Desolation Sound


It had been awhile since I had seen you. How I missed your chestnut hair, highlighted by the strands of silvery satin, as it cascaded down your shoulders. The silver reminding you of times cruel speed. The days brush away as if they were only after thoughts in the mind. Time is what we didn’t have much of anymore. There would be only a few more sweeps before all our memories were taken to the place indefinite. How I missed your dark hazel eyes, sprinkled with its brilliant green. The green in those mysterious eyes seemed to be trying to break free from the shadowy brown bondage, a battle that neither would win. To look into those eyes was to look into a mirror, its reflection haunting me. Your eyes were my eyes and everyday I looked in that mirror it was a reminder how long we had been apart. I remember the moments I stole, gazing at you from a crack of a door. A tiny crack so not to be noticed but that fissure gave me recollections unsurpassed even to this day. It was here that I first saw the most glorious sight, a sight that still brings a pressure to my groin every time it plays its movie in my head. Your soft pale skin had a yearning to be massaged. Your dark erect nipples, dark like the deep red of a blood blister, were aching to be sucked. Oh how I wanted to taste them. To let each solid bud dance over my tongue would have been a waltz of the ages. Still gazing I watched you turn around; gently you rubbed with the soft towel. I wanted to be that towel, to feel every crevice of your body. I could feel my head getting light from the rapid flow of my blood as my heart beat swiftly, natures arousal fully present. Your butt was robust and full; the padding just perfect. I recall the flood of sticky fluid in my pants as I watched you play with your furry friend. Your fingers digging deep, trying hard to find their destination only to be pulled back just before they were totally swallowed up inside your cavern. Your moans were so crude but so right. I could hear you whispering, “Oh fuck me please…., Oh fuck me harder…” I did not know who you called too but in my mind it was me you craved.

The fight father and I had, had been a terrible one. Terrible in its truth, knowing the hurt would take a forever to heal. We were still young then, you and I. I was only a new man, just about to enter my twentieth year. You were in that time when your body was most responsive. What a cruel fate of god, to have a woman in need at a time when the partner to match her want could only be of a sons age. You did not want to see me leave and I did not want to leave you. I could see the agony in your face as I walked out that door for the last time. I never really understood why you were with this man, my father. He was so over bearing, so cruel. The nights I strained to hear the sounds of a passionate love affair only to be left with a few squeaks of the bed and a grunt from him. How I coveted that spot in your bed. Never could I have left you that unsatisfied. He never let you do much with your life. It was like he held a great secret over your head, just waiting to tell the world if you showed any independence.

The years rolled by and we lost contact over time. Time that had come and gone, never to be granted again, was wasted time. Like the seconds were thrown in the trash, experiences that could have been shared were never realized. My life had gone on though. Never did I experience the warmth of a caring family. My blood too much like his, I was scared I guess. Scared I would seed his heartlessness. Not that I didn’t have my share of ladies, I did indeed. And the times had taught me well, maybe deep in my heart I did want to share my soul someday. I drank in the knowledge of every episode I had with my teachers. I listened, no heard, their directions and wants. I would make sure they were satisfied to tiredness before I would take my pleasure. I discovered all the tricks and means to put them in a heat only hell could match. But unlike hell, the heat I gave was pleasurable. But still with all the passionate affairs in my life, I would still remember that crack of the door.

