My earliest memory of discovering I had a female love child was about the time of her early puberty. I was married with other children by my wife, which I later divorced and was then introduced to Denise. It was only a quick visit as her mother was involved with her jealous man, so every thing was on the down low. Later it became too risky for her mother to be comfortable with so I didn’t see Denise for another few years until her mom was on break from hubby: and those were only short visits until her parents reconciled.

I met the only woman I have ever loved when after graduation she called and wanted to see me. I was completely floored and unashamedly falling in love with my daughter when I watched her bounce up the walkway.

In medical terms, when related people are meeting after little or no social interaction…it’s a condition call “Genetic Attraction” it was a deep secret I would not share with a soul!

I changed my life when my daughter and I moved in together. The sexual tension was on overload, but we were forced to adapt to social and legal norms, so we took it slow.

One day we drove to the local gas station and filled up, then I left Denise with the car and walked to work. Leaning into her I offered her a kiss goodbye. She met my lips with open mouth, her tongue caressing mine. For a moment a heady electric surge raptured me away with a hard, erect boner.

Now we’re a normal family, No huge dicks and voluptuous breasts; In fact, Denise is small breasted and I’m a five inch dense dick man…nothing special about us: My theory is that when a woman lusts after a bigger cock, she buys into the stunted mental state of a male predator. Anatomical Science proves a pussy will shrink or stretch to fit the mated penis, but a pussy with multiple penises will become flaccid, ergo the need to fill it perhaps…and men with breast fixations have been around since Cain.

But I hunger to have Denis’ nipples in my mouth…I dream of making her twat drip creamy white juice in my face, of slowly pushing my cock into her lubricated sphincter until it pops into her ass.

These thoughts were interrupted when who should walk in but the star of my life…my gorgeously rail thin daughter. We sat together silently basking in the aura of the room, safe and warm like Mothers kitchen. Breaking the stillness; not making a sound, Denise rose and seated her tight lithe bottom squarely on my erection.

“Daddy I missed you so much today at the plant! I thought about your warm kiss all day! the taste of your tongue is so hot! Daddy I love you!”

She stood up, turned and knelt between my legs. undoing my belt, unzipping the pants hiding my peter, as I lifted up to let her pull them off.

“mm mmm you know what I love about this magnificent pipe? It’s not super long, so I can, with a little practice, sink the whole thing down my throat. And not a lot of gagging.”

She then encircled the shaft in her hand, slowly pumping up and down as she continued.

“But what worries me is the head on this monster! Your junk itself is about the girth of a 6 oz. tomato juice can but the head is much fatter; a damn bulbous angry crown! It’s such a threatening knob, it scares my little pussy”

She ends by sticking my knob, dripping with pre-cum into her mouth.

“mmffp mmffp”

Her tongue lashes my rods helmet; salivating spit runs down my pole to lubricate as she now begins sucking down the sides of my prick as her hand moves down to gently cup my testicles. I started quaking and grinding on her mouth. pulling a handful of hair, I pushed her head down on my cock: nearing the brink of ecstasy, I turn her body end over end and stand as my mouth invades the honey filled cave of her slit; her mouth finds my engorged phallus again and we start sucking and fucking as the sun slowly sets on daddy and daughter pouring all that they have into copious secretions of ejaculations into each others open mouths. Gulping and gasping for air, she separates herself and climbs off my body to glide into my arms with deep, wet, sticky kisses smearing sperm and cunt cream around and into my lips.

“Let’s go to bed now Daddy: it’s been a long day”

A few nights later, being a slow Friday. I walked in her room and sat with Denise and two friends listening to music relaxed on her bed. Later we drifted off to sleep: me curled up at the foot of the bed. I drifted into slumber…watching my baby wearing a short and revealing pair of gym shorts and T-shirt. I awoke in the middle of the night, lifting my head to gaze at her sleeping form, my hard on growing in my pants; I scoot up the bed until my head was level with her warm pearl. I could smell the dark, musty scent of her fuckhole as I inched my lips closer to her labia folds hidden under her scanty shorts. Slowly, so not to wake her, I covered her crotch with my mouth and firmly began squeezing her vulva with my lips.

