Distant Relations Ch. 03


David woke from a restful sleep, he remembered being disturbed at some time in the night, he knew he’d been dreaming but couldn’t remember any detail other than the warm, wet feeling surrounding his cock. He could feel his erection, feel heat and gentleness engulfing him. He realised that those feelings were not a dream but his Aunt gently manipulating him with her mouth. Was this part of his dream? He didn’t know, all he did know was that he was about to cum. His body tensed as he released his seed into her mouth, felt her taking it, swallowing it. His orgasm subsided as she drained the last of his cock juice, finally releasing him, kissing his glans, then moving up to kiss his mouth.

“Mmmmm,” she said, snuggling into him, “that was nice… now you can go back to sleep.”

Still in a sleepy daze, he held her close, feeling the warmth of her naked body next to him as he drifted back to dreamland.

The next time he woke he realised he was alone, checking the bedside clock he saw it was just after 9 a.m. As he lay there, thinking about the day ahead he felt his cock coming to life with his usual morning erection. He could hear movement downstairs, deciding against wasting his erection on his usual morning masturbation, he decided to go down. He didn’t register that he was naked, walking into the kitchen with his rigid cock standing out like a flag pole in front of him.

Ann was busy clearing away a few things and didn’t notice him at first until he gave a murmur of disappointment seeing she was fully dressed.

“Hello lover, my word, you look ready for action,” she said walking over and holding his cock while giving him a kiss. “I’ve left you your breakfast out, Jack is asleep in your room, he didn’t want to disturb you, l put some clothes for you in my room you must have walked past them.”

“Where are you going? I was hoping we could er…”

“It’s obvious what you were hoping for,” she said, giving his cock a gentle pat, “l have to go into town to get some things for the party tonight, if l’m not back don’t forget to meet your mother off the train, it gets in at 11.45.”

She could see the disappointment on his face.

“Oh go on then,” she said, bending over the kitchen table and flipping her skirt up the reveal her naked cunt. “Make it a quick one though, l have a lot to do.”

The sight of her was all he needed, her suspenders belt and stockings added to the picture. “No panties?”

“I hardly ever wear them these days, l love the feeling, and the thrill on a windy day if my skirt blows up and l give a flash…mmmmm… that’s nice.” David slipped his full length into her cunt.

He wasn’t in the mood to hang about either, giving her some rapid strokes. He was just feeling his orgasm building when he heard the back door open.

“Oh for crying out loud!” It was Carol, “you two are like fucking rabbits, Dad rang me last night and said you were getting plenty Mum.”

“Hi sweetheart, just getting rid of his morning glory,” Ann chuckled.

David had frozen mid stroke, feeling his erection rapidly dwindling.

“You really ought to let him rest Mum, there’s a few of us going to want him tonight, we don’t want him worn out.”

His cock had now dwindled completely, sliding out of that warm, wet cunt. “l think l’d better get dressed,” obviously embarrassed to be caught in that state by his cousin.

“Not before you’ve said hello to your Cousin l hope,”. Carol walked over and kissed him, taking hold of his cock, “l’m looking forward to having a bit of this myself later, that’s if that hot arse of your mother doesn’t drain you dry.”

“Carol!” Ann admonished her, rearranging her clothes, “don’t talk about your Aunty like that.”

“Well she is, l tell you David you’re going to see your mother in a whole new light. What time is Jade coming Mum.”

“Who’s Jade?” David asked.

“Your mother,” Ann replied, “she prefers to be known as Jade when she’s here, she’ll tell you all about it when she gets here.”

David was somewhat mystified by the whole thing, then feeling rather embarrassed about standing in the kitchen naked, decided to go and get dressed.

“We’re off then,” Carol called as her and Ann headed for the back door, “don’t go masturbating while we’re out, you’ll need all that spunk tonight.”

David was quite thankful to have a quiet period on his own as he had a lot of thinking to do. He left the house in plenty of time, getting to the station with ten minutes to spare. Waiting apprehensively, not sure how this meeting would go, Ann and Carol were behaving almost as if it was no big deal whereas, to him, his whole world had been thrown upside down. His problem was that there were parts of it that he wanted, the sex with Ann had been great and he was looking forward to sex with Carol. It was where his mother entered the equation that really troubled him.

