I pulled the towel tightly around my waist and stepped through the door to the steam room. The hot, moist air was faintly scented with cedar and I could feel the sweat beginning to prickle across my shoulders. A tall, dark haired bear of a man poured a ladle of water onto the hot coals, producing a billowing cloud of steam. Walking through the clouds of vapour, I found a vacant space on the slatted bench and lowered myself onto it, leaning back against the smooth wood panels.

The man who had been pouring the water onto the coals sat next to me, not quite touching. He sighed and leaned back. Glancing out of the corner of one eye, I looked him over. His chest was muscular, covered with a curly mat of dark hair, with occasional streaks of grey. His waist was narrow and well defined, with a flat belly. His arms were well developed, tendons and muscles standing out like cords under his olive tanned skin.

“I haven’t seen you in here before. First time?” he asked in a pleasantly rounded, deep voice.

“Er, yes, I’ve never been to one of these places and I thought I’d try it out, it’s supposed to be good for you, isn’t it?” I replied, a little nervously.

I felt him shift on the bench and sensed him sliding closer to me. His thigh pressed against mine and I felt his hand on the hem of the towel wrapped around me. I stayed quiet and waited for a moment. Without saying anything, he moved his hand underneath the towel and onto my bare thigh, just above my knee. I slid a little further down the wall, moving my knees a bit further apart. His hand moved a little higher, the fingers curling so that he could stroke the inside of my thigh. He reached over and took my hand, placing it on his thigh, just touching the tight sac of his balls. With a gentle tug, he loosened the towel around my waist and then slid his hand onto the base of my cock. His fingers were cool and gentle, as he took the base of my cock in his fist and slowly began to stroke me. He stroked my hard shaft, moving the loose skin over the head, and running his fingertips over the bulb, spreading the clear pre-cum over the tip.

“How old are you?” he whispered into my ear

“Nineteen.” I answered, breathlessly.

“Have you ever done it with a guy before?” he continued.

I just shook my head. I had guessed, well hoped, that something like this would happen, when I had found the advert in the evening paper giving the location of a gay/bisexual sauna club. He didn’t say anything more, just pulled the towel aside to reveal my erect cock. A second later he had unwound his own towel, from around his waist and guided my hand onto his own hard rod. It felt hot and swollen in my hand, and my fingers could only just encircle the girth at the base. His heavy bursa escort sac was smooth shaven and I guessed that his balls would be very full of thick creamy sperm.

Releasing my cock, he took me by my shoulders and pushed me down to the floor in front of him. The head of his cock slapped against my cheek and he let go of my shoulders, putting one hand on the back of my head and taking hold of the base of his cock with the other. He wiped the head of his cock, slippery with sweat and his pre-cum, across my mouth then held my head still and pushed his cock between my lips. I had to open my mouth wide to let the head into my mouth, past my teeth, but once the knob was resting on my tongue, it was easier. I was unsure what he wanted me to do next, so I ran my tongue over the head of his cock, being rewarded with a long groan and a tightening of his grip upon my head. Thrusting his hips forward he shoved the length of his cock into my mouth, almost to the back of my throat. I gagged for a moment, then gulped the head of his cock into my throat. Sealing my lips around his shaft, I sucked and blew frantically on the hard cock filling my mouth. My eyes watered, as I struggled to breathe but I carried on sucking and slurping on his cock. Suddenly his cock jerked and hot cum spurted to the back of my throat. I swallowed desperately, feeling as though he was trying to drown my in his cum.

While I was trying to swallow the torrent of cum that he was pumping down my throat, I felt a cool draught on the back of my neck and realised that somebody had come into the steam room. The stranger who was busily fucking my mouth did not even break his rhythm, just carried on working his cock in and out of my mouth. Slowly, his cock softened, sliding out of my mouth, and I collapsed on my knees in front of him. The newcomer spoke.

“Hi, looks like you’ve found some fresh meat.” he said, gruffly.

“Very fresh,” replied the guy who had just filled my throat with his cum, “but he learned how to suck cock really fast.”

“Well, kid, how did you like your first taste of cock?” the newcomer asked me.

“I’m not sure. Okay I guess.” I replied as nonchalantly as I could with cum still plastering my mouth and throat.

“Have you ever been fucked by a guy?” he continued.

I just shook my head, half wondering where the conversation would lead but, deep down, knowing what he would want from me. He looked me up and down though the steam, as I took note of him. He was stockier than the first guy, with more of a belly and looked to be in his early fifties as opposed to early forties. He had big, rough hands with short, dirty fingernails. The front of his towel bulged forward, as though he had something poking against it. görükle escort He smiled and it was not a very nice expression.

