Destined Hearts Ch. 00


Hello fans and… oh, I know you had missed me and I missed you too. That is the reason why I have decided to deliver this wonderful piece of writing to you which I am sure you are gonna love. I am still at school but I have decided to deliver this story which I hope will be a hit like the others. I really hope you will like it.

This story may or may not contain sexual scenes. If all you are looking for in this story is sex then this might not be for you. However, if you are a fan of crazy, hot romance and bubbling stories like me then let’s start this journey together because this story is definitely for you. Enjoy…


Praveen Garcia is a young boy, full of life and full of dreams. He is from a middle class family and he only lives with aunt, his mother’s friend who loves him so much. He has everything that he could ever ask for although his biggest dream has always been to go to the university and become independent and of course, take care of himself and his mother’s dreams.

Praveen is devoted and he would do anything for his family, his mother. Before she died, Praveen had promised her something and he is ready to fulfill it no matter what.

Praveen has got it all… beauty, brains, the looks, the sexiness and of course the kind of charm that would definitely drive anyone closer to him. He is honest, humble and he would anything for the sake of other people and most of all, he respects the culture and traditions of his country. Despite his poor background and small house, he has always held on to the hope of finishing his education and then settling down with the best guy.

Antonio is a rich, spoiled guy who grew up abroad, spent most of his time away from home. He loves his altyazı porno family and parents very much. Antonio is a son of a really rich man, one of the richest in the country. He is handsome, sexy, stinking rich and the kind of guy that any guy or girl would fall for.

Antonio loves being rich, he loves attention and he also loves being popular. Aside from being rich, Antonio has his own life. His fame grows every day especially since he started his own music. He is one of the well known musicians home and abroad.

Antonio’s dream aside from his music has always been to manage his family’s wealth and rise to the top. He has a great boyfriend, Bruce that he loves to death and would do anything for him. He loves his family, his sister and his mother.

Antonio’s father had died a few years back and he is now ready to take his family’s wealth.

However, when Antonio returns home to inherit his father’s wealth, he finds out that inheriting his father’s wealth is actually more difficult than he had thought.

What happens when Antonio finds out that to get to the endless wealth his father had left, he must also accept the terms and conditions left behind as well. What could those be…

“No, mother…” Antonio yelled throughout the house, furiously coming down the stairs. “…I am not stupid and I will not accept those conditions…”

“Well, you are gonna have to accept them because it’s the only way that you are gonna get your wealth.” Emilia shouted, coming behind her son. “Besides, you are just gonna fulfill your father’s wish and all the promises that we had made in the past.”

“How is that supposed to be my business?” He furiously turned to amatör porno face his mother as soon as he came downstairs.

By then all the family members had already started gathering in the living room and they were just as confused as anything else because they had no idea what was going on.

“It also concerns you because…”

“I will not accept it.” He furiously kicked the chair, ignoring the pain it inflicted on him. “You can do whatever you want but I will not accept to marry some stupid guy because of…”

“You will do!” Emilia furiously moved closer, panting like a wild beast. “You are gonna marry that boy whether you like it.”

Antonio couldn’t believe his ears. Not for once had his mother shouted at him because of someone else. It was all new to him. He couldn’t believe it. He just stood there with tears in his eyes, staring at his mother like he didn’t know her at all.

Everyone’s mouths were gaping. They couldn’t believe it…

Will Antonio accept it?


Two lives from different worlds will collide because of the past, something that they had no idea about.

All Praveen has always wanted is to make his mother happy even though she is no longer with him. All that he has always dreamed of is to be happy with a man that would make him happy in return.

Emilia and his mother had told him about what had happened in the past and why it is important for him to marry Antonio. She has filled him with hope and though he hasn’t met physically with Antonio, he has hopes that he will make him happy.

Antonio on the other hand, is just a spoilt rich man, sexy and popular. He has a boyfriend that he loves so much and wouldn’t animasyon porno want to hurt at all. All he wanted to do was spend his entire life with his boyfriend, marry him and live together with him and raise a family together. He loves his family and would do anything for them.

But with what Antonio had discovered, can he accept it all? Will he let his wealth slip out of his hands or will he accept the conditions his father had set and marry a boy that he hates with passion without even meeting him? How will he get the wealth that belongs to him now that he doesn’t like the condition? And can he still deny the offer even at the expense of losing someone that he loves so much?

Follow Praveen and Antonio’s story as their lives dramatically change after a secret is revealed in this epic tale. Can the two of them live happily even if they get married? Can Praveen find happiness in the arms of the hot hunk or will his dreams be shattered?

Can you survive in a world where almost everybody hates you so much? Can Praveen stand up for himself and be brave like other characters and will these two ever love each other?

What happens when fuel is added to a fire that’s already ignited and what will happen to Bruce and Antonio’s great love?


Vanalas presents…

A story unlike any other…

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Characters unlike any other…

A Vanalas production…

In a world full of lies, villains and hatred, can one boy survive?

This is a story full of drama, love and dialogue.

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Destined hearts, coming soon to you… Feel the passion.

Stay tuned.


I know you guys were probably expecting “Iron Rose” to be back but it is still on production break and will return to you very soon as soon as I am done with school this year which by the way will be very soon. As for now, enjoying this wonderful story…

I missed you guys so much and I love you…