Desperate Times Pt. 04

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This is the fourth and final piece of this story, and it takes place in April of 2022, almost twenty years after the previous part.


“We think this weekend is gonna be it.” My daughter Courtney tells me, hitting me with the news before I’ve barely gotten through their door.

“You’re gonna tell ’em?” I ask for clarification, but I’m pretty sure I already know what she’s referring to.

“Yeah, well…” My daughter’s husband, Geoff interjects. “If everything goes according to plan, then hopefully we’ll be showing them instead of just telling them.” And then my son-in-law gives off a nervous laugh, as if to indicate the absurdity of the situation.

“Oh wow.” I react. “So this weekend? Like in three days?”

“Yeah, we’re thinking Friday night.” Courtney clarifies. “So day after tomorrow.” And then she goes on to explain their reasoning. “The timing works for me, personally.” She says as she gestures down towards her crotch, so I have to assume she’s referring to her menstrual cycle. “And Emma finished up her period this past weekend too, so she’ll be good.”

I had no idea a mother would know her daughter’s cycle that precisely, so I’m sure I give off a pretty perplexed look. Courtney sees this and apparently feels the need to explain herself, “I only know because I can see the tampon wrappers in her trash.” She says with a small laugh. “That’s how.”

I guess that’s a fair explanation, but I feel like whether or not the two of them are on their period seems like a pretty minor detail in this otherwise HUGE decision and potentially life-altering event.

“So you’re sure about this? Like you’ve thought all of it through?” I stress, while trying to keep an open mind that they might be able to convince me this isn’t a horrible, horrible idea.

To me, it seems like an enormous leap to go from what we’ve been doing all these years, to what it would become if they end up bringing their son and daughter into the mix. I mean, it would be complicated enough if the twins found out about the kind of relationship their parents have with their grandfather, but to actually involve them physically too? This seems crazy to me. We have such a great thing going here, why would we risk it?

I admit that my opinion is certainly far from unbiased, and I’m probably thinking about this selfishly, too. It took me a long time to come to grips with the fact that I have a sexual relationship with my daughter, and the only reason I’m at peace with it is because I’ve convinced myself that it’s solely based on who she is, and not what she is. I’ve been extremely lucky to have two soulmates on this Earth, and while my wife was taken from us far too soon, finding everything I once had with Beth, but now with our daughter Courtney has been a godsend. It’s made the second half of my life happier than I ever could’ve imagined.

If anything, the fact that she’s my daughter has been a huge burden, more so than some kinky bonus. It means we always have to hide who we are, because no one besides her husband can ever know. And there’s no question that weighs on me, especially since Geoff and Courtney obviously don’t have to hide their relationship from anyone. On the other hand, the fact that I have to “share” Beth with her husband has never really bothered me in the least. In fact, there are so many wonderful aspects to our dynamic that I enjoy every day. But the one thing that does gets to me, is seeing how Geoff can be openly affectionate with his wife in public, while I have to save all my physical affection towards her for the total privacy of our bedrooms.

But don’t get me wrong, Geoff and I really do get along great. We obviously have a very intimate connection, as so much of Courtney’s and my sexual relationship takes place with Geoff right there with us. And while I would hesitate to ever call myself bisexual, he and I have a level of interaction and comfort with each other in the bedroom that I never in a million years thought I would’ve had with another male.

There’s no doubt that my son-in-law is just as happy with our arrangement as I am, too. It’s quite obvious he has a kinky side that LOVES the fact that we’re father and daughter. He’s always been enamored with the taboo aspect of the two of us having sex, and so it’s something that gets played up a lot in the bedroom. There’s plenty of dirty talk, and sometimes he’ll even have us watch incest-themed porn. Most of the time, these videos are pretty silly and obviously fake, but he did find this one family that we’ve watched countless times. It’s a husband, wife, and their daughter, and I think they live in Spain. It’s all in Spanish, so none of us has any clue what they’re actually saying, but in a number of their videos the three of them hold up their IDs, I guess to prove they’re legitimately related. It all comes across as surprisingly believable, and oh man does he love it when we have sex while watching those movies.

