Dee and I Decide to Live-In

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Hi all, its Ali here!

I’m back with another recounting of the time my hot cousin Dee and I finally decided to start living together in Pune.

A little background first…

I’m Ali. I stand over 5’10”. I have a very fair complexion with light brown eyes and dark, straight hair. I have a trim, athletic build from having played soccer almost all my life. I live in one of the large cities in central India and belong to an extremely conservative Muslim sect. I have a huge extended family which includes my parents, my sisters and the individual families of my seven uncles. We are quite well off and own a huge property near the northern outskirts of our large town. My home is within an enormous walled-and-gated compound. It has three 3-storied buildings with a large parking lot for our numerous vehicles right inside the gate. Despite our wealth my family is deeply religious. Women are not allowed to mix with the opposite gender from a very young age. They obviously have to wear a Burka over their clothes and a Hijab to cover their heads.

However, the overtly strict atmosphere led to some of us giving in to the temptation of lust. A few of them started secret and extremely taboo relationships with me.

Dee is the daughter of my eldest uncle and Aunt Sheen, who seduced me only a few weeks after her husband passed away. Dee is a year older to me and has lovely, light brown skin which is in contrast to the rest of our extended family who are all very fair. She is short, standing just about 5’6″ tall, with large brown eyes and luscious, pouty lips and wavy, dark medium-length hair. Dee is not skinny but extremely voluptuous, thanks to Aunt Sheen’s genes. Her large C-cup breasts are extremely firm to touch. She has a flat tummy with a slim waist that flares out to wonderfully curvy hips. Despite her busty figure I was in love with Dee’s round, brown 40-inch booty. Her ass cheeks are remarkably round and jiggle with her slightest move which never fails to turn me on any time.

Dee had I shared a special bond ever since we were little. Our closeness became even more intimate when Dee and I lost our virginity to each other after she seduced me a few years ago.


(July 2008)

This incident happened during my summer vacations. I had already passed 10+2 exams with (surprisingly) good marks. I was even more thrilled when I got admission in a reputed college from in Pune. I had been successful in getting a seat in their new Bachelor in Mass Communication program. It was a 3-year degree course and my folks had discussed about getting me into a nice dorm or hostel.

However, as planned, Aunt Sheen suggested it would be a good idea if Dee and I shared an apartment. My parents figured this way we could look after each other in the strange, faraway city. Absolutely clueless about our taboo sexual relation, they were delighted at the idea and readily quickly.

Dee was then living all alone in a spacious single-bedroom apartment in Kalyani Nagar. She was in her final year at INIFD of her 2-year Bachelor in Interior Designing course at the time. So, Aunt Sheen promised to find us a nice 2-bedroom apartment. Fortunately, she did not need to search for long. Aunty was lucky to find one that belonged to Vandana Singh. She was Aunty Sheen’s old schoolmate and owned a media company in Pune. After discussing the details over the phone, Aunt Sheen told Dee and me to check out the apartment once I was done with the formal admission process.

I told my parents I would stay there for “as long as it takes to get the admission process done”. The classes were beginning in mid-August. I had enough time to get home, pack my stuff and move to Pune a week or so before college started next month.

Dee was supposedly coming along with me because she knew the city well by now. We were supposed to return home once my admission process was completed, which would actually take only a few hours. However, Dee and I planned on spending some additional time as it was her birthday on Monday. So, we did not feel the need for my folks to know all that.

As it was the beginning of monsoon, Dee and I decided not to take the train. Instead, we booked ourselves tickets on the 9AM flight to Pune.

My father drove Aunt Sheen, my mother, Aunt Sheen and me to the airport. Dee was dressed in a fitting, black colored Burka. I could clearly make out her voluptuous tits outlined in her dark Burka and knew she must be wearing a push-up bra to exaggerate her remarkably round and perky breasts. I watched the curve of her soft, rounded hips as we sat in the backseat. My cock stirred in my jeans just thinking about spending a few days alone with Dee in Pune.

Sex In Shower To Start The Day

(9 AM – 12 PM – Sunday Morning, July 2008)

We boarded the flight after bidding goodbye to our parents. Dee was contemplating removing her Burka. She would always remove her Burka and Hijab only when we went anywhere outside our city, lest anyone from our community would tell on her at home. As it was a weekend flight, the plane was almost bursa eskort bayan full so Dee decided not to take the risk and kept on her Burka. She did loosen the Hijab over her head and opened the top two buttons of her Burka as she got comfortable in the window seat beside me.