Much sooner than he was ready, the train arrived, he saw his mother getting off the next carriage and went over to her.

“Hello David,” she smiled nervously.

“Hello Mum.”

There was a moments pause.

“Well, uşak escort do l get a kiss?” She asked.

“Yes er… sorry,” David stepped forward, kissing her cheek. He picked up her suitcase and they made their way off the platform. Thankfully for both of them it was not a long walk to the house, conversation was rather strained, not progressing beyond him asking if the journey was okay and her saying that it was.

Arriving at the house, David told her that Jack was in bed having come off a night shift and that he would put her case in the third bedroom.

“I suppose you’re in Carol’s old room.”

“Well er… yes…er… well Jack is in there at the moment because er…”

“I see, l understand,” she smiled, touching his arm in reassurance. “Shall l put the kettle on, then l think we need to sit down and have a chat.”

David agreed asking if she wanted anything to eat.

“Ann told me she would leave some sandwiches in the fridge, l think they plan to be out most of the afternoon to give us time to sort things out,” she replied.

David took her case upstairs, by the time he returned his mother had sorted out the sandwiches and was making the tea.

They sat in the lounge, neither one knowing how to start what was probably the most important conversation of their lives. Eventually she decided to break the ice.

“So, Ann has told you all our family secrets… how do you feel about it all?”

“To be honest Mum l’m confused, what she has told me has totally torn apart my feelings for us as a family. I mean, for Grandad to do those things to you, it just doesn’t compute with the Grandad l remember.”

“But David, for you it’s your memory of him that counts. Don’t go thinking he was some sort of sex monster because he wasn’t. He was a kind, gentle man and both Ann and l loved him very much. What we did, us girls, we did totally willingly, he never forced himself on us, and it was just straight sex nothing extra, no foreplay, no aural, just sex.”

“I just find it … l don’t know; just totally against everything decent.”

“I do understand how you feel, but is what we did any worse that what you’re doing with Ann, after all, yours is not about love it’s about lust.”

“I know Mum, l know l certainly have no right to judge you… but… l mean, how did you start this?”

“Look David, you know your father is not an easy man to live with, he’s a good provider, l can’t complain about that, but he has a nasty side to him that if l had known earlier l would never have married him.”

“So why did you stay?”

“Because back in those days you just got on with it, confidence l suppose, not having that confidence to walk out, not knowing what would happen. It probably would have been different if there had been another man interested in me, perhaps he would have given me the confidence l don’t know. Then you children came along and things improved, not with him, but because l had you and your sister. I created another world in my head, just us three, l mentally shut him out.”

“Has he always been like it?”

“Oh no, not when l first met him, he was charming. Admittedly l didn’t have much experience of men, not men who had seen anything of the world, the only men my age that l’d had anything to do with had been country boys, and all they ever wanted was to get a girl in the hay loft.”

“So were you fu… l mean having sex when you were young?”

“No, no, and you can call it fucking.”

“I’ve never heard you use that language Mum, l don’t think l’ve ever heard you swear at all.”

“I know sweetheart, does it shock you?”

“Not really, l mean the fact that you swear is hardly the most shocking thing l’ve found out about you these last twenty four hours.”

“I know David, it must have been a terrible shock, but when Ann phoned me and told me you and her had started fucking, l decided l would come up for the party this weekend and we had to tell you everything quickly, probably too quickly.”

“Well Ann told me how you and Jack started.”

“Yes well it was a difficult time for all of us. Your father was in one of his periods when he was always in a bad mood, he was never physically violent, apart from one time he hit your sister and l threatened him that if he did it again l would stab him.”

“Crikey Mum, l never knew it was that bad, l know he has a temper, but l’ve only ever heard him shouting.”

“The strange thing is David, if he’d been violent l probably would have left him. Anyway, to get back to what l was saying. It was a bad time all round, Carol was seriously ill and once the tests were done Jack found out he wasn’t her father. He and Ann were having enough trouble worrying about Carol so they sort of put their problem on the back burner. I offered to come up and help out with the house as Ann was spending every day at the hospital, do you remember Mary from next door looking after you and your sister?”

“Yes l do, l knew Carol was in hospital but didn’t know why.”

