Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 16

Big Dicks

I expected Ken Sacks to pick me up about four thirty, but by three I was packed and getting ready to go. I had hung my silvery cocktail dress in a garment bag and carefully folded everything else into a small suit case.

After a shower, I picked out a lovely cream colored pair of tailored dress slacks with a sharp crease running down the legs. To contrast the color of my slacks I picked at brown satin blouse that features light ruffles in front of the buttons, it has a higher neckline and fitted cuffs at the wrist. I carried the contrasting color to my shoes choosing a pair of dark brown leather heels. With my travel outfit selected I turned to my hair and makeup.

I wanted my makeup to match the colors of my clothing so I selected a shade of eye shadow that closely matched the color of my blouse. I like my eyes to look sultry and for that, I always use a dark eye liner and mascara. At my age, my skin is no longer flawless so I applied a light application of foundation followed by blush. Fortunately, I have a wide array of colors for my lips and applied a matte finish lipstick that was an exact match for the color of my blouse. Finishing my makeup, I surveyed the results. I had a sultry appearance which was just the image I wanted when Ken first saw me later today.

Turning to my hair I decided to go the exact opposite from the style I’d chosen for his class reunion picnic when I had my hair back is a tight ponytail. Using my curling iron, I styled my hair with tight curls then brushed them out to give my hair a lovely wavy look. It just touched my shoulders when I finished. Since I knew we were going to be traveling for some time I gave my hair a squirt or two of hair spray to hold everything in place. A dab of perfume behind each ear and for good measure one between my breasts finished my preparations for Ken’s arrival.

The final step was to get my clothes on; I knew the slacks that I’d selected fit snuggly over my ass so as usual I slipped on a black lace thong. I thought about going braless knowing the satin fabric of my blouse would cause my nipple to harden some but opted for the bra since there was a possibility of someone other than Ken seeing me during our travels tonight. Slipping on my heels I walked to the full-length mirror and checked my appearance. The reflection was exactly what I wanted; a classy mature woman. I was certain Ken would see the same.

I carried my garment bag and small suit case downstairs and put them on the chair in my foyer. It was twenty minutes to five when I stepped outside; the sky was aglow with shades of pink and red and there was a bit of a nip in the air. I thought about running back upstairs to get a sweater or light jacket but figured I’d only be in the cooler night air when Ken and I dashed from his SUV to where ever it was that he was taking me to.

I stepped back inside to wait for his arrival. The excitement of what I knew was going to be an awesome weekend had me anxious to get it started. Another ten minutes passed before my door bell finally rang. I glanced in the mirror in my foyer just to make sure everything was perfect then slowly opened the door.

Ken was dressed in khaki slacks and a light tan shirt. His smile told me that my time preparing for him was well spent. “Sorry, I’m late.” He said.

I returned his smile and replied. “It’s not a problem I’m yours for as long as you like.”

“We have a two-hour drive so let’s hit the road Angel.” Ken said.

I turned and picked up my suit case which he quickly took from my hand along with the garment bag. I put my purse over my shoulder and turned off the light in the foyer.

“I’m so excited about this weekend.” I said as I followed him along the narrow walk to my driveway.

As we neared the driveway the motion sensor spotlights on the garage lit up a shiny little sports car. “Where’s you SUV?” I asked.

“That thing is no fun to drive I figured we’d take my new toy.” Ken remarked.

I was glad he didn’t want a threesome this weekend.

He quickly opened the trunk which was between the headlights and squeezed my suit case in beside his overnight bag and carefully placed my garment bag on top.

I walked around the back of his car which had a wing mounted about a foot above the backend. Just below the wing and between the tail lights it said. “Porsche GT 3”. I’ve heard of this make before but couldn’t recall ever riding in one. Ken met me at the passenger door and pulled it open as he said. “You have to kinda slide into the seat.” I looked inside the seat was contoured to hold you in place.

“It’s good I didn’t wear a tight skirt tonight.” I said as I slipped into his car.

Ken walked around the front and sat down in the driver’s seat. As he buckled his seat belt he said. “You should buckle up.”

“I’ll wrinkle my clothes.” I replied.

He turned to me and explained. “This car goes from zero to sixty in about three seconds it has a top speed just under two hundred miles per hour. Your clothes will be more than wrinkled if you Zonguldak Escort fly through the windshield.”

