Dinner, Dancing and Doing It

Big Dicks

One night changed my life forever. I let my son make love to me. I felt so guilty I was afraid to face my husband, but strong as my guilty feelings were, I could not help my weakness for making love with my son. I am a very religious woman and what bothers me even more than the fact that the incident occurred, is the fact that I enjoyed it while it was happening and wanted more of the same. I got my wish and we are still continuing to carry on our affair, even as I write this.

My husband is an executive. One trip, a few months ago, he was away for several days. The second night I took my son, age 18, to a restaurant. During the meal he had removed his sandals and was running his bare foot up and down my leg, I told him to stop, but he wouldn’t. He said he like the feel of panty hose. Not wishing to make a scene in public, I let him have his way. Actually, I got a little thrill out of his sneaky footsy game

The restaurant where we ate had a small dance floor, and since it was Friday there was a small band playing. I sighed that I hadn’t danced in years. My son asked me if I want to dance with him. Since his father hadn’t taking me “to trip the light fantastic” in so long, I agreed. I have always loved to dance, finding it romantic and sensual. But I didn’t consider that I would transfer those feelings to my son.

The couple of glasses of wine I had must have hit me harder than usual, because when we started to dance I lost my balance for a moment and had to lean on my son for support. This made us begin to dance very close as a slow waltz was played. My son had dancing classes and now his lessons really showed. He took a firm lead and holding me closer still, glided us around the floor. I swelled with pride as my handsome son showed me his skills. He held me tightly on the turns and my breasts pressed against his chest. When that would happen he would take a deep breath and seem to enjoy the sensation. I didn’t mind, it really was very complementary.

As we moved together I felt his leg bushing against mine and even between them occasionally. This was exciting me and my clit was getting bigger and beginning to protrude from its sheath. Soon the movements of dancing and frontal friction made me dampen my panties! I was embarrassed, but trying not to let it be too obvious that I was getting turned on. In that position, with our legs entwined as we twirled and swayed, I felt what I was sure was my son’s stiff penis nudging against me on purpose. When that dance ended I decided that we had better go home. It had been some dance! I hadn’t gotten like that since my husband and I were still dating.

On the way home as we walked side by side, he asked me if I missed his father. I answered yes, not suspect for one moment what he was getting at. He put his arm around my waist and whispered he take care of me while Daddy was away. I then began to wonder. Was my son sensing my feeling of neglect? Was he trying to fill the emptiness? Did he have something more mind that a sexy dance? I wasn’t sure I wanted to know, but my son had made me feel loved and wanted. Only, I wondered, what he really wanted exactly. As we walked, his hand on the small of my back slipped lower down to my hips; I felt a strange desired begin to take seed.


Having arrived home, after a light walked, he went off to bed. I went and drew a bath, I love relaxing in the tub. As I lay there, content in the warm water, my thoughts drifted to the events of the evening. I remember the erotic feeling of my son’s foot rubbing on my leg; I recalled when we had danced close how my breasts were squeezed to his chest and how his thigh had pressed between my legs. Occasionally, at first it would slide across my Mons and clit, and then he had become even bolder and mashed his male member against my abdomen.

Had he known what he was doing to me? How excited and aroused it made me feel? I had gotten wet while we waltzed! His father had used the same tricks to seduce me when we were dating. The tingling returned down in my vagina. I had to admit it, I was horny, and my son was the one of brought those needs to the surface.

The water felt sensual and I decided to masturbate to relieve the sensual hunger I was feeling in my loins. My hands began to massage my breasts. They had yet to lose much of their girlish firmness. I pulled at the nipples until they were erect. They’d been stiff when we had danced too. Then my fingers slip down my trembling body to play with my throbbing clit, to bring the urgent release I desperately needed.

I spread my legs as my fingers searched for the little pleasure bud. I pulled my labia open, exposing my nub and began to stimulate it using the slippery juices from my hot hole. I put a couple fingers in there too and let my mind wander to thoughts of what I’d seen of my son sometimes, when I caught Rize Escort sight of him nude after a shower or changing clothes. My eyes couldn’t help seeing what a terrific body he had. I began to think of those forbidden thoughts that dance has started, I began to pretend it was my son who was my lover and it made my head pulse with lust for his cock.

