Dirty Gay Couple Condo Photo Shoot

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This is a fantasy of mine. Yes, I know it may seem strange to some people, but for those who are into such things I hope it’ll be a turn-on. It involves male-on-male, group sex, and forced sex. If you’re not a fan of those things, please don’t continue reading this story. It’s not meant to be a great work of prose, just a fantasy.

As a photographer for a kitchen and bathroom remodeling firm in the Phoenix area, I’ve been in a lot of houses, condos, and “cabins” taking photos of high-end remodeling projects for clients. Also, as someone who just plain likes to fuck or be fucked, I’ve had many experiences where I’m pounding into an older women’s asshole as she’s bent over her new countertop, or I’m being pounded into by gay or even sometimes not gay men as I’m bent over their new countertop. Either scenario works for me.

I’m also a runner and a person who likes to stay in shape and I’ve been taken against my will many times while running on desert trails by myself, not that I’ve put up a fight or minded it at all. In fact, I like to be taken against my will and I always make a point of squeezing some Vaseline up my tight little asshole in case that happens while I’m running. I don’t mind a few cocks jamming into my asshole without any lubrication as before too long, the ass-raper will have enough precum to lubricate my tight asshole, but it never hurts (no pun intended) to have a really greasy, slippery asshole for their hard cocks to slide in and out of while they rape me right out of the chute, again, no pun intended.

I never wear a shirt or underwear while I’m out for a secluded run, just loose running shorts. Those shorts often sag down so the top of my bare figure skater-like ass cheeks are showing which is clearly a sign for “fuck me”, I may as well have that tattooed on my back, like an ass-topper tattoo. “Fuck Here” with an arrow pointing down to my tight little pink rosebud asshole. “Rape and abuse this tight little shit hole.” That would be a better ass-topper tattoo for me.

At least once a week I’ll be running on a desert trail and I’ll hear someone coming up from behind me and pretty soon I’m being grabbed from behind, my sagging shorts are being pulled down, I’m being spanked, fucked hard and fast, and filled with hot cum from some random stranger. Then, when they’re done abusing my poor little shit hole, they just push me down in the dirt or sand, sometimes pushing some sand into my asshole and spanking it again until it’s puffy and sore, and then they take off. I usually don’t even see the faces of the strangers who have raped my asshole. And, it’s sometimes more than one guy at a time, sometimes all of their cocks are spreading my abused asshole open while they take turns fucking into it and filling it with both cum and then piss. More than half of the time, I’ll have my raped asshole filled with hot piss, too. Having strangers use my raped and abused hole as a urinal is another fantasy of mine, filling my ass with their hot piss after filling me with their dirty hot cum. I love it.

Sometimes it’s a group of guys on the trail, maybe they’re young college students out for a run and are horny as most college students are. They see a sweaty guy all by himself with his shorts falling down and his glistening, sweaty ass cheeks and nobody else is around, they all gang up on me and fuck the shit out of my ass, sometimes literally as I shit while they’re fucking me which makes it even more dirty and fun. They keep fucking into my ass as I’m shitting, turning me on even more. Sometimes, I go running while I have to shit so once a stranger starts raping my ass, I just push it out which either makes them mad and they fuck me even harder, or they like how dirty I am. Either way, it’s a win for me.

It’s my favorite scenario to be taken by strangers and fucked silly, which is why I keep running without underwear and with my saggy running shorts hanging halfway down my ass cheeks and my asshole filled with Vaseline. I love being raped in the wilderness like that, it makes me feel so dirty and used, like some random sex toy or just a random tight hole meant to be abused and raped by dirty strangers.

I recently had a kitchen and master bathroom photo shoot at a downtown condo in Phoenix and the clients were a gay couple, which is not an unusual situation at all. This time, however, it was a little unusual in that they both sat on a couch and watched me the whole time that I was shooting the small-but-nice kitchen. They both had shorts on and no shirts which again isn’t unusual for Phoenix and it was hot in their condo. They said that their air-conditioning wasn’t working and it had to be in the 80s in there.