I clicked my seatbelt closed.

“What’s a car like this cost?” I asked.

Ken laughed and replied. “If you have to ask you can afford it, but since you did I’ll tell you I got a great deal it only cost me a hundred ninety k.”

I was astonished that he would or could spend almost two hundred thousand dollars for what he called his toy. I obviously was in the company of an extremely wealthy man.

He backed out of the driveway and began driving out of my development. I watched the movement of his hand on the shifter as he changed gears. The distance between gears was minuscule, his hand barely moved. I settled into the contoured seat which was very comfortable knowing it would be a pleasurable ride.

Ken made a right turn onto the northbound ramp of the interstate; as he started up the entrance ramp he said. “Hold on to your hat.”

He gunned the engine pushing me back into the seat; seconds later we were flying along in the left lane. “I love this car.” Ken remarked as he slowed down from what had to be over one hundred miles per hour.

“That was so cool.” I remarked than asked. “Can I drive this puppy sometime this weekend?”

Ken glanced over at me and replied. “Sure, but only in the daylight.”

I didn’t speak for a while but continually glanced over at him as the light of day faded. Ken’s profile could have been sculptured in stone; every feature from his jawline to his nose and eyebrows are well defined. If I had to compare his look to someone better know I’d think of the 1970’s Marlboro Man.

“How far are we going?” I asked just to try and get him talking a little.

He took his eyes off the road on for a moment then said. “It’s about a hundred seventy miles.”

I did some quick calculations in my head. If the drive takes two hours and we’re traveling one hundred seventy miles, we would average about eighty-seven miles per hour.

“Any idea how much longer before we get there?” I asked almost sounding like a child asking are we there yet.

Ken laughed and replied. “Depends.”

“Depends on what?” I asked.

“If we stop for something to eat, on how heavy traffic is.” Ken answered.

I didn’t want to wait any longer than necessary to find out what the surprise was so I offered. “I’m not very hungry right now.”

“Then we’ll keep going.” Ken said.

“Good because I’m really excited to see where we’re going and what we’ll be doing.” I commented.

Ken glanced at me as he said. “Where is a surprise, what is kinda obvious.”

I moved my hand from my lap and softly placed it on his thigh. “We can’t fuck the entire weekend.” I answered.

“We can’t?” Ken said as he covered my hand with his.

I gave him a little squeeze and teased him. “You really should keep both hands on the wheel.”

He returned his hand to the steering wheel and gunned the engine; in an instant, we had to be going over a hundred.

“Don’t you worry about speeding tickets?” I asked.

“Naw I just write the check.” He replied.

He skillfully weaved in and out of traffic; which was fairly light, passing other motorists like they were standing still.

I found it rather exhilarating traveling that fast and I was certain the adrenalin was coursing through his arteries. A short time later we flashed across the state line and Ken backed off a bit slowing to near the speed limit.

“Be there in twenty minutes.” He said.

The anticipation of where he was taking me started to really build and I watched for any signs that might tip me off.

Other than the normal motel signs and a few advertising camping resorts I didn’t have a clue.

Ken slowed to exit speed and steered the GT3 onto a ramp marked with a sign EXIT 13. Lucky thirteen I thought.

After stopping, or almost stopping he turned left. Across the intersection, there were several more signs. One read “Lake of the Pines” and in bold letters beneath the work PRIVATE COMMUNITY.

A few miles further Ken slowed the Porsche to a crawl and turned into the entrance of Lake of the Pines, he guided the car to a stop beside a guard shack and opened the window.

“Mr. Sacks it’s been quite a long time since you visited.” The unnamed guard said from his positon behind the sliding glass window.

“Been busy Frank.” Ken replied giving the guard a name.

“How long will you be staying?” Frank asked.

Ken answered. “Till Sunday night; was my cleaning crew in?”

Frank flipped through a few pages held to a clip board and then replied. “They were here most of the day Thursday.”

“Great are you working Sunday evening?” Ken asked him.

“Yes, I am.” Frank replied.

Good, I’ll see you when I check out then.” Ken said.

“Have a great weekend Mr. Sacks.” Frank said as the heavy iron gate barring entry swung open.

