Don’t Stop Me Now

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“Whew, that was … strange,” I admitted to Lisa while we got dressed and left the banquet hall.

“Yeah, no kidding, baby. I must admit that I enjoyed watching you fuck a guy, especially one who has fucked me. That was … wild. I won’t put any pressure on you, but if you get the urge for some more man-to-man action, well, please let me watch, perhaps even join in. You know that you can watch or participate with me and another woman. I can’t promise the same thing to other men, since that’s a private moment of physical and sometimes emotional intimacy, but you’re my husband and I owe you so much already. The fact that you, me, and Jonathan have now all fucked each other … very hot, too.

“Anyway, the more I think of it, the more I believe that you have a point about James vs. Jonathan. Whatever harm Jonathan did, he did it with consenting adults and he blackmailed no one. James tried to make me his private whore. That more than cancels out any good that he did by opening up our marriage. What sort of punishment did you have in mind for James?” Lisa asked me, truly curious now.

“I aim to trap him into that cock cage in Jonathan’s place. Once he’s in, we can get the others to let Jonathan off the hook, hopefully, at least for the chastity side of things. The other stuff he may still have to do, but there is no sense in doing this to a mere philanderer, even one who’s a hypocrite. It’s a more fitting penalty for a blackmailer and wannabe pimp instead. After all, we don’t want him breeding, do we?” I grinned, making Lisa kiss me hard in response, clearly enjoying the idea of a chastised James.

“Well, can we go somewhere and fuck like rabbits again? Danielle and Stacey aren’t done with Youth Club yet and won’t be for at least two or three hours. I want you to fuck me like the slut that I am, honey, and remind me that I’m your slut in particular, your plump, curvy, and busty wife. How about it?” Lisa begged me to take her as soon as I could, which was no trouble for me.

I took my wife back to our house in a hurry, expecting to have some privacy, but as soon as I opened the door, I could tell that we weren’t alone. I saw a trail of clothes on the floor, which made Lisa burst out laughing. They were clearly female clothes, too. Our intruder was a woman for sure, and I wasn’t too surprised when Lisa licked her lips in approval, apparently happy to see that we had company, instead of jealous as one might expect.

“I think that we should follow the clothes,” I remarked half-seriously, prompting a nod from my wife.

“Absolutely. I think that whoever it is, they’ll be a lot of fun. I know that we didn’t plan to start swinging today, but it’s a real bonus, right? Besides, you’ve already fucked Jonathan. Why not a woman now?” Lisa winked at me as she walked over the clothes to the master bedroom.

I quickly caught up with her, at which point we found a very naked Michelle, much to our shock. She knelt in a hurry and began immediately sucking my cock while gesturing for Lisa to join her. My wife didn’t hesitate in the slightest before she also went to her knees in front of me and began gently sucking my dick. My sweet sister-in-law passed my cock back and forth to my wife, her own sister, the two of them now sharing it as if it were just a regular toy. My dick was definitely rather hard now, having a pair of sisters do this to me, but it was nothing compared to the sensation that I got when my cheeks were parted and another tongue slid between them, greedily licking my butt.

“Oh, damn!” I reacted as three mouths explored my cock, balls, taint, and ass.

“Like how Missy does it? She’s pretty damn good at it, ain’t she?” Michelle giggled, adding, “You didn’t think that I had shown up here alone, did you? Missy and I are a package deal. Always have been. Inseparable. Joined at the hip. She’s my primary partner, almost my wife, even. You see her, you see me, and vice versa. You were just counting on a threesome. Well, you, me, and Missy, we’ve had threesomes. We were hoping for a foursome this time around. You’re going to be one busy guy for an hour or two.”

“Damn, girls, what brought this on?” I chuckled as I enjoyed the oral attentions of these wonderful women.

“We’re in love with you. All three of us, baby. Can’t you just tell? Hey, Michelle, if Dan agrees to it, would you and Missy be opposed to moving in with us? We might need a bigger place in time, but I would love to share a bed between the four of us, with Dan breeding all three of us on a regular basis. What do you two say? What about you, Dan?” Lisa proposed to us, her eyes gleaming with passion, as she continued to deep-throat me, while Michelle now focused on my balls and Missy kept rimming me.

“I wouldn’t mind it. What about you, Missy?” Michelle said between licks to my balls, “I do love these salty nuts, babe.”

“Oh, that would be glorious! You still need to breed me, after all, Dan! Come on, say yes!” Missy urged me as she licked the crack of my ass and even my buns now and then.

