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ne of my job requirements is to interview and hire outside consultants to assist my company with the development of our products. This is usually a very uneventful task, however it has given me the opportunity to meet some interesting and talented people. About 6 months ago I interviewed a woman named Beth, who would end up adding a unique spark to my job!

Beth arrived at 10 a.m. sharp for her interview. The interview was to be done by myself and one of my co-workers, who would be assisting and taking notes. At first glance she caught my attention. She was a very attractive 40-something woman. Being in my mid 30’s, I’ve always had a thing for older women. She had a ‘motherly’ look to her but was very upbeat with a great smile. She had brunette hair that barely reached her shoulders with curves in all the right places. Her breasts seemed small but perky, however due to her business attire it was difficult to tell. Not overweight by any means, but curvy. She kind of had a resemblance of Rachel Ray from the Food Network. As I shook her hand I noticed a wedding band on the other hand. I was slightly disappointed, but I’m not sure why. I too am married and I had no plans to engage with her on anything other than a professional level.

The three of us sat down for the interview and things went very well. I asked some questions and listened to her positive answers. I wasn’t sure if it was me just imagining things, but we seemed to connect for some fairly long lasted eye contact. The kind of look you give each other, but neither wants to be the first too look away. It was strange, but it was happening. Between our long looks and her coy smiles, I kept asking myself “Is this really happening?” Maybe I’m just reading into this and this is how she normally is? I hardly know this woman and this kind of stuff doesn’t usually happen to me. I was curious if my co-worker was sensing any of this but I gathered that he was clueless during all of this, which kind of made it all the more exciting.

After about 15 minutes the interview ended and I knew right away that I was going to hire her to do some work for us. This was a ‘freelance’ type job that allowed her to work from home and only have to come into our office on an ‘as needed’ basis. The following Monday I called Beth to let her know that we would love to have her do some work for us. She was elated to hear the news and I asked her to come into our office the next day for some initial things we needed to cover. She came in the following morning and we met for about 30 minutes to discuss her work. I met with 2 other co-workers this time so that ‘connection’ we had wasn’t there and I figured it was just my ‘active’ imagination that day getting the best of me. Once we finished I gave her a quick tour of our office and brought her by my desk where I sit, which is in a semi-private spot in the office with only with my assistant who sits near me. This is where Beth made a small but significant comment that got my mind racing again. As we left my desk she said, “She is very lucky to be the one sitting so close to you.” That’s it. That’s all that was said and I couldn’t believe this 40-something married woman was sending these little messages my way. Maybe I wasn’t making up the ‘connection’ on the initial interview all in my head. She left with a handshake and I have to admit I was thinking about this all night.

Because Beth was hired as a freelancer I would only be working with her via email and instant messaging most days. I was a bit bummed that I wouldn’t be able to admire her on a daily basis, especially after she made that comment.

As our projects rolled on, it didn’t take long for our emails with each other to become less and less formal. On one particular day we were talking on instant messenger when the business talk turned to personal talk. She brought up my assistant again, and I jokingly said, ‘maybe some day if she quits I can hire you to sit there’. ‘Oh, I’d like that’ she responded. It was official, we were flirting!

Now, şişli escort because Beth was technically working for my company I tiptoed around these conversations the best I could. I live by the motto, never mix business with pleasure, but this was just becoming way too much fun. And then we had one conversation that changed everything.

A few weeks later I was chatting online with Beth again. I left my chair for a few moments and returned and noticed she was asking where I went? I had gotten up in the middle of a conversation I guess. I’m not sure why I said this (perhaps I knew it would lead to an interesting conversation), but I lied and told her, “Sorry, I was distracted… A female co-worker walked by wearing a revealing outfit and I got distracted”. I was curious to what Beth would say. Beth asked what she was wearing, so I lied and made something up. Beth then says, that she has to come into our main office in a few days so she’ll be careful not to wear that same thing. I told her, ‘well, if you did, I wouldn’t complain’. ‘Oh really’ she says.. ‘Then tell me what you’d like me to wear’. At this point, I was done being conservative. ‘Something that shoes off your butt’ I said. ‘Ahhh, you like my butt?’ she asked.

