Dee , The Twins Pt. 02

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Chapter 1

Dee Jones waited until the last possible moment before entering the Algebra classroom. She found a seat just as Professor Huston was demanding the homework assignment be sent up to the front of the class.

The slender man marched back and forth impatiently until the din died down, then launched into his usual rapid-fire lecture. Even though she knew the material, Dee had to scribble frantically to keep up with the man. Briefly she wondered how the twins were faring with this particular material.

“Fuck them,” she thought bitterly.

A plump girl in the front row dared to interrupt his nearly incomprehensible monotone lecture and the man’s face actually turned beet red for a moment.

“I have told you and told you, but I guess it’s pointless, since none of you seem to listen,” he sneered. “Do not interrupt me when I am lecturing. There will be time to ask questions at the end of class.”

He leaned toward the Latin looking girl.

“Is that clear? Do you speak English?” he yelled.

“Yes sir,” the girl murmured, blinking back her tears.

Dee watched as the girl used the back of her hand to wipe her tears away. The man launched back into his lecture. Finally, he was finished.

“What?” He sneered at the girl. “No questions? You had one earlier.”

The girl shook her head no and the professor dismissed the class. Dee quickly gathered up her books and approached the girl.

“Hi,” he said and the girl looked at her through watering eyes. “I’m Dee. Dee Jones. I don’t know why he felt it necessary to humiliate you like that, but listen, if you want, I’ll help you with the stuff he was going over.”

“Anita,” the girl whispered then started sobbing.

It had been a horrible night last night. The new boyfriend she’d met on-line had been in a foul mood; some bitch waitress had quit, making his job as manager of Delphy’s Diner that much more difficult. And he hadn’t brought any money with him, so she’d had to pay for the movie, and for the popcorn and soda, which he very quickly devoured the majority of. When he drover her out to Huvall’s Levee, she balked at sex.

She wasn’t a virgin; she just didn’t find the back seat of his slightly dirty car to be all that romantic. He claimed that he had his own place, but he didn’t want to take her there just yet.

“In that case, take me home,” she finally demanded.

“Great, just fucking great,” Steve had spat.

She wasn’t sure if she wanted to see him again. He was cute enough, and had a good paying job but she just wasn’t sure if she could put up with the mood swings he seemed to have. One minute he was happy, almost like he was stoned or high, then the next minute, he was grouchy, short-tempered.

Her alarm clock hadn’t gone off that morning and her spiteful roommate had just left her, let her sleep right through breakfast. She had just barely made it to the class in time, and then the man was talking so fast she just couldn’t keep up with him. Then he yelled at her for interrupting him.

“See,” Dee said and scribbled quickly. “All he was going over was how to plot out the factoring process. Like this, see?”

“Then why didn’t he just say that?” Anita asked, a little anger creeping into her voice.

“I don’t know,” Dee admitted as Anita gathered up her books.

“But listen, here’s my address, and my cell number and land line,” Dee said, handing Anita a piece of paper. “You want to, we can get together and go over this stuff.”

They had walked out into the corridor by this time.

Nadia came up behind Dee while Sonja approached from the front. The twins had gotten to class early and Nadia sat by the back door while Sonja sat by the front door so that they could ‘pin’ Dee in when class was over.

“Dee?” Nadia said, lightly touching Dee’s arm.

“What?” Dee said, drawing her arm in a protective stance.

“We’re sorry about the misunderstanding,” Sonja said.

“Oh I think I understood you just fine,” Dee spat.

“No, no you didn’t,” Nadia said.

“Yeah, all I was trying to say was we really like you and hope we can do, you know, ‘study’ like that some more,” Sonja said.

“Yeah, it just came out wrong,” Nadia concurred.

“Really?” Dee asked, looking from one blonde twin to the other.

“Really,” both blondes agreed, nodding their heads enthusiastically.

“Listen,” Dee said to Anita. “We’re all getting together at my apartment tonight; come over about six, okay?”

“Yeah, Dee’s like this genius at this stuff,” Nadia agreed.

“Okay,” Anita agreed. “Thanks!”

Dee watched the girl’s ample backside jiggle as the girl ran down the corridor.

“What time’s your last class today?” Dee asked the twins when Anita disappeared around the corner.

“One o’clock,” Sonja said.

“Come over then?” Dee begged.

“Okay,” Nadia agreed happily.

Both twins kissed Dee quickly, and then ran off to get to their next class.


Anita looked around at the very neat complex, and then scanned the doors for Dee’s apartment number. It was on the second floor, bursa sınırsız escort so she trudged up the stairs and knocked on the door.

She had to smile; she could hear merry laughter coming from inside the apartment. She heard pounding feet, then saw the eyehole darken slightly.