The hour-and-a-half long flight took off on time at 9 AM. Dee and I began talking in hushed tones. We toyed with ideas to make her birthday special and extremely memorable. We used our imagination and came with a loose but immensely exciting plan.

Before we knew it, the flight landed at Pune Airport and Dee and I got our backpacks from the carry-on luggage compartments overhead.

“Will you wait for a while, Ali?” Dee said as we walked out of the terminal, “I’ve got to go to the washroom real quick.”

“Sure, Dee.” I replied.

I was catching Dee’s backpack and just looking around when she returned less than five minutes later.

“I’m done. Let’s get home.” I heard Dee behind me and turned.

“Wow!” I complimented in amazement, “You look so cute, Dee”.

Dee had finally removed her Burka and had it draped over her arm now. Smiling wide at my expression, she twirled around slowly and showed off the clothes she had on underneath this whole time. Dee was wearing a tight, blue-colored Tee which accentuated her firm, pert breasts. Her sexy, shapely legs were covered with a pair of fitting, blue-colored jeans.

Seeing her dressed in such outfits was always exciting as Dee would normally wear loose salwar-suits at home. Still smiling, Dee took her backpack from me and slung it on her back before catching my arm. Walking outside, I was glad to see that it was cloudy and a soft, cool breeze was blowing across the parking lot.

It was after 11 AM when we hailed a cab and were on our way to Kalyani Nagar to Dee’s apartment in the Marigold Complex.

Now that we were in Pune, I knew Dee would be a completely different person. Gone would be the demure, young Muslim girl and I would get to see the brash and bold Dee.

So as I expected, despite the large backseat of the cab, Dee sat extremely close to me. I put my right arm loosely around her shoulders. Dee snuggled closer and we watched the heavy traffic outside. A minute later I sensed Dee flick her head to check the driver in front. The next instant, I felt Dee’s hand moving slowly up my thigh and rest on my crotch. I did not react at first and kept looking outside so Dee slipped her hand down the front of my jeans.

Immediately, I looked at Dee and shook my head as I pointed towards the cab driver. However, Dee’s response was to bite her lower lip and wrap her warm palm around the thick shaft of my flaccid cock. I gasped quietly when Dee began to stroke my young cock to arousal under my jeans. I could only stare at the back of the driver’s head and hope he did not turn around and catch Dee jerking me off in bright daylight right in the backseat of the moving cab.

Dee’s soft palm felt wonderful as it brushed against the thick head of my circumcised, young cock. Since we had practically discovered sex together, we were very familiar with each other’s erogenous points. By now, we had had sex innumerable times and knew exactly what turned us on. So Dee expertly stroked my cock under my fitting jeans as we slowly turned towards her apartment. She eventually stopped just before the driver parked the car in front of the Marigold Complex.

Dee grinned at me with a knowing look as she let go of my semi-erect and turned to step out of the cab. I watched her lovely, round booty jiggle as she opened the cab door and got out. I put my hands inside and adjusted my semi-aroused but still noticeable dick under the jeans. Thankfully, Dee paid the driver and he helped her take our backpacks out of the trunk at the back.

I stepped out and took both the bags and followed Dee inside the smaller pedestrian gate at the side of the luxurious and gated housing complex. Dee knew I was looking so she exaggerated the natural sway of her hips and her round and firm booty cheeks jiggled even more noticeably. My semi-erect cock was already starting to become hard by the time we stepped in the elevator.

“Mm…” Dee moaned softly as she turned to me after pressing the button for the fifth floor, “Perfect.” She said, noticing the fact that we were alone in the elevator.

She stepped towards me as I stood with my back against the walls of the elevator. My hands were full with the two backpacks and I knew I did not have much choice. So I leaned back and let Dee grab my crotch.

“Ssshh…” I hissed in desperation when Dee came closer and crushed her taut, large tits against my chest.

She traced the length of my arousing cock over the jeans with her palm. Dee pressed the thick, sensitive head gently at first and then slowly rubbed her palm over its engorging length. I felt my semi-erect cock begin to twitch at Dee’s expert teasing.

Thankfully, the elevator stopped soon enough and Dee grudgingly moved away. I took a deep breath and followed Dee out and to her apartment. bursa merkez escort

“Aaahh!” Dee sighed, “Home sweet home.” She said, smiling sweetly before turning and grabbing me in a tight hug.

“Oh, Dee.” I whispered, “I missed this so much!”

“I know.” Dee whispered back as she clung tight to me, “We didn’t get enough chances to fuck at home so I wanted us to spend some time alone here.”

“Thanks, Dee.” I said, “Mmuaah!” I kissed her soft, pouty lips.