It wasn’t long before I asked if they minded if I changed into my running shorts and a t-shirt, and they said, “By all means, you do what you need to do to stay comfortable. Take off as much as you want bursa escort to.”

I went into their master bathroom, which I’d be photographing later, and changed and was back in the kitchen/living room area in a couple of minutes. It felt much better but I was still sweating and my too-small t-shirt was clinging to my torso. As I said, I work out and am in great shape and being in my late-30s, I have a pretty tight body if I say so myself. Yes, my asshole was tight, too, and it wouldn’t be long before they would know that.

I continued to photograph the new kitchen, pulling out drawers for detail photos and always bending over as my shorts were slipping down, exposing my ass cheeks maybe more than they should have been exposed. I knew that I was getting to them when I looked over and they were both rubbing their crotches and staring at me. I kept up the show, turning it into a bit of a strip show when I asked if they would mind if I took off my t-shirt.

Of course, they had no objection at all, “Yes, you take off your t-shirt if you want to, or we can help you do that if you want to keep working. It’s no problem really, you can keep working and we’ll come over and slip your shirt off for you.”

I wasn’t sure how that would work but I said, “That sounds like a good idea, then I won’t lose any time if you take it off for me. I hope that I’m not being too much trouble, feel free to discipline me if you think I need it for causing so much trouble. Sometimes I need a good spanking to keep me in line.”

It really made no sense but we all knew by then that we would soon be a three-way fucking mess of sweaty bodies, hard cocks, and tight assholes being fucked and filled.

They both came over and they clearly had hard cocks as the fronts of their shorts were bulging out. As I was bending way over the kitchen island, reaching way over to the other side of it with the camera resting on the island and my feet barely on the floor in order to get a photo of the built-in refrigerator, I heard them behind me. Then, one of them was pressing against my ass with his bulging cock still hidden behind his shorts, reaching up my sweaty back trying to get my t-shirt pulled up and over my head. He was sure taking his time getting my t-shirt off while pressing into my asshole with his fabric-covered cock, pressing hard into me, pushing his cock against my asshole and there were only two thin pieces of fabric to keep him from shoving that dick up my tight little hole.

I pretended to stretch out even further and had both of my feet off of the floor by that point, so he had to really stretch to get my t-shirt pulled up over my sweaty back, all while really pressing his hardening cock against my shorts which were now halfway down my ass, exposing the top half of my naked, sweaty ass cheeks. I could feel his hands on my ass, cupping the sides of my sweaty ass cheeks as he pressed against them and his hands were running up the sides of my sweaty, now-naked back as he was pulling my t-shirt up and over my head. His middle finger “accidentally” slipped against my butt cheeks and went right up into my slippery asshole!

He said, “Oops, I’m sorry, my finger sort of slipped in there.”

I said, “That’s no problem at all, please keep trying to get my t-shirt off and if your finger or anything else accidentally slips and goes in there, I don’t mind at all. I’ll just stay here while you try to get my t-shirt off so I can keep working.”

As the t-shirt finally got pulled up over my head, I couldn’t see anything and I felt a finger in my asshole again! I didn’t say anything, I just sort of wiggled my ass as his finger was probing my asshole and I pretended to keep working as he was circling my tight little pink hole and was plunging a finger in and out of my puckered hole. He kept that up for several minutes, plunging several fingers into my slippery asshole, stretching it out, playing with it, and then without any warning, my shorts were pulled down and his cock speared into my poor little hole and RAMMED up into me as far as it would go! YOWWWW!

“Hey, what are you doing? I thought you were going to take my t-shirt off and now your cock is deep up in my poor little asshole! Uhhhhh, it feels great, I need to be kept in line, maybe your partner could spank me while your cock is in my asshole just to treat me as I deserve to be treated. I need to be punished for asking you to take my t-shirt off…”

It was a ridiculous thing to say but it really makes people horny to say things like that, as cheesy as it sounds.

