Doctor’s Blood Pressure


Martha Sommers came into the hospital emergency department, her son Jason in tow. She explained to the nurse on duty at the reception area that her son was having dizzy spells, and she wanted him to see a doctor. The nurse advised her to take a seat and a doctor would see her shortly.

Martha took Jason to a vacant seat. Martha crossed her shapely legs, which were well exposed in her very short skirt. She stared around the waiting area, and saw the greedy stares of the men, and the jealous stares of the women, taking in her low cut top and enormous tits pouring out from her just concealed bra. She was one gorgeous woman, thick long blond hair topping off a very nice package. For her 35 years, she was a most desirable female.

Jason lay back on the chair, his hand gravitating toward his crotch.

“Stop that!”, whispered his mother harshly. “Leave your fucking cock alone for a minute,” she groaned.

Jason was a tall, thin boy about 6 feet, and 18 years. Jason had the strong sexual urges of all young men his age, and then some. This, felt Martha, was part of his problem.

Finally they got to see the doctor. Martha walked in with Jason and they both sat down before the expert, a man of about 40 years old.

“So what is the problem?” enquired the doctor.

“It’s my son,” said Martha. “He keeps getting dizzy spells.”

“Right,” said the doctor. “Any particular times or reasons you can think of.”

“I think it’s because he keeps getting a fucking hard-on,” said Martha, without an ounce of embarrassment. “The kid’s forever getting an erection. Its fucking disgusting. He’s got a enormous cock, and I think all his blood just rushes from his head into it, and he just feels dizzy.”

The doctor however did look a little embarrassed, thinking that part of the reason may be the way his buxom mother dressed, tits and legs almost completely exposed.

“But how would you know about that,” asked the doctor.

“Well, to start with, when I go to his room, he is always jerking off. And I can see his hard dick through his pants,” she added. “It’s so fucking big. And anyway, I saw him in bed with my boyfriend once, and they were sucking each other off. Dirty fuckers. Both got enormous dicks. He keeps rubbing himself up against me, and his sisters. Won’t leave us alone. Thinks we don’t notice.”

The doctor wondered if the boyfriend was still around. Somehow he thought the guy might be.

“Right,” said the doctor. “Perhaps I better examine your son. Jason, could you please take off your clothes.”

Jason quickly removed his clothes, with none of the feeling of embarrassment the doctor would have expected from a teenage boy stripping in front of his mother. The doctor was surprised, but rather pleased with the size of the boy’s huge limp prick. He had a dick like a fucking horse, thought the doctor.

The doctor took the boy’s penis in his hand, refraining from then putting it in his mouth as he would have liked to do, and cradled the boy’s balls in his other hand. He was sure he could feel a reaction from the boy’s cock.

“To examine your mother’s theory,” said the doctor, “we really need you to obtain an erection. And to be really sure, I think perhaps we better keep you in the hospital overnight. Is that all right with you, Mrs Jones?” said the doctor of Martha.

“I don’t give a fuck,” replied Martha. “But how will you get him to have a hard on?” she asked.

“I’m sure we’ll think of something,” replied the doctor, unintentionally but slowly now rubbing the boy’s hardening dick. The doctor suddenly realised what he was doing, and reluctantly dropped the boy’s penis. “I see what you bursa escort mean,” he said to Martha, as Jason’s prick began to reach a full erection. “Perhaps you better sit down, Jason,” he directed.

“What we will do is take Jason to a private room where he can lie down. We don’t want him to fall over or anything. We will take his blood pressure. I will bring a nurse to help me.”

Jason and Martha were escorted by the doctor to a private ward, where they were told to wait while the doctor found a nurse suitable for such tests. He told Jason to strip and lie down. Prepare yourself, he almost added. Soon he arrived back with a buxom red headed nurse, who had tits about the size of Martha’s.

“Right,” said the doctor, “could you please do as I asked you a few minutes ago?”

The nurse smiled at Jason, who was by this time lying naked on the bed, and began to lower the zip on her uniform. Her big tits were soon exposed, jutting out over her bra for all to see.

“Lovely,” said the doctor. “Now we need you to get an erection”, said the doctor to Jason. “I have here a magazine which might be helpful.” The doctor passed the porngraphic literature to the teen. The nurse smiled and began to raise the hem of her skirt.