I stood hugging Dee tight to me and slipped a hand under her hoodie and T-shirt from the back. I felt her warm, smooth skin and rubbed her back softly at first. Dee responded by tightening her arms around my neck and standing on tiptoes to kiss me even harder. I sensed my erecting dick now pushing against my tight jeans. I knew Dee could feel my erection through the jeans because she began to grind her crotch over it next. I was about to slip my hands lower, into her jeans and feel those extremely round and brown booty cheeks when she suddenly pulled away.

“Uh… can we get a quick shower too?” Dee said looking up at me as she still had her arms around my neck.

“Of course, babe.” I replied and pecked her on her cheek once before letting go of her.

Dee smiled wide before turning around and walking to her bedroom. I picked up our backpacks and followed Dee.

Immediately, Dee and I flicked off our shoes and entered the large bathroom attached to her bedroom. Without a word, Dee and I automatically began to strip the other.

First, I let Dee pull my black Tee off and looked right in her eyes as she fumbled with the belt. A second later, Dee had undone the button and I watched her smiled wider as she slowly sat down to slip my jeans off. Next, Dee pulled down my underwear in a single, swift motion. I hurried to step out of my jeans and underwear and reached out for Dee at the same time.

“Come here, you!” I growled to Dee playfully and pulled her to me.

“Oh, baby!” Dee exclaimed and ran her fingertips lovingly down my bare, smooth chest. “I’m so fucking wet!” She whispered fiercely to me and this turned me on immensely.

Slowly teasing Dee, I began to strip her clothes off now. I slid off her hoodie and flung it to the corner of the bathroom near my clothes. As soon as I slipped her T-shirt over her head I watched Dee’s lovely, round tits pop out and jiggle in her white-colored bra. My aroused cock twitched in anticipation as I slipped a hand to her back and undid her bra hooks. Dee stood straighter as I slipped off the bra straps off of her smooth, bare shoulders. Her big, brown breasts stood firmly and proud on her chest.

“Turn around.” I said and Dee obeyed immediately.

I pulled Dee close to me till I felt her large, firm booty cheeks press against my hardening cock. I began to caress her lovely, smooth and softly curved hips before moving to her front. Dee leaned behind and rested her bare, warm back on my chest. My fingers quickly undid the button of her jeans and unzipped her fly. I put my fingers in her waistband and began pulling her tight-fitting jeans down her thick, soft thighs. I had to kneel behind Dee as I struggled to pull her jeans off of her luscious, shapely limbs. As soon as I succeeded in pulling her jeans over those amazing buttocks I had to control my urge to spank her round and brown ass cheeks hard.

I watched Dee’s lovely, bare ass cheeks for a while as I stroked my thick, hard dick. I caressed her smooth, round buttocks softly with my other hand.

“Oh!” Dee exclaimed when my fingers slipped between her firm, rounded booty cheeks. “Don’t you dare tease me, Ali!” Dee growled when I brushed my fingertip over her clean-shaven cunt lips.

I smiled in return and stood up. I caught Dee from the back and nudged her to walk. We stepped together under the shower and I reached out to turn on the shower knob.

“Ooohh!” Dee cooed, “It’s so cold!” She said before pulling my arms tightly around her.

“It’s okay.” I said soothingly.

I watched as the Dee’s lovely body began to get wet. A stream of water ran down her deep, dark cleavage before sliding over her smooth tummy and dripping down all the way to her cute, clean cunt. A minute or so later, Dee felt comfortable with the cold water and her sexy body relaxed noticeably in my arms.

“I’m going to make you scream, Dee.” I whispered in Dee’s ear softly, without further explanation.

“Baby, you’ve already made me cream in my pants.” Dee whispered in a lusty tone.

I had to smile at this before I gently pushed her back till she stood resting with her back against the bathroom wall. Her luscious body dripped with water and I saw Dee looking at me with complete lust now.

I went down on my knees in front of her. Catching Dee’s soft thighs I gently pried them apart. Dee immediately spread her feet wider and rested her hands on my shoulders. Looking straight in her eyes, I first began to caress the insides of her thighs. I saw her eyes close at this and she leaned her head back against bursa sınırsız escort bayan the wall too.

I looked at Dee’s smooth, tiny pussy lips and felt my thick, wet cock twitch hard once. I leaned forward and put my lips just above her slit. I kissed Dee’s clean-shaven cunt with my wet lips gently.

“Ohh…!” Dee exclaimed and it turned into a moan “Ooohhh…” as my tongue darted out and flicked at her hard clit.