As I brought myself close to my climax I looked up. There, in the slightly open door peaking in, with his hand on his erect penis, was my son. I almost fainted, from embarrassment or lust I’m not sure. I must have been lying there for a good 10 to 15 minutes fingering myself before I noticed him staring at me. I wondered if he had been there the whole time. Oh! My god! Had I called his name as I was fantasizing about him poking his stiffness into my center? I couldn’t remember, but there was no place to hide. Then he just walked into the bathroom!

I asked him to leave but he was persistent, and started asking me all kinds of questions about my relationship with his father. Did we make love often? Did I cum several times when we screwed? Did his father satisfy my sexual desires completely? Did I think his dad’s dick was big enough? I could see my son’s fully erect man-meat was large enough to fulfill all that I could ask for. I realized that during our conversation he had been stroking that flesh pole and I had continued to massage my titties and strum my pussy lips as I cautiously replied to his graphic grilling. I finally got up in wrap myself in the towel. He followed me into the bedroom . . . naked.

I was upset and annoyed but realized that something must have been bothering him terribly. When I’m confronted him, he admitted that he was insecure and wanted to spend the night in my bed. He said he felt like a social outcast and wanted to be near me, someone he knew really did love him. I thought I understood the feelings that a teenager has, but was unsure a night in his mommy’s bed would make him feel more mature and confident. Yet, the sexual elements of the evening’s events also made me suspicious of his motive. But, after more discussion I reluctantly agreed.

I had to put the towel down to get into my nightgown. This gave my son a free view of his mother’s body. I could see his penis getting erect again. I did something very naughty, I ‘accidently’ dropped my nightgown and then I had to reach down to pick it up. My son’s eyes never left me as I’ve bent over with my back to him and my legs slightly apart. He had a very good look at his mother’s pussy. I suppose that I was responsible for what happened later with that kind teasing. I got a secret charge out of exposing my most private place to him too. Wine always made me a wee bit wanton.


Then we got in bed together. He was still naked. When I told him to get his night clothes on, he claimed that he never used pajamas but slept in the nude. Well I did that sometimes too, but I wasn’t about to be ‘in the raw’ at the same time I was sharing a bed with my bare son. I didn’t want to have a fuss over his sleeping in the buff, so I let him stay as he was in his ‘birthday suit’ I leaned over to kiss him goodnight and he pulled me to him in a tight hug.

I could feel his erection poking me in the midsection as we kissed a bit longer than I had intended. I broke away from his embrace when he began to rub the boy-toy up and down on my tummy. I was glad I had the nightie on for at least some modesty’s sake. The boldness of his hint of sexual coupling was made dangerous by the lubrication it elicited from between my thighs. But I wasn’t going to let my son fuck me, just share the warmth and companionship of spending the night in bed with another person, even if it was his mother!

My back was turned to him as we started to go to sleep and I could sense his body closed by from the warmth. Somewhere in the middle of night I awoke suddenly. My nightgown was rolled up all way to my arm pits; my son was lying tightly against me, his stomach to my back. His hands were wrapped around my body and he was softly fondly my erect nipples! His penis was turgid and tucked in between my thighs. It was rubbing against the outer labia and my vagina was secreting heavily. In other words, I was excited and turned on! I had no idea how long this had been going on.

At first I didn’t move. I was afraid to let on that I was awake. I kept wondering how long he had been doing this and whether or not he had attempted to penetrate me. My questions were soon answered. By maneuvering himself somewhat, his penis found the opening and slid in. It was large and rigid and I could not prevent my body from beginning to perspire from the excitement. My son was moaning and beginning to pump more vigorously. I could feel the ridge to his dick-head sliding in and out of the first couple of inches of my Rize Escort Bayan pussy. I knew there was plenty of length left to plumb me with.