As he pulled away Ken looked at me Zonguldak Escort Bayan and said. “I hired Frank twenty years ago.”

I thought it was odd that Ken would have hired a security guard for this private community but didn’t go into it at the time figuring I’d learn more about this place and Ken’s involvement.

Every quarter mile or so the ten mile per hour speed limit was posted on small signs and unlike the speed limit of sixty-five on the interstate, Ken obeyed these signs. At that speed, I was able to see every home we passed each one more spectacular than the one before.

“Some residents live here year round and others only come up during the summer or on weekends.” Ken remarked.

Off in the distance, I could see lights reflecting off the surface of a lake. “That must be the lake?” I asked.

“Yes, it is.” Ken answered.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity at ten miles per hour Ken turned into a driveway leading through a heavily wooded area. The drive rose up a long incline and at the top the trees had been removed. I finally got my first look at the where we’d discussed earlier.

I could only see light in one window but as Ken approached motion sensor lights came on lighting not only the manicured lawn in front both the façade of a rustic looking log cabin.

“Welcome to my retreat.” Ken said as he stopped the GT3 in front.

“This is awesome.” I commented as I tried to take in every detail.

Ken got out of his seat and walked around the Porsche opened my door and offered his hand. I of course happily accepted not only because I welcomed his touch but also because getting out of his car without help would be at best difficult.

As I stood up the chill night air surrounded my body and I felt my nipples harden some. He took my hand in his and together we climbed the dozen or so stairs to a massive front porch. There were several seating areas scattered along the front of the cabin and even a hammock at the corner where the porch wrapped around one side.

He released my hand and placed his in the small of my back as we approached the massive wooden front door.

“It’s not much but I like it.” Ken said as he unlocked the door and pushed it open.

I stepped into the dimly lit entrance and waited for Ken to flip a light switch. His remark that it’s not much was the understatement of the year. The switch he flipped lit a massive wagon wheel chandelier hanging in the middle of the foyer. Small candle shaped lights were mounted around the circumference each one topped with a bulb that flickered like a flame.

“Impressive.” I remarked.

He moved behind me and placed his hands on my hips. “I’d like to put the Porsche in the garage and bring our luggage in. The kitchen is over that way.” He said pointing toward a doorway off to the right.

His hand returned to my waist then both slid down to cover my ass. “I can’t wait to show you the bedroom.” Ken said before giving my cheeks a gentle squeeze.

As he moved away I turned and said. “Neither can I.”

I thought about snooping into some of the other rooms off the foyer but decided it was best to wait until Ken gave me the grand tour. I found the light switch just inside the kitchen which controlled a rustic looking ceiling fan in the center of the ceiling.

This kitchen wasn’t nearly as fancy as the one in his home down south; it was more functional with all the necessary appliances and countertops to prepare a decent meal. Everything from the fan to the cabinets to the wide plank wood flooring had that rustic log cabin appearance.

I leaned against the center island waiting for Ken to appear from the garage; which he did in short order. He was carrying my luggage as well as his own small overnight bag. He placed the bags on the floor then opened the pantry and hung my garment bag over the door.

“Doesn’t seem to be anything in this.” Ken commented as he slid his hand down over the bag.

I smiled and replied. “It’s just enough.”

Ken approached where I was leaning against the counter and placed his hands on my hips. “You hungry?” He asked.

“Hungry for this.” I replied as I moved one hand to his crotch and stroked along the shaft of his cock.

He smiled and squeezed my hips a little. “You don’t want the fifty cent tour?”

“I sure do in fact I can’t wait to see the rest of your retreat.” I replied.

Ken took my hand and led me toward a doorway to another room. “I’ll give you a quick tour but I’d really like to sit down and have a bite to eat. I haven’t eaten since early this morning.” Ken remarked.

“That’ll work.” I replied knowing that while we had some food I could question him about his life; what he does to be able to afford expensive toys and at least two high-end homes.

“This is the game room.” Ken said as we entered.

It was a large room with all kinds of games; vintage pinball, a shooting arcade, shuffle board, fosse ball and of course a huge pool Escort Zonguldak table. In one corner; like his home down south there was a felt covered card table with six player positions.

“I like this room; maybe we could shoot some eight ball sometime this weekend.” I suggested.

