Don’t Call Me Babe

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She sat on the other side of the couch, her face crumpled with distain as she stared at him. Her mind was a blur of emotion as she watched him pay more attention to the football game on the television screen than he did her. She sighed, though he ever noticed her unease. It wasn’t even that she was upset at him wanting to watch the game. She was frustrated that he was no longer actively engaging with her. A month ago, she would’ve sat down on the couch just to have him pull her into his lap. He may have been watching the game and she may have been scrolling through facebook on her phone, but they would’ve been connected.

She got up and huffed, she knew what the problem was, but she didn’t know how she could fix it. Claiming that he didn’t pay attention to her anymore would not only start an argument, but it would be a lie. She knew that he still felt for her. Things had just gotten a little stale lately as they adjusted into a more constant phase of their relationship.

The thought brought a grimace to her face as she got up and walked into the kitchen. The honeymoon stage of their relationship was definitely over. Granted, it was nice having that comfortable, seemingly limitless love that came with having someone accept you for who you are, but then again, that fire that originally been there seemed to be cooling. Again, she fought with what to do with the conundrum.

“Grab me a beer while you’re in there, babe?” he yelled from the other room. He asked kindly, his voice far from the demeaning, disrespectful tone that a lot of women had to deal with, but she still found herself infuriated.

Babe. The word alone made her skin crawl. It wasn’t a term of endearment. It wasn’t a cute little pet name. It was just babe. It was what every other average male on the face of the planet called his significant other and she felt rage wash over her, heating her skin as a scowl scrunched her face. He could call her baby, he could call her sweetheart. Hell, he could call her pooky for all she cared, but never babe. She wouldn’t allow them to dissolve into the ordinary. She wouldn’t allow that flame that had heated their hearts and bedroom to sizzle down.

She stormed out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. Her boyfriend felt the wake of her fury and sprang up from the couch instantly afraid of what he had done to enrage her so. He caught up to find the bedroom door closed and locked. Fear tingled up within his belly. What could she possibly be mad at?

“Sweetie?” he called out hesitatingly. He could hear the dresser drawers slamming and her muffled grunts from behind the door. “Babe, what’s going on? Tell me what’s wrong, please?”

There was that word again. She growled at the sound of its tauntingly average portrayal of their affection. She vowed to give him reason to never use that word again. Shedding her jeans and t-shirt, she replaced her everyday underwear with lingerie. To be specific, a lacy black bra and a matching g string that went with it. On a whim, she pulled a translucent black blouse from her closet and bothered with only the bottom three buttons. A quick glance in the mirror confirmed that all her assets her on display with the blouse being a tease at complete nakedness.

She opened the door with her fierce expression still on display. She heard his breath hitch, saw his eyes go wide and frantically take in every detail. Reaching back, she grabbed hold of the clasp holding her long brown trusses and pulled, yanking the locks free to tumble over her back and shoulders. The scowl returned as she recognized the look in his face. She saw lust but she desired the look of need in those eyes of his.

“Damn, baby,” he coughed. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I approve.”

She cocked an eyebrow and a sinister smile played along her lips. He said baby. “No touching,” she commanded as she pushed him back down the hallway and into the living room. “You’re going to do as I say and do it immediately without complaints.”

“Of course,” he complied. Although he didn’t like the idea of not being able to touch, he noted the sheer determination in her eyes and thought better than to argue. “Anything you want, babe.”

She shuddered in disgust, an uncomfortable shiver running down her spine. Grabbing a chair from the dining room table, she ordered him to sit. He sat and watched as she turned the tv off and walked Yozgat Escort into the kitchen to start rummaging through the drawers. With a purr of delight, she padded back into the living room where he sat with a roll of yellowing packing tape in her hand.

Her voice was heated as she ordered him to strip. He did so, but all the while nervously eyeing the roll of tape she toyed with in her hands. Sitting back down he looked up at her expectantly, his nude form now on display for her.

“What now?” he tentatively asked.

She bit her lip and sauntered over to the chair. She eased onto his lap, straddling his legs and allowing him to enjoy the heat of her core along his bared manhood. “I’m angry, honey,” she purred, reveling in the anxious look that played over his face. The sweetness in her voice did anything but mirror the fury that edged along her face. “So we’re going to play a little game. You get to sit real still and deal with it while I release all my frustrations. If you move, you’ll be punished. If you touch, you’ll be punished.”

Her lips were so close to his and oh so distracting. They had never played a game like this before, she’d never even hinted at enjoying the whole submission thing, so it caught him a little off guard. As surprised as he may be, he welcomed the variation. Aside from the intense desire to kiss her, he could only feel anticipation for all the wonderful things to come. The sound of tape being stretched and ripped from the roll caused him to smile despite his worry.

