Discovering Sarah Pt. 02

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To the reader: This is part 2 of a three-part story. To appreciate this story, you should first read part 1.

All characters and events are fictional. All sexual activities involve consenting adults over the age of 18… blah- blah- blah

Day 5: “You’ve Been A Naughty Girl, You Let Your Knickers Down” I am the Walrus, the Beatles

Waking up in Jamaica is always a beautiful experience. The warm breeze, the birdsong, the sound of waves crashing on the beach all conspire to lift you gently from sleep. Waking up with a strange body next to you makes it a sensual delight. That night I went to sleep wrapped around a half-naked young woman. That morning, I woke up with a half-naked young woman draped on me. I felt the heat of her pussy resting against my thigh; our skin only separated by the flimsy panties. I felt soft breasts against my chest and warm breath on my neck. Like most mornings, I had an erection, but this time I’m not sure that it was just normal morning wood. This morning her hand was resting on my manhood. I could tell from her breathing that she was asleep. As best as I could without disturbing her, I slid out of bed. I showered and brushed my teeth.

When I returned to the bedroom, I found her awake. I’m not sure, but I could’ve sworn that I saw her hand moving under the covers. With the mood I was in, I would’ve been more than happy to help her out if she needed some relief, but she did not ask, and I was afraid to offer.

She said, “so last night was intense.”

“I had a ball,” I replied.

She grinned, “Can you believe that we got naked with strangers.”

I shook my head, “it’s no big deal for me, but I’m surprised you did it.”

“I’m surprising myself quite a bit lately. But it is exciting and scary.”

I asked, “now that you’re sober and its broad daylight, how do you feel about being next to naked right now?”

She blushed, “it’s embarrassing to admit this, but I kind of like it. It feels nice to be a little naughty and sexy again even it’s just with you. Is that Dumb?”

I shook my head and said, “it’s not dumb at all.”

She then rolled on her side to face me and asked, “how about you? Were you weirded out by us being naked around each other?”

“Here’s the thing,” I said, “I’m comfortable with being naked so long as I’m not offending anybody. And, I don’t want to come off like some sort of pervert, but the truth is that it’s kind of a treat seeing you naked.”

With that, she got out of bed, and completely comfortable in her partial nudity walked into the bathroom. About halfway, she stopped, “do you think that the party turned into an orgy?”

I said, “I doubt it went much further than what you saw.”

She sat on the edge of the bed, “it kind of got a little intense, you know, with me on your lap and us kinda of… well you know.” She paused, “are we good?”

“No worries,” I said. But I was worried where this may be going, and what the consequences may be. I wasn’t worried about Joanne, she had all but given me the green light to play around a little. I was worried that I might go too far with Sarah and fuck up a family relationship. This place wasn’t real. Sooner or later we would have to go back to Indiana and our normal lives, then what?

We got dressed and ate breakfast. Over coffee, I put the question to her, “since you have developed this new attitude and we have seen each other bare ass, what would you think about trying the nude beach today?”

Sarah frowned, “skinny dipping with a bunch of drunks at night is one thing, walking around naked in broad daylight is another. I am not sure about being completely naked in front of strangers, or you for that matter.”

I took a drink of coffee, “I don’t want to embarrass you, but we got quite an eyeful of each other last night.”

After a long pause, she said: “That was different.” She paused again, then added, “what the hell, maybe it’s worth a try.”

After breakfast, I packed our beach bag while Sarah went into the bathroom to get ready. She came out in her swimsuit. I asked if she was chickening out of the nude beach.

She gave a stern look, “no, but I am not walking over there naked.”

And so, we made the hike over to the au naturel beach. It was obvious that Sarah was nervous. To ease her into it, I steered us over to the far side of the beach where it was fairly empty. Sarah behaved like most newbies; she put her towel on the chair, positioned the lounger back where she wanted it, arranged her stuff, and generally fidgeted for a few minutes. When she ran out of tasks to prolong the inevitable, she turned her back from me and started to disrobe.

I was amused, last night she practically posed nude for me at the pool. Then in the room, she stripped as soon as she walked through the door. Now in the bright sun, she was so shy. Her bashfulness added to the anticipation of seeing her again. For me at least, the sexiest part of seeing a woman naked is knowing that she is letting you see her naked!

Once nude, she immediately climbed onto the chair and laid on her stomach. By contrast, I shucked my clothes first and then görükle escort bayan began “nesting.” If she wanted to look, I was there for the viewing. When I was done, I asked Sarah if she wanted something to drink.