“You gorukle escort all want this? Wow! You know how this will be received by your dad’s church and all that,” I pointed out, in case they forgot.

“Screw the church. I’ve been a good girl in the past and it got me nothing but misery. Now time to break the rules and have some fun,” Lisa laughed as she Hoovered my cock yet again.

“If you girls are serious, I’ll do it, but right now, I need to fuck someone. Who first?” I declared.

“Me, please!” Lisa pushed me onto the bed and started riding me for a good while, as Michelle planted her pussy on my face.

My balls were boiling almost, but Missy made it worse when she slipped a finger into my asshole, inching toward my prostate. I tried to hold out longer, and I surprised even myself with my willpower. Lisa’s cunt was undeniably as warm and wet as it could be at that moment, as she rode me hard. However, right as my tongue circled Michelle’s clit and made her squirt on me, and Lisa moaned with her own climax, my cock twitched and my cum shot out into my wife’s sweet pussy. Before I could get up, however, Michelle took full advantage of my situation to switch places and jump on my dick, so it couldn’t get soft yet. She tightened up as much as she could, too, not giving me a chance for my hard-on to fade while she mounted me and bounced repeatedly on my cock. Missy continued to make it tougher for me to go limp, too, with her finger still in my ass.

Lisa, for her part, leaned over and whispered, “By the way, honey, I’m fertile. That was baby number three you just put in me. I guess that Danielle and Stacey are getting a little brother or sister. Now you know why I’m so damn horny today. I can’t wait for you to breed Missy, too. Hell, I’ll love it when you breed Deanna, now that I know that she doesn’t want to steal you from me. Not to mention the idea of you breeding Jenna, Amy, and Mary. But that’s nothing compared to what I’ll experience when I see Sarah, Amber, and Mary Beth swell up with your spawn.”

I felt an incredible rush of potency and lust as I heard that, wondering what other devilish ideas Lisa had up her sleeve. I loved her sense of mischief already. She might be a slut wife, but she was the good kind. The idea of all those women, their bellies swollen with my seed … yeah, what guy could resist that? Meanwhile, Michelle and Missy were hard at work, keeping me from softening up as I went balls deep inside the former and the latter played with my asshole. The feeling of Michelle’s pussy was warm, wet, and willing, of course … and very tight, like a vise, right then. When Lisa slid her own twat over my face, I didn’t hesitate to lick it, even though my own cum was in it. After all, it was my own jizz, it was only a bit salty, and her slit was as delightful as ever. Pretty soon, I started rimming Lisa, too, making her squirm and pant with her pleasure and ecstasy at my lips and tongue.

I was able to last quite a while with Michelle, of course, while my tongue explored Lisa’s bottom half from her clit to the top of her crack. Both women were apparently in serious heat, even as Missy continued to pleasure me with her fingers near my prostate. If this was what I could expect from my sex life with Michelle and Missy joining us permanently, I was definitely in favor of it. These women might kill me with sex, but there were a lot worse ways to go. If I hadn’t already cum, I would have exploded by now inside Michelle, but luckily, my previous release gave me better self-control than that. I wanted to enjoy this, after all. It wasn’t every day that I could fuck my sister-in-law right after my wife, on our marriage bed, while eating my wife out and having another woman toy with my prostate. Well, maybe after this, it would be every day.

I finally did cum, of course, with my cock very sore after that, but Missy just looked at me with a smoldering desire and told me, as Lisa and Michelle slid off my body, “Don’t worry, stud. We’re moving in tonight and daring you to stop us. You’ll have plenty of chances to ride me into the sunset, too, cowboy. Eat me out for now and I’ll take a rain check on the fucking … for now.”

“Gladly, babe,” I said, as I grabbed Missy, planted her on the bed, and spread her cheeks wide open to lick away at her crack.

“Oh, God, you went straight for my ass! Oh, fuck me! Damn, that’s delicious!” Missy exclaimed in response to my lips and tongue.

“Yes, it is very sweet … yummy. After what you did for me, this is a proper show of gratitude, wouldn’t you say?” I laughed as I continued to taste that delectable bottom … she really was sweet.

“Considering that you’re letting us live with you, I think that we owe you the appreciation, not the other way around, my favorite brother-in-law,” Michelle pointed out as she planted kisses all over my body and Lisa did the same thing.

“Well, what guy in his right mind is gonna turn down sharing a bed with three lovely and sexy women?” I chuckled altıparmak eskort bayan between licks to Missy’s delicious ass, even tasting her buns.