Moaning softly she starts rotating her hips to the motion of my mouth squeezing her covered hole. Then ever so lightly I pulled aside her shorts and panties to expose her steaming pussy to the night air and daddys mouth. She’s now awake and her legs spread open as my tongue finds her clit and slowly tip flicks the hard little nub. Then my flatten thick tongue lays wide wet swathes after ravishing her rectum, through folds to her clit; alternating tip flicks, and wide tongue passes. I sense her sexual tension grow.

Her sleep-over pals are just inches away, so after I pulled off her panties I quietly pinched one nipple, the other hand clamped over her mouth. My tongue is free to lick her twat and flick her clit over and over while my arms hold her quaking body still. Waves of hot sticky milk squirts from her pussy.

She’s trapped and can’t move or make a sound as her ropy, milky juice covers my face and drips to the sheets. After giving her a few minutes to bath in the afterglow of her climax, I silently lift her clothes and her hand to lead her dreamily out of bed to my own room, my stiff dick swollen and sore, I put my hand on the small of her back to hurriedly push her; still cum drunk, to the door. Her girlfriends are asleep as we slip out the door and up the stairs into my room, locking the door behind us.

Pausing at my bed and pulling her Tee-shirt off over her head, her exposed puffy pert titties are glorious! I lower my head to suck one nipple into my mouth, as my hand squeezes her free breast in my curled grip. She starts to moan when my mouth wanders into her armpits. I sucked the soft folds into my lips; then switching positions, I sucked the opposite nipple into my mouth, my hand moving to the other breast, followed by my mouth into her unsucked armpit. Lingering in my concentration, I duplicate my movements.

“Deni you are so beautiful, and such a loving obedient daughter. I love you so much…my darling good little girl!”

With that I turned her around to kiss the back of her neck down her shoulders, letting my grip slide over her cups and massage her breast; a whispered gasping squeal escapes her lips. my kisses cover her back leaving wet kisses down to the hollow of her back as my hands squeeze and kneads the soft skin of her belly and the “v” of her cunt.

“When I’m ready I’m gonna give that fucking bush a pole for you to slam!”

Her body quaking and grinding, I bend it over on my bed letting her hands brace her bent body over the mattress. I move my head back into her snatch with my nose pushing niğde escort into her puckered little butt hole. With my tongue tip I quickly began fluttering along “the little man in the boat” clitoris until she can’t take the intensity any more. Raising my head back, My thumb found the “Chinese Garland of Pearls” surrounding her hole and enters to the rippled, rough like sand patch of skin marking the G-spot; I thumb stroked the spot: she groaned deeply and began the rhythmic motion in search of another orgasm!

“Oh daddy you make me feels so good! Oh Yes! Fuck your horny little hoe good!”

“OK baby! Move that supple ass, ride this hose! I SAID FUCK IT!”

I lift her to kneel on my bed she quickly grabs my shaft to guide it into her pussy.

“Daddy stick it to me! Put that hard cock in my slutty hole! FUCK ME DADDY!”

Earnestly I slide my shaft into her cunt, pointing it downward to make contact with the g-spot on every stroke; moderately with force I beat on the “Sands of her Holy Cunt” to release the explosion in her loins.


I then move her body down to receive my faster and harder strokes directly to her g-spot. Like a deer caught in the headlights she stiffens and screams as I furiously pound my swollen dick down into her cunt. my balls fill with hot cum and burst as Denise explodes into a violent shuddering orgasm…screaming and backwardly digging her nails in my ass cheeks. Both our bodies are drenched in cum. We collapsed in each others arms drifting off to sleep: My daughter is my lover, but we are so noisy when fucking, maybe our secret is out?

Denise must have slipped out of bed and back to her own room to be there when her friends awoke: She slipped in my door early afternoon, awakening me and saying her guest have gone and didn’t have a clue about us.

“Daddy I showered and even douched inside my ass in case you want to…”

Her whispered voice trailing off…I was startled and asked why she said that!?

“I noticed how much you’re looking at my butt, so I know I will instantaneously spurt my sticky juices and have a gigantic orgasm when ever you bust in my ass: I do want to be clean and fresh for you…You already taught me the mechanics of anal sex, so who wants to break and wash up after?”

“You’re a good girl I’m so proud of you honey!”

“I love you daddy”

She smiled. But then changed her facial expression and became very serious.

