DJ Pt. 10


Author’s Note:

To my readers: starting with this Chapter, Part 10, I’m going to try to make the chapters a bit shorter, so I can upload more often. I had hoped to get past DJ 20th Birthday and Thanksgiving with this one, but they will be early in Part 11. (I think, I never know what these characters are going to do to upset my script!)

* * * * * *

From the tail end of Part 9

I was already asleep, and didn’t even hear the boys come in. They sat in the kitchen, munching the pizza and drinking Pepsi, both looking forward to what was planned to follow. Jamie rose from the table, his loose fitting jeans tented from anticipation.

“Jamie!” DJ exclaimed, grinning, “you’re hard already!”

“Yeah?” Jamie replied, chuckling,” You better check yourself, boyfriend.”

DJ looked down where his own cock was trying to escape from his skinny jeans, and there was an obvious wet spot, about the size of a silver dollar where he had leaked precum already. Both boys laughed and headed toward their bedroom. Jamie went to the chest in the hallway and grabbed a towel, and headed back into the bedroom, closed the door and spread the towel on the bed. Both boys stripped, allowing their very hard erections to breathe.

Jamie, grinning, “Payback time!”

“Yeppers,” DJ stated, “Goodbye, virginity, it’s been good to know you!”

DJ climbed onto the bed, and Jamie slid open the little door, and retrieved the tube of KY. DJ’s looking forward to his first ass-fucking.

DJ Part 10

“You want me on all fours?” DJ asked.

“No DJ, just lie on your back. I’m gonna start this a little differently.”

DJ was leaking a lot of precum, and there was a small puddle of it on his abdomen. Jamie bent over and licked up the puddle, than took DJ’s handsome cock and licked the precum from the head of it, and where some ran down the shaft.

“I thought you were going to fuck me,” DJ said.

“I am baby, I just didn’t want your tasty pre to go to waste. Pull your heels up, as close as you can, to your ass cheeks. Look like a frog,”

DJ, snickering, “Like this baby?”

“Just like that,” Jamie said, then, grabbing a pillow, “raise your ass up, and let me slide this pillow under your cheeks, yeah, that’s better. Gives me good access to your pussy.” That last word caused DJ to snort.

Jamie squeezed some of the lube onto DJ’s hole and started to push it in with his finger, starting to work DJ’s opening, then adding more lube, added a second finger.

“That’s cold, Jamie!”

“It won’t be, after I get in there.” Jamie squeezed a little more KY onto his middle and index fingers, and pushed them both into DJ’s opening, rolling them around, and stretching DJ’s hole. He then added a little more lube, and his ring finger. He is confident that DJ is prepared, and lubed up his rock hard prick, mixing the lube with his own precum.

“Are you ready baby?” Jamie asked.

“I—I—think so, Is this gonna hurt?”

“Probably a little, at first, I’m going to go in slow, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Jamie got up on the bed, and told DJ to raise his legs up and put them on his shoulders, as he shuffled his knees up to DJ’s butt, aligning the head of his cock with DJ’s opening. He pressed in a little, but DJ’s hole didn’t give.

“Relax, baby, let me push the head in, and I’ll give you some time to adjust.”

Jamie started to tickle DJ’s ribs, causing DJ to start laughing, and gave a push, and ‘pop’ the head of Jamie’s prick was through the sphincter ring.

“Ohhh!” DJ exclaimed, “That hurt, a little.”

“That’s the hardest part, getting the head through the sphincter ring, just relax and I’m going to gradually slide in a little further. I’m gonna push in about an inch, and let you adjust, then back out an inch and push in 2 inches, and in 4 or 5 minutes I’ll be all the way in.”

“Are you all in now?” DJ asked.

“No, I’ve still got a couple of inches to go. Am I hurting you?”

“No, not much anyway, it’s starting to feel kinda good.”

“I wish I had a chicken’s neck.”


“Cause I can see all that precum you’re streaming, and my neck is too short to reach down and lap it up, and if things go right, you’re gonna shoot, and my mouth won’t be there to catch it!

That made DJ laugh, and when he laughed, Jamie slammed all the way in.

“How much more to go, Jamie?”

“None, I’m all the way in. Are you saying you want more?”

“No, baby, I feel—I don’t know—full? I never dreamed that a cock up my ass could feel this good. Jamie, make love to me!”

“I’m trying to be easy on you, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I can take a little more—friction, fuck me a little harder! Or faster!”

“I’m afraid to, DJ, if I go any faster I’m going to cum too quick! Your pussy’s got a hell of a tight hold on my cock, and it feels so fuckin’ good! Are you close?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Let me try and change the angle, I need to hit your prostate. DJ put a little more weight on my shoulders and try and raise your butt just a little.”