“No well, you didn’t discuss things like that muglalisahidi.com with children in those days, silly l know but there it is. Anyway, l came up to look after Jack and the house, one evening Jack and l were talking, he was drinking quite heavily and l had had a couple of glasses of sherry. We were sat on the sofa and somehow we started kissing. It was the first time a man had kissed me like that since l was married and l responded. We ended up in bed and when Ann came home earlier than expected she caught us.”

“I know, she said she couldn’t make much fuss because of Jack finding out about Grandad.”

“Yes, well needless to say there was a lot of talking to be done. Jack decided that he loved Carol too much to desert her, that he would accept her as his own but that he had always fancied me so Ann would have to accept him fucking me.”

David was still having difficulty hearing his mother saying that word but every time she said it a thrill passed through his body, he felt his cock swelling and changed position to try and disguise it. His mother had noticed his embarrassment.

“Looks like this talk is having an effect on you,” she smiled, patting his thigh, “never associated your old Mum with sex before have you?”

“Well no, obviously, but it would appear l have a lot to learn about you.”

“Ann and l have always been very close, and although it was not the done thing in those days, we both enjoyed the sex with your Grandad. I never had an orgasm with him but it used to feel good when he was doing it to me and often Ann and l would masturbate together talking about it. I was a virgin when your Grandad first had me but Ann had done it with a couple of different boys before she started. It was risky because a lot of our girl friends ended up pregnant and had to get married, but then Ann met Jack, he was in the army and they were given ‘Johnnies’. We persuaded your Grandad to use them and l never had a problem with them but Ann had a couple that burst. I was working in town and my boss could get them as well on the black market, he was always touching me and trying to kiss me, in the end l agreed to letting him fuck me once a week if he supplied me with them.”

“Fucking hell Mum! This is a side to you l would never have guessed.”

“Oh Ann and l were a couple of wild girls in those days, then l went to work in the factory and met your father, he was very charming and to be honest l would have been willing to fuck him but he was always very proper. He was totally different to all the other men l had met and l fell for it. Sex with your father has always been a bit of a non-event, always in bed with the light out, he’s never actually seen me naked, he has handled my tits but never touched my pussy except to guide his cock in and then it’s a couple of strokes and he cums.

The sex with Jack was so much more fun, that first time he went down and licked my pussy, no man had ever done that to me, l couldn’t believe how good it was, he made me cum my best one ever. Then he taught me how to suck his cock, l had kissed some cocks with the boys before but never sucked one. The very first time l did it with Jack he came in my mouth, l suppose l should have been revolted but for some strange reason it felt good and before l realised it l’d swallowed it.”

“Fucking hell Mum!” David’s cock was rock hard now which was plainly obvious.

“Am l shocking you or exciting you?”

“Both,” he replied, “l just never thought about you like that, l mean you were always just er…Mum.”

She laughed, allowing her hand to come to rest on his erection, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Good to know your old Mum can get you stirred up, eh?”

“Mum l er… l just don’t know about this, l mean you and me… l just don’t know.”

“Don’t worry sweetheart, you don’t have to join in but you do have to come to terms with what l’m doing. After Ann found Jack and l together, we all had a long conversation. Ann realised that the fact that Jack had been deceived for so long had changed their relationship. She said she didn’t want to lose him and if that meant sharing him with me then she would. It has all worked very well, after a few visits, Jack said he would like to watch Ann and l pleasuring each other, we had never done it before but we both loved it and now it’s just part of what we do.”

“What about the parties? When did they start?” He had to admit he was enjoying the way his mother was gently stroking his cock through his trousers.

“After a couple of visits, l was coming up once a month for weekends, your father didn’t like it but l made the pretence that l was just visiting Carol. I would always come on Jack’s weekend off and it would be a weekend of sex. He suggested joining a wife swapping group after we had read about it in one of his magazines, when l came up the next month they had already joined a group so l joined in.”

“Silly question Mum but do you really enjoy it?”

“Of course l do sweetheart, l’ve always enjoyed sex, your father never was any good at it and now he’s lost interest, he hasn’t fucked me for five years. When l’m here either with Jack or at the parties l have fun. It’s good to know that men still find me sexually attractive.

