Devil in London, Angel in Kiev


Devil is in London, Angel in Kiev: they’ve been apart for weeks, and their frustration is boiling over. They’ve exchanged short, naughty videos, but it’s never enough… late night exchanges have become their only outlet. Angel has never slept with a girl, but Devil wants to lead her astray from afar…

Angel: Just watched the video, and realized how much I love and miss watching you cum…

Angel: Is that a cock ring you’re wearing? 🙂 🙂

Devil: You were supposed to wait until later!

Angel: It is later!

Devil: Yes, it’s a ring – I thought it would be fun to edge and increase the sensation while I was teasing myself to distraction – you have no idea how hard it was to stop, but you made me promise

Angel: I can see it was hard for you 😉

Angel: I was watching it and didn’t want you to stop

Devil: How did it make you feel?

Angel: It made me feel very horny, then I felt very special when you said you would wait to cum with me, then the more I watched it, the more I wanted you to cum because I love watching it and felt so sorry that you had to wait

Devil: I wonder if you can loop the video, that might be pretty intense…

Angel: Then I eventually started wondering how did you feel and what did you do after our first date

Devil: what did you imagine?

Angel: Was just wondering if you did cum after the date and how many times

Angel: 🙂

Devil: I did – I was in heaven after our date

Devil: I came when I got home, I’m not even sure I got my clothes off

Angel: 🙂

Devil: I think I sat in my chair and made myself cum all over myself

Devil: how are you feeling right now?

Angel: It was very emotional and I felt unexpectedly good and warm after the date, but you know my flat wasn’t empty

Devil: I know… but mine was… I made good use of it

Devil: I certainly did the next day when I woke up 🙂

Devil: And I’m sitting here now with a tent in my jeans thinking about you lying in bed at this second in time, and hoping you’re feeling what I’m feeling

Devil: I want to slowly lick you, right now

Devil: When you re-read Part 1 of the fantasy I sent you, picture my cock in the video and know that that’s how turned on by you in the story…

Angel: I feel sick and very horny, that’s a weird but nice combination

Devil: 🙂

Devil: I love it when you’re very horny, hate it when you’re sick, but the horny wins in my mind – I’m sorry to be selfish

Angel: Hmmm

Devil: I’d love a photo of your wet and glistening fingers

Angel: Oh I’d love you to force yourself into me right now and rape me in case I pass out

Angel: Because I’m so ill that I might

Angel: But I want you inside of me so much

Angel: It’s insane what you’re doing to me

Angel: And what’s even more insane is that I let you do it, and I enjoy it

Devil: I am so horny – I need to be inside you, I need to feel you clutching at my cock with your pussy, I need to smell you

Devil: I need to see your goosebumps just before you cum

Devil: I need to see you cumming. You have no idea, it’s driving me insane not to be able to see you while you’re like this

Angel: I’ve been thinking about one thing you asked me to think about

Devil: …

Angel: What I would like to do

Devil: …

Devil: tell me you tease

Devil: please

Angel: I would like to explore our erogenous zones, so we can try them all and make our own body maps

Angel: We can start with mine because you asked me what I wanted to be done with me and I am selfish

Devil: That’s a lovely idea

Angel: And then some day we could do yours if you wish

Devil: I love it

Devil: And yes, I want you to do mine too

Devil: That sounds amazing

Angel: I’ve been thinking about it since the moment in the kitchen after which my knees couldn’t hold me

Devil: I’d like to explore everything, try everything with you

Devil: What made you think that specifically?

Angel: Because I felt a lot with neither you nor me touching me

Devil: Tell me more

Devil: I love this

Angel: I felt you deep inside and felt I could cum soon, and easily, and more intensely and deeply

Angel: But my damn knees gave up

Angel: So I think we should spend more time in exploring all the zones and points

Devil: I do too

Devil: I could have cum so easily, I was holding back but it was wonderful

Devil: I also want to know your deepest darkest fantasies

Devil: I can’t wait to give you a taste when I send you Part 2

Angel: I need to explore those myself

Devil: Yes

Angel: And I know you enjoy it

Devil: escort bursa I do, you have no idea how much

Devil: I promise I won’t hold anything back from you

Devil: And I want the same commitment from you my darling

Angel: What do you mean by holding back?