So all of this is to say that while Geoff and I get along great, genç gaziantep escort and I think we’re both very content in our current arrangement, we may view our situation from slightly different angles. I love Courtney more than life itself, and I have no desire to change anything about our relationship. However, I know Geoff gets so turned on by anything taboo, that he probably looks at his son Josh and his daughter Emma, and I think he’s intrigued by all the kinky possibilities they could bring to the table. Part of me is worried that getting them involved wouldn’t be right from a moral standpoint, but I’m self-aware enough to know how hypocritical this makes me, considering what Courtney’s mom and I did with her all those years ago. If I’m really being honest, I’m most afraid that changing anything is going to risk what we currently have, and that’s the last thing I want to do.

“We know it’s a risk.” Geoff responds, “But we think as long as we’re doing it for the right reasons, it’s likely to work out for everybody.”

Courtney then chimes in, “We think they’re ready. And you know we’ve been contemplating this for a long time.”

I do know this is a decision they aren’t taking lightly, but I’m more intrigued by Geoff’s comment a second ago. So I ask, “What exactly do you mean, for the right reasons?”

I can see my son-in-law take a second to articulate his response. And then he says to me, “So you obviously know both of the twins really well. And you know they’re good kids.” Sure, I definitely agree with that. Geoff then continues, “And I think they’re generally pretty happy. But I’m also pretty sure that they’re missing out on this whole other aspect of life. Something that in my opinion is the BEST part of being alive.”

“You’re talking about sex?” I respond.

“Yes! Exactly.” Geoff confirms, before going on. “I don’t think Josh has done much, and we’re both positive that Emma has done even less.”

As he’s telling me this, I look over at my daughter to gauge her reaction, and she adds her own commentary. “That poor girl…” Then she looks at me and asks, “Did you ever meet Jacob?”

The name doesn’t ring a bell.

Courtney then explains, “Well they dated sophomore year. But he was clearly gay. I mean IS gay, I should say, as he’s come out now I believe. And here we are two years later and Emma will still make little comments about how she turned her ex-boyfriend gay. I know she’s only joking, but I can tell it bothers her that she doesn’t get more attention from any other boys.”

Geoff then chimes in, “And it’s insane. She’s fucking beautiful! And she makes these self-deprecating comments that she has the body of a little boy, and I kinda get why high school guys get so fixated on huge tits and could overlook someone like Emma, but you should see…” And then Geoff weirdly stops himself mid-sentence from completing his thought, as if he felt the need to catch himself.

I kind of look around at both of them thinking, I should see what?

“It’s fine.” Courtney then tells her husband. “He’s obviously not gonna judge you.” And then she laughs.

I’m both confused and super curious now, and as I look over at my son-in-law, he says, “Ok sure. Here… look at this.” He then pulls his phone out of his pocket, and after a few quick swipes he turns his device so I can see it.

“A couple weeks ago, my curiosity got the best of me and I hid my phone in the closet of their bathroom. I did it right before Emma was going in to shower.”

And holy fuck, there she is on the screen of Geoff’s phone. My 18-year-old granddaughter undressing herself without the slightest clue in the world she’s being recorded. As much as I understood the gravity of what we had been discussing up until this point, it had all felt pretty hypothetical. Seeing Emma getting completely naked really drives home just what’s at stake here.

She looks so innocent, so precious, and yet so alluring. Emma didn’t inherit her mom’s beautiful brown hair, but instead she has these adorable blonde curls she got from her father. In fact, both she and Josh got their father’s golden locks. The video has progressed now to where my granddaughter is completely naked, seemingly checking various spots on her face in the bathroom mirror. Objectively speaking, I know what a huge invasion of Emma’s privacy this is, but It’s impossible for me to look away.

My granddaughter’s so petite and slender, that I think you would classify her as being the exact opposite of curvy. Her breasts are tiny, practically non-existent, which is where her comments about having a boy’s body come from. But with her bright pink nipples clearly visible on the screen, they look absolutely gorgeous, especially against her pale, white body. She does have some subtle tan lines on her arms and legs, but all they do is offer a stark reminder of her total nudity. Her pussy is harder to make out in the video, but I can see she does have a patch gaziantep genç escort of golden pubic hair that is unlike any pussy hair I’ve ever seen. I’m so used to seeing either dark pubes, or no hair at all, that I’m instantly drawn to this unique aspect of Emma’s body.