Over the next 20 minutes we engaged in chat that consisted of things that turn us on to fantasies I had about playing in the office. I even went so far as to ask her if she would be offended if I touched her ‘accidentally’ while she was at the office. “I think I would be okay with that” is all she said.

Three days later Beth was coming to our office. I was excited but unsure if anything would or should happen. I came out of my office and noticed she was standing across the room talking with some of my co-workers. The first thing I noticed was the pair of black business slacks she was wearing that tightly fit around her curvy butt. We smiled at each other and I approached them all trying to act as cool as could be. We had a day full of meetings and projects that needed to be attended to so off we went. At the first chance we were separated from the others, Beth whispered, “Does my ass look okay in these?” and just like that it was on again, and I was getting extremely excited. I replied how great she looked and that I hope I didn’t accidentally touch her. She just smiled as we walked and sat down with the others.

After the meeting we were all chatting walking out of the conference room, and I asked her to follow me, I wanted to show her our product development room. She followed me a short distance into the room. We were finally alone and my heart raced. There were still people all around outside and could easily walk in at any time. We walked in and I pointed to some products that were similar to that of what she was working on, and I did it. I cupped her ass with my hand and gently squeezed her perfectly soft cheeks. She let out an ‘mmmm, I like that’ as I quickly removed my hand. I was starting to get hard now. ‘What about these over here she said?’ as we walked down a bit. I looked at the door again to make sure nobody was there and let my hand find her ass yet again. This time I really massaged her cheeks a little bit more aggressively. We both giggled and I said something to the effect that this was fun! The next thing she did surprised me. We continued our little game, and with people talking on the other side of the wall, she reached down and grabbed my crotch. Her hand gently squeezed as she massage and surely felt my cock slowly growing. She bit her lower lip and smiled and there was serious lust in the air.

Not to press our luck we left the room back to main office of people. She left to do some work and meet with some others and about an hour later she returned to my desk. She looked over her shoulder to make sure my assistant wasn’t looking and pulled a pair of blue silk panties out of her pocket. She dropped them on my lap, put a note on my desk and walked away. I quickly lowered them below my desk to hide them and couldn’t believe what I was holding. I looked at the note and it says, “Return them when you’re finished”. The crotch was a little damp, and I bent down as if tying my shoe and smelled the crotch of her panties. The juices from her pussy smelt great. Return them when I’m finished? She wants me to cum in them!

Without any hesitation I entered a stall in the bathroom and luckily nobody else was in there. I wrapped her panties around my cock and began stroking vigorously. As I was about to cum I opened up the crotch of her panties and shoat about 3 large loads of cum all over them. Seeing her juices mixed with mine was such a turn on. I folded them back up and left the bathroom.

She was sitting in one of the spare offices with a few others mingling around at the copier, etc… I walked up to her with some papers that I pretended I needed to give her. Made small talk with her for about 30 seconds and dropped them onto her purse next to her feet. She smiled at me and I walked away.

We didn’t get to play the rest of the day unfortunately but we continued our conversations the next day via messenger. Now that our first encounter had come and gone, we were a lot bolder and were eager to make an excuse for her to come back to the office. It seemed that if we wanted to that we could of just made a date to meet outside the office sometime or gotten a room at a hotel, but both of us being married that would be difficult and to be honest, the ‘secretly playing at work thing’ was just so much damn fun. A week passed and I came up with some B.S. reason that she was needed in our office for a day. I told her the day before, “wear a skirt!”

Beth arrived the next morning in an innocent looking yellow sundress with a sweater on over the top. She looked very cute and this outfit really brought out the ’40-something’ mother in her, and I couldn’t have been more turned on. The fact that Beth was showing up in the clothing I asked her to wear was letting me know that she was giving me the okay. The night before my mind raced with scenarios that could allow us to play.

One idea I had was the elevator.

“Beth come with me to the 5th floor”. We walked to the elevator and she new exactly what was to come. The door opens and we walk in and just before the door closes… someone joins us. “DAMN!”
We make an attempt after a few minutes to take the elevator back down. The door opens again and we enter. I hit the ‘door close’ button about a million times per second until it finally closed and left us alone. By my estimation I had about 10 seconds.