“She’s hear,” Sonja announced.

“Then open the door, goober,” Dee called back.

Dee quickly pulled her long tee shirt on and sat back down in the office chair. Playfully, she opened her legs and flashed her pussy at Nadia, who was quickly slipping her shorts back on.

“Hi,” Sonja cheerfully greeted the short, plump girl, standing aside so Anita could enter the apartment.

“You live here?” Anita asked, looking at the expensive furniture.

“No, this is Dee’s place,” Sonja giggled. “I’m Sonja, by the way.”

“Anita, Anita Sanchez,” Anita said and shook the other girl’s hand.

“We’re all in here,” Sonja said and led the way to the study.

“Hi,” Nadia said, smiling as Dee smiled over her shoulder at the new arrival.

“Hey,” Anita said and took her seat on the dining room chair that Dee had drug into the room.

“Hey, Dee, what’s a ‘goober?'” Sonja asked as she took her seat next to her sister.

Nadia grabbed her glass and her sister’s glass and left the room.

“You are,” Dee laughed. “It’s a goofball. That’s what my dad was always calling me and Mom.”

“You want something to drink?” Dee asked Anita.

“We got vodka, gin, um…” Nadia called out from the kitchen.

“And Nadia’s got bourbon,” Dee laughed.

“I hate that stuff!” Nadia screeched.

“Makes her dance naked on cars,” Sonja laughed.

“That was one time!” Nadia protested.

“Bourbon,” Anita decided. “Maybe I’ll dance naked on someone’s car.”

The four girls burst out laughing. Anita was beginning to feel a whole lot better.

“Here you go,” Nadia said and handed Anita a glass of dark liquid. “Hope you don’t mind, but all Dee has is that diet Coke junk.”

“No, no, that’s perfect,” Anita smiled and took a sip.

Then she remembered something.

“Dee, Dee, hey Dee, did you used to be a waitress at Delphy’s Diner, like a couple of days ago?” Anita asked.

“No,” Dee said in some confusion, and then smiled sardonically. “Let me guess.”

She turned and typed something rapidly on her computer keyboard. Seconds later, Steve’s picture and profile popped up on the screen.

“Him?” Dee asked, pointing to the picture.

“Him,” Anita agreed.

“He’s cute,” Nadia said.

“Cute, yeah, that’s the word for him,” Dee smirked and scrolled down to display the entire ad. “That’s about all he is, too.”

“What you mean?” Anita asked, stomach tightening.

“He’s not a manager; he’s just a dishwasher,” Dee said and turned back around to face Anita. “I ain’t judging or nothing, but you smoke dope?”

“No!” Anita said, shocked. “My daddy would kill me!”

“Well, he says he’s drug free right here, in this ad, but Steve likes to smoke dope. A lot,” Dee said and turned back around.

She turned the computer off, then turned back to face Anita. Anita sat, tightly clutching her bourbon and diet cola.

“And he likes to drop Ecstasy, and I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I think he’s also into crystal met,” Dee went on.

She leaned close to Anita.

“And because of all the dope he does,” she whispered. “He has a little trouble getting it up from time to time.”

“We’ve not gone that far yet,” Anita gasped, blushing hotly.

“Good thing,” Dee said. “I mean, looking at all the other shit he’s lied about,ain’t no telling what else he’s lying about; might have every STD known to man.”

“I am sooo glad I came here tonight,” Anita said and took a huge gulp of her drink.

“Me too,” Dee smiled warmly.

Anita was a very cute girl, despite the forty or fifty extra pounds she carried. Her brown hair was a short cap of curls framing a round brown face with large brown eyes, a snub nose, and full pouting lips. When she smiled, like she was doing now, her teeth gleamed white and straight.

She was short, about five feet and one inch tall, with flabby breasts, a bit of a stomach, and thick legs, which her shorts displayed.

Dee realized that she was seeing a lot of Cindy Villeaux in the girl and her smile widened.

“Okay, let’s get started,” Dee Announced.


Anita sipped her third drink and scribbled the problem that Dee was explaining.

“Wait, wait!” Anita excitedly said and scribbled rapidly. “I think I got it!”

She showed the others her answer and Dee smiled happily.

“That’s it!” Dee laughed. “Now, do the next one!”

Anita put her drink down and did scribble the problem, then the solution and laughed happily.

“That’s it, right?” she laughed. “Right? Right?”

“Uh huh,” Dee said and Nadia and Sonja also looked at the problem and smiled their approval.

“Oh shit!” Anita said, glancing at her watch. “Where’s your phone? I got to call a cab.”

“I’ll give bursa escort bayan you a ride,” Dee said. “Where you live?”

“Murphy’s dorm,” Anita said.

“So do we!” Nadia said.