“Now I realise you may have to masturbate a little. Better still, if you just lay the magazine on the bed and nurse can help you.”

The nurse then obediently walked over and took his now quite hard dick in her hand.

“Excellent,” commented the doctor. “That’s very good, Jason,” he said in spite of the fact that the boy hadn’t actually done anything. “You may possibly want this too,” he added, passing him a another pornographic magazine he had retrieved from his briefcase. This one had pictures of naked, erect men. “Just in case. Now we may need to watch you masturbate so we can take our tests.”

The smiling nurse had let go of his dick for a moment so she could strip off the rest of her uniform. She stood now in bra, knickers, suspender belt and stockings, lips glossed a delicious red color. Her huge, thrusting tits were bursting out of their obviously too small bra. The doctor meanwhile could feel his own hard on throbbing within his trousers. He would sorely have liked to have taken the boy’s erection in his own hand, and propelled it slowly between his now rather dry lips. He wanted to pull his own cock out and masturbate at the same time. Or maybe bend over and ask the boy sweetly if he would like to insert his monster cock in his own tight ass.

Nurse still had had the boy’s hard dick in her soft, experienced hand and was slowly stroking it, licking her lips, wishing the boy’s mother wasn’t there.

“We really need to make Jason cum,” he said. “To test our theory, of course.”

“Of course,” agreed the nurse, and taking this as her queue she slowly lowered her hungry, red lips down over the boys cock head and shaft.

The doctor, having the same desire, suggested to Martha, “we have some rather delicate tests to perform now. Perhaps you would like to go home now, Mrs Jones? We can call you if there are any developments”. The sort of developments the doctor had in mind were possibly best not witnessed by the boy’s mother.

“OK,” said Martha. “I’m sure you know what you are doing,” she said heading for the door.

“Of course,” replied the doctor. “He will be fine.”

Once Martha had departed, the doctor turned to the buxom nurse, who still had the boy’s hugely erect cock deep in her mouth.

“Mmm,” she moaned. Her free hand cradled his balls as she slowly sucked up and down on the boy’s member. This was too much for the doctor to stand. He quickly görükle escort unbuttoned his white coat, unzipped his fly and reaching in, pulled out his own sizeable erection, slowly beginning to stroke it. He began to breath heavily with the pleasure of feeling his own hard cock, and of watching the big titted woman sucking the boy’s monster dick.

Finally the doctor could stand no more. He pushed the nurse roughly out of the way.

“I think it may be time for me to conduct my own examination,” he snapped.

Moving past he put on his most professional, reassuring smile for his patient, and looking down at the teen’s hard cock, softly took it in his hand. The doctor slowly began to stroke it. Lovely he though.

“I need to take your temperature,” he smiled again.

The doctor leaned down and delicately poked his tongue toward the head, tasting, licking with great pleasure the boy’s substantial penis end. He slowly slipped the head into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. Then he slowly moved his mouth further down the shaft, tasting more of the boy’s meat. He could also taste the nurse’s lipstick. Delicious. Better than the one he used himself when he dressed up for his male friends. With his free hand he again reached down to his own exposed hard cock. Then he decided it was more important to cradle the boy’s balls. The doctor could hear the teen’s breathing become heavier. He didn’t need his stethoscope for that. He sucked more of the boy’s enormous dick, then slowly slid it out of his mouth, to pass his tongue down the shaft, all the way to his balls. The doctor loved a nice full set of balls in his mouth. It would have to be one at a time, but that was all right. All the more desire, knowing another one was waiting for attention. He looked up at the boy. His head was thrown back, a look of ecstasy on his face. Just what the doctor ordered. He continued to suck the boy’s balls. He hoped they were full. Very full. Lots of cum for me, he thought. Fuck that nurse. She would have to wait. The doctor wanted that cum right now. In his mouth. He went on with the business of sucking. Slowly up and down the boy’s long shaft, just like the professional he was. It didn’t take too long. Primed up by the nurse, the boy was ready to go. His huge load of cum soon exploded in the the doctor’s willing mouth. Glob after glob of tasty teen cum. The doctor swallowed, and sucked with all his energy, not wanting to miss a drop. One hand ever so lightly squeezing the boys balls, coaxing out every last drop from the end of his substantial shaft. Finally he dropped the boy’s equipment, smiled down at him, and put his hand around his own very erect penis, masturbating slowly for all to see. He didn’t fucking care who watched now. That had been very, very good.