It had been twenty years when I finally got the call. Your voice, though sounding similar, crackled with your age. I could hear the pain in your heart mixed with the lightness of a burden lifted off your tired shoulders. The contradiction in your voice held a curiosity to me I could not render. You told me of his passing, begged me to go to the funeral. I granted your wish but only did it for selfish reasons. I cared not for his end but for your new beginning. The first embrace was a rush of nostalgia, as I held you firm in my arms. All the smells and events came crashing in my mind with the brief contact we shared. The crack in the door evident in my brain had given me a stirring not recognized in many years. I was blushed by this happening. How I wanted you to feel my hardness as we held but was saddened by your sadness. At the conclusion of the event you asked me hatay escort to your house to catch up on times neglected. You told me of your family happenings. How your sisters and brothers were doing in their lives. You told me of how heartbreaking it was when I left and how your heart was still broken. You wanted so bad to hear the pattering feet of grandchildren, having to be satisfied with watching grand nieces and nephews. You asked of my life and how I had turned out. You were both astonished and disappointed to learn of my success. You knew a robbery of what could have been had taken place. I told you of the business I owned and the charity work I do. Money not even being a factor in my life anymore, my wealth had more than exceeded my need. You on the other hand were now stuck in hard times. My father did not leave you much to go on with. It was just like the selfish bastard to do something like that. I told you that was not going to be a problem and you were going to come home with me. You tried to decline but you knew if you had, your loneliness would have been unbearable. Reluctantly you agreed, a smile pursed my lips at your choice.

It didn’t take long to get all your affairs in order. I didn’t care if it took months as long as we were going to have time to catch up on our relationship. My partners took care of most of my business dealings now anyway. It was better that way, it allowed me to travel and spend time up in my cottage. It was a quaint place, seventy miles north of the main house. It was rustic, yet strong looking with its oak logs and cider shingles. Not another soul for miles, just me and nature unless of course I had chosen to bring a friend. It was a place named for its area, Desolation Sound. A name more fitting, I think not.

After getting your dealings in order I wanted to do something special. I decided to take you shopping and get you a brand new wardrobe. The time other men find torturous, watching and waiting for a woman to finally find what they want, was paradise for me. It let me watch you mother, in a new light. I could see the hidden beauty I used to long for. Even your body had not changed much. The airy way you walked through the mall made me proud. I knew I had caused this contentment. I spent hordes of money on your new fashions, helping you pick out what I thought looked good. Not demanding, mind you, but softly underlining. I desired you to go out on limb never climbed and buy outfits that were racier than you have ever worn. You would blush and tell me an old woman did not need to dress like that. I asked what old woman you were talking about, letting you know I did not see you old at all. You then smiled your beautiful smile at me and thanked me genuinely for all that I had done. After shopping we went back to your house and waited for the movers to be finished. We drank coffee and planned our route to my place. First we booked the tickets then I showed you on the map where I lived. You were happy to be leaving the place which held to many memories.

The plane ride was uneventful except the times I got to gaze at your legs. The short skirt did wonders, showing off their silkiness. I would also try to look down your low cut blouse, your perky nipples in view for fractions of seconds. I felt like I was at the crack of the door again, peeking on you. We finally landed after six hours in the air; we both craved a cigarette after the long flight. We entered my truck that I had parked in the long term lot of the airport. I lit your smoke like a gentleman, and then followed with my own. I started to drive but had a hard time concentrating on the road. Watching the oral pleasure your smoke was receiving, your sweet lips sucking the tip, breathing in the harsh smoke. My cock throbbed when you would exhale with a slight moan. Your moan prompted my thoughts of the crack of the door. My hardness was bulging uncomfortably in its trapped space. I thought I had seen you glance at it a few times. This only made me boil more. We finally arrived at my place and you commented on how big and beautiful it was. I told you about the cottage in Desolation Sound, and how I enjoyed it there much more. We had nothing planned for the future so we decided to take a week and get lost in the nature that was abundant in its splendor up there. We arranged to go in the morning at first light. That night was agony for me, as I listen to you shower and dry off. Once again my thoughts were taken to the crack of the door. My dreams took a hold of me and all I could see was us making love and how could I make this happen. Over and over in my head the need to have you became insufferable. Finally morning came and I had hoped this perverted want would be out of my mind.

We each packed a bag and as you went to the car I looked down at the bags. My head started to spin and my heart beat faster. I thought about the cottage and what clothing was left there. I had always had bikinis and sexy lingerie for my dates, but other then a few pairs of shorts, and a couple of shirts, and some sweaters that was it. My mind was weaving an evil plan. I heard you call out to me and I brought out a bag with booze in it and another with munchies for the ride. Although I didn’t keep much clothes there, never any reason too I usually ended up naked most of the time, my refrigerator was always well stocked. I opened the trunk and put the bags in, conveniently leaving behind the bags with the clothes. I hoped I could have convinced you it was an honest mistake Mom.