“Oh travesti porno my god! Fuck! Jamie!”

“You ok?”

“You’re driving me crazy, baby! Slow it up, please!”

DJ is trying to slow Jamie up, by squeezing Jamie’s cock tighter, which is just going to cause Jamie to orgasm even quicker. Jamie’s is close and DJ is even closer.

“JAMIEEEEEEEEE! I’m done! I just creamed all over myself!”

“DJ! Squeeze your ass a little tighter just for a couple, OH YES, OH, I’m filling your pussy now, oh god, that feels so good, I’m still cumming! Whew! What a climax that was! I’ve never cum that hard before. I think I just shot about a quart of cum into you.”

“DJ, you can lower your legs now, I need to do something.”

“But Jamie, I don’t want you to pull out.”

“I’m deflating, a few minutes it’s going to fall out! I want my meal before it gets too cold and old.”

“Jamie, we ate all the pizza!”

“Not that meal,” Jamie pointed at DJ’s tummy, “this one!”

Jamie pulled out of DJ’s ass, changed position a little and was starting to clean all the cum from DJ’s chest and tummy, with his tongue.

DJ, chuckling, “You’re silly, Jamie.”

“I’ll admit, I’d rather have it warm and fresh from the spigot, but, hey.”

“Now I’m the one with an ass full of cum!”

“Just stuff the towel in your crack, and hold what you can, until you get to the toilet. If a little dribbles on the towel, it’s washable.”

DJ returned from the bathroom about five minutes later, Jamie went in and cleaned his cock and balls, and then both boys hit the sack, cuddled and kissed. DJ could taste his own cum in Jamie’s mouth.

“Jamie,” DJ spoke lovingly, “Thank you, that was awesome.”

“Thank you baby, it was good for me too. I guess we’ve broken the ice, on making love to each other.”

The two boys fell asleep, with arms around each other.

* * * * * *

It’s Saturday morning, Nov 11th and I woke up a little later than usual, after 10:00 AM. I went and started coffee brewing, and decided to shower while it was brewing. Of course it was done when I finished my shower, and shave. I was aware that neither of the young ones needed to be up early, so I drank my first cup alone.

About 11:15 I saw some signs of life, as DJ and Jamie both appeared, and sat down with me. Jamie had his typical morning glass of juice and DJ with coffee. The boys were frequently glancing at each other, and grinning. It made me wonder what they were up to.

“Guys,” I asked, “what are you two up to? Those grins on your faces give you away.”

Jamie replied, “It’s a Saturday, and we both always have to work, but we both got today off, and we’re going on a real date tonight. DJ is taking me to the Watering Hole.”

“It’s just ‘Water Hole’ without the I N G.” I responded, “Joe and I took DJ there, one night, and he had a blast. But going out doesn’t quite explain those grins, I feel there is something more.”

“Dad,” DJ said, “you know that chat we had Tuesday morning, before I went to work?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Well,” DJ said, placing his arm around Jamie’s shoulders, “we’re not virgins anymore.” Both boys were grinning.

“I think,” Jamie commented, “that it was a lot better, and more exciting, than either of us even imagined it could be. DJ busted my cherry Wednesday night, and I broke his last night.”

“I think,” I said, laughing, “Congratulations may be in order, that would classify you guys as legitimate love makers. So, how was it?”

“It was kinda messy,” DJ replied, “but awesome in other respects. I doubt it was a one time event!” Then, “Dad, we blew some huge loads!”

“I think you guys just graduated, from boys to men,” I said, smiling, “boys masturbate, men fuck!” The boys both laughed.

My phone rang, it was Joe.

“Hi baby,” I answered.

“Doug, I’ve got great news. This next week is my last on graveyard. The week starting next Sunday I’ll be on 3:00 to 11:00! I’ll be getting a new partner, probably one of the newer guys.”

“That great, Joe, I know the boys will be happy for us.”

“Did you make that purchase you wanted, for DJ’s birthday?”

“I did, but I can’t talk about it now, I’ll tell you later.”

“I think I understand, somebody’s too close to you, I’ll be getting a new captain, and I need to be certain I’m off on Thanksgiving Day. See you later. I love you baby.”

“I love you too, Joe, bye.”

“Dad,” DJ asked, “What’s happening?”

“I replied, smiling, “Next week is Joe’s last on graveyard, he’ll be going to 3 to 11 shift.”

“That’s cool, Dad, almost the same hours you work.”

“I know,” I said, smiling, “We’ll be able to spend most of our nights together, and sleep together. What do you two have planned for today?”

“This is so wild,” Jamie answered, “both of us having a Saturday off! We just told you, that we’re going on a real date tonight, to the Water Hole.”

