Diversity Twins

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Diversity Twins

“Raya, could we do that thing we did last Thursday?” Madde was digging into the carton of egg foo young with her chopsticks. Why bother with bowls or plates? It was pretty late on a Tuesday night and they had been studying hard all day, all week, in fact, because finals were happening and neither young woman wanted to flunk. The Diversity Twins, as the roommates called themselves, were both pretty driven. A lot of people went to USF just to party and catch a mate. Raya and Madde wanted to set themselves up to make serious money in their first jobs after graduation.

Neither dated a lot, but they enjoyed a serious cuddle with a buffed dude from time to time to relieve the tension.

They coined their nickname because people were always asking “what they were” and the answer wasn’t easy, even if it was irrelevant. Raya had come on scholarship from Malaysia. She was tall, cinnamon-colored with a full head of hair that she just let go wild, almond eyes, but they were bright green, high breasts, an African ass and very kissable lips. Her parentage included most of the people of Malaysia, plus a wandering Irishman, and an Ethiopian grandmother. Sometimes she told people she was a third cousin to Tiger Woods.

Madde looked looked like her Swedish great-grandmother, except she had a natural tan, Moorish eyes, and the strong nose of her Kashmiri mom. In humid weather her straight blonde hair suddenly crinkled, revealing the mistress her Nordic grandfather impregnated on a sojourn in Ghana. Madde’s figure was thick and creamy. When she moved stuff wiggled.

Raya was pretending to study as she considered Madde’s question. Last Thursday had been special, but a little disturbing. See, both she and Madde fucked men. Still, because of their ‘exotic’ looks some lesbian women on campus had hit on both of them. And Danni McCarthy, lots of tats, lats, and fats, with skinned purple hair had mocked them in a bar one night, calling out for all the bar to hear, “Here come the closeted lezzie twins. Bitches won’t give me even a taste.” Because she pawed Raya’s tit as Raya walked past the bar, Raya punched her in the cunt hard enough so it would be remembered for quite a while.

Until this past Thursday Raya and Madde had not touched each other with any sexual fire. But they weren’t shy with each other about sex. They had a great suite just off campus which was granted to students with sterling GPAs. They had written the application essay together and it had really impressed the committee. So now they had the big bedroom with the bay window looking out over the park and the great little kitchen that they both actually used.

Nights, they lay in their queen beds and talked about their dates or their fantasies or their problems. Raya liked to sleep in men’s boxers and an oversized t-shirt. Madde preferred a singlet and light cotton briefs. They both liked to shower at night and were not shy about being seen naked. Madde complimented Raya’s warm red-brown skin, high pointed breasts with dark nipples. Raya admired Madde’s thick natural breasts, curvy tummy with its deep navel, and her wide, firm ass.

Once in bed they loved to tease each other with their stories.

“Raya, I had no idea, looking at Ryan on the field that he was carrying that kind of baggage in his shorts. The boy is really well hung, and he just manscapes that engine until it is squeaky smooth. I was almost embarrassed by my own delicate fuzzies down there. I was afraid he might be grossed out by my little blonde bush. But he didn’t have any trouble at all doing his damndest to get it nice and slippery in its own way.”

“Was he any good at that?”

Madde took some time to answer.

“Hey, over there? Cat got your tongue? Maybe remembering how the tongue got your cat? Maybe remembering with your fingers?”

Madde was. But she was actually recollecting how, despite his best efforts, Ryan couldn’t quite ‘get it.’

“I was grateful when he actually got down to the ‘old in-out.’


“Yup, really. Oh, I really love to have my rosebud tickled until I can’t stand it. But guys just don’t seem to ‘get it.’

“I know.’

“I think I know why.”

“Oh, yeah?” Raya didn’t want to talk much because she was very quietly getting busy, just letting her long fingers dance on her lower belly. Fingernails scritching. Getting closer and closer.

“They think we want to come.”

“Uh huh.”

“I mean, I guess we do, but there isn’t any real hurry. And they want to take credit for making it happen, play me like a puppet-master. They’re like, ‘See? Look what I did. I made her all crazy like that. I made her moan. I made her squirt.”

“Bullshit.” Raya could feel the heat building up below her fingers.

“Damn right bullshit. Because I’m not going to lose my shit until and unless I let it happen, make it happen. So, yeah, he got me started….

“How was that?” Raya had a finger barely istanbul travesti touching her clit, waiting for….