“And talking,” she paused to lightly lick his lips, ensuring that the removal of the tape wouldn’t hurt the sensitive skin too bad, “is simply not allowed.” She secured the tape across his mouth and smiled as he whimpered. The kiss he so badly wanted would just have to wait.

A muffled growl tried to escape through his taped mouth as she quickly got up off his lap. She circled around the chair and watched as he grabbed the back of the seat, his knuckles already going white with under the restraint he struggled to show. It would be so easy for him to just get up and take her. Nothing was there to make his stay put but her instruction.

“You’re such a good boy,” she cooed as she circled around to the back of the chair. She rubbed her hands along his shoulders and marveled in the broadness and strength of his chest. A wicked smile played her lips as she withdrew from him and ripped another length of tape. “I’m going to help you stay that way. I’m going to help you follow the rules, honey.”

Another muffled growl leaked through the bondage across his lips as he felt her warm hands secure his wrists to the back of the chair. Each of his hands were taped to a chair leg and she smiled, knowing that the tape would ruin the varnish on the wood. It would be worth it. The missing streaks of the mahogany finish would only be another reminder of what happened when she doesn’t have her way.

She sat back and watched as in her absence, he searched for her. His head tilted from side to side making her smile. He leaned over too far and froze as the sound of the tape peeling back from his movements echoed in the silence. The sound itself was a warning to the fact that escape would be easy if he needed it. She wanted to toy with him, to torture him with teases, but she didn’t want to force him. When the undoing of the tape had become audible, he was quick to straighten up and avoid any other movements. The action was pure satisfaction causing her to purr with lust as her hands returned to him and she took her place behind him.

“Such a good boy,” she complimented as one hand stroked down his chest and the other tangled fingers into his hair. Her voice was a warm, sultry presence in his ear as she spoke. She licked the outer rim of his ear and gave a quick kiss just behind it. “Do you want to play with me?”

He moaned his approval, almost desperate to convince her that he’d go along with anything she asked of him. It was so refreshing to avoid all the worry that went along with being the initiator. He didn’t have to spend an hour gaging her mood or trying to decide the best way to ease into a more romantic moment. If she wanted to drive than he was more than willing to hand over the reins.

“Do you want to touch me yet?” she asked.

His eyelids fluttered shut as her tongue glided hot and wet across his Yozgat Escort Bayan neck. He already knew that following the rules was going to be hard but he had a feeling it was going to be worth it. He nodded gently, careful not to break contact with her mouth.

“Do you want to kiss me yet?”

That question hit home. Before he could censor his reaction, he moaned and frantically nodded. He wanted to devour her. He could play the no touching game. He could even avoid talking. But giving up the most simple of gestures between lovers? That was almost too much to ask for. How was he supposed to relay any of his feelings if he couldn’t use his mouth?

Her hands slid over his body as she slithered into his lap. Her thighs nestled on top of his and as she noted the proud erection he was already sporting. Thinking about how merciless all the teasing was going to be for him brought a smile to her face. Things had only just begun and he was already excited.

“It that why you’ve kept me around?” she asked playfully, torturing him with the heat from her center. Eyes that had been eager to take in every inch of her broke their gaze to meet hers. He shook his head and gave a little disapproving moan. She merely laughed and knowingly twisted words he hadn’t had the chance to say. “My lips aren’t enough for you then?”

His brow creased and he struggled to think of a way to convey feelings to her without words. Of course her lips were enough for him. He could spend hours worshiping the lush red temptation of her mouth, but he actually loved her. He could claim that her lips had been the feature that had initially caught his eye, but there were countless reasons that he’d need her by his side.

An understanding smile slide across her face and she used her thumb to straighten the signs of worry from his brow. She pouted at him, almost mocking the frustration she was causing to rise up within him. “I know, baby. Not being able to talk is hard, and maybe if you said the right things I wouldn’t have to bind this naughty little mouth of yours.” Confusion broke out upon his face like a fever, but she merely laughed. “That’s right, lover. If you kept better control over the words you say than maybe this wouldn’t have to happen.”

He watched as her mouth frowned, but her eyes sparkled. He wasn’t sure how much of this was exaggeration and how much was truth, but it was clear that something he had done had initiated the circumstanced he was in now. What could it be though?

His thoughts were stolen from him as she started to move. She stood slightly and adjusted her legs so her weight rested on one of his thighs. The heat from her core seeped over the skin on his left leg as if it were a balm and its warmth ushered a moan from him. Her hands rose to rest on his shoulders and a determined look settled across her delicate face.

“I’m so wound up, baby, I think I need to just let loose.” Her hands traveled across his shoulders and laced themselves behind his neck and she began to grind her sex against his thigh.