We arrived at the cottage and I unpacked the car. Still keeping my plan quiet, I snuck the bags in and made it look as though they were all there. You toured around the cabin and looked out on the balcony. You noticed I had a hot tub and said that was going to be something you would be doing a lot of. I couldn’t wait to see you in one of the bikinis that I had stored there. I started to pulsate with the thought of it. It was high noon and we decided to play some cards and chat. I loved listening to your voice. We were having such a good time we lost track of the hours. The only reason I knew it was getting late was the rumbling in my stomach, as it cried for food. I lit the barbeque and threw on some steaks then put on some corn on the cob. In no time the meal was ready and we sat outside to eat. You told me how delicious the food was and how full you were. We started a bottle of wine with our supper and soon we were opening the second bottle. Maybe it was the drive mixed with the wine but I was starting to feel a little high. We cleaned up the mess and I put on some music to lighten the mood. We stared at each other for a moment, our silence so heavy and thick you cut it with a knife. You were the first to break the stare when you asked me if I wanted to join you in the hot tub. Not even god himself could stop me. I remember every word you spoke as you went into the bedroom to get changed.

“Hey Tiger (you had called me that since I was born) where is the bag with our clothes in it?”

“It’s right there beside the bed, Mom.” I answered you with my heart in my throat.

“Umm…no it isn’t. Tell me you didn’t forget to pack the bag with our clothes! What are we gonna do about dressing ourselves?” She asked in quizzical voice.

“You sure they are not there? I know I packed them Mom.”

“No honey, they aren’t here. Just a bag with some munchies and a bag with some booze.” At least she didn’t seem upset by this mishap. “Well so much for taking a dip in the hot tub!” she said.

“Heck no Ma, I have plenty of women’s suits in the guest room. Go ahead and pick one out.” I knew the swim wear that was there was more like erotic wear. I just hoped she would be brave enough to put it on.

“Ah, you don’t expect me to wear one of these do you? They barely have any material at all; I might as well be naked.” She said sounding a little panicked.

“Sorry Mom, they are all I have. Don’t worry you would look great in anything.”

She came out to the hot tub in an ensemble that took my breath away. I could see her nipples poking through the material that barely covered her breasts. The dark bikini was a magnificent contrast to her pale skin. I gawked at her body as my eyes traveled downward. She was still pretty firm for a woman of sixty. I saw a little bit of hair as it tried to escape the tiny patch that was covering the part I most coveted. I must have been staring a little too long because my mother made a comment.

“If you take a picture it will last longer!” Then she laughed such a sweet laugh. “I haven’t had a man stare at me that way in a long, long time. It feels good.”

“Mom I would do anything (I emphasized the word anything hoping she would get my meaning) to make you feel good.” I watched as she swallowed her wine with a nervous gulp.

“You’re sweet, Tiger. I am so glad you came back home. I couldn’t be more happy then I am right now. Is that terrible of me to say, with your dad only being dead for a couple of weeks?” At that moment she had a look of guilt painted on her face. We had opened up our third bottle and the wine was really starting to get to me. I just blurted out.

“Fuck him Mom! He only treated you like shit anyway. He was a selfish controlling bastard who only cared for himself. Look at how many years he kept us apart!” The wine must have been working on my mother as well because she had finally realized the missed time we could have had if it wasn’t for him.

“Your right Tiger, fuck him. You know he had affairs too; he didn’t care about me at all. I didn’t mind though as long as he was fucking other women he would leave me alone. I missed so much of my life….” My mother started crying as she thought about what could have been.