“Well his licking got me to that place where I was beginning to feel kind of hollow and stretched inside. Like it was open, and wet, and wanting…You know?”

“I know.” She did. Her finger had found some slick stuff and she was spreading it back and forth on her clit hood. Something was happening inside.

“He wanted to finger me. But you know how they get when they think you think you need to be fingered. They jam those digits that were just changing the oil right into you and start rammin’ and jammin’, and it kills the buzz that was starting. And you have to be nice, but keep them from touching the pearl. You know?”

“Oh, I know.” She did. It was a familiar scenario. But she was imagining a guys fingers, and his shaved balls rubbing against her leg, her pussy wet and a little itchy from the sweet but lame licking. She was getting wet, and her fingers were beginning to find their rhythm, and she imagined that Madde a few feet away was doing something very similar, except that Madde liked to lie on her tummy. Funny how girls when they frig themselves on their backs can lie so still, but when they humped, they just could grind like crazy.

She wasn’t holding still. And she was pretty sure she could see Madde’s ass in the next bed rising a falling.

“So, how did he take you?” Again, Madde didn’t answer right away. “Madde?”


“How did he do it?”

“What? Like put it in me, the way guys do.”

“Uh, uh. Won’t do. Lotta ways, front, back, fast, slow. We, the inquiring public need to know.”


“He didn’t fuck me in the ass. I don’t do that….”


“Exactly. Butt. He took me from behind.”

“Doggy?” Raya actually had two fingers slipped inside herself and was very lightly stirring her honeypot. it was very good, and when Madde said ‘behind’ she felt her asshole clench.

“Not doggy. Flat. I was on my tummy with my nipples crushed into the bed. It felt… good.”

Raya was tempted to roll over and grind, but she never got it that way. Madde went on, and her words were a little muffled now.

“He just jammed right in. It was perfect. My legs were together, so it was so tight, but I was so…


“…wet, so he could just… ‘


“…ram in and go as deep as he needed, ’cause he was bouncing on my…uh…ass.”

Madde was breathing in short gasps. Raya groaned.

“(Gasp.) You okay?”

“Fine, just, fine. Please don’t stop.”


“That sounded so sexy. Specially ’cause your voice is all throaty.”

“I…cant’t talk, but (gasp) I’ll try… Oh!…Couldn’t help that one. Anyway, he… ah…ah… he was going really… deep in me, just touching… way inside. At first… oh!…slow, and that was good, just going all the way in, and then pulling almost all the way out…”

Raya was getting sloppy wet and usually she didn’t or she knew before she got into bed and brought a hand towel, or she was alone, maybe in the bathtub and could just get as juicy as she wanted…but it was too late and she knew she was going to mess up the sheets some…but she had to keep going…. Madde’s bed was really creaking now. The squeaks and her breath coming with a regular building rhythm.

“…Pulling out of you….”

“…out of me sometimes all the way, so I…ah…felt the cool on my… ah….pussy…oh shit!”

“And…?” Raya had kicked the sheet off and she could hear the liquid stir of her fingers….

“And he….jammed it in so hard and then…. stayed in….so deep. Oh God….”

The sound was like Madde was trying to lift a heavy weight, trying again and again to get it off the ground, but not having quite enough strength to lift. Raya could feel the effort hissing between Madde’s teeth.

“Sheeeit!” Suddenly Madde was still. Raya had herself to that point she called “the high tingle”. She could edge up to it and back off until her tummy was rock hard, her asshole aching, and her uterus absolutely jangling. But Madde’s frustrated shout stopped her cold.

“Hon, what is it?” (Silence.) “Mads?” (More silence. A little rustling.) “You okay?”

She heard Madde flop onto her back.

“Madde, what?”




“Hey, I know what you were doing. I was doing it too.”


“Of course, silly. It’s stupid to pretend….”

“I guess…but?”

“What…I don’t know…maybe I figured if we never really… said anything, then….”

“Then what? Oh…wait. Then we aren’t really doing anything…together. Like it’s not really sex, it’s just us roommates…relaxing before we go to sleep. That pretty much it?”

“Mm hmm.”

“So, was me being here, and pretty much paying attention to what you were doing…how you were feeling…did that…like, chill your jets?”



Madde istanbul travestileri took a deep breath through her teeth. Raya could tell she was really worried about something.

“What is it, Mads?”


“Maybe not. Tell me.”

“Don’t hate me.”