We are all very open to new ideas, we try all sorts of different things, dressing up, using toys, our latest is to experiment with bondage.”

“What you mean you enjoy being tied up and fucked?” He was feeling very uncomfortable, his cock straining at his trousers.

“Yes l do, just the thought of it gets me wet,” she took his had, guiding it under her skirt.

David could not resist the thrill of sliding his hand up his mother’s skirt, the smoothness of her nylon clad legs then feeling the fastenings of her suspenders, then the smooth, bare flesh of her thighs. Finally, as her thighs parted he felt the heat generating between her thighs, could feel the gusset of her panties, soaking wet.

“You have no idea how good that feels David, would you like me to take them off?”

David felt as if he was at a crossroads, there would be no going back from here. His mother was looking at him, waiting for him. In the end it was as if his fingers had a mind of their own as they manoeuvred inside her panties, making contact with her labia.

“Let me take them off,” she said standing and reaching under her skirt to pull them down and stepping out of them. She sat back on the sofa, drawing up her skirt, exposing herself to him, “come and fuck Mummy.”

David removed his trousers and underpants, standing over her, staring at her cunt. “You’re shaved.”

“Yes, have been since l started going to the parties, l saw some of the girls in the magazines were so decided to try it, l love it, do you like it?”

“It’s beautiful, but what about Dad?”

“He doesn’t know, strange l know but he’s never seen me naked and as he’s not fucking me any more he’s not likely to find out. I must admit l love the naughty feeling l get lying next to him knowing l could be found out at any time.” She reached out to hold his cock. “Now there’s something you never got from your father, you have your Grandad to thank for that. Now put it where it belongs, no messing, just fuck me, don’t wait for me, just fuck me and cum.”

This was his mother talking to him and it was firing his blood. She was open and ready, accepting his full length in one powerful lunge, wrapping her legs around him, clinging to him with her arms as they humped together. It was all too much for him, his orgasm was powerful despite his efforts to hold back.

“That’s good baby,” she encouraged, “let it go, fill me up.”

He continued to grind into her long after his orgasm had subsided, finally collapsing onto her.

“I’m sorry,” he said once he’d got his breath, “that wasn’t very good for you.”

“Shush, it was wonderful, l have wanted you to do that to me for so long. I just had to have you, we have plenty of time to build on this, but the first time will always be special.”

David stood up, looking down at her cunt oozing his cum, he knelt down, bending forward to kiss her cunt lips then suck on her clit.

“I see Ann has taught you well,” she said, curling her fingers into his hair and holding him firm against her cunt, feeling him licking and sucking her, probing with his tongue, “oh that is so good.”

David was relishing the taste of her cunt, the mix of both their fluids, the way her body was responding. She must have been close already because it only took a few minutes till he felt the trembling in her body and the flood of juices as she had her orgasm.

“I want to fuck you again, can l see you naked?”

“No more just now sweetheart,” she reluctantly pushed him away, “you don’t want to be worn out before tonight, save it for later, l need to go to the bathroom and freshen up.”

David watched his mother walk out as he slumped back into a chair, thinking this whole situation was totally surreal. He wondered if he was actually going mad and was dreaming it all, because if he was it was the biggest wet dream ever. The fact was he was fucking his Aunt, about to fuck his Cousin and to cap it all he had just fucked his mother who seemed to find nothing wrong with it. He was no virgin coming into this situation, he was a good looking guy, fit and healthy due to his training and had a good future ahead of him, girls found him attractive and these days, now that the pill had become readily available, girls were far more willing to go all the way.

He felt fortunate to have been the right age to take advantage of the relaxing sexual attitudes in the late sixties, the ‘Summer of love’ in 1969 had been just that for him, although he had steered clear of the cannabis and LSD that was easily available, well he had tried weed once but it made him sick so never again, there seemed to be sex on tap everywhere.

This was totally different, this was adult sex, raw and animal. He didn’t want to have cool, leisurely sex with his mother in some grassy field, he wanted to fuck her brains out, wanted to go upstairs now, throw her on the bed and fuck her that violently that she begged for mercy. “What the fuck am l thinking?” He said to himself, staring at his rigid cock, the thought of savagely raping his mother had made him hard again. “Got to get a grip of yourself David.”