Eventually, she turns and opens up the shower curtain to get in. As she does, the camera catches a perfect view of her minuscule ass. It’s so small and petite, and while it probably doesn’t draw much attention when she’s wearing pants, all I can think of when seeing it naked is how amazing it would feel to fully grab each of her tiny cheeks in my two hands. But soon enough, that glorious view is over as Emma hops into the shower and closes the curtain behind her. A million thoughts are running through my head right now, but first and foremost, I’m wondering if that’s the end of the video. I’m completely hooked and want to see more, but apparently that’s it.

“Can you believe that?” Geoff then says to me, and I’m actually not sure what in particular he’s referring to, so I look blankly back at him without answering. My son-in-law then continues, “Can you believe THAT girl, with THAT precious body, is convinced that no one would find her attractive?”

“She is beautiful.” I respond.

“It’s the boys. They’re idiots.” Geoff then says.

“They’re just immature.” Courtney chimes in to clarify.

“Well, whatever they are, they’re missing out.” Her husband responds. “And Emma deserves more.”

I still have the image of my naked granddaughter running through my mind, and it’s hard to concentrate on much else, even though the topic at hand is obviously related.

Geoff then continues on with the discussion, “I mean a big part of it is definitely their age.” He then motions to his phone and says, “I could take this video and have dozens of middle-aged men lined up around the block, willing to throw their marriage away just for one hour alone with Emma’s naked body.” Then he pauses before emphasizing, “I’m serious.”

No one in their right mind would refer to me anymore as middle-aged, as I’m in my early 70s, but I know exactly what my son-in-law is talking about. Seeing this 18-year-old body just triggers something inside of me, something almost primal in nature, that brings a level of nervous excitement that I haven’t felt in decades. I think it’s the combination of knowing that on an intellectual level it would be so wrong, but on a biological level it would feel so right, that the resulting internal conflict is extremely intense. I’m long removed from ever being physically capable of reproducing, but my brain still can’t deny the overwhelming urge to mate with someone so innocent, young, and fertile.

And again, if this is how I feel in my seventies, I can’t imagine how strong the desire must be for someone like Geoff in his forties. Actually I take that back, I CAN imagine, as that’s basically the situation I was in when Courtney and I first made love in that abandoned cabin all those years ago. I remember wanting my daughter so badly, and a huge part of that was specifically because she was a virgin.

So I certainly understand Geoff’s desires here, and I could never judge him for wanting that. I had my opportunity with Courtney when she was a teenager, so who am I to question his desire now for his own daughter? Fuck, I’m clearly lusting over Emma’s naked body myself, even though I don’t think I personally could ever do anything with her. But I can also see where he’s coming from in claiming that Emma deserves more physical attention than she’s currently receiving in this world, but is that really enough to justify him being the one to give that to her?

The crazy thing is, I actually think if they do decide to try and coerce their daughter into having a sexual relationship, they’ll probably succeed. Emma has always been the sweetest little do-gooder and rule-follower, that she’s the type of child that would never dream of defying her parents. Now, I have no idea what kind of sexual thoughts Emma has, but it sounds like she and her mom are pretty open in what they share with one another. And if they already have this level of trust, and you combine that with Emma’s willingness to do whatever her parents tell her to do, It wouldn’t shock me if she would end up submitting to a sexual relationship with her father if that’s what her mom told her she should do.

But that’s just one half of the equation, as there’s also Josh to consider. How does he factor into all of this? What’s the rationale for introducing him to sex before he otherwise would’ve found it? I mean, it’ll surely happen for him eventually, as just like his sister, he’s not a bad-looking kid.

So I decide to bring that up next. “What about Josh? What do you want him to get out of all of this?”

This clearly piques Courtney’s interest, as she jumps right in. “Oh he’s so ready. There’s not a doubt in my mind.” And I can immediately tell gaziantep genç escort bayan that my daughter seems to have just as much of a fascination with her son as Geoff does with Emma. “Believe me, speaking as the one doing his laundry, I can tell you there’s a cum-filled sock in his pile of dirty clothes every single day, like clockwork.”