He didn’t say a word, he just kept his cock up there and pressed hard against my ass cheeks as I was bent over the edge of their kitchen island pretending to be taking a photo and my feet were off of the floor and I was totally helpless! His partner was spanking my jiggling, sweaty ass cheeks as the other bursa escort bayan guy’s dick was buried up into my asshole. I was waiting for him to start pounding the shit out of me right there but he just kept his hard cock buried up inside my asshole and pressed hard against me. Then I felt his cock start to pulsate and I could feel jets of hot cum shooting deep into my ass! I was being filled with cum and I wasn’t even fucked yet, I just had a big cock jammed into my asshole by some random gay guy at a photo shoot.

I said, “Hey, what are you doing, you’re shooting your hot sperm deep up into my asshole! I thought you were going to take my t-shirt off and now you’re filling my poor little asshole with your hot cum! It feels good to be filled with your hot cum, keep shooting it into me and treating me like a sex toy. I need to be punished for teasing you two so much, keep abusing my asshole!”

As soon as he stopped shooting cum in my ass, he apologized for doing that, saying that he just couldn’t help himself when he was watching my half-naked sweaty, glistening ass cheeks poking out of the top of my shorts and then felt the Vaseline in my asshole with his finger. He assumed that I wanted to be fucked and, of course, he was right. When he pulled his softening cock out of my filled ass, I could feel his fresh, hot cum dribbling out onto the floor from my puffy tight asshole.

I told him that it was no problem at all and I always like to be taken against my will and when I least expect it, but I had a job to do and I needed to get the rest of the photo shoot done.

I surprised them by getting on my elbows and knees with my ass up in the air and licked up the cum that had dripped from my asshole. “I’d better clean up this mess, mmmm… it’s still warm and salty… mmmm…”

The one who had just filled me with cum came over and SLAPPED my ass while I was on the floor, saying that I was a naughty boy for teasing them and I needed to be punished, so he spanked my ass and asshole, slapping my pink, dripping puffy asshole until my cock was rock hard and he grabbed it and stroked it a few times and I thought I was going to shoot my load right there but he stopped.

Neither of them shoved their cock into me again, at least for a while. I continued to photograph the freshly-remodeled kitchen and every once in a while, one of them would come over and shove a spatula handle into my slippery asshole, or a broom handle or their fingers or whatever they had. I was being fucked by all sorts of kitchen implements as I tried to get the photos done. I wondered how many of those things had been in their own asses as they abused each other over the years.

The same guy said, “I can’t take this, I need to fuck that sweet, tight ass again!”

So, he grabbed my sweaty, slippery hips and speared my abused asshole and had his cock buried deep up my hole again it in one motion, SLAM! Right up my poor little asshole as far as it would go! Then, he fucked me for ten minutes at least as his partner watched and stroked his even longer cock in the background. I was filled with more of his hot sperm yet again and this time he forced me to lick up the steaming cum from the floor that was dripping out of my abused, raped asshole. He spanked me as I did that and he peeled a banana and jammed it up my ass all the way so it disappeared into my asshole!

I tried to concentrate on finishing the kitchen photos but obviously, it was hard by this point, no pun intended. My cock was raging hard and my asshole has just been filled twice and spanked and prodded and abused and used as a plaything and now had a peeled banana in it. It was turning out to be my favorite dirty photo shoot of all time!

I finally somehow finished the kitchen portion of the photo shoot, all while being slapped, abused, raped, spanked, prodded, fingered, and fucked silly once again by that same homeowner, churning up that peeled banana that he shoved up my asshole a half-hour earlier. As I was licking his cum off of his dirty cock and off of the floor again where it had leaked out of my poor raped asshole, it tasted like banana-infused salty cum. As I was on my elbows and knees licking up that mess, he spanked my already-red ass cheeks again, spanked my puffy sore asshole, and shoved a cucumber in me, not all the way but was fucking it in and out of my raped shit hole, really stretching my poor little asshole. He would jam it in and pull it all the way out and wait for my gaping asshole to wink shut and he’d RAM it up into my asshole again, laughing.