“Not to mention breeding us as much as you like? I want to seduce David, too, though, so you can have a good excuse to breed Amber, and … well, from what Lisa says, it’s fun, too. Mind if David breeds me once, too? Maybe Missy as well?” Michelle suggested as she kissed my spine, giving me serious chills.

“For a chance to breed Amber, I’ll let David breed both of you, too. It’s only fair, and I kind of like the idea of David and me breeding the same women. Maybe he should breed Lisa once, too,” I grinned as I kept eating Missy’s bottom.

“Really? You’re okay with that? Thank you! You won’t regret that, honey!” Lisa now spread my cheeks apart to do to me what I was doing to Missy.

“Two conditions, of course. No treating me with disrespect. No snide remarks or nicknames or anything like that. I’m doing this because I like the idea of David and sharing women and breeding the same ladies. Plus, I enjoy the incest factor. It’s kinky as hell. Not to mention that I’ll be breeding a lot of women and I could use the help. No man is always hard,” I warned them, so as to remind them that sharing their wombs didn’t make me some cuckold or wimp, and I didn’t want them getting the wrong idea.

“Of course, it’s a very generous and considerate offer. Nothing wimpy or cucky about it, since you’re getting plenty of chances to knock women up, too. Besides, I wouldn’t humiliate or belittle you for anyone. I already feel awful about cheating on you before. What’s the other condition?” Lisa wondered, while Michelle joined her in rimming me … they even French-kissed each other while licking my butt!

I stopped eating Missy out just long enough to tell my wife, “The husbands are always presumed to be the fathers, even when we know that they aren’t. I raise David’s brat that you carry and he raises mine that Amber bears.”

“How do we get David and Amber to both agree to this?” Lisa asked me, while Missy moaned a serious climax from my oral services.

I was quite ready again now, thanks to the flavors of Missy’s delightful bottom and the constant talk of impregnation, but I managed to say, “We offer them what they already want, of course. David is already plowing you. Amber already wants me, as you said. No sense in not sweetening the deal, so to speak. David gets to regularly fuck all of the same women that I fuck and vice versa. We share all of our women … permanently. Amber gets two cocks to play with at least. Since I’m already screwing more women than him, he gains quite a bit from this deal.”

“Works for me,” Missy said, as I entered her from behind, taking her hard and fast.

“Me, too! I love everything about it! Can we call David and Amber now? Their kids are at Youth Club, too, after all. I would love to see this happen … maybe I can have twins, one from you and another from my baby brother,” Lisa snickered.

“Yeah, no kidding! Wickedly fun thought, the idea of you popping fraternals out, one like him, and one like … Dan here. No mistake, though. Dan’s the main man. I’m in love with him, always have been,” Michelle confessed, “though I’m also in love with Missy, of course.”

“Call them, baby. Let’s get their sweet tails over here. We still have time,” I said, as I continued to pump Missy with my cock.

“Oh, fuck, yes! Michelle, honey, I love you, too, but your brother-in-law … he fucks like a god! Lisa, your hubby is the best!” Missy exclaimed as I reamed her good with my dick.

“Yeah, that’s my Dan. Knows exactly how to treat a gal. He’s our Dan now, in fact. Tasty, ain’t he?” Lisa remarked as she played with my balls and Michelle caressed my buns.

“Oh, God … I’m never going to give him up! Ever!” Missy screamed as she came, while I did my best not to cum a third time … these women … damn, they could get my soldier to stand and salute more than anyone else.

That was when Lisa started talking to David and Amber on the phone and Michelle whispered in my ear, “Just imagine how great it will be when you fuck Amber while David takes Lisa.”

I just plain exploded upon hearing that, my seed emptying into Missy’s twat, while she came again from knowing that I filled her with another load. I wondered how I could possibly get it up again before the two to three hours were up, but I needn’t have worried. It turned out that Amber knew precisely how to make my motors run, even if it seemed that I was now on fumes.

“Oh, trust me, David, if you and Amber get here in a timely manner, it will be more than worth your while. We have a proposition for you, dear brother. Dan, me, Michelle, and Missy, that is. A plan to include you and Amber in our little festivities. Trust me, bro. You want to be part of them. You’ll see. Just get your sweet asses here on the double and don’t tell a soul yet. Here’s a hint. It’s a certain time in my nilüfer eskort bayan cycle and I don’t want you to wear a rubber. It’s bareback fun all the way,” Lisa winked at me as she told her brother and his sexy wife that news.

“Yeah, I knew that would do the trick. And, yes, baby brother, Dan knows everything. Turns out he’s even more fun than I thought when I met him,” Lisa snickered as she hung up.

