Doc Zach at the Baseball Game

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WARNING: This story is in honor of the start of US Baseball. It involves scenes of graphic sex including anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old. This is a story in a series of Doc Zach and various encounters.


I am an emanate internist now in the Los Angeles area. I concentrate my practice to young females with eating disorders, and young female patients seeking “weight control”. I attend a few medical conferences throughout the year and was attending one in New York City when this event occurred.

I saw that the LA Dodgers were playing the NY Mets and decided to blow off a day at the conference and go to the game. I took the subway to the stadium and really liked the pre-game atmosphere inside the No. 7 subway car. Since I was getting a day of game ticket all they had was bleacher seats. I bought a ticket, bought an LA baseball cap, an ‘everything’ dog, a tall beer and made my way to the seat. It was a typical bleacher crowd – rowdy and loud.

Just before game time a group of hot looking girls filled the row directly in front of me. A very tall blonde stood right in front of my seat. She had a Mets jersey cut way short to just below the swell of her nicely large breasts, leaving her tummy exposed. When she bent over a bit to drop her bag I could see she had on a hot-pink sports bra that was working overtime to hold in her jugs. All the girls had short skirts on – much like cheerleader skirts. When the blonde went to sit down I got to see she had the matching hot-pink silky sports shorts on under her skirt and they were also working hard to contain a great looking athletic ass.

They flirted with me a bit and ragged on me about how badly the Dodgers were gonna get thrashed by the Mets. The day was hot and the girls consumed a lot of beer. Since it was hot all day there were a few shorts soaked with sweat which made for a more revealing show when they bent over to sit. A few camel toes winked back at me. Things got pretty rowdy but it was a fun time. The more the Mets scored the harder the time they all gave me. The blonde seemed to make it her job that day to give me the worst.

Towards the end of the game the Mets hit a three run homerun and the girls all jumped up screaming. It was a nice show to see their short skirts hop up and show off their great asses. The blonde spun around to really give me the business when she spilled her beer onto my shorts. She stared down to where she had wet my pants.

I am very good looking and keep myself in great shape. What I have always liked about my dick is that it is a full 8 inches soft and hangs down fully between my legs. My cock leaves a nice bulge in my pant leg when I roll it up on my thigh under my shorts as I had today. It must be a sexy sight to some women I’ve met because when they scope me out their eyes always linger on my crotch. It has lead to many a hook ups especially if as it sometimes happens both of us are headed to the same medical convention in town.

The blonde stared at the wet stain on my shorts which had made my long fat dick quite visible in the wet outline. She could see on my wet thigh a ‘big’ clue as to what was under my shorts. She said she was very sorry for getting me soaked and reached for the napkins from her hot dog and without thinking it through began to pat and rub at the wet spot on my thigh. She drew in a deep breath when she made full contact with her palm and fingers around my firm dick and pulled her hand back like she had been burned.

Her girl friends now saw what had happened and stared at my obvious cock and what she was doing and screamed, “Lizzy, what are you doing to that poor man? You are only making it worse,” and they all burst into loud laughing. Lizzy blushed deep, deep red and said she was really sorry then spun around and plopped her nice ass down into her seat.

The girls on either side of her really teased her and asked her things like, “Was it a hard job to clean him up?” or “Did it take a ‘long’ time to get him dry?” or “Did you drop your sausage along with your beer,” and again burst into loud laughing.

The game ended with the Dodgers loosing and we all stood up to leave. The sun had dried most of the stain. Lizzy turned and said she was really sorry but she had eyes only for my cock. I told her it was ok and joked it needed a washing anyway. I allowed my eyes to scope out her large breasts one last time. She followed my eyes upward and smiled sweetly as her nipples hardened and poked out the jersey. It looked like she reluctantly left with her girlfriends.

The crowd for the subway was large and we piled in as the doors opened. As it turned out that group of girls walked into the same Büyükesat Escort car I was in. As a pack we moved back into the corner by the subway interconnecting car doors. As fate would win out the blonde wound up directly in front of me again. All the girls chatted me up and I found out they were all on a New York City college volleyball team. The blonde was tall and was their center. Lizzy didn’t really talk much with me – perhaps being still embarrassed.

