Deflowering Evra


Blaine lit the first candle of about 10 in the Room. The Room, as it was called, was in the home of his virgin lover-to-be, Evra. But soon that was to change. Tonight, Evra was going to be his lover, no longer a virgin. The candles let out the light scent of vanilla, wafting around the room and creating a seductive atmosphere. Blaine now flicked the lights off with the switch, pushing aside his shaggy golden locks. He fluffed the pillows on the bed, straightened out the blankets and then proceeded to light the last candle.

Blaine had been planning on this night for a very long time, and he wanted everything to be just right. He himself was no virgin, but his soul mate and the light of his life Evra was. When Evra told him that she was finally ready to become a woman, Blaine took it upon himself to make sure it was all just right. This night was not going to be about wild, crazy sex; rather it would be about the slow and lustful deflowering of the love of his life.

Blue optics scanning the room with approval, Blaine took the small lace bag from the side of the bed. He had placed it there earlier. Now, his well built, muscular and tanned 6’2″ body delicately pulled the string on the top, opening a palm of silky red and white rose buds. The scent that followed the opening of the bag drove Blaine crazy. He had never done anything so slow and was at the bursting point. But no, he would control himself, save himself for Evra, who really deserved it.

Blaine spread the rose buds all over the bed. He surveyed the room. Candles, rode buds…it was perfect. He now went and sat on the rocking chair in the corner, and waited for Evra, who was getting ready in the guest powder room of the house. Meanwhile, Evra was preparing herself for the night of her life. She was truly, deeply in love with Blaine, and was ready to sacrifice herself to him, to become a true woman. She first removed all of her clothing and stepped into a steaming hot bath. Evra was so relaxed that she almost dozed off, and only the pure excitement of what was to happen tonight kept her awake. She daintily stepped out of the tub and pulled the plug on the drain. Her deep brown optics watched as the water flowed from the tub and down the drain, comparing it with what would happen to the only pure part of her bodice tonight.

Now Evra turned and looked in the mirror. A young vixen stared back at her, one of startling beauty. Her tan skin glittered slightly from being wet. Her thighs were just the right shape, not to big, but not sticks. Next she saw her virgin pussy, which she had shaved just now to be clean. The femme in the mirror looked appreciatively next at her small, tight stomach, and then traveled upwards towards the voluptuous mountains that were her breasts. The only human hands to touch them besides her own had been her parents from when she was a baby. Blaine and Evra had never even done more than kiss, but tonight would change it all.

Evra pulled her hair out of the tight bun it was in, which was to protect it from getting wet. It cascaded Escort to the ground, tickling her back and causing goose bumps. She shivered as the longest part of her wavy brown mane gently touched her lower back. Sighing, Evra knew that she was ready for tonight. Her body was beautiful, she was beautiful, and a treasure such as this should never be wasted.

The best part of tonight, as far as Evra was concerned, was that she had never had an orgasm before, and tonight she would finally learn what the big deal was all about. Her mother was a strict Catholic and told her to never, ever play with herself or she would go crazy. Being a good girl, she never did. Finally when hormones ran into her line of sight, she felt a strong urge to put a finger inside of her. She never got far, because she felt a silky barrier and would think she would hurt herself. However, of the few times she had done this, she always came back with very wet fingers, which she knew were her sex juices, and a husky feeling, one that was only broke when her mother yelled for her help.

Evra sprayed some light perfume around her neck, and then proceeded to pull on a black thong, black lace top and over it all a silky white robe. She tied it lightly, moaning slightly at the feeling of the cold silk and rough lace against her body. With one last glance at herself in the mirror, she stepped outside, trod lightly down the hall, and knocked once, twice, three times on the old maple door….

Blaine jumped when he heard the knock on the door. He bolted upright from his little nap on the rocking chair in the corner, and straightened his clothes out. He was wearing black pants, a white shirt, and a black jacket. Briskly Blaine made his way to the maple door, opened it, and took in a slight gasp of breath when he saw how beautiful Evra was, in just the silk robe. She coughed slightly and he came back to reality, and moved over so she could come in.

Evra sat lightly on the bed and looked around. She saw the candles and the rose buds, and without another word stood up and fiercely kissed Blaine on the lips. Tonight would be perfect.

Blaine almost ripped off all of Evra’s clothes, already horny and ready to go. But then he remembered why tonight was different, not just a one night fling, and proceeded to check his hormones down to a reasonable level. He slowly bent down and picked up Evra, carrying her giggling body and placing her lightly on the blanketed bed. She smiled and looked up into his eyes. They say that the eyes are the windows into the soul, and right now neither Evra nor Blaine could argue this.

They kissed passionately now, and then Blaine paused, asking Evra one last time, “Evra, are you sure about this? You only get one shot at it all. Once it’s done, there is no going back.”

Blaine didn’t want to scare her, but he also didn’t want to hurt her and take away from her something she wasn’t yet ready to sacrifice. Yet, in answer, Evra merely reached up and pulled his shaggy blonde crown close to hers again, kissing him and moaning.

