Dick – The Teen Gym Stud Ch. 05

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The day after I kissed Jerry was Carlie and my two year anniversary.

I forgot.

The morning of our anniversary Carlie got home from work with a present in her hands. It was a small slender box that she presented to me with a huge smile and a look of pride.

I was looking at the box and before I could bring my gaze up, showing my confused expression, she exclaimed, “Happy anniversary!”

My heart dropped then. Shit. Still, I managed to recover by instantly grabbing her for a hug so she wouldn’t see my face. After a second, I said as enthusiastically as I could “Thanks, Babe! Happy Anniversary! Hard to believe it’s been two years already!”

She hugged me back, giggling. “I know! Crazy!” She seemed not to realize how off guard she had caught me.

“Open it!” She encouraged.

I opened the box to reveal a smart exercise watch, the type that counted your steps and monitored your heart rate and the like. “Wow! I love it.” And I put it on.

“I thought you’d find it useful with all the time you’ve been spending at the gym.”

“It’s great, thanks Carlie.”

“So,” Carlie said grinning, “what’d you get me huh?”

“You’ll have to wait till later. It’s a surprise.” I drew her in and kissed her deeply. We chatted a while longer and then she went to bed.

I felt full of shame. Not only had I forgotten our anniversary, including forgetting to get Carlie a gift, she had bought me a gift because of all the time I had been spending at the gym. Time that I’d been spending with Ryan. In fact the reason I had forgotten, I guessed, was that I had been so preoccupied with Ryan. Well, I would try to salvage the day.

By the time she woke up, I had gone out and had gifts waiting for her – a necklace and earrings. She loved them. She threw her arms around me and didn’t appear to suspect that I had bought them only that day.

We made love that night. While we were in bed, I tried, unsuccessfully, not to imagine I was kissing Ryan instead of her.


The next day I got a text while I was at work. It was Dick.

“Hey babe.”

I looked at his text. It both thrilled me and filled me with guilt. I replied.


“See you at 10. Can’t wait to see you in your new clothes.”

He expected me to wear that outfit in public? And so close to home? No way. Plus, I needed to stop all this. I had decided yesterday that, whatever this was with Ryan, it had to end. Carlie was my wife, and there couldn’t be anyone else

“Sorry, Ryan. Think I’m gonna be working late tonight.”

“Seriously? You gotta commit if you want to keep developing a fit body. It needs to become a habit, like brushing your teeth. Automatic. No excuses.”

I knew he was right but still I resisted.

“I know, I’m just so busy.”

He replied. “No excuses.”

I sighed. As I thought about it, I realized it would be a good opportunity to talk to him about all this.

“Okay, see you at 10.”


Over the course of the day I did a lot of thinking. I did want to keep up my workout routine, and knew that Dick was a great resource for me. He could help me build the muscles Carlie dreamed about. For that reason, I wanted to continue to work out with him.

So I hoped to have a mature conversation with Ryan about what I wanted our relationship to be, and what I wanted it not to be. Though I felt a well of anticipatory regret, thinking about the teenage adonis’s body, I knew this was the right decision.

I arrived at the gym a bit early and started my workout, deep squats and leg raises. I wore my normal workout clothes, a tshirt and grey sweatpants (mine, not Carlie’s). I was nervous about the conversation, but felt confident that Ryan would be mature about it.

I saw him walk in and for a second lost my focus. He wore a muscle shirt and tight (yet manly) gym pants. His body looked amazing, as always.

As he made eye contact with me I smiled, unable to hide my pleasure at seeing him, even with everything that was going on.

He did not smile.

He very slowly looked up and down my body, still across the room. He looked again to my face, serious. Angry?

Then he looked away and walked to the freeweights. No hello, nothing.

I was taken aback. I had not expected this. It was clear he was mad I hadn’t worn the outfit he bought me. I didn’t expect him to really care about that.

I walked over to him to say hello, but he finished his set and walked past me to the bench press, passing me without acknowledging my presence. As the night went on, this didn’t change. Not once did Ryan make eye contact with me.

Eventually he went to the change room. After a few minutes I followed after him. I got changed into my bathing suit, thinking I would talk to him in the Sauna. Maybe to ease his anger I would even give him another massage tonight, even though I was trying to cut that stuff out.

As I approached the sauna though, I saw Ryan. He was walking away from me, out of the changing room, fully dressed. I stood there, bursa escort stunned.