I could and should have stopped it right there . . . but I’d let it go on. I allowed him to continue and even began to move with him. My hips pushed back seeking to gain more of the hot staff within my yearning, burning cavity. He rolled me over on to my stomach, clinging to me as he did so. I found myself raising my buttocks, accepting him even deeper into me. The thick rod of his organ slid all the way to the bottom. I could feel the tip bumping the mouth of my womb. Pubic hair met pubic hair, as completely to the root of his rod my sex driven son rutted into his mother’s cunt of unconditional love. He climax at that moment, screaming out into the darkness. I climax myself, the big bang – over the top / can’t stop from cumming kind. Too exhausted and out of breathe to say anything, we both fell off to sleep without so much as one word having passed our lips.

The Morning After

The next morning I came downstairs, while he was still asleep upstairs in my bed. I was so full of shame I felt like bursting. Whom could I turn to, whom could I tell? How could I explain what had made me let my son fuck me? How could I ever admit to anyone the pleasure and satisfaction I took from being my son’s lover? I went into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee. As I sat there at the kitchen table I heard him get up and go to the bathroom. After the toilet flushed I heard him coming down the stairs.

Now was the moment I dreaded, to have to look him in the face and say what we had done was not right, was not to be repeated, and was never to be talked about with another soul. Would he obey me, now that we had passed a threshold of intimacy that mothers and sons were forbidden to do? Would he want more of incestuous sex? Would he look into my eyes and see clear to my soul that I desired physical union again also, to have my child lying between the loins that birthed him?

I stood up as he came into the room, but before I could say anything, he came over and gave me a tight hug. Then, he kissed me. It was a French kiss and took me completely by surprise. I pushed him away and shook my head, not trusting my voice to say no, for my knees had turned to jelly at that intimate act and something’s stirred between my thighs once more. He sensed it for he took a step closer to me and put his hand around my body drawing me to his embrace again. He pushed at me with his hips.

I tried to move back away from him, but I was stopped by the edge of the table. My arms went around him as he kissed me deeply with his tongue sliding into my mouth. I seem to have no will of my own. His hand move down to my buttocks and started to massage them, then they were pulling my robe, the only apparel I had on, off my shoulders then down and over my hips. Now I stood before my son completely stripped of clothing and of resistance to anything he wanted. My head the throbbed with passion, my clit pulsed with lust, my vagina dripped with readiness. My son dropped his jockey shorts, the only thing he was wearing, to the floor.

He leaned me back so that I had to sit on the table. I scooted back even more and drew up my legs and spread them totally, exposing my crotch to my son, who now had become my lover. He bent down and began to lick my quim and stick his fingers into my vagina. His tongue drove me to heights I had never experienced before. My hands caressed his head gently as he was eating me. The raspy, fat, pink worm from between his teeth worked in concert with the nibbling lips beneath his nose. My taste and smell and flaps of female flesh were a feast for my son, the motherfucker.

Then he rose up and stepped up close, touching my labia with his hard penis. The head of it was a bright red and look is big as his father’s. I couldn’t stop him this time either, nor did I want to. Indeed, I urged him to put it in and began to use language I reserved only for my fantasies. “Fuck me!” I told him, “Screw me! Oh, yes! Make me cum like crazy! Cream in me baby! I want your cum in me so bad!!” But he continued to rub the tip up and down my wet red-hot blood-red cleft. My hips were rising up off the table seeking to have him in my burning pit. Finally, my son, my incestuous lover, gave me what I was begging for. As his stiff rod slid into my cunt I groaned and panted, with a fevered trembling that shook my whole body. We were doing it again! This time he knew I wanted it just as much as he, and wanted him to squirt his load of baby-making juice deep inside his mother.

He began to move faster as his climax built. I was moving my hips pumping in rhythm, thrusting back at my son. His balls beat against my asshole exciting me all the more. Then, he was finally climaxing inside Escort Rize me saying, “Oh . . . Mom! Oohh uh! Mom! Mommy! I love you! Come with me Mommy! CUM WITH MEEE!!”