Devil: None of my desires

Devil: Nothing that is secret

Devil: I want us to own each other

Devil: Sexually

Devil: I want to know you inside out

Devil: I want to know your deepest desires

Devil: I want us to explore them together

Angel: Which is why I feel strange at first when you ask me about something new, then you get me interested, and then I get to love the things that are happening

Devil: I love it too

Devil: You are my fantasy girl you know

Angel: What does that mean? 🙂 🙂

Angel: I’ve heard you say it before but I don’t know what it is for you

Devil: I mean I’ve been holding parts of myself, my desires, back for so long and I can be open and honest and vulnerable with you and I can’t imagine anyone I would rather do that with, because I know you want me to too, and I know you want to explore your sexuality with me and that’s an incredible feeling and privilege

Devil: And my fantasy has been to find someone who shares that

Devil: Who gets turned on in the same way I do, who isn’t afraid of it

Devil: Make sense?

Angel: It does indeed

Angel: Glad to know that I am special for you

Devil: You give me such intensity of feeling Angel

Devil: But right now I’m so turned on I can hardly think straight

Devil: I wish I could just be there with you, inside you and on you

Devil: I would like to give you a suggestion: over the next couple of weeks write some stories about your fantasies. Just explore them. If you don’t want to share them with me that’s ok (though I’d love you to), but it might be an amazing exercise

Devil: And when you’ve requested Part 2 I’ll start thinking about parts 3 and 4 for after I’ve come to see you

Angel: I love the idea 🙂 hope I have time to do it for you and me

Angel: But honestly, I enjoy your stories so much

Devil: You have around three weeks

Angel: I’m ready to read them all day long

Devil: Then I’ll have to hold Part 2 back to tease you – it’s extremely intense

Angel: It’s not teasing, it’s torturing

Angel: I need Part 2…

Angel: Pleeeease

Devil: Torture: put two fingers inside yourself right now, then tell me how you taste

Angel: I’m watching TV with people around me

Devil: Haha! You’re sitting there wet and unable to do anything but squeeze your thighs together?

Angel: Yes

Angel: I’m sure you like the thought

Devil: 🙂

Devil: I’d rather you were waiting for me in a club

Devil: With someone’s breasts against your arm

Angel: I’ve done some club research by the way:) my favourite one is still the best)

Devil: 🙂

Angel: God you would live me to kiss a woman

Angel: And touch

Angel: How far would you like to see me go? 🙂

Devil: I’d love you to do it just to turn me on

Devil: All the way. I’d love to watch you being licked while you look at me through heavy-lidded eyes as you cum

Angel: So you’d enjoy seeing a woman make me cum?

Devil: My meeting is here – damn xxxx

Angel: Hope your meeting was productive

Devil: Still in it. I cannot believe i was interrupted having the most erotic conversation of my life! Sleep well gorgeous

Angel: Thank you xx keep on developing the dream before you go to bed xxx

Devil: xx

Angel: Not really sleeping yet. I want to know the fantasy you started telling me about in full, just after we got interrupted by your meeting

Angel: Tell me when you have time

Devil: I am here, in bed 🙂

Devil: I am addicted to you.

Angel: Hope I’m not taking too much of your time 😉

Devil: I have nothing to do tomorrow morning, so I can stay with you as long as you want to stay awake

Angel: I can guess what you were doing 🙂

Devil: What do you think I was up to?

Angel: Thinking about me and touching yourself

Angel: Right? 🙂

Devil: Would you have liked that?

Devil: I was re-editing Part 2, trying to write you some instructions but not sure if you would follow them, and I didn’t want you to not follow them

Devil: so I was thinking about you more intensely than you could know

Devil: but I wasn’t touching myself…

Devil: But I am touching myself now, with you

Angel: Actually what you were actually doing sounds exciting and intriguing 🙂 it’s nice to know that bursa merkez escort I know when you’re touching yourself so my mind is with you

Devil: Yes 🙂

Angel: Anyway, where is your full fantasy that got interrupted today?