Blaine now slowly sat up and his eyes traveled down to the light knot in the alabaster robe. He undid it and let it fall aside, and with both hands slowly, right under her breasts, pulled away the robe. Blaine was not at all expecting to see the sexy lingerie, and at the sight of Evra’s perfect body in it, he almost lost control again. He started panting lightly, but then lifted Evra up and helped her remove the robe. Evra looked at him, not shy at all, for even though she was new at this, she knew she had a perfect body.

“Now your turn, baby.”

Evra reached over and removed the black jacket from Blaine’s husky body. Next she removed the belt, tossing it to the side. An unpredictable urge came over Evra, and, instead of using her fingers to unbutton his pressed white shirt, she used her mouth. She fiddled with each button, and as her warm mouth lowered down to the bottom of the shirt, Blaine’s breathing got more and more shallow. Evra removed the shirt and paused in her undressing him to admire his muscular tanned body. She then pulled his pants down, struggling a bit to get them over the erection he already had.

Blaine willingly stepped out of the pants, but stopped Evra as she tried to remove his boxers. He reached over Evra now, laying lightly on top of her and nibbling on her ear.

His warm breath on the side of her cheek got Evra very wet and ready to go, and so she stopped his foreplay and said to him in a whisper, “Undress me now, my love.”

Blaine did as told, first slowly lifting the lace from her tummy and over her chest, revealing the most perfect breasts he had ever seen. He finished removing her top, and now focused on her thong. He lifted the elastic from her waist and pulled it down slowly, from her perfect thighs and down her long, slender legs, finally slipping it off from her feet.

Now she laid there, a beautiful goddess, pure, vulnerable, and willingly giving herself to him. Unable to resist any longer, he removed his boxers. A huge 9 inch erection flung out, finally free from the tight boxers. He now slowly turned Evra’s lithe figure around, so her legs hung off the side of the bed. He kissed her, and then slowly went down, nibbling on her neck and chest. He slowly licked in big circles around Evra’s breasts, one at a time, until finally he found the nipples and he bit them lightly and sucked hungrily on them like a little baby would. Evra moaned loudly, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. She never knew how sensitive her breasts and nipples could be.

Soon she felt Blaine moving south, kissing her all the way down, until he finally reached his destination. Her virgin pussy was already sopping wet, and he loved how there was not a single hair to get in his way. First he licked her outer lips and then inner, and eventually he was darting his tongue in and out of her, causing her to moan with pleasure as her first orgasm ever struck her. She screamed and moaned and grabbed Blaine’s head, an animal now, forcing him in as deep as he could go, since there was still her hymen blocking her.

Blaine finally removed his head from her pussy and looked up to her hungrily. She smiled a wicked smile and said, “Sit here.”

She patted the sheets with her hand, and Blaine willingly sat. Next Evra got on her hands and knees, ready to repay the favor. She hand never even seen a real cock before this, and so she took her virgin mouth and placed it over him, hoping she would do a good job. For a beginner, she was quite good, and a fast learner. She figured out how to suck his whole 9 inch cock, and deep throat him. Soon she was sucking furiously, and she felt his body tense up. With one final powerful suck, a jet of hot cum invaded her mouth as she worked his balls. Evra was surprised at first and started to cough, but then soon she found she loved the taste of him and was swallowing rapidly, licking up every last drop of his cum from his legs.

Blaine was panting now, he couldn’t help it. He had just gotten one of the best blow jobs of his life, and was still panting 2 minutes later. His penis was now sagging, done as it normally would be after one shot. But he needed to get it back up, for there was no putting off what was going to happen. Evra slowly started to kiss his cock again, licking it, and between this and thoughts of future blow jobs from Evra, he managed to get a huge erection yet again.

Evra now placed her lithe figure on the sheets, and looked into Blaine’s eyes, pleading with him for him to take her. She wanted another orgasm, and she wanted it now.

Blaine flipped over and was on top of her, and said to her, “You sure you are ready?”

Evra merely nodded a yes, and Blaine took the head of his cock and placed it in her soaked pussy, just before the hymen. He took both of her hands and told her to hold them as hard as she needed. Then he said he would count to 3. 1….2…by 3, he was in. A scream escaped her lips and some blood trickled down onto the sheets, but soon she calmed down.

Blaine then proceeded to push his entire length into Evra, and within a few seconds he was thrusting in a nice even rhythm and Evra was meeting his thrusts by bucking her hips. After many minutes of just making love, Blaine was starting to get to the point of no return. He thrust harder and harder, causing Evra to orgasm yet again. Soon a jet of hot cum surged into her pussy, around her womb and deep into her. Blaine and Evra moaned in symphony, both cumming at the same time.

The hot liquid inside of her and the continued thrusting made enough for one final orgasm for Evra, and then, as exhaustion came over both of them, they passed out. Two hours time had passed, and Evra and Blaine could be found on the bed, in the Room, yet again doing the dirty deed. It was well into the early morning of the next day. Squished rose petals littered the plush carpeting and all 10 candles had burned out. Yet one thing that had not burned out was Evra and Blaine’s love for each other. In fact, the deflowering of Evra had only ignited a new type of passion in Blaine and Evra’s love.

(Author’s Note: I would like to thank Angel Love for fantastic editing.)