“Not likely. I love you.”


“Those words. I don’t think I’m ready for you to say that yet.”

“Oh, okay. I care about you a lot. That better?”

“I think so. Sure.”

“So was it my begging for the juicy bits that queered your buzz.”

“No… opposite.”

“How so?”

“Was a stone turn on. Every time you asked something I just kept getting hotter. Thinking about it now even, I just need to…oh!”

“…touch yourself. Shh, no no, that’s okay. I just touched myself.”

“You did?”

“Yeah, of course, I… I’m not done. I still need to…”

“Me too. I’m still… and thinking about….”

“…getting jammed from behind so deep?”

“No…yes…no. Oh shit, I was thinking about you.”


“Yeah, sorry…oh…here goes. I was thinking about humping…you. Sorry.”

“No, no, don’t be sorry. Girls, women think about other women, all the time. Fucking. Getting fucked. Women with women. I do. You don’t?”

“Sure…oh god…only, for me, it’s sort of like a movie, maybe a porno, where they are doing it… kind of over there. And I’m like watching. But not, like, doing.”

“I was watching. I was watching the dark shadow of your ass over there, as you started to. like,, hump harder….”

“Oh Raya, if you could really see me you would see I’m blushing. You can see me?”

“Well, not not really see see you, but kind of this sexy silhouette motion up and down; and of course I can hear your bed squeaking, and your breath, and those little groans as you get closer….”

Madde gave a little groan and Raya felt it in her vagina.

“Mads, you can hear me too, can’t you?” (Silence.) “Mads?”

“You’re wet.”

“I’m very wet.”

“You like to…reach in…and stir, right.”


“I mostly like to rub…”

“…on your tummy.”

“On my tummy, almost always, with both my hands tucked under.”

“Madde, I was thinking of you fucking…humping me, as I frigged myself. It was getting me so hot. I was almost there….”


“Sorry, why? You want me to keep my mind off your body when I…”

“No. No no no, I’m sorry I killed your buzz. I got guilty because I was imagining… humping your mouth. I could just see it and feel it under my… oh, shhh.”

“You want to fuck my mouth?”

“No, no, of course it’s just a silly fantasy, I…”

“Madde, do you want to fuck my mouth?


“You do. Of course you do. Thank heavens you do.”


“Madde, I am so horny right now. I need to get off. If you don’t help me, fine. I will lie here and bother the shit out of your ears as you hear me frig myself silly. I will thrash and I will moan and I will get really wet. And if it bothers you, you will have to hide in the bathroom and run the water and sing a song and hold your ears to drown out my passion. Because, damn it, I’m going to come and come hard.”

“Your bed or mine?”

“Mine, because I’m going to make a mess and I’m happy to clean my sheets and air my mattress. But if you are going to come over here you could sweep by the bathroom and grab one of my towels.”

“Okay, Raya, I hope we aren’t going to regret this. From now on all those wiseass campus mouths are going to be right.”

Madde scampered into the bathroom, grabbed a towel and threw herself onto Raya’s bed.

“Maybe right as rain, maybe not. Maybe after this we stick strictly to cock because pussy is only marginally interesting. Or…”

“Or…but one thing off the bat. I don’t want to spend a lot of time making out. I’m not auditioning to be your girlfriend, or the light of your life, right now I just need to….”

“…shut up and fuck me silly. And because it was my idea (even though you were thinking about it too) I get to choose the main… position. But I also like your fantasy. So I am going to lie on my back like I am doing. And I am going to tuck a pillow under my neck to lift my head up some, and even lay back a little; and please, you turn around end to end so your knees are on either side of my head. Yeah, that’s great. Are you still feeling okay about this?”

“Yuh, I’m nervous, but the nervous is getting me excited. Oh, Raya, this is so…wild, I….”

“Shh, get naked, please. We could do this partially clothed, but let’s not. I want to be able to touch everything. Hey, pull my pants the rest of the way off.”

“Raya, you’re sopping.”

“Yeah, get that towel under me, that’s a good girl. Hey, don’t make that face. Yes, I am musky. Comes with the territory. Can you handle it? Because that’s your part of the bargain. You get to scrub your pussy on travesti istanbul my face as much and as hard as you want. But you have to eat me out and get those lovely cello-playing fingers deep in me. I’m going to get my fingers slimy and play with your nipples, but I want you to rub your body hard against mine. Can you do all that?”