“Yeah,” DJ commented, “I think we’re going to go do some shopping today. I’ve still got that gift alt yazılı porno card for Foot Locker, and I’m due for a new pair of sneaks.”

“There are a couple things I want to pick up, too,” Jamie added.

“I need to work my normal shift,” I said, “but don’t expect me to wait up for you tonight, I know you won’t be home until the wee hours! I hope you have a great time tonight.”

By the time we finished breakfast, and got dressed, it was about 1:00 PM when the boys left. It’s so incredible, the feeling of love, pride and respect that I have for both of these young men. Why did I have to wait so many years to experience fatherhood! I would love to have raised DJ from a baby, and his childhood would have been so much better and happier.

Jamie and DJ started their shopping journey at Target, and Jamie was looking through the selection of skinny jeans. He selected a pair of black ones, and went to the fitting room to try them on. They fit quite snug on his slender frame, and he looked really sexy.

“Jamie,” DJ said, “they make you look too sexy! I don’t want other guys, or girls, to be lusting for you.”

“DJ, do you really think I would leave you, for anyone else?” Jamie remarked, “If it makes them drool, let them drool, I’m getting them.”

Jamie then led DJ to the underwear section, and was looking through the selection of Boxer-Briefs.

“Baby,” DJ said, “those aren’t boxers.”

“I know,” Jamie said, “didn’t you hear me say, the other day, that I wasn’t going to buy any more boxers?”

“I didn’t think you were serious.”

“Well, I was, I need to try these.” He selected two six-packs of various colored boxer-briefs, and added them to his skinny jeans.

“Two six-packs, baby?”

“Yep, one to wear and one to share!” Jamie stated, grinning.

They then stepped over to the T-shirts, and DJ picked up a six-pack of plain white T-shirts, as his were getting quite old, and some had holes in them. Then they ended up at the pharmacy, where Jamie finally got a toothbrush, to have at DJ’s house, and some deodorant, and a bottle of personal lube. They both checked out, and carried their purchases to Jamie’s car, and drove to the mall.

Once at the mall, they were headed in the direction of Footlocker, and Jamie pulled DJ into a jewelry store. He asked the clerk if the store carried Pride rings, and was told they didn’t, and likely they would probably have to order something like that online. The jeweler was kind enough to measure their fingers, DJ would need size 10, and Jamie size 9.

They arrived at Footlocker, as both wanted to get some new sneakers. DJ found a pair of red Nike’s that he liked. They were $10 more than his gift card but he was willing to pay the difference. Jamie bought an identical pair, except that his were blue, and a size larger. Even though the two boys can wear each other’s clothes, Jamie evidently has larger feet. It has become apparent that DJ’s favorite color is red, and Jamie’s is blue.

They visited several clothing stores, as Jamie was looking for a blue polo shirt that would match his new blue sneakers, and he finally found one. After that the boys went to an eatery in the mall and enjoyed steak and cheese subs and some french-fries. It was nearly 5:00 PM when they arrived back at DJ’s house.

“Jamie,” DJ said, “It’s about an hour drive to the Water Hole, so we should probably leave here around 8:00 PM.”

“Cool,” Jamie answered, “That means we’ve got a couple hours to kill before we need to get ready. Let’s shuck these jeans, and relax on the bed for a while.”

Both boys stripped to their boxers, and lay together on the bed. Relaxing seemed not to be the priority, as they started to make out, both boys hands roaming over the other’s body and kissing passionately. Jamie slipped his hand inside DJ’s boxers and he wrapped his fingers around DJ’s hard cock.

“I want a snack!” Jamie exclaimed.

“I doubt I could cum again, we just both got off in a big way last night.”

“Let me try, baby,” Jamie insisted, as he shoved DJ’s boxers down and off.

Jamie adjusted his position, knelt between DJ’s legs and took DJ’s BBC into his mouth, and started nursing it. Jamie straddled one of DJ’s legs, lightly rubbing his erected and leaking cock, still inside his boxers, against DJ’s lower leg, while he worked DJ’s penis with his mouth and tongue. Jamie wants to taste his DJ’s juice, he loves the flavor of it.

Even before Jamie had DJ about to cum, he could feel his own climax approaching, and he tried to stop rubbing against DJ’s leg but his cock had other ideas. A few seconds later and his cock spewed a load of semen into his boxers, and just about a minute later he got his mouth filled with DJ’s delicious sperm.

“I feel cheated,” DJ remarked, as Jamie sucked out the last dribbles from DJ’s cock.

DJ whirled around on the bed, lowered Jamie’s cum soaked boxers, turning them inside out on Jamie’s thighs. He lowered his head, licking the cum from Jamie’s member and sucking the last üvey baba porno few dribbles out of it, then licking what he could from Jamie’s boxers. He then shoved Jamie’s cum and precum soaked boxers off, tossing them on the floor.

