Deradicalizing My Niece Ch. 01

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21st Birthday arrival.

Ally is turning 21. Big deal normally in western society. Here’s the thing though. She’s been brought up ‘born again’ by my sister Elle and her husband Tray. I wanted to be an influence of reason in their lives, as I know it was my sister who was indoctrinated by Tray at first and Ally had the misfortune of growing up with it.

I’ve been waiting for a chance to speak properly to Ally about her religion, but we live on opposite sides of the planet so I only get to see her about once every 3 years. This is why this story starts here. I’m visiting them after several years, and it’s the first time I will see Ally as her own adult, which she has been for exactly 3 years now. Ally and I always get on well over the phone and when we do get time together but I really don’t know her that well. Not like I know my sister, which, given how well I know Elle, it really gets to me that she was indoctrinated. She was so logical and clear thinking until she started living with her now husband.

Anyway, discussing a complex topic like religion doesn’t work on the phone, and I want to see her face to face when I to finally get to explore her mind, and invite her into my own head too. Luckily, there’s never been social issues caused by our different lifestyles, but I do want my niece to know a few more facts about life, such as witchcraft and magic being not real. I want to reassure her that the world isn’t out to judge her, and that there are people who love her unconditionally, and won’t condemn her to hell if she doesn’t feel the same way.

It’s been a long flight. 20 hours plus a stop over, and now I am nearing the end of my 2 hour drive from the airport to the town my sister lives in. The rental man gave me a coffee while he went to sort out my car. Much needed. I’m 46 years old and, while I do stay fit and healthy, my salt and pepper beard gives away a life of work and stress. Yes, I haven’t even had time to make my own family. But I do have money because of these choices.

I finally arrive at the house. They’ve moved again since my last visit, it’s a large bungalow with garage, front garden spanning the length and who knows what the back yard is like. I noticed a lot of fields sometimes separated by strips of forest that seem to run with the waterways around here. The car rumbles into a silent slumber as I press the engine stop start button and, as I draw a longer than normal breath to open the car door and get out, I hear the front door clunk open and 3 heads poking out the door. I smile warmly at them as the temperate sun strikes my face properly for the first time in more than a day, not shielded by treated windscreen glass.

They run out to greet me, Ally racing out first and slapping the concrete sections of the drive with her bare feet. She’s… more than 4 years older than the last time I saw her and it shows. Her summery dress dances over her freckly bare thighs as she prances over with her arms out. I leave the car door and ready my arms to catch her as she bumps into me.

“Elpy!” Her voice cracks as her chest softly yet decisively bumps against mine. My arms close around her hourglass waist and delicate shoulders. Her light brown hair is soft and long.

“Hey, Ally! Happy birthday lass!” I whisper as I squeeze her into me just a bit and definitely, definitely soak in the fact that she is now utterly and most fully a woman. Her body is not anything I remember hugging in the past. A lot has changed. It’s still her though. Before I get carried away and start pinching her with my fingers, I release her and move towards my sister for a cuddle.

“Sis!” my sister approaches a bit more slowly, yet without hesitation, towards me. She’s 49 in a couple of months so I don’t crush her too hard when we embrace. She’s stick thin, has been for years, and I feel her squeeze as much as she can, although there isn’t a lot of power in it I can feel that she means to hug me like I’m her brother, as she always has done. I do the same, crushing her to the point she can still just breath. Just to let her know that nothing has changed, I am a constant that she will always be able to refer to for her grip on reality.

I give Tray a solid handshake and shoulder bump, and then hop back to my car to drag out my stuff. I try not to see the pain in Ally’s eyes as I have whispered happy birthday, but she isn’t even supposed to celebrate it. It’s like one of those deep primeval impulses, to celebrate the day you were born. And she’s had that all but stripped away. Not if I can do anything about it.

Once they settle me in with coffee and lunch and we have caught up on news, I ask my sister to put on “Thank God You’re Here” which ironically isn’t a religious show, but it’s incredibly funny and at least the title puts my sister’s family at ease. We watch telly and laugh the afternoon away, and I thank the spaghetti monster that mirth and joy derived from humour is not outlawed in the household.