The subway would rock and sway and each time it pulled out of a station on the way back to Manhattan Lizzy would fall back into me and her ass would make contact with my crotch. Putting my hand in my pocket I pulled my dick up onto my thigh. The next time Lizzy tipped back her ass crack lined up right on my dick. She hissed a breath through her teeth but really didn’t move off me. She used my body for support but now the train made her ass rock and sway against my dick.

As is want to happen in the NYC subway the train came to a complete stop in the tunnel. The conductor told us over the speakers that there was track problems up ahead and we would be here for about twenty minutes. The AC stayed on but the lights flipped to the dim setting. I heard a lot of baseball talk going on but was shocked a bit to feel a hand slide up my leg and caress my dick. That went on for a minute or so and I then felt Lizzy spin to face me. She brought her finger to my lips and quietly “shushed” me.

She took my hand and slid it under her short skirt and used it to rub directly on her pussy over her shorts. She moaned, opened her mouth to lick her dry lips. Her sweat from the day in the hot sun and now perhaps some of her own moistness made it easy for my fingers to slide along her pussy slit. I slid my hand up her tummy under the baseball jersey and onto her sports bra. She drew in her breath but made no move to stop me. I could tell she had large but perfect sized and shaped breasts.

I slid my hand onto a very firm nipple and spun it softly between my thumb and fingers. She flinched a bit but still allowed me to continue. I used my hand to squeeze that breast a little harder than necessary. I heard her hum and felt her sway her hips as she rocked on my fingers. The more I manipulated her breast the more I felt she was becoming aroused. I could now begin to smell sweet pussy honey that she was producing. The crotch of her shorts now felt very damp.

I felt her hands at my zipper which she quietly pulled down. She fished inside my shorts and pulled my fat dick out. It was easy to do since I often go commando. She stroked my fat cock for a bit to get it nice and firm. Lizzy ran her palm over my dickhead massaging the pre-cum I was dripping.

She then moved my pussy stroking hand from under her skirt and spent some time doing something under there. I felt her grip my cock again, lift the front of her skirt and push forward. This time my cock was bare-back and I felt something soft, warm and very wet surround it. Lizzy must have pushed her shorts and panties to the side of her labia. She slowly slid my cock back and forth through her pussy slit and worked my cock to rub against her clit. She was soon breathing heavily getting closer to a pending orgasm.

She slid back and forth on my cock using it like a fat vibrator while I went back to attacking her breasts and nipples under her Mets jersey. She moaned deeply as my cockhead rubbed her clit. I knew she was getting close to cumming all over my cock and wetting her panties still over her ass.

I slid my hands down her back and onto her ass and felt her firm ass cheeks. I then moved a hand under her sports shorts and soft panties. Lizzy opened her thighs making room for my fingers. I let my fingers drift down the crack of her moist ass and onto her bare pussy lips where her honey was dripping out. I got my two long fingers coated in her slick pussy juice. I then tested her and slid those fingers up her butt crack and across her rosebud and massaged the opening to her back door. She shuttered and moaned softly “I’m so close, I’m so close, I close to cumming on your fat cock.”

I slid my fingers back down to the back of her honey pot and picked up a good coating on my fingers. I returned to her anus and placed my middle finger at the opening and let my finger enter her just a little bit. “More,” she moaned into my ear and bit my ear lobe. So I let my finger enter up to the knuckle. “More,” she moaned again. So my finger slid fully up her ass.

She really was breathing heavily now and moaning deeply. “Even more, please” she moaned. So pulling my finger out I placed two together and then slide them both slowly against her anal ring. I felt her rosebud soften and my two fingers Elvankent Escort slid all the way up her ass. “Oh yes, that’s it,” she hissed.

She increased the pace of sliding on my cockhead up and down her pussy slit to hit her clit. I was working away at her ass sliding two long fingers in and out her tight ass chute. I felt her body shake and her ass grabbed my fingers and pulsed through her orgasms. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes,” was all she could moan as she shuddered on my cockhead and fingers. I felt her pussy honey pour out along my cock.

