Don’t Move, Don’t Speak

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“Ooooh warm!” Lilli exclaimed wriggling her rump just the slightest bit. Her master had told her to hold still. The warm tingling sensation of whatever gel he was squeezing out onto her anus was just more than she could take with out a little movement. If he minded he didn’t say. He just kept silently smearing pouring the gel until he was satisfied.

Lilli knew if she lived to be one hundred she’d never get used to the way her Master would loved to come up behind her, wrap his arms around her thighs and press his lips to her most intimate hole. The gel felt even better inside her than out prompting more shivers. Those just doubled when he thrust his tongue in as deep as he could manage, kissing her as passionately as he would anyplace else. Years together had taught him what every tick of her body meant.

When he removed his tongue from Lilli she was too heavy to stay in position on her own. Something she knew she’d later pay for as she sank into the plush mattress. Pure instinct made her spread her legs and do what she could to at least point her hips in the right direction when Master started pushing the rubber bulb against her anus.

The sheets came undone, pulled up by her clenching fingers. It didn’t hurt, not after all she’d been through but the feeling of being so full was very satisfying. Lilli bit down on the same sheets to stifle herself from moaning. It sort of worked; it was the best she could manage. Little by little her muscles relaxed until the worst was past and from there it glided its full three or four inches into her backside. It wasn’t the length of this that was important, just the girth that stretched her out so Master could take her when he was ready. Which might be now, or he might decide it funny to leave her face down on the bed for half an hour.

Eyes widened at the sound of a very familiar buzzing noise. A less obedient slave would have scurried away knowing the terrible thing that was probably planned for her. Instead she presented her hips just as she had Arnavutköy escort in the beginning and looked over her shoulder. That was as much to confirm her fear as it was a plea for mercy. The fear was confirmed and mercy seemed unlikely as he was coating a nine inch, twisting, vibrator with clear gel. It wasn’t just the toy she was concerned about though with its constant churning inside her it never failed to find a sensitive patch that left her a quivering mess. It was the gel.

She knew each of the gels. The one in currently in her ass was just a warming gel. It was pink. There was blue that made things hot, he used it when she was naughty. There was green and it tasted like mint though she didn’t think it did anything else. The one he was using though was clear. It was the sensitivity enhancer.

“You know you’ve been a bad slave, don’t you Lilli?” Lilli pursed her lips and nodded her response. “I can’t let you go unpunished for that can I?” She gave the expected response.

Her Master would have been an excellent torture technician. She knew exactly what he was going to do her and because of that he was taking his time and coating it completely. He only casually glanced at her a few times, the way you would anything that you expected might move but he didn’t speak at all. When he was done with that he walked over to her with a deliberate slowness. The waiting was always the worst part. Once he was upon her she wouldn’t have time to deal with the fact that she could feel her heart beating through her fingertips or that she could hear his foot falls on the carpet or that if she was lucky she could make it to the window and if she did he’d never catch her. Only he would and then things would be worse.

As soon as the great purple head butted up against her pussy lips Lilli’s toes curled. She didn’t mean to push back against it. Sometimes her hips just did what they did but he was a bit too quick for her that time. “I didn’t say to move did I Lilli?” Avcılar escort bayan That was a rhetorical question, the only response needed was for her to return to position which she did. This time when he pushed it against her twat she held herself perfectly still, save for the clenching of her fingers and let him push into her. She knew her place was to wait, be used, not to pleasure herself. It was just so difficult at times to do it.

It felt for a few moments like her body would simply burst from such a total fullness. That twisting, throbbing monstrosity was pressing up against the large bulb stretching her ass. Master was taking his time again, making certain Lilli was aware of each inch that sank into her quivering quim. He was less than half way into her stomach was starting to knot up with excitement. She didn’t dare turn her head but she searched for Master’s eyes as far as hers skull would allow. Lilli couldn’t quite find her way to his and not just because of the position she was in. Every time she got as far as his chiseled chin complete with morning stubble her eyes tried to roll back into head.

Lilli thought she was doing a much better job of keeping quiet than she actually was. In her head she was whimpering into the mattress, she knew her Master could hear but she was beyond being able to control that. Every time the two objects invading her body managed to create a new pleasure spot she gently kicked the mattress or tapped her hand against the headboard. She knew she was being naughty, but she’d tried so hard and she was still trying to keep herself quiet. When he was done with this she would accept that he had to do what he had to do.

For her part she really wasn’t as loud as she could have been.

Her head was angled just enough that the mattress was doing less than nothing to muffle the mixture of screams and whimpers ripping free of her throat. Her kicks were hard enough to thump the entire bed against the floor and Master was again Escort Bağcılar regretting faux wood headboards since it looked like Lilli had wrecked another one and the plaster wall was only holding up slightly better.

None of those were particularly important details.

The important detail was as Lilli eventually noticed when though Master left her stuffed her body relaxed enough for her to open her eyes. She’d woken the house and they’d slipped in the room to see what all the commotion was about. Master’s other girls were staring wide eyed at her. Lilli wanted to move and cover her shame but two things stopped her. Master still hadn’t told her she could move and her body really didn’t have the strength to do much more than occasionally twitch.

“You can move now, but the plug stays.”

Lilli fumbled a bit to get the dildo, slick with both the gel and her juices not to mention her sweaty fingers pulled out. Once she did that she dropped it and smiled. She started to open her mouth to speak but thought better when she remembered. Master hadn’t said. What was meant to be a graceful decent to the floor was more of a controlled fall with legs that would barely allow her to crawl but she forced them to do that until she was at her Master’s feet where she gently pressed her lips first to one then the other. It was a bit of a struggle to balance with her arms behind her back and her legs spread but she managed it and stared up at her Master and smiled adoringly.

“Good girl.” He reached down gently pet her on the head. She dually loved and loathed when he did that. She was a woman, not some kind of animal no matter how she let him treat her. It was also one of the few truly genuine forms of affection he gave, especially to women.

Master crouched in front of her and cupped her face gently in her hands she gasped and she could hardly breathe when he kissed her. It was only for a moment before he stood back up running his hand over her head. She loved cherished and despised his kisses as well. His kisses were without passion and almost meaningless to him. He only lowered him to do something so base because she was she wanted.

She loved to be kissed but she felt loved when he was petting her.

“Go on. I have business.” Master said. “Girls attend to Mistress Lilli and go find.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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