“Yeah, room two four eight!” Sonja chimed in.

“Room two forty one, right down the hall!” Anita laughed happily.

Dee stuck her head back in , jangling her car keys and Anita wished the blondes a good night and the two left the apartment. She followed Dee down to the pick up truck.

“How many drinks did you have?” Dee asked as she unlocked the truck.

“Three,” Anita admitted. “I’m feeling pretty good!”

“Good enough to dance?” Dee teased.

“No!” Anita exclaimed, then laughed heartily. “Maybe next time!”

When they pulled up to the dormitory, Anita impulsively kissed Dee on the lips.

“Thanks so much,” she enthused. “I am sooo glad I came over tonight!”

“Test is next Monday; why don’t you come over on Friday?” Dee suggested.

“Okay!” Anita agreed and climbed down out of the truck.

“Damn, but she’s got a nice ass,” Dee said to herself as she watched Anita hurry to the dormitory’s front door.


Dee looked around as she parked the truck; a precautionary maneuver, since she wore nothing underneath the long tee shirt. Verifying that the coast was clear, she left the truck and scampered up the stairs.

She smiled as she entered the apartment; she could hear the twins chattering in their native Russian. She pulled the tee shirt off and walked down the hall toward her bedroom.

Both girls beamed up at her from the waterbed, both girls nude and ready.

“Yummy,” Dee said and advanced.

Both twins laughed at the funny sounding word, but ceased their laughter as Dee hungrily sucked kisses from them.

Even with the lights turned off, even if no words were spoken, Dee could tell which twin was which. Sonja was very quick to scramble between Dee’s legs, very quick to bring pleasure to the other girl, whereas Nadia insisted on squatting over Dee’s mouth, insisted on being pleasured first.

“Uh!” Nadia grunted as Dee lightly nipped down on the girl’s small clitoris.

After she’d felt Nadia’s orgasm, Dee lightly shoved the girl from her perch and pulled Sonja up. She kissed the girl deeply, then maneuvered the girl to position herself over Dee’s hungry mouth.

After licking and sucking both of Dee’s breasts, Nadia wormed her way down to Dee’s slit.

“Mm,” Sonja moaned Dee sucked and licked her small clitoris.

Dee reached down and lightly pinched one of Nadia’s nipples. She received a little bite on her pussy lip for that and pinched Nadia’s nipple again. Again, the twin bit down on Dee’s pussy lip, then giggled.

Sonja slid off of Dee’s insistent mouth and slumped down next to the brunette.”Whore,” Dee whispered in Sonja’s ear, and flicked Sonja’s nipple decoration.

“Uh huh,” Sonja agreed weakly.

“Bitch,” Dee said to Nadia as Nadia slithered up to kiss Dee’s lips.

“Uh huh,” Nadia laughed, then ground her lightly furred pussy against Dee’s smooth pubic mound.

Chapter 2

Five thirty came mighty early, but Dee dragged herself from between the two beautiful girls and began her morning exercise routine. She smiled as she heard Nadia’s feet lightly scurry down the hallway, then moments later, smelled the coffee.

She finished her exercise, then showered quickly.

“Good morning,” Nadia and Sonja greeted her as she padded into the dining room.

“Good morning. Shower’s all yours,” Dee smiled as she fixed herself a bowl of cereal.

“Good,” Sonja said and scampered out of the room. “Of course, Nasty Nadia won’t bother taking one.”

“I will too!” Nadia protested.

“She is such a bitch sometimes; you gave me the wrong rings,” Nadia confided to Dee as she scampered, nude, down the hall.

After they were all dressed, Dee crammed into the back of the twins’ subcompact and shuddered at Nadia’s horrible driving skills. They let her out in front of the library and tooted the horn merrily as they roared away.

She saw Anita on the sidewalk in front of the Sciences building and both girls smiled and waved in greeting.

Classes, including Professor McKenzie’s Creative Writing class went quickly, and Dee practically skipped home. It had been a long time since she’d felt this happy, this secure.


Dee turned the computer on then stripped out of her clothing. She brought the discarded clothing to the bathroom; she was by nature a slob and knew if she did not put the clothing into the hamper immediately, it would just sit on the floor for days.

She sat, nude, at the computer and checked her e-mails. Nothing new, so she went and checked her stock portfolio, but again, there was nothing new.

A thought came too her and she logged onto the Ebay web site and located the seller of the ‘Whore’ and ‘Bitch’ rings. E-mail was composed and she laughed out loud when a reply came less than five minutes later.

She placed the order with the seller and logged off of the nilüfer escort Internet.

She fished around in the bottom drawer of the computer desk and smiled as she located the six-inch vibrator. She clicked it on and set it to medium speed, then drove it home in her pussy.