Raya was talking up at Madde’s heart-shaped ass. Madde was on all fours over Raya. Neither woman had taken a close look at the object they would soon ‘appreciate’. Now was the time. Above Raya’s mouth was a tight cluster of ruddy flesh. Madde’s sex lips were thick but neatly folded into each other so they made a tight bundle between the plump outer lips just barely decorated with tight blonde curls, a tiny bit of slick liquid leaking out. Her sex mound was broad and the clit in its notch was an impressive column, a tiny bright pink bud just peeking out of its hood.

Madde, on the other hand, was looking down at a wonderful wet mess. Raya had abundant golden brown pubic hair trying to hide her sex. But the curly hair as now matted to her cinnamon skin on her outer lips, slick and juicy all over her meaty labia, browns and purples spread wide to reveal a reef of pinks and corals at the center. The hollow of her vagina held a small pool of perfect clear liquid.

This was the point of no return. Neither woman had so much as given a gentle kiss to another woman’s belly, or pubic mound, much less the depth of another’s most intimate parts. Neither had tried and true techniques to bring a partner to ecstasy.



“I need you to fuck me now. Don’t worry much about what I need. Maybe you getting yours will be enough. So fuck me any way you need to, hard, soft. Just do it until you get it. Okay?”


“Now, please.”


Madde lowered her body onto Raya’s. The soles of her feet were against the headboard. Her thighs dropped just over Raya’s shoulders. She could feel the pressure of her mons on Raya’s chin and Raya’s hot breath on her nether lips, Raya’s breasts were under her belly, squeezed between her hip bones. Her own thick breasts pressed against Madde’s strong thighs. If she dropped her head her mouth would be buried in Raya’s wet and musky sex.

Raya placed a hand on each of Madde’s buttocks and squeezed.

“Mads, can you do what you were doing without your fingers? I imagined you grinding your hips, your pussy, into my face. I want to feel what that is like. Can You do that?”

“Yuh, I’ll try.” Came Madde’s muffled voice from between Raya’s legs.

Raya felt Madde’s thick thighs grow firm on either side of her head. She felt Madde’s butt tighten and squeeze, pressing her clit, at first lightly, against Raya’s chin. Her pussy lips tilted toward Raya’s mouth and scrubbed. Musk. Saltiness. Sweetness. The tickle of her hair.

Raya felt Madde’s moan as much as she heard it. She squeezed ass in encouragement. Madde pressed again. Rocking. Finding a rhythm of pressure and release. Raya was enchanted with the power she felt in Madde’s ass. It excited her; made her own pussy tighten and weep.

Down below, Madde’s face seemed far away, a hot cheek pressed against Raya’s thigh. Raya’s own sweet parts were aching for a kiss, but she was willing to wait, almost eager to wait, a small ache building in her inner thighs.

This was unlike anything Raya had ever felt before. Oh, she had wrestled with other girls at slumber parties, jostled other women on the basketball court. But here she was, ‘all of a sudden’ with her face buried in another woman’s most secret place, her nose close to her friend’s back end, and Madde, her good buddy, was beginning to lose herself in fucking Raya’s face.

Soon Raya wondered if she had given Madde too much rein. Madde was starting to go to town on her mouth and not worrying much about whether Raya could breathe, or whether she was too rough, or whether her friend was regretting her decision. Raya realized she didn’t really give a shit. This was strange magic. She was focused. She was really enjoying having her mouth bruised by Madde’s energetic scrubbing. And Madde was opening up so Raya could get her lips and tongue into Madde’s soft parts, getting them more and more juicy. Again and again and again Madde’s clit crushed into her mouth. On each side of her face those creamy power thighs were shaking with the effort. The headboard was groaning as Madde levered off it.

Raya could somehowfeel that being this wet and this open was new to Madde. Some moments, instead of scrubbing she arched up and froze, letting Raya push her tongue deep, whining when Raya took a mouthful of flesh and punished it with her tongue.

But soon she was back in classic form and Raya could feel Madde working her clit the way she needed it done. She didn’t ask until at one point she stammered, “Can you make your lips kind of stiff, firm, pouty, just kind of push hard against my….”

Then she was riding Raya’s mouth with abandon. It wasn’t too hard; just a small but powerful motion, on the exact spot she needed to raise the ante more, and now more. She was crying out now, hungry for the feeling, not quite for release. Close. Closer. Backing off, Needing it so much. She was calling Raya’s name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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