I notice Ally, whilst toing and froing from the escort bursa kitchen, bathroom or wherever hasn’t quite kicked the urge of jumping into my lap. It took her 3 times of bowling back into the living room and just beelining for my legs before she managed to actually not sit on me. Each time getting more hilarious. The first time I just sat there, perfectly fine and unphased by it for a few seconds until I realised I had wrapped my arms around the waist of a full grown adult woman with frilly summer dress, all thighs and bust and soft skin pressing into my legs. The second time I refrained my arms and the third time I just chuckled.

Ally seems a little embarrassed at first and her parents gave her the stink eye initially, but then they realised it was just force of habit from when I used to visit.

“So Ally, remind me again what you’re studying?” I began with her.

“How to not sit in laps apparently.” She feigned sarcasm and began laughing by the end of her sentence. I roared in laughter, the TV program already had me in a laughing mood and she finished me completely for a moment.

“You get an F.” I squeak my comeback with tears of hysteria. She got me good but now I got her back and she started laughing out of control.

After we pull it together I look at her and raises and eyebrow, hinting for an actual answer.

“Pharmacologist.” She bluntly says between laughs, wiping a tear away. Her parents are chuckling too, just glad everyone is getting along and no serious conversations have started.

“That’s awesome!” I am genuinely impressed by the career path she is going up.

After dinner, my sister and her husband have to go out to an errand, leaving me and Ally. We sit in the living room and share the couch that her parents were on earlier, instead of the two separate chairs. There isn’t any alcohol in the house for obvious reasons, and no obvious way I can help Ally celebrate 21 years on earth.

“Ally, happy birthday!” I say it loudly this time, stating my belief that her day should be noted.

“Ohh, you shouldn’t…” Ally smiles as she tries to discourage me. Obviously, she knows I am right.

“No one is getting hurt kiddo.” I state flatly, and squint at her with a smile. She chuckles and I’m glad she isn’t too upset or taking it too seriously.

“Ally, let me take this opportunity to give you something.” I get up and go to the spare room I am staying in across from her room, and rummage through my bags to find the presents I bought her. It makes her a bit nervous now as when I come back she is twiddling her thumbs.

“Ohh no uncle this is not a good idea! I can’t accept this.” She explains.

“Ally. It’s just a gift, call it of my arrival if you a have to, of us seeing each other again after 4 years! We can at least celebrate that!” I hand her 3 wrapped gifts.

“Oh heck, okay…” She agrees for the time being. I point her to the smallest one to open it first. She takes a moment to admire the wrapping and then the novelty of unwrapping the gift. It’s a long necklace with a small silver heart. Simple, elegant. She tears up a little.

“Oh this is so amazing, thank you Elpy… I wish I could wear it!” I am visibly shocked on hearing this.

“I’m so sorry, you aren’t allowed to wear jewellery?” I try to clarify.

“No not exactly… They’d just want to know where it came from and all that.” She lays it in her hand and strokes it with a finger.

“Put it on now. Let’s see!” I smile and encourage her to enjoy the moment. She lights up a bit and stands up, undoing the chain and laying it around her neck. It rests low and close to her real heart, perfect for hiding under a shirt or showing off in a low cut dress. As it happens the summer dress she’s in now shows it off very nicely. The turquoise matches the silver very well.

“Oh wow it’s so great!” She feels the cold metal briefly before it heats to her skin temperature. The heart shape rests off to the side a little after she let it go, glancing off the top of her left breast.

“You look stunning Ally!” I make sure she sees me staring at her chest adorned by the new necklace. Before she can say anything I move on.

“Next present!” I pass her a shoebox sized present, and she wastes no time opening this one, thanking me in the process. She’s getting into the idea of it now. She unveils a pair of silver high heels with a silk finish and adorned with Alexandria gemstones.

“Oh my god.” She covers her mouth as she comes to terms with the contents.

“You can’t go wrong with shoes!” I chuckle. Size 7 right?

“Uncle.. I have to try these one right now oh no…” She’s blown away by the sight of these expensive shoes. 5 seconds later she’s kicked her slippers off and is sliding on these beauties. The 3 inch heels bring her above me by over an inch and I can just look on with an impressed face.

“Well it’s going to take the luckiest guy in the world to deserve you sweetheart. Whew!” I am aghast.

“I’m, I bursa merkez eskort can’t I’m gonna cry, I love them this is the best ever!” Ally slips her arms over me and buries her face in my shoulder. It’s to be fair a little overwhelming to be in her position at the moment. She sobs a little on my shoulder and I gently rub her back in comfort.