She brought up her Word program and tried to compose a sonnet, a poem that described her feelings for the twins.

Finally, she had to pull the vibrator out; it was too much of a distraction, and began to type again.

In moments, she had a fairly good poem written. It wasn’t Byron or Keats, but it was a good first draft.

A knock at the door startled her and she ran to the bedroom and pulled on her handy long tee shirt.

She looked through the peephole and frowned as Anita’s worried face looked up at her. She did not remember whether or not she’d invited Anita over.

“Sorry, I know I should have called first, but I was just walking and before I knew it,” Anita babbled when Dee opened the door.

“Anita, it’s fine,” Dee assured the girl. “Come on in; you’re letting the cold air out.”

“Let me save this work,” Dee said and left Anita, still apologizing, standing in the living room.

Dee looked to make sure hat Anita hadn’t followed her and quickly sucked her pussy juice off of the vibrator, then dropped it into the bottom drawer of the computer desk.

She was quite proud of how easily she could suck all six inches into her mouth; cock sucking was something she was very good at.

“You eat yet?” Dee asked as she returned to the living room.

Anita looked up from the stack of dvd movies she was looking at and d blushed guiltily. She shook her head no.

“No, I was walking to the cafeteria and just could stomach the idea of eating there today,” Anita admitted.

“Ew, tell me about it!” Dee agreed. “Makes me sick just walking by that place!”

“Walking by?” Anita said. “You should try eating there!”

“No thanks!” Dee laughed. “Come on, I got a bunch of Lean Cuisines; My mom’s always getting me them.

“You sure it’s no trouble?” Anita asked as Dee showed her the selection.

Dee nuked the two dinners and fixed them a couple of drinks while they waited. Looking at the gin bottle, Dee realized she had been hitting the gin pretty hard the past few days. But she also felt no need to cut back.

Anita gratefully took the bourbon and diet cola and sat down at the table to wait.

“Yeah, my mom’s always like ‘why cook when you don’t have to?'” Dee smiled as she pulled the dinners out of the microwave.

“Oh I love cooking!” Anita enthused. “I just don’t have anywhere to do it!”

“Kitchen’s right there,” Dee smiled. “Anytime you want to cook, you come on over.”

“Get me the food, I’ll make you the best enchiladas you ever ate,” Anita declared.

“Get me a list of what you’ll need; you can make dinner for us this Friday,” Dee said.

“Deal,” Anita said and stuck out her hand.

Dee laughed as the two formally shook on the deal.

“Um, let me um, let me ask you something?” Anita said, blushing hotly.

“Um, okay, what?” Dee asked.

“Um, promise you um you won’t get mad?” Anita asked.

“Anita, come on, just ask,” Dee said.

“Them um, them movies up there, you ever watch them?” Anita asked, not making eye contact with Dee.

“Oh!” Dee said, comprehending Anita’s discomfort. “Um, yeah, yeah I do. When I was younger, I had this friend; her older brother used to have a whole bunch of them movies in his closet and we’d sneak them out and watch them and I guess I never outgrew it, you know?”

“I’ve never, I’ve never seen one,” Anita admitted.

She hoped Dee would get the hint; she knew she wasn’t brave enough to ask outright, but she really wanted to watch one.

“Um, okay, put one in,” Dee said and picked up her remote control.

“I um, I wouldn’t know what’s a good one or not,” Anita admitted as she put her drink down on a coaster.

“Then just grab the one off the top,” Dee said as she cleared away their dinner containers.

Anita grabbed the third one, the one whose title had intrigued her the most and stuck the disc in. Dee came back into the living room and sat down on the canvas easy chair and hit ‘play’ on her remote.

‘Anal Angels’ flashed on the screen, and it was Dee’s turn to blush. Maybe she should have picked out the disc. Although, she had to admit, this one was one of her favorites.

Anita sat on the couch and kicked her sandals off. She brought her legs up underneath herself and watched the screen intently.

The first vignette opened with a very well developed brunette and equally well developed blonde sipping coffee.

“Yeah, Tiffany, Roger’s always after me to let him fuck me up the ass, but I just know it would hurt too much,” the blonde said.

“Really, Britney?” Tiffany asked. “Jack and I fuck each other up the ass all the time. If it’s done right, anal sex feels really good.”

“Really, Tiffany?” Britney asked. “And, wait a minute, did you say you fuck each other up the ass? Unless you’ve grown a cock since the last time I ate your pussy, I don’t know how you manage that!”

“No one ever watches these movies for the dialogue,” Dee laughed.

“Uh huh,” Anita agreed, but did not take her eyes off the screen.

“Yes, I fuck Jack up the ass with this,” Tiffany said and pulled a large strap on dildo from her purse.

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