Devil: Part of the fantasy fulfilment was the way that you were asking me what I was thinking, step by step… go back and read it again. The way you were doing it was so erotic…

Devil: I loved it

Devil: It felt like you were teasing my fantasy out of me

Angel: So we can start it from the beginning 🙂

Angel: Tell me where we are

Angel: Where we would be

Devil: In a dark nightclub, dancing, with people pressed around us

Devil: there is a girl, a beautiful girl, who keeps pressing against you… you can feel her breasts against your bare arm

Angel: Mmm

Angel: So we start dancing altogether? 🙂

Devil: I’m hard and you keep pressing your bum into me, gyrating against me

Devil: and she comes face to face with you

Angel: And what happens next?

Devil: she’s looking into your eyes, but she knows I’m close in behind you, she can see that you are arching your back and siding up and down against my straining cock

Devil: pressing backwards

Devil: you know what you do next will turn me on so much

Angel: And what do I do?

Devil: She leans forward so her breasts are soft against yours, neither of you wearing a bra

Devil: What can you feel? how do you feel right now?

Angel: I am imagining how it could be

Angel: Almost feeling your cock behind and her breast in front

Devil: Touch yourself while we type… I want you to stay with me, I am so hard

Angel: I am

Devil: mmmmmmohh

Angel: I am wet

Devil: She slides her breasts back and forth against yours

Devil: You know that this is my fantasy so you reach up and stroke her neck, touch her lips with your fingers

Angel: Ahhh

Devil: knowing I am watching and feeling my hardness against your bum

Devil: you put your hands lightly on her hips

Angel: My finger is so deep inside of me now

Devil: ahh

Devil: and kiss her

Angel: I’m pressing it in and taking it out, pressing in and taking out

Devil: I am stroking myself, getting close, backing off

Devil: taste yourself

Devil: I want you to taste yourself because soon you will be tasting her

Angel: Tastes good and warm

Devil: I miss your taste so much

Devil: she presses closer, dancing against you

Angel: 🙂

Devil: pressing you between us both

Angel: I miss your touch down there where my fingers are playing now

Devil: I reach around your hip, dipping my hand to the bottom of your skirt at the front and lifting it. Only she can see what I am doing

Devil: She can feel my fingers brush her hip, and as I reach down to your mound the back of my hand presses against hers

Devil: She is pressing her pussy into my hand and that’s pressing my fingers into your pussy

Devil: I stroke your wetness up and around your clit, while her tits mash into yours, you can feel her hard nipples against your hard nipples

Angel: Mmm

Angel: Ahh you make me so horny…

Devil: xxxxxx

Devil: you make me so horny it’s almost unbearable

Devil: I’m so hard right now, so sensitive

Angel: I’m all wet and hot

Devil: for me

Angel: You made me like this

Devil: mmmmmmmm

Devil: so turned on

Angel: What happens next?

Devil: We are being jostled, so we find an escape route, to some carpeted stairs and quickly to a backstage room

Devil: it’s lit with orange lighting, has a shelf at waist level

Devil: we can hear the boom boom of the music through the walls

Devil: the girl reaches out to you and you turn,

Angel: Ahhh I like it

Devil: you turn and so gently she takes your head in her hands and she kisses you

Devil: she licks your neck and your ears

Devil: kissing your throat

Devil: parting the top of your silk dress

Angel: Mmmm

Devil: what do you want her to do

Angel: I want to know what you’ll do when we’re there

Angel: I want to know your fantasy

Devil: I want you looking at me

Devil: (are you touching yourself while I tell the story? expose to you my fantasy?)