I had never dreamed of so intense a moment. My orgasm burst over me like a concussion from an explosion. I lunged my hips forward and pulled him to me so we were locked together as my body bounced in response to his demanding cock. I screamed in cumming with him. My eyes were clouded with a pink blurry haze of a semi-comatose trance. As I slowly came to my senses I realized that it was the second time we had made love in only 12 hours, yet I already look forward to the next, and wondered when it would be. Soon, I hoped.

Rear Ended

It was sooner than I expected. While I was still weak from that first morning’s mighty orgasm, my son turned me over and placing his still extended pike against my opening and put it back in again. I came abruptly at once and then, in just moments it seemed, again, as his smooth slick dick moved back and forth powerfully in my vagina. He took me. I had no control over my physical reactions anymore. I was completely under my son’s command. But he hadn’t come in me the second time yet.

I started to turn but he commanded me to stay like that. I felt him withdraw, heard him take a couple of steps and open a cabinet, then he was behind me once more. I had no idea what was going to happen until I felt the cold slippery sensation at my asshole. The hairs of my anus were being smeared; the crack of my butt was being lubricated. I had not the slightest doubt about what was to happen next. I had never allowed that, not even with my husband; no matter how much wine, I wasn’t that wicked!

“No, no!” I said as he began to work the Crisco into that most sensitive of places, but I knew he wouldn’t stop. We were passed that point. I never had more than my husband’s finger there before. Yet, that did excite me, in a different way; one that I thought now could be good, if done gently. My son lubricated his cock with the white grease. Then I fell him start to do it.

When he first began to push, the head slid in without too much discomfort. As he got more and more into me though, it was uncomfortable and I wanted to protest. But all I could did do was grunt. Then, he started to move in an out ever so cautiously. I began to adjust to his bulk. I began to have a strange glowing feeling around my entire rear. I found that it was good! I was going to ass-cum with my son! He began to move from the delicate strokes with which he had started with and picked up the pace a bit as his prick dilated the sphincter muscle allowing a swifter sawing of the sausage stuffing my bottom.

I opened myself to the inevitable, accepting the total submission this act symbolized. I could smell the faint fecal odor and the sensation of elimination and reversal cycling again and again which was queerly pleasurable in a way I had never experienced. He was pounding into me now, and was going to cum in my rectum. It was crazy! I’ve never been so totally turned on. I threw my ass upward toward him as I felt him pulse and throb with his orgasm, this made me cum too. It was a weird cum, with both my clit and my ass zinging and bucking all at the same time. I collapsed on the table totally exhausted and completely satisfied by my lover, my son.

He rested his torso lightly upon my back. We lay like that for a few minutes, half supported by the table, our legs barely able to hold themselves up. My son finally stood erect and seemed to draw some kind of primordial strength from somewhere. No way could I have walked anywhere. In fact, I was lucky not to collapse to the floor. He reached out and scooped me up like a bride being carried over the threshold. Only we were both naked, with cum and all sorts of other things coating our genitals. Any bride would have considered the fuckings I had gotten to be honeymoon enough.

Silently, without words, because we were too busy kissing, my son transport in his arms like a baby to the bathroom. He set me upon the toilet seat where I promptly peed in front of my son and lover without any embarrassment now. He began to draw a bath and helped me into the tub. He lathered up his hands and soaped me all over; everywhere, everything, inside and out, then rinsed me. He drew me out of the water and got in the tub himself then. With pleasure, I proceeded to wash my son’s everything and everywhere, even inside him. We toweled each other off and changed the sheets on my bed. Then we lay down on it again, both of us naked and in love with each other. I felt guilty about it, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from having the best sex of my life.

One night changed my life forever. The fact is that I enjoyed it while it was happening and wanted more of the same. I got my wish. We are still continuing to carry on our affair, even as I write this. Even as I write this, he is fondling my breasts and getting ready to fuck me again. So here I will end the story for now. I’m glad that I could turn to you; I know that at least you will understand.