Don’t Ever Let Me Go

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It was about 8:30 in the evening, and Kyle and Sammy had just finished eating a light dinner in their apartment. The two boys were both 18-year-old freshmen in a small private engineering college new New York City. There were roommates, jointly renting a tidy two-bedroom apartment a few blocks from campus.


Both boys were gay and both still deeply in the closet, not having had any experiences with other boys yet. They were also secretly in love with each other, but neither one knew of the other’s feelings.

They came from very different backgrounds and met essentially by chance.

Kyle was a tall and muscular massively built black boy who grew up in one of the roughest neighborhoods of Detroit, surrounded by poverty, violence and crime. At 18 years of age Kyle stood 6’7” tall, heavily muscled, and even beefy. He weighed about 210 pounds, all of it hard lean muscle, with not an ounce of fat. In middle and high school Kyle played basketball, and got extremely good at it. From the sixth grade he also started running and weight training, and by the time he entered college he was in superb physical form. Everybody in high school thought that Kyle would get into a good college on a basketball scholarship, and maybe even end up playing in the NBA. Assuming, that is, that he won’t end up in prison or dead first.

However, Kyle had other ideas. He knew that he was good at basketball and maybe could even make a career out of it, but basketball was never his true passion. Kyle had a sharp and inquisitive mind, and really enjoyed school work, even though his school did not offer much in the way of real education. He particularly enjoyed science and math, with was even more unusual. In his spare time Kyle had read most of the physics and math books that their high school library had, and did quite a bit of reading from the internet. He was determined to use his brain rather than his muscle to get ahead in life. Kyle got a few snarky comments from some of the black kids in school about him trying to do the “white thing” on account of his studiousness. But, in view of Kyle’s imposing and intimidating physical presence and his status as an athlete, nobody had the nerve to try to seriously mess with him and he was mostly left alone. Kyle realized pretty early on, by the age of around 12, that he was gay. He decided to stay in the closet, knowing that as a big black guy, he was fully expected to project a hyper-masculine heterosexual macho image. Kyle was already getting some flak for being so academically oriented, and he did not want to break another social taboo by coming out as gay. Even his parents, who were both civil service workers for the city, did not now. The decision to say in the closet through high school compounded Kyle’s isolation. He developed a reserved and somewhat introverted personality, even though deep inside he was a softie and a hopeless romantic. Kyle tried to ignore the gang and drug violence plaguing his neighborhood and to concentrate fully on his school work and on staying fit. His perceived aloofness actually made it easier for Kyle to stay out of trouble. From his early teens Kyle shaved his head completely bald, and he shaved all of his other facial hair too, preferring a clean smooth look. He had dark deep brown eyes and a very dark skin that sometimes got him mistaken for a recent African immigrant.

Kyle aced his SATs, which, together with his math and science competitions participation, landed him a full scholarship in a fancy private engineering college in the New York City area.

Kyle was really looking forward to college. He was hoping to finally explore being gay and wanted to experience some of New York’s gay scene as well. Kyle was one of the few black students on campus, and he noticed, with quiet bemusement, that quite a few of other students and people in the neighborhood reacted with obvious fear to his towering imposing figure.

Sam, or Sammy as he was known to his close friends, came from a totally different background. He was a small Asian boy, of mixed Vietnamese and Filipino ancestry. On his mom’s side, Sam’s grandparents immigrated to the U.S. from Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War. Sam’s dad was a first generation immigrant, who came to the U.S. from Philippines to pursue a medical degree and later settled in Connecticut. Sam’s mom run a successful Vietnamese restaurant, and his dad worked as a doctor in a local clinic. Whereas Kyle was the only child, Sam had two younger siblings, ten-year-old fraternal twins Judy and Jeremy. Sam was a small, slender and almost skinny kid, standing at 5’5” tall and weighing about 120 pounds. He had short spiky black hair and almond shaped bright amber eyes, which were his most striking feature. Sammy had milky smooth creamy skin of warm golden complexion. Like Kyle, Sammy realized that he was gay at a pretty early age, and he also decided to stay in the closet. His mom had rather conservative family ideas, and Sammy knew that he was expected to marry a respectable girl and to father several kids.

Unlike Kyle, Sammy dealt with his sexual insecurity by developing an extroverted and even gregarious disposition. His sharp tongue sometimes got him into trouble, but gaziantep escort Sammy also had a warm, open, kind and generous personality and was generally well liked by the other kids in school.

To his father’s delight, Sammy quickly developed a strong interest in sciences and excelled at school academically. Hid teachers thought that he was a math genius, and he probably was. Sammy’s dad would have preferred for him to also pursue a medical career, but engineering seemed like a solid and respectable alternative. Sammy got into college easily, on a partial scholarship, taking into account his parents substantial combined income.