“You any good?” Ken asked.

“Not really but I can be very distractive to my opponent.” I replied with a grin on my lips.

“Follow me.” Ken said as he walked toward the french doors leading out the back of the game room.

We stepped out onto a large wooden deck; probably twenty feet across and as wide as the back of the cabin. Like the front porch there were several seating areas but instead of a hammock tucked in one corner was a large hot tub.

“Is that why you asked me to bring a swim suit?” I asked.

“Not really.” Ken replied.

“Good cause I normally like to soak in the nude.” I explained.

He took my hand and walked me to an opening in the railing across the back of the deck. I could see steps leading down off the deck and when Ken flipped a switch mounted on one post I got to see what the suit was for. The switch lit up a full-size swimming pool. Lights surrounding the pool and also under the water showed wisps of steam rising from the surface.

“It’s heated?” I asked.

“Yep, there’s nothing better than taking a swim on a cold winter night then quickly getting into the hot tub.” Ken remarked.

Ken flipped the lights off; took my hand in his and led me back toward the house.

So far I’d seen three places where he and I could fuck the pool table, hot tub and of course the swimming pool.

As we walked back through the kitchen Ken explained his ideas about this home. “I designed this place to be totally relaxed, no formal dining or living room. I wanted it to be a place where I and my guests could spend quality time without the constrictions of life in the city.”

“From what I’ve seen so far your design is right on.” I commented.

We walked back into the foyer; across to a room with a closed door. As Ken opened the door he said. “This is my study; sometimes I come up here alone to spending the weekend working.”

I squeezed his hand and replied. “You won’t be spending any time in here this weekend.”

Ken just smiled.

“Let me grab your things and I’ll show you the upstairs.” Ken said.

“I think we should take a break and have something to eat.” I suggested. What I wanted was to eat a little something then turn off all the lights downstairs and spend the remainder of the evening upstairs.

“Okay that’ll work; I’m famished.” Ken replied.

Once back in the kitchen Ken opened the refrigerator door and reached inside. “Well, at least we’ll have something to drink.” He said as he showed me two diet sodas.

“I guess I should have asked my cleaning crew to stock in some food for the weekend.” He remarked.

He got the same result when he surveyed the pantry. “How do you feel about peanut butter and jelly on crackers?” He asked as he turned toward me.

I just smiled at him and said. “We can run to the grocery store in the morning.”

We sat down next to each other at the center island. As Ken spread the crackers I said. “Can I ask you some questions?”

“Sure Angel ask me anything.” He replied.

“Earlier when we arrived you had said that you hired Frank twenty years ago.” I started.

“I did.” He replied.

“I’m wondering how it is that you were involved in hiring the staff for this place.” I asked.

Ken turned on his stool toward me. “I’ll explain; when I finished college my father asked me what I wanted as a graduation gift. I asked him for land and he purchased two hundred acres surrounding the lake. He told me to develop the land as I saw fit.”

His explanation not only gave me some insight into how he’d hired Frank but also reinforced the idea that Ken Sacks comes for old money.

He continued. “After designing the road around the lake I sub-divided what was left into eighty-two lots. Lake front lots sold for one point five million and the others for one million each. I cleared one hundred twenty million on the sale of lots which took almost ten years.”

“Oh my gosh.” I exclaimed.

“This place is on five acres and sits on the highest elevation in the area.

“I can’t wait to see it in the daylight.” I remarked.

Ken took a sip from his can of soda and slipped a peanut butter cracker onto his tongue.

“You’re very wealthy aren’t you?” I asked a rather bold question.

He smiled and replied. “I have twenty times that invested in real estate in the city.”

“You certainly don’t act like it.” I commented.

He smiled and said. “Not everyone is as glitzy as the Donald.”

“Do you know him?” I asked.

“Yes but I don’t associate with him or his kind.” Ken replied.

I washed the peanut butter that was stuck to the roof of my mouth down with a huge swig of my soda; screwed the lid on the jar and softly said. “Show me your bedroom.”

He smiled and replied. “It’ll be my pleasure.”

He had no idea how much pleasure we would share between now and Sunday night.

Ken gathered our bags and we headed toward the stairway; each side protected by log shaped hand rails and banisters.