I left the gym feeling like shit. I was crushed by Ryan’s reaction. He had barely acknowledged my existence the entire night. I felt dejected, rejected.

Wasn’t this what I wanted though? I asked myself. I had to bring about normalcy somehow. I had to demonstrate to teen Dick that we could be friends, but that was it. I knew I was doing the right thing. Still…I couldn’t deny the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I got home and took a miserable shower. The whole time I thought about the fact that I could have been sharing a post-workout shower with Ryan at the gym had I just worn the outfit. I could have been running my hands over Ryan’s hard manly body now instead of running them over my soft feminine one.

I dried myself off and climbed into bed. I glanced at my phone. No messages. I opened my text chain with Ryan and looked over our past messages sadly. I reached the picture of him on the couch and looked at it hungrily. My hand moved down my body to my left ass cheek. I squeezed and ground into my hand, staring at Ryan’s chiseled body and the outline of his large cock.

I stopped. I took a deep breath and brought my hand up. I held my finger over the picture until options popped up. My finger paused over the delete button for a long moment. Then I clicked.

I shut off the light and closed my eyes. With images of Ryan flashing through my head, I went to sleep.


I woke up the next day, Saturday, in a dejected mood. I had slept terribly—tossing and turning all night. After lying in bed until late in the morning, I dragged myself up and through my morning routine. I decided I would break my diet this morning. I had been so good for over a month and even though I was basically hungry all the time, I had resisted the urge. This morning though, sugary cereal. I poured myself a big bowl and was about to take a bite when Carlie arrived home from her night shift. I put down the spoon.

“Hey Babe!” she said, cheerily.

I winced at the name ‘babe.’

“Hey” I replied softly. “How was work?”

“Fine, bedpan central last night. Lots of elderly patients.” She wiggled her fingers in my face jokingly.

I reeled back and stood up, grimacing. “Cut it out.”

“Babe, cool it. Jeez what’s with you?”

I sighed. “Nothing, I’m sorry. Just too little sleep last night.”

“Sounds like you need a little sugar.” Carlie grinned at me and stepped up, putting her arms around me.

She kissed me and I kissed her back. I loved her. But, if I was honest, the kiss felt soft and unexciting. We parted and she there was a surprised look on her face. She was feeling my sides.

“Wow, Jerry. You feel so thin. You’ve really tightened up!”

“Thanks,” I grinned.

“I guess Dick’s been giving you great advice after all huh?”

My grin faltered. “Yeah, I guess.”

“Keep it up! Time to start building big…ssexy muscles like his soon.” She appeared to swallow mid-sentence.

I swallowed myself, the way she said it had triggered something. I took a deep breath. “Yeah…hopefully…” I answered slowly.

“Okay, I’m gonna hit the sack. What you gonna do today? Gym?” Carlie asked.

“Maybe, I don’t know.”

Carlie kissed me again and walked out, leaving me feeling hollow and guilty.

It was true, Ryan had been great to me. Thanks to him, I was in way better shape than I had been six weeks ago. I had developed a good gym routine, maybe even a gym “habit.” He had taken the time to coach me through proper form on countless exercises and cheered me on all the while. He had encouraged me to change my diet for the better. He had even bought me an outfit! And I basically threw it back into his face. I grabbed the cereal bowl and dumped it into the sink.

I sat down hard. Damn. No wonder he was upset when I showed up without the outfit. He must have thought I was so ungrateful. It probably wasn’t about the outfit, but my ungrateful attitude. I opened my phone and my text chain with him. I scrolled up like I had done so many times before, seeking the photo he had sent me. Then I remembered I had deleted it last night.

Damn. I was such an ass.

I sat there thinking. I was still determined to ensure my relationship with Ryan remained appropriate, but I did want him to know I was appreciative of him. I did hope he and I could maintain a friendship.

I wrote out a message.

“Hey Ryan. Listen I hope you don’t think me showing up in my normal outfit was anything against you. I just thought I’d wear my normal clothes. I really do appreciate how helpful you’ve been to me over the past few weeks!”

I clicked send.

I sat on the couch and turned on the tv. A sitcom rerun came on and i barely paid attention, so constantly was I checking my phone. My heart beat in my chest faster than it should have. As the episode neared the end I became even more dejected. Ryan was usually a quick responder.