While being mostly concentrated on his studies, Sammy did a bit of gymnastics as a kid, and later in middle and high school he became quite a serious swimmer. He really loved swimming, and the sight of many fit and cute boys in the showers was a secret added bonus. Swimming kept Sammy’s body slim and nicely toned, with firm and lean although not massive muscles. Like Kyle, Sammy was very much looking forward to exploring gay life while in college, and he desperately wanted to finally have sex with a boy.

In the summer before their first semester as freshmen, Kyle found a nice and tidy two-bedroom apartment on the top floor of a three-story building a few blocks away from campus. Kyle posted an ad looking for a roommate, and Sammy was the second person who responded. Both boys were immediately attracted to each other. When Kyle saw Sammy’s trim graceful figure, bright amber eyes and a broadly smiling face, he knew right away that he wanted this boy as a roommate, a friend and maybe something more. Sammy, on his part, immediately felt week-kneed and aroused when he saw Kyle’s massive tall muscular frame. Sammy had a secret fetish for black guys, and to him Kyle looked like an epitome of male beauty and perfection.

The two boys rented the apartment together and started their college life as roommates. Although their personalities were quite different, Kyle and Sammy quickly became good friends. They both enjoyed fitness without being too interested in the competitive side of sports. They often run together in the mornings before school. Kyle taught Sammy how to shoot hoops, and Sammy got Kyle somewhat interested in swimming. Both boys turned out to be health food fanatics. They had frequent spirited discussions about nutrition and often cooked together. Kyle and Sam also discovered that they both liked classical music and both were huge fans of Bach. They went together to several concerts in New York City, each boy secretly thinking that it was “almost a date.” Both Kyle and Sammy also really liked animals. The apartment they rented belonged to an older woman living nearby who owned several cats. She told them that they could get a cat if they wanted to, and the boys jumped at they idea. They went to a local animal shelter and adopted a tiny grey tabby kitten whom they called Dusty. Playing with Dusty and taking care of him became one of the boys’ favorite activities. Sammy was happy to see that interacting with Dusty brought out the warm, gentle, tender and compassionate side from the usually reserved Kyle. Sammy really dug that, he dug that very much. Over the first two months of living together the boys’ friendship grew, as did their attraction to each other. Each was too scared to act on his feelings, afraid of rejection and of ruining their friendship. And yet each was the object of the other one’s jack-off fantasies and secret longing. By the middle of the first semester both Kyle and Sammy were desperately in love with each other, and yet blinded by fear to the other one’s feelings.


After a delicious dinner that they cooked and ate together, Kyle was sitting at the computer in the living room, working on his calculus homework. He was wearing a white A-shirt and very short athletic running shorts, intending to go for a run later. But there was one particularly stubborn differentiation problem where he still could not get the answer right, and the online grading program kept rejecting his responses.

“Damn it, why isn’t it working!” Kyle exclaimed in frustration.

Sammy, who had been sitting on the sofa, playing with Dusty and trying to read a book, looked up.

“Do you need help, buddy?” he asked.

“Yeah, maybe. I just can’t figure out this calculus problem!” Kyle answered.

Sammy put down the book and walked to Kyle, standing behind him. Sammy had taken some advanced math classes while still in high school and he got credit for this calculus course so that he did not have to take it again.

He leaned towards the screen next to Kyle.

“Ok, show me,” Sammy said.

“Thanks, man, I much appreciate it! Here it is, take a look.”

Sammy, being quite a math wiz, quickly saw what the issue was and he explained to Kyle what to do there. Kyle followed Sammy’s directions and quickly got the right answer.

“Finally, it works! Thanks again, kiddo!” Kyle exclaimed.

“Kiddo? I am two months older than you!” Sammy pouted jokingly.

“I am just kidding, bro, you know that, right?” Kyle said.

“Sure, bud, I know,” Sammy responded. “Let me take a look at the other problems in your homework, I am now kind of curious.”

Sammy remained standing behind Kyle, peering at the screen. Rather absent-mindedly, and without realizing that he was doing it, Sammy started lightly massaging Kyle’s massive muscular shoulders.

A prolonged silence followed with Kyle quietly enjoying Sammy’s massage.

“Ah, that feels good,” Kyle finally sighed.

Sammy had just realized what he was doing and turned deep red, blushing profusely.

“Oh, sorry, man, I didn’t …,” he started to apologize.

“Sammy man, that really feels very good, please continue,” Kyle interrupted.

Sammy went back to massaging Kyle’s shoulder’s and back, now fully focused on this task.