“So, he’s in … they’re in,” I chuckled as the four of us got cozy on the bed.

“Oh, I’d say so. Something about getting to take me during my fertile time with no rubber does the trick it seems. Not that I blame him. The idea has me even wetter than before. Maybe we can all live together,” Lisa declared.

“I wouldn’t mind that. Anyone else that you want to move in with us?” I teased her a little, but she proved quite serious, to my delight.

“Yeah, sure. Sarah. Mary Beth … Mary … Deanna. Just to name a few. Don’t worry, I won’t get lost in the crowd. I know how to stand out and get plenty of your dick for my own needs. I just love the idea of us in a kind of polygamous household. You’d just have to invest in some nice blue pills. Besides, you’ll have some help, too. From David, Jonathan, and a few others, of course. We’ll need a damn big house, naturally,” Lisa observed.

“That’s a given,” Michelle said her piece.

“Oh, but so worth it!” Missy cut in.

“Absolutely,” Michelle agreed while rubbing her ass.

“Well, let’s pop the question and see what they make of it. It sounds heavenly to me,” I remarked.

“What sounds heavenly?” David announced himself as he walked into our bedroom, with Amber in tow…

For someone who just heard that her husband had fucked his own sister, Amber was in remarkably good mood. If anything, she was particularly eager to see us, especially me. My sweet, perky sister-in-law with curly blonde hair and baby blue eyes, practically jumped on me and made a point of planting kisses on me while David began making out with Lisa.

“Well, friends, family, and lovers, the girls and I have a proposition of sorts for you,” I declared.

“Sweet brother-in-law, let’s fuck now and hear that proposal later. David and I want to suck your cock as a team first, actually, and then you can fuck me every bit hard as we’ve both wanted all this time. I can’t hardly wait for you to fuck me when I’m fertile and knock me up,” Amber announced, as David and she knelt to lick and suck my dick.

You could have heard a pin drop in the room … was David bi?

David and Amber really got my blood pumping as they sucked my cock together. To have a long-time friend and his wife, who happened to be my in-laws, join together to pleasure me orally … it was a real treat. I found my next wind pretty easily, though it was also helped when Amber, a pharmacy technician, gave me a free sample of a new potency drug, making her intentions clear.

“There’s more where that came from, honey. David and I are eager to get fucked by you … David is a top with me, but a bottom with men … or at least with you. You’re one of the few men that he’s noticed himself wanting … and certainly the main one. After you’ve fucked me, Dan, I would love to watch you fuck David. I bet that Lisa would, too, unless I’m mistaken,” Amber urged me as David and she continued to service me.

“You got that right, Amber. I would love to fuck you, too, sweet cheeks. I’ve wanted to lick your pussy and ass for a while … maybe have you lick mine, too,” Lisa confessed to everyone here.

“Oh, God, that’s fucking hot! I want to do that, too!” Michelle admitted as well.

“Same here. One of these days, maybe an all-girl orgy?” Missy laughed and winked at me.

“Just knowing that David is a bottom … very cute and hot. Honey, you’d do it, right? Pity you never caught us together and fucked him in the ass!” Lisa giggled now, making my cock even readier to fuck someone on hearing this.

“Damn … that is such a sexy idea! I’ve wanted Dan to do that for the entire time we’ve been lovers. A threesome with you, me, and him? Or catch him with Amber and still take it in the ass from him. Either way, I’d end up sharing his cock with my wife or my sister. I’ve wanted to be Dan’s bottom and share women with him for years, to be perfectly honest, but I didn’t dare to admit it. To breed women with my Top … that’s icing on the cake! I’ll gladly raise Your spawn, too, Dan,” David announced.

“You’ll raise mine if they come through Amber and I’ll raise any of yours that come through Lisa. That’s fair, I think. The rest get paternity tests and/or we select the sire ahead of time,” I informed my brother-in-law, lifelong friend, and self-declared bottom…

I was thinking, in fact, that I now had two bottoms in effect, counting Jonathan … that could be handy.

“You at least partly did it with Lisa to get caught with her, didn’t you?” I chuckled, knowing that wasn’t the only reason, of course.

“Well, yeah, among other reasons. I also had fantasies of Amber catching us, not to mention just the fact of doing my sweet sister … I’ve wanted to fuck Lisa for years now. When the floodgates opened, well, I admit to taking full advantage. Incest is so damn hot, don’t you agree?” David admitted as I entered Amber and he slid into Lisa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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