I can see Geoff nodding his head in agreement with his wife. “It’s true. Sometimes we’ll even play a game where the two of us see who can find it first.”

Geoff says this very matter-of-factly, but I can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of this supposed game. However, knowing Geoff as I do, I can’t say it’s surprising. As long as the three of us have been together, I’ve known that he has an enormous cum fetish. He’s always been obsessed with both his and my semen, and the different ways we cum on Courtney, or cum inside of Courtney. His fetish is so consistent, that I honestly can’t remember the last time I made love to my daughter with him there, and he DIDN’T end up licking her clean afterwards. And I have to say, while it’s not something I would necessarily ever want to do myself, it’s always been intriguing to watch, especially when it involves him eating my cum directly out of Courtney’s vagina. Needless to say, I would bet anything that after finding his son’s mystery sock, Geoff is willing to lick the jizz right out of it.

“Yeah if it’s crusty and dried, then we know it’s from the night before, but there are times when it’s still wet and from the morning of.” Courtney explains. “And there are plenty of times when there’s one of each.”

“The kid probably masturbates ten times a week!” Geoff boasts proudly.

I certainly believe them about their son, but I’m not sure why this makes it necessary to be the ones to start Josh on his sexual journey, ahead of schedule. I’ve obviously gotten to know my grandson just as well as my granddaughter over the years, and I’m sure if he’s not sexually active it’s mainly because he’s such a shy kid. He’s very sweet, just like his sister, but he’s not nearly as outgoing and bubbly as she is. On the contrary, he always seems to keep to himself and comes across as a very private person.

While I think Geoff and Courtney could end up convincing Emma to join our ‘lifestyle’ as we sometimes call it, ironically despite his horniness, I think Josh is the bigger question mark. It’s possible he’s not sexually active right now simply because that’s his choice. He’s a handsome guy, and he’s in pretty good shape too as he stays quite active. And just like Emma, he’s skinny, but he definitely has more muscle tone than she does. The bottom line is, if he’s already getting some attention from girls in school but choosing to keep to himself, then I don’t think there’s any way he’s going to be interested in sex being offered to him by his own parents.

“Ok, so he’s a horny kid. That’s not exactly noteworthy.” I say, pushing back a little.

I can see both my daughter and her husband are starting to realize that I have my doubts about their entire plan, and I think this leads Courtney to get somewhat defensive and feel the need to explain themselves a little more.

“We’ve obviously been thinking about this for awhile, so we’re not being reckless here.” She says. “They’ve been 18 for a couple of months now too, and while I always thought their age was just an arbitrary number, Geoff has been adamant this whole time we had to wait until 18.”

“Damn straight.” He interjects. “If anyone ever found out, that number is the difference between someone thinking we’re a bunch a weirdos, and someone throwing us in prison.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Courtney responds to her husband. “But we’re past that now. But anyway…” and then Courtney looks right at me, “Why did you and Mom do what you did to me when I was 19?” Basically putting me on the spot, and subtly making her point that I’m kind of a hypocrite here. And before I even have time to reply, Courtney answers for me. “It was because you wanted me to experience sex, right?”

“Well yeah… but that was totally different.” I tell her. “We thought we were going to die!”

“Of course. I totally get that.” She admits before continuing, “But our thought process is still the same. We don’t want our kids to have to wait any longer to experience something everyone on this planet should get to enjoy.” And then she says with quite a bit of emphasis, “Yeah, they’re probably not gonna die in the next few months, but they might! Anything’s possible!”

I just don’t know. On the one hand this seems very far-fetched, like they’re grasping at straws to justify their actions. I would never directly say this to them, but part of me thinks their selfish desire to have sex with their own kids is much stronger than any small benefit they’d be providing them, and that’s the true reason they’re doing this. Purely for themselves.

But on the other hand, I don’t truly know where their motivation is coming from here, I’m only guessing. And these are THEIR kids, not mine, so it’s not really my place to tell them how to raise them. Especially when it would be such a hypocritical stance for me to take with this particular topic. I mean, even the part I just told Courtney about how we thought we were going to die was a pretty blatant lie. She and I didn’t have sex until AFTER we knew we were already saved.

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