Her reply was, “God yes and make it strong!”

When I returned, I caught Sarah trying to check me out on the sly.

When she saw she was busted, she said, “sorry, I am not sure where to look.”

I chuckled, “it doesn’t have to be weird. Just take a good long look and get it over with. It’s just an everyday ordinary penis.”

She looked up, “actually it is a very nice penis. I haven’t seen all that many up close, but yours is attractive.”

I chuckled again, “Attractive? Really? I thought other than size they were all pretty much the same.”

“Nope,” she replied, “they are certainly not all the same, and don’t ask me what I like about yours. This is getting embarrassing.”

With that, we both broke out laughing. I made a mental note about how JoJo had often said the same thing, and to quiz her about what she liked about little Timmy. I was genuinely curious as too what made a dick attractive versus unattractive.

After about 30 minutes, Sarah finally got the nerve to roll over and sit up. Like many new to public nudity, when people walked by, I noticed she subconsciously covered herself or closed her legs. Eventually, however, she began to become increasingly comfortable.

After about an hour she said “this really is liberating, the feel of sun and wind on my skin is so sensual. I like being naked more than I thought I would.”

Soon it was time to refill drinks again, and I was going to offer to go get some, but instead, I suggested she come with me.

She looked at me pensively, “I don’t know if I’m ready to walk around in front of people.”

I grinned at her and lied, “no one’s going to pay attention to you.” Then added truthfully, “and if they did check you out, you would probably be the best looking woman on the beach.”

She said, “are you kidding, I can’t compete with Tammy’s boobs, and don’t even get me started with Dianne.” Then she added, “That girl is Hot!”

I grinned. “she is easy on the eyes.”

With a smirk, Sarah said, “don’t try to be Mr. Cool, I saw the way you looked at her last night.” Then in her best high school girl voice, she taunted, “You soooo wanna do her!” She laughed, “I don’t blame you, I’m straight, and I half want to do her myself!”

“I can talk to Darren for you. I saw the way he checked you out at supper. He might be good with a three-way.”

Wryly, she said, “now there’s a thought.”

I replied, “You’re more like your sister than I thought.”

A look of surprise crossed her face, ” Woe, what’s that now.”

I regretted the faux pa and stoop up. ” Never mind.”

Then she took a big breath, stood up, and we bravely marched to the bar. Such was Sarah’s indoctrination to naturism. By the end of the afternoon, she was as comfortable as an old pro. Like so many others, she later gushed about how relaxed the vibe is on a nude beach, and how even naked, the folks were so friendly. She observed that on regular beaches, people keep to themselves, and she assumed naked people would be even more reserved and distant. To her surprise, she found the “nude crowd” was outgoing, and an awful lot of fun. In fact, by mid-afternoon Sarah was a social butterfly, talking with anyone and everyone. She seemed to not be the least bit self-conscience. It was hard to believe that this was the same woman who less than a week ago, seemed unable to carry a conversation, or even look people in the eye.

5 o’clock came around far too soon, and I suggested that we should pack it in and get ready for dinner. She kind of pouted and said that she was having so much fun she didn’t want to leave. She then announced we would have to come back the next day.

I reminded her that I had a tee time the next day and would not be back from the golf course until mid-afternoon. However, she was free to hit the beach by herself.

She shook her head vigorously and said, “I don’t think I’m ready to fly solo. But, be ready to come over in the afternoon.”

With that, she got up, stuffed her swimsuit in her bag, and threw on her half sheer beach cover-up. She then strutted back to the room.

Again, I thought to myself, what a change a few days can make.

Back in the room, she walked in and immediately took off the cover-up. She tossed it on the bed and walked over to the bar to make us a couple of rum and Cokes.

I thought, what the hell and stripped down too. Looking at her standing there naked, I could not resist chiding her, “damn girl, I can’t keep clothes on you all of a sudden!”

“Are you complaining?” she asked with a devilish grin.

“Oh, hell no,” was the reply.

She then flopped naked on the bed. Here’s the funny thing, I had been around this naked girl all day and with only a few close calls, managed to keep my libido and little Timmy, under control. I even got to the point where I was sorta used to seeing her naked, so long as I didn’t focus on her body to closely.

But altıparmak eskort the sight of her stretched out nude on a bed was a horse of a different color. She looked so inviting. It occurred to me that she had to know how she looked, and the likely effect on me. That thought and the sight of her on the bed inspired another erection.