Finally he looked over and smiled at the nurse. His look indicated it was her turn. With a look of annoyance at being pushed away, and disgust at his open act of masturbation, she smiled again at the patient. Fucking stud better get it up again she was thinking. Already the boy had his hand on his limp dick, slowly stroking it toward yet another erection. The nurse walked over, kissed the boy while taking his shaft in her own hand and continuing the jacking movement. Then with the action of yet another expert cocksucker, she leaned down and took his now semi erect weapon into her mouth once more, her beautiful head bobbing slowly up and down over his manhood.

The doctor kept masturbating at the sight. It wasn’t long before his load spurted out over the clean tiled floor. Give the cleaning lady something to do he thought. In his own caring manner though, he did hope bursa escort bayan no one would slip on it.

He could see the boy cumming again now, into the sexy nurse’s mouth this time, his body jerking slightly, her hand and mouth working as did his own, trying not to miss any of his manboy juice.

Finally the nurse released his large dick from her mouth, looking for a handtowel to remove the residue of his cum from her mouth. The doctor wanted to kiss her to take care of that problem, but realised that might just be going a little to far. He felt he had already pushed his luck to the limit with her.

“Jason,” he said,” I think the tests so far have been successful, but just in case you require further attention, nurse will be here overnight. So if you need her just ring the bell.” The doctor smiled at the nurse, who for once seemed quite happy with night duty, pushed his coat back over his now limp dick and walked from the room.

The next morning the doctor was in his office, thinking about the events of last night. He had had a patient report from the nurse first thing this morning. Apparently she had been required to monitor him quite closely. Good thing he had a private ward, the doctor thought. Treatment included the nurse, completely naked, on her back receiving his hard cock in the missionary position. He imagined her beautiful body bucking on the bed as she received his weapon. The dirty little cunt even fucked her ass! The doctor was a bit unhappy as it was not his own, though he did wonder if he would be able to actually accommodate such a weapon. Anyway this patient would need follow up treatment in his own private rooms..

The doctor sat behind his desk, his hard dick again out of his pants and in his hand, covered by his white coat. His receptionist put her head in the door and told him Mrs Jones had arrived to collect Jason. The doctor asked her to arrange for Jason and Mrs Jones to be brought in to see him..

“The tests were quite successful,” the doctor smiled at Martha when she was seated in front of him. Good thing the desk was in the way so she could not see the bulge under his coat.

“Very good,” he added. “Though I would like to see Jason again in about a week for a follow up test. I think the problem is that Jason needs as much sexual relief as he can get. He just has a very high sex drive. Not uncommon in teenagers of course,” said the doctor,” but still it does need attention. Lots of masturbation. You should provide him with the stimulus required. Pornographic movies, magazines and so on. Does he have a girlfriend?”

“Yes,” answered Martha, “in fact he has two or three. I know he fucks them all the time. I have seen them at it. Like fucking rabbits,” she added.

By now the doctor’s cock was nearly at exploding point, and it was a battle to stop himself pulling his coat back and stroking it.

“All right, Doc,” said Martha. “I will take him home. I have a few porno movies he can watch. Maybe he can just jerk off more often. I don’t know if that is possible. He is always doing it anyway.”

“Just encourage him,” said the doctor.

She turned to Jason. “Everyone wants you. Girls ringing up. A couple of your teachers say you need private lessons. Your aunt and uncle want you to stay overnight again. Grandad can’t wait for you to get home. Keeps exposing his dick in front of me, the dirty old cunt! Pretends it’s an accident when his robe falls open and he just happens to be naked and erect underneath.”

They got up to walk out. The doctor’s hand went toward his coat just as the boy turned around, gave a knowing smile and a wink, then headed out the door with his very sluttish, gorgeous mother. As soon as the door closed the doctor whipped back the coat, took his very hard dick in his hand and thought about his next appointment with his teen patient. He couldn’t wait. And this time he wouldn’t be sharing with that fucking nurse!