“Oh, I have something for this problem actually.” I refer to her emotional state. “But we better be hasty about it because this one is definitely a nopeynope!” I peak her interest and distract her from upset by presenting her with… A bag.

There are 4 beers in the bag. It’s a wine bag with 4 beer bottles in it.

“What?” She asks as I open the bag.

“I’m having a couple of beers, the other two are for you!” I suggest.

“I… I can’t do that…” She looks at me as if she wants me to correct her.

“I wouldn’t make you Ally. It’s up to you. To me it’s just a beer, there’s no moral choice involved with me drinking it so I’m cool with your choice too!”

“Oh…” She sounds almost disappointed that I don’t encourage her. I often find that those with an all powerful leader struggle to decide for themselves. As I crack open 1 beer and take a swig, she’s still standing there with her necklace and shoes on looking like a lost goddess.

“You look perfect Ally. Happy birthday!” I smile at her and take another gulp before sitting down and petting the couch to invite her next to me. She sits down slowly, smiling and with a glint in her eye.

“How will I repay you for these amazing presents?” She asks.

“That’s the great thing about a present. You owe me nothing Ally.” I look at her with a calming smile and rub her shoulder briefly.

“I learned what alcohol does in class, how the body deals with it and stuff.” She looks on as I drink.

“Then you’ll know, it’s important to occasionally drink or eat fermented food, so that your liver is ready to break down the molecules.” I state matter of factly. She doesn’t correct me.

“Okay, okay, I’ll try it and if I like it then open me one.” She caves finally. I pass her my half empty bottle.

“Sounds fair!” I watch intently as she takes a sip.

“Oohg, bitter!” She starts. “Huh, so weird. Hmm what’s that aftertaste?”

“I think that’s the hops.” I explain, not knowing what the fuck I am talking about. I sort of sit towards her with my hand half out, waiting for my drink back. She studies the bottle intensely, looking for a reason not to drink it. I sit back and wait. She holds the bottle to her nose and inhales. Sweet, bitter, piquant, musty, something, who knows… Beer. The glass rim drifts between her plump lips another time and she drinks.

“That’s my girl. Like it?” I ask. She nods shyly. “I am good at this birthday thing, damn!” I pat myself on the back.

“That’s right!” Ally laughs, then finally remembers to give my bottle back. She’s having fun now which is awesome.

“we can share this one and go 1 bottle at a time. You won’t feel pressure to finish a bottle that way.” I compromise after she has been such a champion and tolerant of my satanic ways. I suddenly intensely enjoy the next swig as the rim hits my lips, knowing my niece has kissed that same rim.

“This gets better on each gulp!” I joke, secretly getting off on the second hand kiss and pass her the bottle.

4 bottles empty within an hour and we are both very merry. Her face has blushed up and we are playfighting and talking utter nonsense. She’s never drunk before and I don’t drink often either so it’s mental. It’s made her a bit tired and the night is drawing in.

“Elpy I’m tired, thank you so much for these presents I will wear them whenever I can, you saved my birthday…” She rambles on.

“Anytime Ally. Hey, I better tuck you in, my sister might be back soon and they’ll know if they see you like this.”

“Yeah I’m done… put me away!” She chuckles and laughs as I lift her into my arms and carry her through to her room. As I lay her down and pull the duvet from under her so that I can put it over her, she stops me.

“I’ve still got my clothes on dummy!” She casually laughs, very tipsy and a little delirious from the first real intake of alcohol.

“Sorry, I’ll sort you out don’t worry!” I couldn’t say no to such a request. I slip her new shoes off and slide them under the bed, quite far in, to hide them. I begin lifting her turquoise summer dress up over her bum and tummy. Her standard white panties don’t leave much to the imagination. Holy hell she’s all woman down there. I feel dizzy staring at her smooth bumps hiding under the white fabric as I continue sliding her dress off her top. As her arms lift her breasts are accentuated, buxom and hefty bells of supersoft skin hiding under her beige bra. My blood is pumping hard, even if diluted with alcohol. As her arms fall down by her side again I fold her dress and put it on her table. I drag the duvet across her body from feet bursa sınırsız escort towards head, and make sure as I do so that my wrists gently bump her thighs and stomach, also brushing over her pubic mound briefly.