The two naked boys then fell into another deep kiss, each tasting their own cum in each other’s mouth. They spent the next hour, just cuddling, kissing, and loving each other, their flaccid penises touching. The afterglow of their sex was simply exhilarating, and they both felt so comfortable. It was one of the more tender moments they had shared, actually it was an hour.

About 7:00 PM, DJ stated, “Baby, I hate to break this off, but if we’re going to make it to the Water Hole tonight, I think we’d better shower and get ready to leave.”

“DJ,” Jamie commented, tears clouding his eyes, “I can’t believe how much I love you, I just can’t imagine my life without you in it!”

“Jamie, I feel exactly the same. We need to thank Dad, for finding me, and loving me. Otherwise, we would never have met. Let’s get showered.”

The two boys hit the shower, washing and drying each other, and sharing an occasional kiss. They went back to the bedroom and Jamie opened one of the new packs of boxer-briefs, handing DJ a pair of red ones.

“I don’t know, Jamie, I’ve never worn boxer-briefs before.”

“Give them a try baby, you might like them.”

Jamie pulled on a pair of blue ones, and DJ pulled on the red ones, and they looked at each other. They agreed on two things, they were comfortable, and they made them both look sexier than boxers did. Jamie pulled on his new black skinny jeans, and blue polo shirt and new blue sneakers. DJ pulled on a pair of red skinny jeans, a white polo shirt and his new white sneakers.

They both stood in front of the mirror on DJ’s dresser and checked each other out.

“Do you know what I see, Jamie?”

“No, but I see one thing. With the boxer-briefs, your beautiful cock is not as noticeable, it’s not hanging down into your pant leg. What do you see?”

“I see two very sexy looking, handsome dudes. Let me get that gift card and we can get out of here, and on our way. You do have GPS on your phone?”

“I do, and I’ve already programmed ‘Water Hole’ into it.”

They climbed into Jamie’s car and headed out. GPS said the place was 52 minutes away, and they arrived there about 50 minutes later. When they were entering, the security dude, and cover charge collector asked their age and told them the policy had changed. They now used color-coded wristbands for guests. The under 21 year old guests were issued a red band, and of age guests received a green one.

He explained that it saved the servers and bartenders a lot of time, carding the guests, as they could tell, by the wristbands if a guest was legal to purchase alcohol or not. We card on entrance, and issue the appropriate color. DJ presented the gift certificate that Joe had given him, the security guy flipped it over and wrote ‘2 guests, $40’ on the back and let them in. They soon found an empty table, and secured it. The music was played by a Disk Jockey.

A server, approaching us, “Hi guys, I’m Chico, I’ll be your server tonight, can I get you something to drink?”

“What do you have?” Jamie asked.

“Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper and Seven-up, and, of course, Iced Tea and coffee,” Chico answered, “Do you need menus?”

DJ, looking at Jamie, “2 Pepsi’s?” Jamie nodded.

“I haven’t seen you guys here before,” Chico stated, “You’re a little early, the band starts playing at Nine, 2 Pepsi’s, coming up.”

Chico returned about 5 minutes later with their drinks, 2 menus, and a little plastic tent that said ‘occupied’ on it.

Chico, placing the tent on our table, “This reserves your table, so no one will take it, should you decide to maybe hit the dance floor, or go to the rest room, or outside for a smoke. (Neither of us smokes) Are you gents ready to order?”

“I don’t think yet, a little later we’ll be hungry,” DJ answered.

Chico replied, “Okay, we serve food until midnight. I’ll be back to check on you in a few.”

DJ is wondering what the band will be like, and is dying to get Jamie on the dance floor. The dj is playing a variety of music, and the dance floor is empty, maybe everyone is waiting for the band? It’s 9:00 and the music stopped. A voice hit the microphone.

“Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, How is everyone tonight?”

There were a number of hoops and hollers, and it seemed all were ready.

“We’re happy to see you all tonight. We’re the ‘Country Ramblers’ and this is our first time playing here. We are a country band, but we can play a lot of other stuff too. Sometimes, we even import a song from across the big pond, and our opening song tonight is one of those. It’s from an Irish Boy Band, called Boyzone. It’s called ‘Who We Are’ and we hope you like it”

The band started playing and singing…

We make mistakes

We rise again

We choose the road we shouldn’t take

We bend the rules

We cross the line

It’s just enough to feel alive

But it makes us who we are


“Jamie!” DJ exclaimed, “that’s a beat we can get down to, let’s dance!” DJ grabbed Jamie’s hand and led him to the dance floor. There were several other couples making their way to the floor also.