She looked at me and said, “don’t sweat it, I know those things have a mind of their own. Actually, I’m surprised you’re able to keep it down all day around all those naked women.”

I said, “nude beaches really are about body freedom. Eventually, you get beyond thinking about sex, sometimes I slip though.”

She looked at me for a few long seconds and said, “I get it. Most of the day, I felt free and liberated. But I have to admit that every once in awhile, I would catch someone checking me out, and truthfully, it kind of made me hot.”

With a sly smile, she added, “I get that we’re family and we’re not into each other. But, I caught you looking at me once, and I kinda liked it too. I haven’t felt sexy for a long time, and you’re kind of an ego boost. Nick would have made an ass of himself staring at the other women all day while ridiculing me the whole time. You have been so cool to be with all day. It turns out you’re one of the best dudes I know, so don’t feel bad about getting hard.”

Then she sat up and faced me. “Tim, it’s not all one-way. I have been horny for two days. This place is so sexy, I’ve done things that I’ve never done before; or thought I ever would.”

Then the roof fell on my head. She added, “For what it’s worth if you were not married to my sister, this weekend might be very different.” She gave me a thoughtful look. “But if this is all getting too weird for you just say so, and we can tone it down.”

Stunned, I stammered, “thanks, and no, it’s all good.”

“What about Jo?” she asked. “Are you going to tell her we went to the nude beach?”

“Sure. She’ll be ok with it. Hell, she suggested it!” With that, I went in and took a shower, immediately taking care of my erection. I had no sooner stepped out the shower then Sarah strolled into the bathroom, walked into the shower and turned it on.

While washing her hair, she asked, “so, Jo’s really ok with us being naked around each other?”

I assured she was, and got a “hmm” in return.

Later that night, after supper, as we lay in bed, it occurred to me how strange this vacation had become. We had become incredibly intimate; so very familiar and yet still platonic. It was evident that some sort of chemistry was brewing between Sarah and I. It was good, but it was going to be hard; both figuratively and literally to keep it hands-off. I also could not help but wonder what Jo would think of all this.

Day 6: ” Come Together” by The Beatles.

I awoke early the next morning and slipped out of bed. I love golf, but I have to admit, it was kind of hard to leave Sarah. I dressed and caught the shuttle to the golf course. I returned just after noon. I went to the room expecting to find Sarah there and looking forward to grabbing some lunch. Instead, I found a note that said, went to the beach, see you later.

I put on my suit, grabbed my beach gear, and made my way to the “textile” beach to look for her. I searched for several minutes but didn’t find her. So, I grabbed some lunch at the beach grill and then made my way over to the au naturel beach.

I found Sarah at the nude pool swim-up bar. She had hooked up with several couples, and as best as I could tell, they were well lubricated and in full party mode.

Upon seeing me at the poolside Sarah drunkenly yelled, “look, it’s the guy who thought playing golf would be more fun than partying naked with us!”

I was then greeted with a round of drunken boos from the gang. In response, I took a bow, turned around, and mooned them. I received a cheer for my efforts. I then stripped off and jumped in the pool. I waded over to the swim-up bar next to Sarah and ordered a rum punch.

Sarah put her arm around me and informed me that I had some catching up to do. The pool was unusually loud and boisterous, and Sarah was right in the middle of it along with Tammy and Mike, Darren and Diane and a couple I didn’t know who introduced themselves as Rick and Amy. The bar was busy, and with Sarah at my hip, I waited for my drink. I was standing next to Dianne and directly behind Amy. Within a minute, Dianne slipped under my arm opposite of Sarah and wrapped her arm around my waist.

She gave me a pat on the ass, “That was a nice butt you flashed there, Tim.”

I figured turnabout was fair play, so I gave her cute little ass a squeeze. “thanks, I like yours too!”

Amy then pushed her butt up against my crotch and wiggled. “Sarah and Dianne said you were a cutie, they were right,”

I thought to myself, wow, they are worked up. Maybe I should have passed on the golf.

My experience at this particular resort was that the folks at the nude pool tended to be much more fun than their counterparts at the nilüfer escort textile pools. However, because they were often a little older, they were usually well behaved. Today, something must’ve been in the water because the group was wound up.