“Hey ma, don’t cry. It is going to be fine now. He is gone and you are here and that is all that matters.” I said trying to comfort her. I got out of the hot tub and grabbed towels for the both of us. Even though it was summer the night would get chilly so I lit a fire in the fireplace and put some pillows on the floor. My mother changed out of her bikini and decided to wear one of my oversized shirts. I guess she wasn’t bold enough to go for one of the baby doll sets that I was hoping she’d wear. She looked incredibly sexy anyway. The shirt barely covered the bottom of her butt and if she would have bent over I would have see what I longed for. I had on just a pair of silk boxers and a t-shirt. I was lying on the floor in front of the fire and my mom choose to join me. She looked heavenly backlit with the shadow of the flames dancing around her. She poured herself another glass of wine and sat down beside me. It was totally silent that moment, only the night creature calls cut into it.

I looked at my mother and asked, “what’s on your mind Mom?” She took in a breath before she answered.

“I don’t know the day has just been perfect I should just be happy but something is missing.”

“What’s missing other than the bag I forgot that is?” I giggled at the thought.

“Us I guess, I mean we have done a lot of talking but we never really shared with each other.” She was choosing her words very carefully. “I mean I really know nothing about you other than the material things that is.”

“Well,” I asked, “What do you want to know?” I was interested on where she was going with this. I looked at her and watched as she kept running her hand over her thighs causing electric waves to my phallus. I could feel it starting to become erect. I just hope it wasn’t that obvious. It was there, I knew it. I watched her drop her eyes and stare at my bulge. This wasn’t a quick glance but an outright stare. My heart raced as I waited for her answer.

“I want to know about your insides. Things like how you feel, what are you passionate about?” She then dropped her head and said in a quiet voice, “What desires do you have, what secrets are inside you that you can share to bring us closer?” Then she looked deep in my eyes and it was my turn to gulp.

“You want to know everything? I am not sure you can handle everything Mom.”

“I would love to hear everything. I’ll tell you what we will play a game. I will tell you a secret, desire or what I am passionate about then it will be your turn.”

“Ok Mom lets go for it. I think this is really gonna bring us closer together.” She was happy with my response and I was intrigued. In my mind it was definitely going somewhere but did my mom have the same ideas or did she really want to just know these things?

“Ok let’s see…what secret could I tell you?” She pondered, “I know. I hope this doesn’t gross you out too much but I have been peed on once during sex. I didn’t like it at all and it never really did anything for me but I did it.” She was blushing so hard, not really believing she just told her son about such a raunchy sex act.

“Well…wow…what can I say? I’m not sure if I can even come close to that.” I said, but then the wine took over and I spewed out the secret I had been holding inside for years. “Ok here we go…Mom you remember back at the house before I left?” I asked her.

“Yes”, she said with wide eyes anticipating on what was to be said next. “Well when you closed your bedroom door it didn’t really close all the way. Anyway, I can’t believe I am going to say this, I used to watch you. And once I even watched you as you masturbated.” I expelled a long breath, the torture in me finally released. I didn’t know what to expect from her. She might have been furious or just plain revolted.

“Really…that is…mmmm…” the words just wouldn’t come out of her mouth. “Did you enjoy watching me? Did it get you excited?” she asked.

“Very excited!” was all I could say. Then my mother stepped up the heat and boldly said,

“Did your cock get hard when you watched me with my fingers in my pussy?” I couldn’t believe we had crossed this line, it was fantastic. For a moment I thought I was going to cum right in my boxers.

“Very hard…”

“Did you stroke your very hard cock watching mommy stick her fingers deep inside her warm wet pussy?” She was getting dirtier and dirtier with each exchange, but I told her the truth.

“No I didn’t stroke my cock. I couldn’t, when I saw you fingering yourself I shot a load instantly. It was the hottest thing I have ever witnessed or ever will witness in my life. I can tell you I still jerk off thinking about it!”

“Can I tell you a secret?” she asked.

“You can tell me anything…” I answered

“I knew you were there. It was your cock I was thinking about while my fingers were deep inside me. Your father couldn’t fuck his way out of a wet paper bag. That is, when he fucked me. I wanted to cheat on him so many times but never did.”

“Why not Mom, you know he deserved it!” I told her looking into her eyes with a love and passion one can only dream about.

“Well the only person I ever really loved wasn’t there…!”

To be continued……