From his years as a swimmer, Sammy learned how to do massage pretty well, and he now concentrated on making Kyle feel good. Sammy was also quickly getting aroused. He was finally touching the boy he had been in love with for months, inhaling Kyle’s musky smell, relishing the feel of his powerful pliant muscles moving under the young smooth dark chocolate skin. Sammy’s hands now alternated between massaging and caressing Kyle’s flesh, also furtively drawing lower and lower along the bigger boy’s chest.

Kyle’s eyes were closed and he was leaning back in the chair. Sammy’s hand gingerly caressed Kyle’s massive right pec.

“Keep going buddy, lower,” encouraged Kyle quietly. Sammy moved his hands lower under Kyle’s A-shirt, caressing the black boy’s six-pack stomach. Similar to Sammy, Kyle was feeling in seventh heaven as well. He lusted for Sammy for months, and was ecstatic to finally get close to him. Kyle savored the feeling of gentle caresses of the smaller boy’s delicate cool hands. Both boys were now seriously boned up and breathing heavily.

Kyle noticed Sammy’s hands start to move back up, and Kyle realized that the wonderful moment of physical closeness he was enjoying so much was about to pass. Kyle was not about to let that happen. “Now or never!” Kyle thought to himself.

With a sudden movement he reached behind himself, turned, grabbed Sammy and pulled him quickly to sit on Kyle’s knees. Before Sammy could react, Kyle grabbed Sammy’s face with both hands, gave the Asian boy a deep fiery look of lust and love, and locked his lips on Sammy’s in a passionate hungry kiss.

“Mmm-mmm!” Sammy moaned in a shock and surprise. The boys separated.

Kyle looked into Sammy’s eyes, searching for his reaction, desperately afraid of rejection. Sammy, once he realized what just happened, felt his heart soar and a great weight being lifted from his soul. He grabbed Kyle’s head with both hands, pulled it in and returned Kyle’s kiss with a gusto. Kyle finally felt his fears melting away and the joy of acceptance filling his heart. The boys were still locked in a deep and passionate kiss. Sammy opened his mouth, allowing Kyle’s hot velvety tongue to invade it. Kyle needed no further invitation. His tongue started urgently probing the warm insides of Sammy’s mouth. The boys’ tongues engaged in a sexy dual, and Kyle suckled on Sammy’s, enjoying the smaller boy’s sweet taste. Both boys finally came for air and looked at each other, smiling. They were both boned up by now.

“Oh, wow!” they exclaimed simultaneously.

Fulfilling one of his favorite fantasies, Sammy run his fingers along the surface of Kyle’s bald head, gently stroking its smooth black shiny surface. He then caressed Kyle’s ears and lightly tugged on the black boy’s earlobes. Kyle laughed quietly. He returned the affection by gently caressing Sammy’s face with his long strong fingers. The boys continued to smile at each other happily.

“So, you are?…” asked Sammy.

“Yes, indeed I am! And you?” replied Kyle.

“As a proverbial three-dollar bill!” exclaimed Sammy. They both laughed again. They knew that there would be a time for a long quiet talk later, but now they both wanted to enjoy each other and explore their newfound closeness.

Sammy rested his head on Kyle’s powerful chest, and Kyle hugged the smaller boy, gently stroking Sam’s short spiky black hair. Sammy purred quietly.

“Comfortable?” Kyle inquired with a warm laugh.

“Yes, babe, I am! But we are just getting started!” Sammy replied. He jumped off from Kyle’s lap and pulled Kyle up from his chair.

The boys stood facing each other.

Kyle started to remove his A-shirt but Sammy stopped him.

“Let me do it,” Sammy whispered with uncharacteristic shyness. Kyle raised his arms and Sammy gingerly removed the bigger boy’s A-shirt, removing Kyle’s powerful torso. Sammy touched Kyle’s pecs lightly, and moved his hands down Kyle’s ripped stomach.

Kyle smiled. “Go ahead, buddy,” he encouraged. Sammy slowly pulled down Kyle’s shorts, and Kyle stepped out of them. Kyle was now only wearing a white jock-strap and white socks. His cock already started to harden and produced a large and still growing bulge. Very slowly Sammy reached out and pulled the black boy’s jock-strap down, releasing Kyle’s massive erection. The jock-strap fell to the floor and again Kyle stepped out of it. He was now completely naked, except for a pair of white running socks.

“Wow!” Sammy uttered, admiring in awe the magnificent site before him. He had seen Kyle naked a few times, but only for brief instants, and was now savoring this special moment. Sammy slowly reached his hand for Kyle’s cock, but Kyle stopped him.