Had his mouth been available for use, he would have gasped. The second she started moving he cemented his eyes to the sight of her pretty little pussy covered in black lace and grinding against his leg. They had sex with the lights off. She blushed when he caught her undressing. This was a brand new side to her and he didn’t know how to deal with it. She was using him.

Her movements started slow, deliberately easing him into the idea of him literally being her fuck toy. She ground up, pushing her breasts forward. She ground herself back an inch or two, almost wincing as his skin provided such tantalizing friction against her clit. Back and forth, back and forth, then at the third stroke, she’d circle her hips against his leg. He watched helplessly through three sets before he dared look up into her eyes.

She could only laugh. He looked like puppy watching another dog get the bone. His eyes followed her every movement flickering through lust, despair, and sheer amazement. She was looking for need though. She had always been able to make him horny, always been able to stir a craving for her skin within him. Surely he was amazed that she was acting so brazen and forward, but the despair? Perhaps he needed more stimulation.

She ran a hand through her hair and moaned as her speed increased. Escort Yozgat This was not the kind of lap dance he thought he could handle. He wanted her. The hand fell from her neck and dripped between her breasts. If only he could replace her hand with his face. Her hand went to the buttons and slowly toyed with each of them before even starting to undo the first. “Dammit, hurry up!” he thought. He would’ve torn the sheer tease from her skin in seconds, mumbling some promise of buying her a new one later.

The blouse released, she slid it down off her shoulder but kept the fabric pooled up at her elbows. This only fueled his temptation. He watched intently and let loose a pained moan as she licked her lips. The whine only brought her laughter as she picked up the pace once more and fervently ground against his leg. She was enjoying herself.

He was started by her growl and sudden pause is movement. He knew though, knew that she was missing some critical friction required to really cum. Looking at the hope that danced across his eyes, she merely shook her head. He whined once more, knowing that given the chance, he could help. He could grab hold of her ass and help her grind against him. He could latch on to a nipple and suck while she bucked herself to orgasm, but no. She was angry apparently and dead set on torturing the life out of him.

A short snapping sound yanked his attention from her sexy smirk. He looked down to see was literally ripping the g string off her body. His head fell to one side with a groan. What in the hell had gotten into her? She was panting, her face beginning to flush as she tore the cursed garment from her body and brought it to his nose. He barely had enough time to take a whiff before she tossed it aside and continued her movements against him.

She was moaning now, little whines and hums escaping her lips as she rode faster. She grabbed her breast and squeezed the flesh from within its lace confinement. The action brought a hint at her rose colored nipple into view and his internal struggle turned into a war. He could break through the tape easily and pound into her or he could continue watching like a good little boy until she decided to let him go. With a growl, he decided on the latter. She did mention punishment and he didn’t want to risk a sentence of celibacy.

He watched, unknowingly holding his breath as one particular buck held more force than the past few and she froze. Her brow scrunched but that low, tortured moan of hers could only mean one thing. His confirmation was a new found slickness against his leg and her shaking body. She fell against his chest while she rode out the aftershocks of her orgasm. He couldn’t remember ever seeing something so beautiful and was suddenly overwhelmed with thanks at the opportunity he’d been given; the chance to see her experience such pure bliss without his own climax forcing his attention from her.

She started humming, kissing up his neck and along his jaw line. When she reached his mouth, she kissed him hard over the tape, stamping her lips fruitlessly against his. She licked his lips over the tape, the hint at her warmth and taste, causing him to groan. He was overwhelmed with lust, seeking out her touch. Once more she laughed at his resemblance to a puppy. He leaned into her touch, desperate for any contact he could get, like a puppy in need of a good belly rub.

With one hand she held the base of his neck, her thumb gently stroking against his windpipe. Her other hand rose to peel away the tape. She licked and kissed the newly exposed skin as she slowly peeled back the tape. He struggled beneath her, forcing her hand harder against his neck while she removed the rest of the tape. The moment lips touched lips, he frantically kissed her, moaning as the hardest of his denials was finally available to him.

Gently, she stood and took her lips with her. He pouted and whined, but she only laughed. She made a show of tucking her breasts back into her bra and hiding her precious morsel from him once more. Looking down at him, his leg covered in her juices and his worried expression, she couldn’t help but smile.

“Don’t ever call me babe” she commanded before swaying her hips down the hall and into the bedroom.

He quickly pushed past confusion and embraced her order as he watched her bare ass pass through the doorway. Briefly, he looked down at his restraints. Was he allowed to get up now or was he supposed to stay put? Her voice broke his internal debate. “Aren’t you coming?” she purred from their bedroom doorway.

“Oh, hell yes, baby!” He ripped through the tape and ran down the hall. Football could wait.

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