughed and shook her head slowly. “I’ve already thought about that and no, I’m in no hurry to get it on with a guy.” The she grinned and whispered, “Now Lisa…”

Teresa felt her eyes narrow and then she smiled. So it was shock value time again. Two could play those games. “A tongue is a tongue whether it’s male or female.”

Julie’s mouth dropped open as she stared at her mom. Her mom grinned and reached across the table to press up on her chin. “How was that for shock value?”

“You were joking right?” Julie asked quickly.

Teresa laughed. “Maybe and maybe not. I have to keep some secrets.”

“When? Where, Who for that matter?”

Teresa laughed again and changed the subject by asking, “How close to your opening is your clit?”

“Uh, not real close. A couple of inches above it, I guess.”

“Mine is about the same. Your father figured out that if he moved up and angled his penis down, it would rub me inside and on my clit. Talk about curling my toes,” Teresa said and shivered hard.

Julie groaned softly. “I, uh, tried that with my little vibrator so I understand, believe me.”

Teresa looked at her daughter and chuckled. “I think I could probably name the night your tried that for the first time.”

Julie blushed deeply and nodded. “Yeah, after that night, I’ve always waited for you to go to work before I did it again.”

Teresa laughed. “That is again and again and again, unless I miss my guess. I was so happy when you found that job with Lisa and her dad.”

Julie did a double take on her mother. “You, uh… Yeah, why am I asking a silly question?”

Teresa nodded and whispered, “It wasn’t a silly question, if you already knew the answer.”

“I, uh, never try and think of you and sex in the same thought.”

“I know the feeling, believe me. I know you will one day but mother’s never like to think about it.”

Mother and daughter looked at each other with new eyes for several minutes. Finally, Julie reached out and pulled the pictures over to her side of the table and stacked them up. When she finished, she looked at her mom and asked, “How sensitive are your nipples? Mine are super sensitive and yours are bigger, so…”

Teresa looked at her daughter and raised her hands to cover her breasts. She squeezed them through her bra and whimpered softly as the material rubbed on her hard nipples. All this sex talk had them hard and aching. “Very,” she whispered and moved her hands back to the top of the table.

Julie grinned. Her mother’s reaction spoke volumes. “I still think you should have them pierced.”

Teresa shook her head. “If they made my nipples anymore sensitive, I’d never get out of bed.”

Julie chuckled and nodded. “I know that feeling.”

Teresa dropped a bomb at that point. “Now the clit thing has some appeal to it.”

Julie’s mouth dropped open again and her eyes grew wide.

Teresa laughed and then sighed. “It’s a silly thing to think about in my old age.”

Julie closed her mouth and squirmed in her chair. “Are you going for shock value again or are you serious?”

“Serious, I think but I just don’t know. I’ve never even seen a piercing down there. I’ve heard of them but…”

Julie took a deep breath and stood up. Her mother looked at her questioningly. “I’ll be right back,” Julie said and hurried out of the dinning room.


Julie returned and sat back down. She took a deep breath and laid a stack of three pictures face down on the table. She picked the top one up and looked at it. It was a close up of her clit without the piercing. She shivered Escort Ordu and laid it face up in front of her mom.

Teresa looked at the picture and nodded. “Exactly like mine.”

Julie picked up the second picture and laid it beside the first. This one showed the piercing in the ridge above her clit.

Teresa looked at it and shivered. “It looks painful but awesome at the same time.”

“Painful it’s not. I wear the short bar, which is the one in the picture most of the time. I wear a longer bar with bigger balls when I want a little more action, shall we say.”

“Action? You mean like stimulation?”

“Yes mother, that’s exactly what I mean.” Julie replied with a grin. “A little rub for everyday and extra on special occasions and if I just want to be on the edge, I put in the dangly dangle.”

Teresa shivered hard and looked at her daughter. “Like under a dress with no panties?”

Julie picked up the third picture and laid it out. It showed her fingers pulling up on the longer barbell and her clit un-hooded and rolled up.

Teresa groaned softly as she looked at the picture. “That would be devastating if someone was to lick it in that position.”

Julie laughed. “It’s devastating enough with a fingertip or the end of my vibrator in that position.”

Her mother whimpered softly and looked up at her daughter quickly and then back down. She was silent for a moment and then asked, “Do you have a picture of the dangly thing?”

“Uh, no. I just got it a few weeks ago and haven’t had a chance to take any pictures. It attaches like the barbell but has tiny chains on each end with a large ball attached to both. It hangs against my clit.”

Teresa shivered and covered the pictures with her hands. “Yeah, that would keep a girl on edge alright.”

Julie grinned. “It rubs when I walk and it sometimes bounces when I move too fast or dance. That bounce can be quite a jolt if you’re not expecting it. Hurrying up or down stairs is the best. You get the rub and the bounce.”

“Just knowing it’s there,” Teresa whispered and then shivered. “A nice fantasy but…”

“Why just a fantasy?” Julie asked with a grin. “I can get you an appointment I’m sure.”

Teresa looked at her daughter hard. “What would people think?”

Julie laughed. “Who are you planning on showing it to?”

“Uh huh, that’s a good point. I’ve only had one date since your dad left.”

“And whose fault is that?” Julie asked softly.

Teresa shook her head. “Mine most likely but… I always thought your dad would be around forever.”

“Shit happens, mom. I thought the same thing.”

“He hated doctors almost as much as he hated lawyers,” Teresa said and sighed deeply. “I tried to get him to go for checkups but he wouldn’t ever go.”

Julie was surprised as her father wasn’t a subject her mother usually discussed in the slightest. His heart attack had been a shock to everyone. “He’s gone and you’re not,” Julie whispered.

Teresa nodded and stood up. Julie figured that was the end of the conversation and then her mother sat back down. She picked up the pictures and looked at them again. After a minute or so, she glanced up at her daughter and then picked up the first set of pictures and looked at them closely. She chewed on her lower lips for as she did. Julie could see the wheels turning in her head and smiled.

“Itchy, tingly,” Julie whispered and her mother looked up at her.

“Uh huh, I got that,” Teresa said and sighed. “That might be interesting.”

“More than interesting. Take my word for it.”

“With my nipples, I have to wear a bra,” Teresa whispered.

“I got most of those nipples and I used to feel the same way. Now, not so much.”

Teresa looked at the front of her daughter’s blouse. There were not any tents showing. “You’re wearing a bra now, right?”

Julie raised her hands and cupped her breasts. “Nope, no bra. I haven’t worn one this week.”

“Then why…” Teresa stared to ask and then shook her head.

Julie grinned. “I keep it in check, so to speak. If I let my shoulders swing there would be tents in seconds.” To demonstrate, she pulled her shoulders back and shook her breasts. There wasn’t a lot of movement but her nipples made small tents in the fabric. “I have the small barbells in now. The large ones would have caused twice the tents but they also show more.”

Teresa shivered and licked her lips. “Mine would poke holes in that blouse.”

Julie laughed. “I don’t think so. Take off your bra and lets see.”

“Here in the dinning room?” Teresa asked and then laughed.

Julie laughed with her and then stood up. “No, in my room. I want to do an experiment.”

Teresa’s eyebrows went up. “What kind of experiment and on what?”

Julie took a moment to pick up the pictures and then grinned. “Come along with me and find out.”

Teresa groaned softly as she stood up. “We’ll see.”


Julie walked into her room and over to her dresser. She stuck the pictures in the top drawer and unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it out of her skirt. She took it off and tossed it on the bed as she turned to face her mother.

Teresa looked at her daughter and nodded. “Those shiny balls on either side of your nipples do draw the eye.”