Denise and Melissa Ch. 01


It was 2 a.m. before Denise and Melissa made it back to the hotel room. They had spent the last four hours having more fun than they should have at the bar. They had left their hometown that morning for a weekend away, just the two of them. They used the excuse of needing a vacation, but they both knew what they really needed was each other.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Denise said. “I smell like the bar!” Denise was a little shorter than average, slim, and a little shy. She had a body that most women would die for, but she didn’t think so. Melissa was the opposite, tall with curves in all the right places, but thought she could lose a few pounds. What neither of them knew was that they both thought the other was perfect.

“Don’t use up all the hot water,” yelled Melissa. “I want to take a shower too.”

“Well just get in with me. Like we haven’t showered together before,” Denise said. “But we weren’t alone the last time,” she thought to herself, and was suddenly a little more sober than two seconds ago. The thought of Melissa hot, wet, soapy, and inches away was enough to put Denise’s nerves into overdrive.

Pushing that thought to the back of her mind, Denise adjusted the water to near scalding and undressed, throwing her clothes at Melissa. “Better hurry up if you want to get wet,” Denise yelled, then turning red realizing how that sounded. “Oh really?” said Melissa. “You know what I mean,” Denise said. “You know I like hot showers so you better hurry or there won’t be any hot water left for you.”

Melissa stripped off her clothes and got in the shower as Denise was wetting her hair. They had showered before and had seen each other naked countless times, but escort bayan the sexual tension had never been this high. They switched places and Denise watched as the water cascaded over Melissa’s body. She watched as the water trickled down her neck, over her breasts, and between her legs. Denise could feel her temperature rising, and she was sure it had nothing to do with the hot water.

“Are you okay?” asked Melissa, and Denise turned red as she realized she had been caught staring. “I’m fine. Just staring off into space.”

“Space, huh? Is that what they call it these days?” Melissa said.

Pretending naivety, Denise asked, “What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean. You’ve been looking at me like that all night, and now that we’re alone together, you don’t know what to do. You already know how I feel. If you want this, all you have to do is say so.”

All Denise could do was stand there. She didn’t know what to say, so she switched places with Melissa to rinse the shampoo from her hair and digest what Melissa had just said. What now, she wondered. Who makes the first move? As she was pondering this, Melissa came up behind Denise and began washing her back with the shower pouf. Denise stepped back to get out of the water, and Melissa bent down to wash Denise’s legs, which were now shaking more than ever before. “Just relax,” Melissa said, and began washing Denise’s chest from behind. Unable to deny her desires any longer, Denise leaned back into Melissa and enjoyed the washing, especially when Melissa ran the shower pouf between her legs.

“Your turn,” said Denise, as she lathered up the shower pouf, and then Melissa, starting at her feet and working altıparmak escort bayan her way up. They then took turns rinsing the soap off. Denise was more comfortable now and feeling a little braver. She put her hand on Melissa’s neck and kissed her, softly, getting use to the softness of a woman. Putting their arms around each other, they kissed until the water began to turn cold, neither of them knowing or caring just how long they were in there.

They both stood in the shower and dried off, Melissa enjoying the way Denise’s breasts would jiggle as she ran the towel over her body.

They both went into the bedroom. Denise turned off all but one small light. Still nervous but unwilling to let that stop her, Denise lied down on the bed and motioned for Melissa to lie next to her.

“You’re beautiful,” Denise said, but Melissa didn’t look convinced. “I mean it. I think you’re beautiful. I could stare at you all night, but I’d much rather explore you.” With that, Denise leaned over and kissed Melissa. She brought her hands up ran them over Melissa’s back, through her hair, down her arms, across her stomach, and finally up to her breasts. Denise gently cupped them, lightly pinching Melissa’s now-hard nipples, which were bigger than her own. Breaking the kiss, Denise kissed along Melissa’s jaw line to her earlobe, licking and sucking and gently biting it. She kissed her way down Melissa’s neck and chest, coming to rest on her nipple. She flicked her tongue out and lightly licked it before her mouth devoured Melissa’s nipple. She swirled the nipple around with her tongue, moving from one breast to the other and back again, as Melissa nilüfer eskort arched up to meet Denise’s warm mouth.

Unable to wait any longer, Denise left a trail of kisses down Melissa’s stomach, coming to rest between her legs. Bending Melissa’s legs and parting them, Denise looked at Melissa’s pussy up-close for the first time in their friendship. It was shaved except for a patch of dark blonde hair and was absolutely perfect as far as Denise was concerned. She could have stared at it all night, but the dark-red color told Denise that Melissa was anxiously waiting for her. Denise had never been with a woman and didn’t know what to expect, but decided that she would please Melissa no matter what. Denise tentatively stuck her tongue to Melissa, slowly licking her from bottom to top. Convinced that the taste was more good than bad, and assured that Melissa was enjoying herself by the sharp intake of breathe when her tongue made contact, Denise began her mission to please Melissa. She licked up and down Melissa’s slit and stuck her tongue inside as far as it would go, repeating the process for a few minutes. Not wanting to make Melissa wait too long, Denise worked her way up and found Melissa’s small, hard clit. Using one hand, Denise parted Melissa’s lips to gain better access to her clit. With the other hand, she inserted two fingers inside Melissa as far as they would go. She went slowly at first, circling her tongue around Melissa’s clit and working her g-spot with her fingers. Melissa’s breathing became heavier, and Denise quickened her pace. “Don’t stop… please,” Melissa said, and Denise worked her pussy with renewed vigor. Minutes later, Melissa buried her pussy into Denise’s face as the first waves of her orgasm took control over her body and she cried out in ecstasy. Denise slowed her pace before stopping entirely, bringing Melissa down from her peak.

Denise climbed back up Melissa and kissed her. They both laid there for a while, in silence, not needing to talk.