I stood next to her and lifted up the back of her dress. My hand reached and caressed her soft white ass covered only by a white thong. I massaged her cheeks and slid my fingers between her ass cheeks and then between her legs. She opened her legs for me giving me better access to quickly feel her warm panties covering her mound. And that’s all I could do until we landed on the first floor. She lowered her dress and the doors opened… ‘”DAMN!”

During lunch hours the placed emptied out a lot, but it was far from empty. About half the people would leave and the other half lingered around or went to the break room. That might be our next best chance.

I left her a post it note while she worked that said come to my desk at 12:30.

12:30 arrives and Beth is at my desk. My assistant is still at her desk, so I ask Beth to pull up a chair to discuss what she’s been working on. Within minutes the assistant got up and left and we were semi-alone in my little corner of the office. A portion of my desk separated us so I couldn’t just lean over and touch her without looking obvious. I faced her with my back to the main part of the office and she told me to let her see it. “Let you see it?” I asked. “your cock.. show it to me”. I couldn’t believe it. I looked around nervously and unzipped my pants. I could do this while facing her without anyone really noticing me. I reached in my pants and boxers and pulled out my cock for her to see. I probably had it out for a good 30 seconds as it grew hard and I gave it a few hard strokes for her. She gave out a little moan and licked her lips.

I put it away and we both giggled again and mentioned how horny we both were. I couldn’t take this teasing game any longer. I told her I wanted her so bad and she said the same. We sat there and came up with one last plan. The emergency stairwell.

I’ve worked here for a while I know there are no cameras. It’s private but again, anyone could come through there at anytime which does happen when people decide not to use the elevator. As we sat there I told her this. I said we could probably play for 2 or 3 minutes, and then should probably return. ‘You sure?’ she asked. “Yes!” I said. But really… I had no idea.

I could lose my job if I got caught. What am I doing? Then I looked at Beth, this 40-something mother walking with me to the stairwell and that justified everything.

We opened up the stairwell on the first floor and made sure nobody saw us enter. We walked up half of a floor as not to be right in the sight of someone if they should enter the stairwell. We walked up one flight of stairs and she turned around. The next 3 minutes went by in a blur.

Turn around I said and she placed her hands against the wall. I went down to my knees and lifted her dress. I grabbed her thong and pulled it to the side as I buried my face between her ass cheeks. She moaned in approval as I slid a finger insider of her wet pussy and begins fingering her vigorously. We both knew time was of the essence so there was no time for soft foreplay. All the teasing and flirty chats were being unleashed, right now.

She pushed her ass against my face as I licked her and fingered her as fast as I could. I couldn’t believe this lady whom I just interviewed weeks earlier was letting lick her pussy and ass in my stairwell. I took a second to admire the site of my fingers entering her from behind. The sound of her wet pussy as my hand thrusted in and out of her and her ass gently shook.

She turned around and motioned for me to stand up. Her hands undid my pants, and she had my cock out quickly. She bent down grabbed my cock and brought her lips around the shaft. She was rubbing my balls and the wet sounds of her mouth on my cock were so sexy. I stared at the door hoping it wouldn’t open for someone to see this woman we just hired with her dress around her waste and my cock deep inside her mouth. There was no turning back now.

She stopped sucking my cock and leaned over on the staircase. Her ass up in the air and knew what she wanted. Her thong was still on but pushed to the side, and her dress around her waste. Her ass looked so good. In an instant, my cock slid inside her wonderful wet pussy and I began fucking her from behind. My hands on her hips, her hands on the stairs, we were fucking hard and fast. We were trying our hardest not to make any noise at all. The only noise was the sound of her butt cheeks slapping against me as we thrusted against each other.

I told her I was going to cum soon and she told me to tell her before I do. She said she wanted me to cum in her mouth. When I heard those words, that’s all it took to put me over the top. I told her I was going to cum and she quickly turned around, grabbed my cock and put the tip in her mouth. She stroked my cock a couple more times until I shot what seemed like 50 loads of cum in her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

Wow, did that just happen? That was the most exciting 3 minutes I’ve ever encountered. We stood up and composed ourselves. She adjusted her thong as I buttoned up my pants. I sent her back through the first floor door and I walked up to the second floor and entered through there. Not sure it mattered, but I was trying to be discreet.

Nobody knew a thing.

Beth was the greatest. She worked on a freelance basis for us over the next 3 months and we were able to have one other encounter like this one.

I’ll never forget it.