With the tip of my tongue resting on her throbbing clit, my lower lip began brushing against her soft, cunt. Dee immediately pushed out her groin and caught my shoulders hard with her hands. Dee continued to moan louder when I started to rub my tongue tip and licked her musky pussy. I licked her clit first and then moved my tongue over her moistened vaginal lips before moving it back to her clit. The water dripping down her body streamed over her smooth, taut tummy and down my face as I licked Dee’s cunt under the shower.

“Ohhh!.. Shit!… Oohh… Ooohhhh… Baby… Aaahhh… yeah!” Dee’s moans and groans were getting louder and louder every minute.

I was holding my breath against the water flowing over my face in Dee’s crotch as I licked her tasty twat excitedly. I would open my eyes for a moment to look at Dee’s face just to catch the lovely expressions of lust and love which passed over her. The taste of Dee’s musky cunt and her loud moaning was making me extremely excited. I let go of her clit and moved my tongue between her smooth, soft labia. I knelt lower and was eventually able to put my lips against Dee’s vertical, vaginal lips.

“Oh, yeah!” Dee said excitedly when I spread her tight cunt apart with my lips and the cold water slipped into her hot pussy. “Kiss my cunt, baby!” Dee encouraged me loudly.

I began to brush my mouth over Dee’s smooth, soft cunt while my tongue slipped in and out of her narrow cunt. I tasted her familiar cunt juice as her vagina prepared her for the first climax. This made Dee catch a handful of my wet hair and she pushed her crotch harder into my face. I welcomed it by sticking my tongue deep into Dee’s hot cunt.

“Aaaah…!” Dee moaned very loud at this. “Aaahh… I’ll come any minute.” She groaned through clenched teeth as my tongue dived deeper into her tasty twat.

I was getting harder watching Dee’s sexy expressions and hearing her loud, lusty moaning fill the huge bathroom. I used my lips to spread her tight cunt as wide apart as possible and continued to thrust my tongue in and out of Dee’s pussy. I could tell Dee was about to orgasm when suddenly her thighs clamped around my neck tightly. I let go of Dee’s thighs and immediate reached up and grabbed her large, lovely ass cheeks in each hand. I began to squeeze her sexy, round and wet booty cheeks as I kept on eating her pussy vigorously.

“Oh… Oh… Oh.. Ah… yeah… yeah… baby… baby, I’m coming!” Dee moaned louder and louder before she practically screamed out.

I felt her entire body go rigid for a second before she relaxed instantly and her warm, slick cunt juice squirted out of her cunt and soaked my already wet face. Despite the shock of feeling Dee squirt after a long time, I managed to hold my breath long enough so her cunt fluids did not choke me as they filled my mouth. I had to take a long gulp and eventually managed to swallow a mouthful of Dee’s pussy juice.

“Ah… Oh… fuck… oh, baby… oh, baby… baby…” Dee moaned and chanted my name as her body trembled and shook with the waves after waves of an intense orgasm.

After what seemed like an eternity, Dee finally spread her feet apart once again. I was able to pull my head out to catch my breath.

“Oh, God! That was fucking awesome!” Dee declared loudly before she practically pulled me up to stand by my hair.

I immediately stood up facing Dee who then put her arms around me and pulled me into a tight, wet embrace. I held Dee close to me, letting her catch her breath after the intense orgasm. The cool water kept dripping down our bodies, cooling Dee’s warm, climaxing body now. I could feel Dee’s round, large tits poking my chest while my thick, erect cock brushed against her warm, soft tummy. I held Dee close to me for a couple of minutes, till I felt her breathing getting back to normal again.

“My turn.” I whispered to Dee.

“Yes. Fuck me, please!” Dee whispered back to me and loosened her arms around my neck.

The shower had cleaned Dee’s tasty twat juices from my mouth. I looked down at Dee and she looked at me before our lips met and we began a long, wet kiss. Dee’s tongue was flicking over my lips at first until I parted my lips. She immediately pushed her soft, wet tongue in my mouth and began teasing my own tongue with hers. My cock was completely erect and throbbed with anticipation.

However, I wanted to make things special for her birthday and decided to be patient. Dee continued to kiss me while I caressed her lovely, nude wet body all over. I felt her soft, curvy hips and her thick, soft thighs. My hands roamed over her arched back as she stood on tiptoes for the kiss. I finally let my hands slide over her smooth back and rested them on Dee’s lovely, large ass cheeks. I slid my hands in her deep, cleaved ass-crack. As soon as my hands slipped between her round and brown buttocks I parted them apart gently and let the cool water flow over her tiny anus and tight cunt.