I tried to compose myself after that and said that I was moving to the master bathroom to photograph that next. I was a sperm-covered mess by that time, all sweaty and sticky with no shirt and my lose shorts barely even covering my abused, raped ass at all. The master bathroom was off of the master escort bursa bedroom, or course, and I wondered how much cum had been spurted up those two assholes in that bedroom over the years. These homeowners were both tan and in their 40s and in good shape and were clearly both incredibly dirty and horny. Not that it mattered to me what anyone looked like, just so they had a hard cock and liked to take me against my will and fuck and fill my asshole.

The master bathroom had a shower in the corner surrounded by glass with a hand-held faucet and next to it was a big, wide bathtub. The toilet was one of those fancy heated seat ones with a built-in bidet and I wondered what that would feel like spraying up against my abused, dripping asshole.

I started taking photos in the bathroom and I thought that things would be back to “normal” again but as I was filling the bathtub for a few photos, the second homeowner came into the room and was standing there watching me as I was staging the room. Clearly, he liked what he saw as his shorts were bulging out in front and he hadn’t fucked my asshole yet so I had a feeling that this would be his room to use and abuse me.

I was moving a plant onto the far side of the bathtub, and as I bent over and stretched out to the other side the tub, I sort of was stuck in that position. Since the tub was filled with water, I couldn’t press on the bottom of it to balance myself without getting wet so I was sort of stuck there draped over the filled, wide bathtub. Not being able to get back, I asked the second homeowner for a hand to get out of that awkward position. I knew that he wouldn’t help me without having his turn on me, or in me, so pretty soon I felt my already sagging shorts being pulled down and then I felt his fingers in my raped asshole, pushing into it, spreading it apart, poking into it, and generally playing with it.

I was totally helpless being stretched over the filled tub like that, almost like a human bridge stretched over the water in that wide tub. The next thing I knew, the homeowner was standing in the water, straddling me stretched out, and was rubbing his hard, bent cock around my slippery asshole. I didn’t know how much longer I could stay in that position but he held onto my hips and drove his dick up into my already-raped and abused asshole and started fucking it like he has never fucked anything before and never would again. His cock had a bend in it and it was really feeling unusual as it pounded into my raped hole. How I didn’t fell into the water I’ll never know, but it helped that he was hanging onto to the sides of my naked waist as he drove his angry bent cock into my puffy, already-raped asshole. He only fucked into my hole for a couple of minutes and then he jammed that crazy cock in as far as it would go and started shooting rope after rope of hot sperm deep up my ass! Luckily, his partner had already fucked that banana out of my ass or it would have been overflowing and as it was, his cum was oozing out of my ass when he pulled out.

He didn’t offer to help me get out of that position, though, and pretty soon his partner was fucking the shit out of my ass, literally. I felt like I had to go by that point and his cock had to have shit on the end of it, they were both driving so deeply up my ass. When he filled me for the umpteenth time that day, they both spanked my ass cheeks HARD! Hard enough that I fell down into the tub and got soaked.

They got in there with me and both fucked the shit out of me, two cocks stretching my asshole out and abusing and raping it. Pushing me under the water as my ass was poking out above the water and they fucked me raw. Then they dragged me, literally, by my legs across the tile floor over to the shower and put the sprayer in my ass and cleaned me out. I was getting the enema that I needed and shit and cum were flowing out of my poor little shit hole. One of them got in front of me, bent over, and pressed against my slippery hard cock as the other one was filling my ass with warm water and my cock slipped right up his asshole. I fucked his ass and filled it with my own hot cum as the other one was filling my ass with warm water. Then he bent me down and made me lick my own cum out of his just-fucked asshole!

This went on for a half-hour and I don’t even remember if I finished the photo shoot or not. They were dragging me across that wet bathroom floor, one each had a leg and were pulling me around, bending me over the filled tub and pushing my head under the water as they pissed into my asshole and spanked it and then pulled me out again and pushed me into the shower and filled me with water again.

I haven’t even looked at the photos yet. It just happened yesterday and I’m still recovering from all of that raping and asshole abuse. It was, by far, my favorite photo shoot of all time and I plan on visiting those two dirty homeowners many times in the future and am hoping that they’ll have friends with them to help them rape and abuse my asshole and fill it with cum and piss. I hope that I have more dirty photo shoots like that one, I’m getting hard just thinking about it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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