“Well you might come in here a virgin, but you won’t be one when I’ve finished with you.” he crowed.

He unwrapped the towel from around his waste releasing his hard, erect cock. It looked huge, jutting out beneath his belly. It was much longer and thicker than mine and the head was purple and swollen. Reaching out he grabbed my arm and hauled me to my feet, then pushed me back against the bench. I reached back to stop myself from going flying and ended up sprawled on my back.

“Turn around and bend over.” he ordered, a hint of menace in his voice.

Half excited and half fearful, I obeyed supporting my upper body with my arms. I felt stubby fingers spreading the cheeks of my ass and running back and forth along the tight cleft between my cheeks. I heard a flapping of cloth and, a moment later, my mouth was forced open and a wadded towel was stuffed in my mouth. I tried to spit the cloth out, but he had grabbed the ends and was holding it tight around my head.

Pain exploded in my asshole as he rammed his finger past the tight ring of my sphincter, stretching me so violently that I thought he had torn me open. His meaty hand held me, pinned to the bench, as he thrust his tubby finger in and out of my ass. My eyes filled with tears of pain and I tried to beg him to stop, but the cloth stuffed in my mouth muffled any sound I could make. I could feel the nudge of his finger as he probed deeper inside my ass. I tried to force his finger out by bearing down, but all that I managed to do was open my asshole for him to push it deeper inside. I felt his hand press on my back as he pulled his finger out of my ass, leaving the bruised ring open and puckering slowly closed. I heard him shifting his weight behind me and then felt fingers roughly spreading my cheeks, pulling the dark opening of my anus wider. I heard the rattle of phlegm as he collected saliva in his mouth and then felt cold slime spatter against my asshole as he hawked a wad of phlegm between the cheeks.

Something hard and hot pressed between the cheeks of my ass and he pushed the blunt head of his cock against the opening of my anus. I could feel the pressure of his cock, burning against my asshole as he forced the hard, swollen knob between my cheeks. The pain built like a raging fire and I could feel the burning of every thrust as he tried to force his cock head into my tender rectum. He tightened his grip on the cheeks of my ass and I tried to wriggle and force his cock out of the ring of my anus. He had been waiting for just this moment and, as he felt me bear down to try and push his cock out of my asshole, bursa escort bayan he rammed forward, tightening his grip on my hips, and plunged his cock deep into my ass. The incredible burning pain in my ass made my back arch, as though I had been electrocuted. His cock slid into my bowel with one vicious stroke, filling me until his balls pressed against my ass. It felt as though my guts were being roasted and the ring of my ass burned. Still digging his fingers into my ass, leaving livid red handprints, he held me still, while he pistoned his cock into my virgin anus.

Gradually, the pain eased, becoming a gentle heat, as his sweaty cock pierced me deeper and deeper. I managed to relax the tight muscle of my asshole, letting his cock slide in and out more easily. He grunted with every thrust of his cock, sounding like a boar mounting a sow in the farmyard. The grizzled hair of his pubes pricked my ass cheeks every time he rammed his cock as far as he could into my asshole. The ring of my anus felt bruised and tender from the pounding he was giving me with his thick cock but, as I relaxed, the feeling got better and my cock started to swell again.

I felt his body stiffen and his cock swell in my ass. Holding me perfectly still, he pushed his cock as far up my ass as he could get it and held it there as it began jerking and spitting thick sticky ropes of cum into my tender asshole. The hot cum stung on the walls of my ass, feeling like bullets smashing into my flesh. It seemed as though he was going to cum in my ass forever, and the sticky mess began to leak from around his slowly softening cock and slide down my thighs, leaving a slimy trail.

Slowly he slid back, his cock sliding easily out of my bruised and gaping asshole. I felt his weight shift and heard the door creak slightly as it swung open. A thin draught of cool air played across my burning asshole and the door closed again. For a moment, I thought I had been left alone and I shook my head to loosen the gag, spitting the sodden cloth onto the wooden slats of the bench. I was still panting from being gagged when I felt a hand touch the trail of slime that was oozing down the inside of my thigh. The fingertips stroked my skin and slid higher and higher until I felt the cheeks of my ass gently parted. I moaned softly, partly from fear and partly with the joy of his caress. Then I felt a long elegant finger sliding slowly into my slick asshole. It seemed to take forever for this finger to slide inside me, pausing as the knuckle stretched my aching asshole again and then pressing further inside. He leaned over and breathed against my ear.

“Now that you have met my two friends, and they have you properly broken in, I should like you to visit me in my apartment. The address is in the envelope that has been posted into your locker.” the voice murmured into my ear.

He sat upright, slid his finger slowly out of my asshole and then left. I just lay in the aromatic steam and wondered whether to visit the apartment.