She did a low moan and dropped her head into my shoulder for support. I let her rest a bit then slid my fingers out of her ass. She looked up, held my face with her two hands and kissed me deeply and wildly. Hiding my cock as best she could she spun around and moved her ass against my front. She reached back, pulled her shorts and panties down below her ass cheeks and centered herself on my crotch.

I reached for my dick and ran it through her pussy lips and filled the opening to her pussy with my fat cockhead. She moaned and shook on my cock as began feeding that wet pussy all my eight fat inches. She shook as each inch of cock opened her tight pussy. I could feel my cockhead slide over her g-spot and open up the top of her cunt. My cockhead tapped her cervix and Lizzy bit her finger to keep from moaning loudly. I left all my fat long cock in her warm oven to drench it with her dripping pussy honey.

She rode my cock for a few minutes rubbing her own g-spot and deep against her cervix. Her pussy lips hugged my cock tightly going back and in again each way pulling on her clit. Her pussy tightened on my cock and started pulsing as my cock got coated with warm thick girl cum. Lizzy shook on my cock and leaned back against me. I moved her hair aside and bit her neck. She moaned as she rocked my cock through her aftershocks.

My cock sat in her warm oven for some time. Then holding the base of my cock Lizzy pulled it backwards and ran my cockhead on and around her backdoor rosebud. She centered my dickhead on her ass ring and pushed back strongly till the head began to enter the door opening. My two fingers had softened and lubed her anal chute so my dick helmet popped through her anal ring. Damm her ass chute was real tight on my cockhead.

Her breathing was very shallow and her tits where rising and falling. Lizzy then began to slide my cock slowly up her ass in small amounts, in an inch then out to the head – in two inches then out to the head. Her pussy was leaking more honey so each time she pulled back I coated my dick with more pussy juice. Finally she pushed her ass fully onto my cock which was now all the way home up the tightest, warmest love tunnel I had felt in a long time.

“Oh, so big, so big,” she moaned quietly and said, “You have to be quick before the lights come on again.”

I then saw one of her teammates figure out what was going on. She smiled sexily then moved in close to Lizzy’s front. She leaned in and kissed her deeply. This girl must have moved a hand down onto Lizzy’s bare pussy because my balls were scratched by some finger nails.

Lizzy took in some deep breaths and began to rock back and forth on my cock. She began a rhythm to slide my cock out to the head then slide back down taking it all back in. When she was at the head she would pulse her anus massaging that very tender spot on the bottom of my dick. She began to pick up the pace while I held her hips but then I slid my hands around to her front and began an attack on her breasts.

Her teammate and I took turns abusing Lizzy’s tits. I mashed her jugs and spun and pulled on her nipples. I was looking over Lizzy’s shoulder and her teammate locked eyes with me. Her green eyes penetrated into me as we abused the team center between us. She ran her wet tongue across her own puffy lips then leaned onto Lizzy and kissed her deeply again. She pushed back and mouthed “mine,” so I smiled and nodded my head in a knowing way. Lizzy took in deep hissing breaths when we pulled on her nipples and then radio-dialed them left and right.

Leaving one hand to work her breasts I moved my other hand to her pussy, and found her lover had slid two fingers deep into that dripping hole so I used one finger to begin rubbing her clit. While she road my cock up her ass we attacked her pussy and clit. I could feel the girlfriend’s fingers rubbing my own cock when I slipped my cock up Lizzy’s ass. Lizzy started shaking violently as she built into her massive orgasm. “OH, fucking damm, I’m cumming so hard – I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh damm, oh damm” she moaned softly and sprayed our fingers with what felt like a quart of her hot honey.

Her Beşevler Escort body shuddered and she moaned deeply and dropped her head backwards to my shoulder. That exposed her neck and both I and the teammate left a bite mark. I could feel Lizzy’s legs and thighs shuddering in her post orgasm let down. Her lover moved in tight to support her also. I waited till she stopped shaking and moaning.