Another episode görükle escort went by, then another. At this point it had been more than 90 minutes since my text and, for whatever reason, I felt desperate. I typed out another message, rewriting it a few times until I couldn’t think of how else to change it.

“I really do appreciate the clothes you bought me. It’s a really nice outfit. You were very sweet to buy it for me.”

I clicked send, my heart continuing to hammer in my chest. Another half episode went by and I was sure he wasn’t going to respond. I sunk deeper into sullenness.

Then, buzz. It was him! I quickly opened his message.

“You like the outfit?”

My heart soared. “Of course, I love it!” Desperate to demonstrate my appreciation at this point.

“Why didn’t you wear it like I told you to, then.”

It was so depressing to see him mad at me. I decided to be truthful. “Honestly, I just wasn’t comfortable wearing it to the gym, especially so close to home.”

“Why not?”

“I was worried they looked a bit strange on me.” I replied.

“That’s dumb, you look sexy as hell in those pants.”

I flushed and a big grin spread on my face. “Sexy as hell, huh?” I replied.

“Yeah, your ass looks tight and fit in them. They really show off the progress you’ve made.” Ryan said.

“You really think so?” I asked, half-thinking he was messing with me.

“Definitely, babe.” I couldn’t suppress the flush of pleasure I felt when he called me ‘babe.’ It was weird how that had changed.

He continued. “Try them on right now.”

“Now?” I replied, dumbly.

“Right now.”

I stood up. Things were going well again and I didn’t want to anger him again. More importantly, because of the forceful way he told me to do it, I didn’t really consider saying no. I went over to my gym bag—the outfit was tucked into the bottom. I fished the pants out out and looked at them. They seemed so small.

“Okay, Ryan. I’m putting them on.” I messaged him.

I briefly considered Carlie, but she had just fallen asleep and would be asleep all day. I pulled off my pants and slid on the tight purple stretchy material. As before I had to use extra effort to get it over my butt.

My phone buzzed. “How do they feel?”

I wigged around in them, feeling them out. “Good,” I replied, “really comfortable.” It was true, they supported and lifted each of my butt cheeks, hugging my curves and running down my legs snugly and comfortably.

“And how do they look?” He asked.

I walked over to our mirror and checked them out. Unlike the normal pants I wore, the legs of these pants divided right beneath my ass. There was not the inch or two beneath my butt I was used to, providing room to breath. Instead these stuck to every inch of my ass and legs like they were painted on. The waist of the pants also came very high, tapering in above my hips and stopping an inch short of my belly button. The result was that my legs looked long and thin, the material stretched taught over them. I turned sideways and was rewarded with a good look at my butt sticking out. It was really developing a bubble, and a lot of that was muscle, given with the fat I’d burned off. In fact, dropping as much weight as I had – almost 15 pounds at this point – seemed to accentuate my new curves.

Buzz – Ryan had texted again: “?”

“Not bad I guess.” I replied, bashfully.

“Send me a picture. I want to see that ass in those pants.”

I hesitated. I didn’t want to send Ryan a picture of my butt. That went against what I was trying to work on here. But, he did buy the pants after all, I guess he did have the right to see them. Also, things were going so well again I didn’t want to ruin it.

“Hold on.” I texted.

I tried a bunch of shots in the mirror that I didn’t like. They were taken without zoom so I tried focusing in on my legs. I took a couple more with me turned to the side and around and didn’t like any. Then I tried the classic instagram “butt pose” that was all over the place these days. Leg closer to the camera slightly in front in front. Other leg pointed back. I arched my back and pushed my butt out. Clicks.

Wow, not bad, I thought. I looked at the picture – my ass looked really good. I almost felt an instagram model could have posted the shot. Should I send it to Ryan though? What if he thought it was way too feminine. I didn’t know really what he was expecting.

“Can’t wait all day.” he messaged.

I had run out of time. I sent him the photo and waited, my heart in my throat.

A new message. “Jesus christ.”

“What? That bad?” I replied, not knowing what he was thinking.

“No. Not bad. In fact, spectacular. ????”

I broke out in a huge smile. I couldn’t help it. I was really proud, very happy to have pleased him.

“So. We’ve established the pants fit and feel great, and that you look great in them. So how do you feel in them?” Ryan asked.

“Fine, I guess.”

“Just fine?”

“Good. Really good.”

“Then bursa escort bayan there’s no reason at all not to wear them.”