Not surprisingly, Tammy and Mike were the prime instigators, and Tammy had found a partner in crime in Amy. Both had big personalities. Rick and Amy appeared to be in their 40s, he was sporting a bandanna and bright lime green sunglasses. Amy was short, had dark hair, and a big floppy sun hat that mostly hid her face. But as best as I could tell she was a reasonably attractive woman. She had a Rubenesque build. Not heavy but curvy in the hips; with large heavy breasts that gravity was working hard upon. As it turned out, they ran a veterinary clinic in Vancouver. He was quick-witted, she was sassy, and a flirt. They seemed to bring everyone out of their shell.

We all talked, laughed, drank, and flirted. Darren and I hit it off immediately, mostly we talked about golf, although we half-jokingly congratulated each other for having the 2 hottest women on the beach. A little drunk, he admitted that Sarah was a hottie. I likewise confessed that Dianne was hard not to stare at.

Darren laughed and said, ” it’s a deal, you stare at mine, and I’ll stare at yours!”

He said this a little too loud, and a few of the gang looked at us and laughed.

Sarah piped in, “just what are you 2 staring at?”

Rick added, “you 2 can stare at each other’s dicks if you want, I’ll look at your wives pussies!”

It was my first hint that Rick just might be a Dusche.

A few rounds into the party, Rick was passing a drink to Amy and accidentally spilled some on her chest. He no sooner had done this than he quickly licked it off of her. Not missing an opportunity to cause mischief, Tammy immediately pointed out the “party foul” and insisted that Rick should have to do a body shot off Amy as a penalty. Without missing a beat, Amy was laying on the bar. Rick ordered a tequila shooter, squirted the lemon all over her stomach, licked her neck and sprinkled salt on it, and then poured tequila in her belly button. To great applause and encouragement from the gang, he quickly slurped up the tequila, licked her neck and then the lemon from her tummy.

Amy popped off the bar and grabbed Tammy telling her that she was next. With more than a few giggles, she crawled up on the bar. Following Rick’s lead, Mike did his shot as well.

Tammy was about to crawl off the bar when Amy stopped her. She said, “oh no girl, Mama needs a shot too.” A cheer went up when Amy squirted lemon juice on Tammy’s stomach, but instead of licking her neck, she licked and salted her breast. Amy then licked the tequila out of Tammy’s belly button, slowly dragged her tongue across Tammy’s nipple and then just as slowly licked the lemon juice off her stomach; her tongue traveled much further south than it needed to. Tammy protested that Amy was out of control, but her erect nipples suggested she liked it. It was apparent from Mikes’ face that he was more than ok with another woman playing with his wife’s tits.

The gang yelled for Diane to take the stage. With only a little coaxing, sexy Diane draped herself gracefully across the bar. Darren licked and salted her left breast, then squirted lemon juice on her right one. He then put the shot glass between her legs against her pussy. Using only his mouth, he pulled the tequila glass up, emptied it; and then thoroughly licked each boob.

Diane started to sit up, but Darren stopped her. He turned to me and said, “Hey Tim, let me buy you a drink.”

The gang applauded and started chanting “Tim, Tim, Tim!”

In a fake southern drawl, I said, “why that would be right neighborly of you. Set me up please.”

He laughed and replied, “hell no, I’m buying, you can serve yourself.”

With that, I started squirting lemon juice on her stomach.

Rick stopped me saying, “come on, don’t be bashful you will hurt her feelings!”

I softly asked her, “how do you want me to do this?”

“Use your imagination,” she said with an impish grin.

I looked at Darren, and he gave me a thumbs-up gesture.

To this day, I’m not sure what possessed me to do it, but what came next was really out of character for me. Really, that’s not true. The truth is I was horny, and Dianne was hot. I took her feet and spun Dianne a quarter turn so that her legs were hanging off the edge of the bar. I put her feet on my shoulders to a round of applause from the gang. I licked her left thigh and put salt on it. I squirted lemon juice on her right thigh, and I suppose you can guess where the tequila went.

I licked the salt off her first, then plowed my tongue through her pussy. Of course, most of the tequila had run off and mostly what I tasted was pussy. But my God, what a pussy. Obviously, watching the other girls had gotten her aroused. She was already wet when my tongue met her, and it wasn’t pool water. Her juices mingled with the tequila and salt were intoxicating. As I worked my tongue through the length of her pussy and crossed her clit, her hips rose with me trying to maintain contact. Simultaneously her legs closed around behind me, and her hand made its way to the back of my head. Not wanting to overstay my welcome, I then dutifully licked the lemon off her right thigh. As a reward for my performance, Diane graced me with a quick kiss.

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