“Yes, yes use my ass, make me your slut, shoot your cum so deep in my ass,” Lizzy moaned then her girlfriend kissed her deeply. All at once the other teammates moved into a protective circle around their captain. They ran their hand up and down Lizzy’s body feeling a bare midriff or breast or bare ass cheek. One or two would kiss Lizzy and murmur soft words. I began to wonder how close those girls were and how I would enjoy watching their post game shower.

At that point I had to get my head back in the game and pushed my rock hard cock deep into her moist ass chute. She made the deepest moan I had heard so far so one of the girls kissed her deeply to quiet her. Her back chute was tight and warm, but slick enough from the previous workout that it was easy for me to slide out to the head then back to my base. As I started going faster and faster she let out a long muffled moan. Her clit was by now fully engorged to the size of a pea. I pinched it between my finger and thumb and drove her further towards her cumming.

As I was getting that feeling in my balls that I was getting close to cumming, I could feel her ass chute begin to spasm. One more pull on her clit and she began another string of orgasms. As she thrashed into each orgasm her ass would clench and release my dick. Her lover rubbed my balls with her slender finger tips sending thrills up my spine. A girl on each side of me began kissing my neck and biting my ear lobes. One of them bit into my neck to even out the pain their captain was receiving from my fat cock.

Finally I drove deep into Lizzy and dropped a huge load into her ass chute, shooting five or six loads as she slid forward to milk my dick and slide back down to the base of my fat cock to take more. We both orgasmed for what felt like minutes with my cock buried in deep. Lizzy slowly slid a little forward and my cock sadly slid out. Her anal ring kissed my cockhead one last time giving one last aftershock on that sensitive knot under my fat helmet.

I would have to guess that my cum began to run out of her ass and more pussy honey leaked down her thighs. She slowly spun around and made an “O” with her fingers around my dick and milked the last of my cum juice into her palm. She then offered her palm to a teammate who cleaned off our combined juices.

Over Lizzy’s shoulder I saw her lover with fingers full of my cum place them in her own mouth and suck them clean. She must have caught my cum leaking out of Lizzy’s asshole. She went back to Lizzy’s asshole several times filling her fingers with my warm thick cum and offered it to any of the other girls. Dammm my cock refused to go down! She then slipped her hand under Lizzy’s skirt and placed the cum soaked panties and shorts back over her lover’s ass and pussy. Lizzy was disheveled but now presentable.

One of the teammate grabbed my cock and put it back into my shorts and zipped me up. I watched her smiling face as she lick her palm of the last of my dripping cum. While Lizzy stood in front of me I got out my wallet and pulled out a business card. I slid it up under her jersey and into her sports bra. “Mail me those cum soaked panties” I told her. Her eyes went wide and softly she said, “OK, but the Mets still rock.”

A few weeks later I received a small package at the medical office post marked New York City. I opened it and her hot-pink panties were inside in a zip-lock bag. Her pussy honey smell was still very strong so she must have bagged and boxed her panties as soon as she got back to the dorm.

In the bottom of the box was a flash drive. I slipped it into my laptop and Lizzy had gifted me with erotic pics of her great looking body and a few of her teammates. The green eyed lover had a nice tight athletic body. Firm long dark nipples sat in the middle of her apple tits. She had a sparkling smile in all the pics.

Lizzy gave me a few close-ups of her beautiful pussy. Since she left a landing strip I now knew she was a real blonde, drapes and rug. One of the pics was of her rosebud and I could clearly see my cum dripping out. In the next pic of her dripping ass she had handwritten a little note and stock it on one ass cheek.

“This belongs to Dr. Zach – can I ‘cum’ for spring break? Or I think our team has a round robin event ‘cumming’ up at the LA Coliseum. Perhaps our whole team can stop by the office for a special internal evaluation.”

I just might email her back and invite her and the team out for that special appointment and a weekend at my estate. I’m sure my mom and sister would act as special chaperones. Yea right! They love muff diving as a team sport so that whole team would get special attention. I think I can put my fat long cock to good use for the good of the team!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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