“I guess.”

“Okay, now that we’ve got that established, let’s go for a run outside.”

A run? We hadn’t done that before. I guess it was good though. He wouldn’t be coaching me through routines and I wouldn’t be witnessing him workout. Being out in the open also meant no massages. I was also unreasonably excited that he wanted to see me again after all.

“That’s a nice idea. Where?”

“East side park. That outfit will be great for the run.”

My outfit…I paused. He wanted me to wear the outfit. And if I arrived without wearing the pants, he would be angry at me all over again. What if I did wear them, though? What if someone I knew saw me? Well at least the east side park was far away from my neighborhood so it was unlikely. I really did have to set boundaries though. Better now than never.

“Okay, I’ll wear the pants.”

“The shirt too.” He replied.

Crap. “Okay, shirt too.”

I took a deep breath and began typing. “Listen, Ryan, I just wanted to set your expectations so that you don’t get the wrong idea. I’m married, straight, and much, much older than you. I know we’ve had a few weird and awkward moments, but I need to make clear to you that there’s not going to be any more of that. We can only be friends. I do hope that we really can be though.”

There was a long pause by Ryan. I stared at the screen nervously.

Finally, a response. “Whatever you say, babe. Sure thing ;).”

I was a bit confused my his response – in particular the winky face. He also seemed pretty casual about it. But he had agreed and I was relieved. “Great. Thank you for being understanding.”

“See you at the south entrance at 2 p.m.” Ryan replied.

“Okay.” That was 30 minutes from now and it would take that long to get to the park. I’d better get going. I grabbed the purple shirt from my gym bag and headed out to my car.


I pulled my car (an old toyota prius) along the side of a street near to the south entrance of the park. Before getting out I took off my normal shirt and slipped on the matching purple one. It was a bit difficult to get on and felt fairly tight. Oh well, I thought, and got out of the car.

Only when I stood up did I realize how short the shirt was. Even with the pants as high as they were, a good two inches of my midsection showed between where the shirt ended and the pants began. My bellybutton was out in the open for the world to see. Moreover, the tight shirt left nothing to the imagination regarding the muscles (or lack thereof) in my back and chest.

As I walked away from the car, I wondered whether this was a huge mistake. I felt practically naked. I couldn’t help shaking the feeling that everyone I passed was giving me a weird look. I self consciously put my hands over my waist to block it (the front and sides, at least) from view. Still, I could feel my butt jiggle with each step. My body was on fully display to anyone who happened to look my way.

The outfit was so tight that I could only carry my car key, which I slipped into the smallest pocket in the pants. I even had to leave my phone behind in the car. I would have to simply look around for Ryan (I had texted him when I had arrived that I would have to leave my phone behind). At least it was a fairly warm day.

I walked around the south entrance, after making a few embarrassed circles I sat down on a bench. Was he coming? I thought, or was he just playing some kind of prank on me? Was he still mad at me?

I looked around nervously. I wasn’t familiar with the area and it didn’t seem like the best neighborhood. As I stood up and began circling around again, I neared a small group of three young, tough looking guys a few benches down from mine. Self consciously, I put my hand over my face. They seemed not to notice me as I approached but as soon as I had passed I heard a horse-whistle behind me.

“Damnnn.” One of them said. “Hey honey, slow down.”

I did the opposite, picking up my pace.

“Where you going, sweetie?” A different voice said from behind, getting closer now.

Shit, I started to panic. I kept walking, the guys voices and cat-calls getting closer and louder. I increased my pace again.

As I considered whether to run away, I spotted him. He was jogging in my direction and he had evidently just spotted me to. He was waving. He wore short black jogging shorts, running shoes, and nothing else. “`

His huge leg muscles flexed and contracted as he jogged in my direction while his large pecs bounced slightly up and down, demonstrating their impressive size. “Hey babe!” he called.

Relief flooded into me and I waved both my arms, a large smile spreading on my face.

From behind, I heard a quiet “Shit…”

Ryan reached me and, surprisingly, brought me into a hug and lifted me up, my arms still raised in the air. I squealed and giggled, bringing my arms down around his neck as he set me down. He kept hold of me though, his thick long arms enveloping me easily, and the relief and a feeling of safety flowed into me. I rested my head against his chest, breathing deeply.

“Good to see you, babe.” The pressure of his hug let up.

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