Angel: So you’re standing behind her and watching us? I haven’t stopped touching myself

Angel: No stopping…

Devil: mmmm

Devil: You’re looking into my eyes. You reach out for my hand

Devil: and over her shoulder you kiss me hard

Devil: I am so hard, naked beneath bursa escort my thin suit trousers

Angel: Oh yes

Angel: I feel so good now

Devil: My cock is pressing against her arse, she can feel it and she’s rubbing against me, and you can feel her movement because her tits are rubbing against yours, as she strokes your neck and your lips

Devil: I look at you and I step back from her. You’re the only one I want

Devil: but it’s such a turn on

Devil: You look down at my straining cock as I step away, still holding your fingertips

Angel: Ahhh

Devil: Fuck I am so horny

Angel: My pussy smells so good

Devil: she can smell you

Angel: Ready for you

Devil: You watch me as I unzip my trousers and bring out my cock, hard, head wet with pre-cum, and I stroke myself transfixing your eyes

Devil: she kisses your collarbone, slides the shoulder of your dress off as I watch, stroking myself

Angel: It’s so hot

Devil: her mouth finds your nipple, her hot mouth surrounds it, sucking on your tit

Devil: with her hand she pinches your other nipple as she sucks

Devil: you’re looking at me in lust as I stroke

Devil: myself

Devil: harder

Angel: I can see it all

Devil: I’m watching your breathing get faster

Devil: as you find yourself getting turned on

Devil: more than you imagined you would

Devil: you want more

Devil: you blow me a kiss

Devil: as she continues to lick around your breast, concentrating on sweeping upwards along the side of your breast

Devil: and she moves her other hand downwards

Devil: slowly

Devil: across your belly

Angel: Ahhh

Devil: to the top of your mound

Angel: Feels so nice

Devil: slowly, tantalisingly moving lower

Devil: she moves her hand to the top of your thigh – missing your pussy deliberately, teasing you

Devil: you are looking at me deep into my eyes

Devil: you grasp your own breast in your hand, as she breathes her hot breath on your other

Devil: I. Am. Dripping. Right. Now

Devil: I have my cock in my hand, stroking faster up and down, up and down

Angel: I’m so close

Angel: But I want to hear more

Devil: Take some of your juice and spread it on your tits, and I’ll tell you what I am seeing

Devil: She is half hiding you from me, but she wants me to see what she is doing

Devil: She is as turned on as you are, as I am

Angel: Ahhhhhhhhhh

Devil: She slips off her skirt, sluttily showing us both she’s naked under it, and has been naked under it all evening

Devil: she arches her back, pushing her bottom out towards me so I can see her glistening wetness

Devil: it’s leaving a shiny trail at the top of her thighs

Devil: god he must be so turned on

Devil: and you know that it’s you that has done that to her

Devil: she’s wet and dripping for you Angel

Angel: Yes

Devil: She teases the top of your thigh, stroking it, so sensitive right now

Devil: Stroke the top of your thigh, mirror what she is doing

Angel: Yes…

Devil: she lifts your skirt, strokes your stomach gently, tickling, moving down…

Devil: I can see your pussy

Devil: I can see how aroused you are

Angel: Oh I am

Devil: in here in this room with this half naked, wanton girl, kissing your chest, stroking one tit gently while you squeeze the other hard

Devil: pulling your nipple

Devil: her hand is now right at the top of your mound, fingertips teasingly reaching downwards

Devil: you can see me stroking, faster, faster

Angel: My nipples are so hard for you now

Devil: and for her

Devil: you glance away from me, looking down into her eyes

Devil: you say, “Please…”

Devil: She looks at me, asking me for permission.

Devil: Do you want me to give it?

Angel: How hard are you now

Devil: I am throbbing, dripping, I could cum any time I wanted

Devil: how wet are you?

Devil: how horny are you?

Angel: I want to know how you feel when watching us

Angel: Why you enjoy it…

Devil: I am filled with incredible lust

Devil: I’m so turned on

Devil: I know you are doing this because it is one of my fantasies

Devil: I know you are here, letting this girl feel you, because you know how much it turns me on

Devil: the knowledge that you are doing this for me is indescribably erotic

Angel: I am so close

Devil: it shows me how much you want to please me

Angel: Keep telling me, please

Devil: and yet it’s also turning you on

Devil: even if that wasn’t the intention

Devil: I look at you and I know that soon

Devil: you will want her to make you cum

Devil: not just because of my fantasy and your desire to make me happy

Devil: but also because you know you will cum hard and you want to cum and you want her to make you cum… because…