“My turn,” Kyle said. Kyle peeled off Sammy’s t-shirt, revealing the smaller boy’s smooth lean toned chest. Kyle then unzipped Sammy’s jeans, slowly pulled them down, and had Sammy step out of them. Underneath Sammy was wearing grey briefs, that we hugging tightly his boy package. A small wet spot had already formed at the front of Sammy’s briefs. With a quick and decisive movement, Kyle tugged Sammy’s briefs down to his ankles, revealing the asian boy’s privates. Sammy stepped out of them, and the two boys stood naked in front of each other, except for the socks that each was still wearing.

“You are so beautiful!” they said in unison. They both laughed.

Kyle reached his hand to caress Sammy’s cheek and smiled at him gently.

Sammy’s emotions took over and he jumped in Kyle’s arms, hugging the black boy tightly and wrapping his legs around Kyle’s muscular butt.

“Oh, Kyle!” Sammy cried and buried his face in Kyle’s chest.

“I’ve got you, babe, I’ve got you,” cooed Kyle softly, while hugging the slender naked body of the smaller boy tightly. Sammy raised his face, and the two boys locked their lips in a gentle loving kiss.

“I’ve dreamed of this for so long!” breathed out Sammy, tears of happiness and relief welling up in his eyes.

“So did I, babe, so did I,” replied Kyle reassuringly. He softly kissed Sammy’s eyes, cheekbones, forehead, lips, and the nose, still holding the smaller boy tightly. Kyle finally released Sammy and put his feet on the ground. The two boys hugged again, their naked bodies touching together, Kyle’s flaming hot skin pressed against Sammy’s cool creamy one. They both enjoyed this first intimate moment together, Sammy’s face again buried in Kyle’s strong chest. Both boys were now fully erect. Kyle’s cock has swelled to its full 11 inch monster size and pressing against Sammy’s slender stalk.

While still hugging Kyle’s hefty frame, Sammy started bucking his hips up and down, squishing and rubbing his cock against Kyle’s cock, pushing himself into Kyle with more and more urgency and building passion. Both boys were now breathing heavily.

After 15-20 more seconds Kyle cautioned, “Eh, buddy, you’d better slow down or I am going to make a hell of mess.”

Sammy giggled and stopped his humping. “No, you are not, big guy, it is too early for that yet.”

The boys stood facing each other, each holding and slowly jacking the other one’s cock.

Sammy’s right hand could barely close around the circumference of Kyle’s eleven inch monster.

They were both uncut, with plenty of foreskin. Sammy docked their cock-heads, that were each slick with abundant pre-cum now. The head of Sammy’s slender five-incher fit snugly inside Kyle’s giant mushroom, with Kyle’s dark velvety stretched foreskin now completely covering about a third of the smaller boy’s penis. Their piss-slits were pressed together and their love juices were now mixing together in a hot pungent soup. Bothe boys were moaning lightly, enjoying this closeness. Sammy started thrusting his cock forward a bit, fucking the inside of Kyle’s red hot cock-head.

“Look, little Sammy is really happy to meet little Kyle!” Sammy joked.

“‘Little’ Kyle?!” the beefy black boy exclaimed in mock indignation. They both laughed.

While still holding their two cock-heads together, Kyle leaned forward and kissed Sammy deeply.

“Oh, babe!” cried out Sammy when they separated. Sammy took Kyle’s hand and led him to Sammy’s bedroom.

“Now, you sexy beast, I am going to have my way wicked with you!” exclaimed Sammy. He then pushed Kyle on the bed, on his back, and jumped on top of the bigger boy, locking Kyle’s hands above his head.

Sammy attacked Kyle’s body with gusto and ferocity, trying to cover every inch of it with his tongue and lips. He kissed and licked Kyle’s neck, gently chewed on Kyle’s earlobes and then kissed and licked the black boy’s heavily muscled shoulders and massive pecs, suckling and biting his large nipples.

“Aah,” moaned Kyle in pleasure. “Slow down, buddy, we don’t need to rush.”

But Sammy could not slow down. He was possessed by lust, love and desire, finally being able to relish the beautiful body of the boy he had been in love with for so long. Sammy laved each of Kyle’s cleanly shaved armpits, savoring the young musky taste and smell of his lover. Sammy then moved to Kyle’s ripped stomach, bathing the taught muscles with his tongue and licking hard the belly-button, causing Kyle to giggle. Bypassing Kyle’s crotch for now, Sammy kissed his way down Kyle’s powerful thighs and calves, and removed Kyle’s socks freeing up his feet. While sitting on the edge of the bed, Sammy started licking the arch of the sole of Kyle’s right foot and then did the same to the left. Sammy then suckled on Kyle’s toes, from the big toe to the baby one, swirling his tongue around each and biting them lightly. Kyle writhed in pleasure and surprise. Finally Sammy moved in for his main prize. Kyle’s erect cock, now at its full eleven inch length, was lying in Kyle’s stomach pointing upwards and almost reaching Kyle’s pecs.

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