Dina and Penny – The Bathroom Stall




Penny was sitting in a lecture, near dozed off. College was, so far, boring. Less than the glimmering land of knowledge and opportunity that her old dad had described it to her as. The only true glimmer of color in this world was Dina- Penny’s beautiful roommate, whom she had come to quite like. She looked back on the week before as the radio dial in her brain faded the lecturer to static. That previous Wednesday had been their first sexual encounter.

Penny was quite sure before that Dina would not come around to enjoy her company that way. Sure, they got along. Penny’s favorite game was getting Dina to giggle and blush, and Dina’s favorite game was to show Penny up, playfully putting her down. And, Penny wasn’t the lovesick type- she was perfectly comfortable masturbating to the thought of the slender, tall, freckled object of affections who was asleep across the room.

But things changed last week.

The growl of Penny’s phone vibrating on the desk brought her back to the present. She looked around before moving the phone to her lap.


Can you come to the g hall bathroom???

Penny swiped the message up to reply:

Otw. I only have pads tho

She dug through her bag for her stash of feminine products, half-heartedly concealing them inside the pocket of her hoodie. She made her less-than-subtle escape from the lecture hall to the ever stretching, medicinal hallway outside, in which the sound of her flats clicking on the tile gorukle escort echoed out as the only sound. It was two flights of stairs to Green Hall.

Penny opened the bathroom door and looked around to see no one- and every stall but one was wide open.


Meekly, Dina replied: “I’m in here.” In fact, it was so meek, even for Dina, that Penny became concerned.

“What, are you sick?” She heard the stall unlock before she cautiously let herself in.

“Not quite.”

Penny was confused to see that Dina was just leaning against the side of the stall. She wore a soft pink skirt, one that Penny had had some lovely thoughts about before. Her face was rosy pink, almost as if she had been crying. “Oh. Well, I brought the pads. The tampons I use-“

“It’s not about that.”

“What? Then what’s up? Are you okay?”

Dina smiled shily. “I need something from you.”

“Oh?” Penny dropped the pads to the ground as she took a step closer. She had to stand on her tiptoes to be eye-level with Dina. “What do you need?”

Dina looked away. “I don’t wanna say it out loud.”

“Well, you’re gonna have to, to get what you want, don’t you think?” She ran her hands along Dina’s sides.

“But you already know.”

“No… I don’t.”

“You do.”

“Ahh, you’re right. I do. You want me… to…” Dina nodded. “Take you to lunch after my lecture!” Dina grinned and shook her head. “No? Then… You want me to… Go streaking through the lecture hall.”

Dina altıparmak eskort bayan laughed. “Stooop!”

“Tell me what you want, Dina, ’cause I apparently just have no idea.”

Dina only looked down silently, and then lowered her head to kiss Penny softly. She came up for air and then kissed her again, a little harder, before looking into Penny’s eyes and whispering: “Can you please just touch me?”

Penny smiled wide and slid her hands down to hold Dina’s ass. “Touch you where?”

“Touch my pussy. Just- touch it for me. Please, I’ve been thinking about you all morning, and,”

“Shhhh…” Penny moved her hands to untuck Dina’s shirt from her skirt, lifting it and undoing her bra, pushing it out of the way to kiss one of Dina’s breasts. Dina shuttered from the wet sensation. “You’ve been thinking about me all morning, have you?”


“Thinking about me, maybe, doing this?” She pressed her tongue up against Dina’s nipple again.


“Poor, poor Dina. So worked up, huh?”


“Let me help you then, huh? I mean if you’ve really been thinking about me all morning, I guess I can help you out.”


Penny’s fingers wandered down to the very pink skirt she had fantasized about so many nights before. They moved the fabric out of the way to press against Dina’s panties, which were remarkably wet- even sticky. “Did you already cum today?” Dina nodded without meeting Penny’s eyes. “Desperate, nilüfer eskort bayan desperate creature.” She watched Dina’s face closely as she pulled the panties down and began to swirl with two fingers around Dina’s clit, eliciting a series of soft moans and whimpers. Moments later, she removed her fingers and gently instructed Dina to turn around. She pressed her palm against Dina’s back, forcing her to arch her back slightly.

“Can you-” Dina spoke over her shoulder as a thread of cum dripped down her inner thigh.

“Can I what?”

“Can you finger me?”

Without responding, Penny reached down to push her middle and ring fingers into Dina’s pussy. Dina gasped. “This way?” She slowly pulled her fingers in and out.


“Why don’t you go ahead and touch your clit, too? Now that I’m busy?” Dina obliged. Before long she was whining like a dog. “Now stop. Don’t touch your clit. Just let me finger fuck you.” Dina added her index finger to the mix.

“Ow, fuck.”

“You want me to take it out?”


Penny picked up speed and Dina began to ride her fingers, her ass bouncing against Penny’s hand. Penny’s free hand moved to grib the outside of Dina’s thigh. “Mmm… I’m gonna… I think I’m gonna cum”

“Rub your clit. Rub your clit while you cum, Dina.” Dina, again, obliged.

“Oh, fuck! Fuck fuck fuckfuckfuckfuck…mmm…” Penny felt the shutter of an orgasm ripple through Dina’s whole body, and then felt Dina’s whole body wince as she gently removed her fingers. Dina breathed a few heavy breaths before she turned around to lean against the stall again.

Penny smiled at the glistening mess she’d turned Dina into. “Are you sure that you didn’t just want me to take you to lunch after the lecture?” She stood on her tiptoes to kiss Dina’s laughing lips.