“Mmm… Cuddle me a bit please…” My touches have an effect for sure based on that request. She’s almost asleep but I can still tell she wants me to pet her.

“Of course Ally. Just a little while.” She shimmies sleepily over to the wall side of the bed and I kick off my shoes and socks and slide in next to her with the rest of my clothes on. I put my arm behind her neck and support her head, that hand coming down on her right arm, and my left arm across her torso, generally stroking across her belly and chest. She moans and starts to drift off very quickly. I have so much female in my arms that I might die on the spot. I’m so hot for her now that I can’t help myself at all.

I take my free hand crossing her torso and slowly slide it across her bra. My hand can’t even contain one breast, she is so full. She moans briefly positively and arches towards me very slightly. Now I more deliberately cup her right breast in my hand and gently press and squeeze her. She lightly gasps as her tiredness fights me for her attention.

“Ally, you are… So womanly now. This feels different…” I can’t even try to explain how distilled my lust is at this moment.

“No… sex…” She’s struggling to talk both due to my hand and her drowsiness. She’s got some strong morals to be able to say that right now.

“Sorry. That’s fair. Don’t worry Ally.” I brush my fingers along her forehead, promising to adhere to her permissions.

“But… Touch me…” Her eyes fluttering closed as her hand pulls mine down towards her body. I am a little confused.

“Ally… I don’t…” I can’t understand as she drags my hand under her bra. Her breasts are incredibly soft and voluptuous. Her nipples are hard and engorged.

“Fingers… aren’t… sex.” Lustful delight fills my body as I understand her workaround of the rules.

Her body shakes as my textured fingers gently drag over her supersoft breasts. My hand behind her neck strokes down her back and unhooks her bra before my left hand gently whips it away from her chest. Her breasts bounce beautifully free and stand firm and huge like balloon mountains reaching upwards. I stroke them vigorously and squeeze firmly while her own hands begin to wonder into my clothes.

I snug in close and make her feel my breath on her neck as I brush her doughy breasts with my big fingers. I drag my hand across her belly and draw lines on her white panties with my finger. I can feel her heat and soft rolling hills of female secret hiding under there. I draw to the precipice of her pubic mound and feel the outer area encircling her clitoris and the beginning of her smooth labia. From there onwards the panties are drenched.

“Unn!” She obviously feels that finger pressing towards her clit and lurches like she’s never been to orgasm before. I have to stop myself or this will quickly turn into sexual intercourse.

“I… This is wrong, you are so drunk and I mustn’t take advantage.” I snap out of what I am doing for now, the consequences could be serious. She starts to cry, seeming desperate for sensual touch.

“No other man will go near me… I’m forbidden from everything!” She despairs at the loneliness that comes with strict religious rules. I gently massage her panties and kiss her chest and breasts.

“I wanted to talk to you about all that Ally, but we should talk tomorrow. Just know, I really badly want to do such naughty things all night to you, but we must stop it for now.”

“Please don’t leave me yet!” She wraps her legs around me and clutches her hands to my back. Her breasts feel so nice through my tshirt against my stomach. Her soft hands hold me immovable emotionally even though physically I could break free. I want so badly to do things to her, but I want her to feel the mental freedom that I do first.

“Ally, I’ll take you out tomorrow, we can get breakfast and talk. Just us.” I squeeze her against me and massage her back as she clings on like a limpet.

“Mmm uncle Elpy!” She finally loosens off and I tuck her in before I can change my mind and fuck her into next month.

“Okay Ally, I’ll go hide the evidence that we were drinking and then go to bed and think about you. You are so special to me, Ally. Happy 21st birthday.”

“Mmm!” she stretches and closes her eyes as her head rests down on her pillow. I run my fingers along her forehead a few times and the press her cheek with the back of my hand. She is glowing like a lava lamp and I can’t believe I’m walking away from such physical comfort, sexual satisfaction and lusty fulfilment.

I kiss her on the forehead and go to tidy the bottles we left into the recycling and then go sit in the living room and wait for my sister to come back, wondering as every 5 minutes passes, how I could have used this extra time on Ally. I almost regret getting her drunk now, she could still be up sitting and talking with me at this later hour. But, it went right to her head. I spend some of the time unpacking my things and remember I brought stuff like condoms which I really didn’t intend to use with Ally… until now.

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