“Daddy I’ve grown and have developed a new confidence because you never fail to instruct and assure me. I feel rested in your love. so it’s hard for me to want to disappoint you, but before we lived together I fantasized you spanking and fucking me in the back door…saying you’re heartbroken, and love me in spite of having to punish and scold me. I know you’re smart and will create a scenario for me to live out that fantasy…please sir, please daddy?”

“Hahaha! Of course I can make that happen you little spank slut!”

With that I napped for a tic with baby in my arms, and woke finding Deni with her supple rear pasted to my crotch. quietly I lay there enjoying her slender athletic ass nestled like two spoons. pushing firmly unto my cock. slowly I began pushing her panties down exposing her asscrack to my growing boner. Already naked, my peter flopped into the crack of her butt cheeks and the head poised at the opening of her damp pussy. she was waiting for me, and pushed the panties down and off, leaving them at the foot of the bed: she began groaning and grinding on my dick making it rub her clit, causing it to get hard and swollen. Not dropping the rhythm of her hips, she turned her head as I met her mouth with a deep long kiss; softly biting her lips. One hand found her nipple and pinched it until it became hard like a little deep brown raisin. The other massaged her belly before diving down between her legs to pause and position itself to cup her vulva while I began shoving two fingers into her twat. Time stopped as we made love and finger fucked.

“I love kissing your mouth my daughter my lover…I love having my fingers stroking in and out of your dripping wet pussy”

A horny, sexual flame building, I turned her to face me and started kissing her mouth, then neck. moving down to make love to one boob after another; time again slowed and stopped with me focusing on her wanton breasts. But still one hand pulling a butt cheek open and one fingers of the other sinking into her stink hole. With a “Testerosa Quickness” I shoved her up and jammed my tongue into her cunt. breathing hard and grunting she bucked and shook in response. surprised that her level of sexual excitement shot up when I abruptly attacked her glory hole it didn’t stop when I hungrily sucked her clitoris and labia then moving down stabbing my tongue into her ass and sucking my way back to her clit. my mouth was covering her pussy; licking and biting as cum was dripping all over my face. Reaching for the KY jelly tube I squeezed a large dollop in her butt hole…her breath caught; she yells.


Things really started getting out of control for her when first one then two finally three lubed fingers went in her rectum.

“Shake that limber fucking money maker like you mean it, fuck me bitch!”

She immediately began violently shaking her ass, my fingers ramming roughly into her, trying to keep my place against the up and down, side to side to side exploding ass. her milky thick mess shot up over my chest and face!

Just the anticipation of my knob busting in her ass was too much and she had an orgasm right there! Undaunted I rose up and turning her over I spread her legs wide and squirted then rubbed the jelly over my penis and more in her asshole…now on her back she grabbed her knees and hitched her ass up to take my meat…slowly I introduced the head into her puckered brown rosebud as she panted heavily, moaning and groaning with small squeaks and screams between the grunts and moans. I asked,

“more honey?”

She wildly shook her head yes! Again I pushed more of me into her.


I pushed harder until I felt it pop pass the muscles of her puckered sphincter. she screamed for Pain and Passion as I was now in balls deep. I let her get used to having my cock stuck in her ass for a minute: she relaxed and started breathing evenly, so I began long stroking into her reddened brown rosebud with the head of my dick rubbing against the G-Spot on the other side of the membrane separating both fuckholes.

I matched the rhythm of my deep strokes to the pace of the rising and falling of her chest. her breath became rapid and ragged as my strokes started hitting faster and harder: soon I was wildly pounding her rectum and she was paying for each sexually vibrant, electric filled exploded nova with diminished expended pain for each pounding. when we both started cumming furiously. I broke the floodgates into her ass, draining my load until cum started seeping out around my dick. Denise shuddered and came. then shaking and shuddering she came again: I’ve heard of multiples of orgasms before but while considering this, Denise kept shaking, shuddering and cumming time and time again! She did stop squirting when there was no more thick milky liquid in her; but shaking, shuddering, screaming and digging nails in my back continued for five minutes more…I came again..twice!

Deni went limp and fainted that night. I made sure she was OK before drifting off to sleep thinking “multiple orgasms and scaring me like that was not nice and she’s being naughty…I think she needs a spanking?”