Dorothy’s First Halloween Bash

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So tonight is the night. Our sorority is having it’s 5th annual costume Halloween party. I have decided to go as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. We spent all day decorating and getting snacks ready for the bash. We have a bar with an assortment of drinks. Our special tonight is a cocktail we call witch’s brew. For snacks we have an array of devilish delicacies. Eye of newt and lizard’s tongue are my personal favorite creations. We want our guests to have lot of fun tonight. Before the party I relax, do some homework, and catch up on my emails…

“Damn, I look good.” I say to myself as I look into the mirror. I look just like Dorothy, well almost. I make the last and final touches to my face and hair down stairs. Everything looks fine. Before long, people start to show. Some of the costumes were elaborate and creative, while others had a cool, quiet imagination to them. I had to giggle with excitement. The room was filled with people drinking, eating, dancing and socializing. Good, everyone looked to be enjoying themselves. Someone even brought a video camera.

About three hours into the party, an unmistakeable air of robust masculinity caught my eye. Maybe because he was staring, or perhaps because of his body. Oh my, I must be getting my buzz on a little too early tonight. The man didn’t wear a costume with any great detail. It was just a basic black shirt and black jeans. Though he had on a black mask, it couldn’t cover the heated allure of his eyes. His lips stood out with moist seduction. His jeans and shirt caressed his body like tender hands feeling through a dark room. The masked man was mysteriously sexy. He notices me looking back at him. He started heading my way.

“Hello, Dorothy,” he says. I say hello back. He then moves closer and whispered to me, “I have been fantasizing about you. I would like to show you what a real Wizard would do.” I blush, but am mesmerized by what he is saying. I Yozgat Escort wanted to know what this mysterious masked man would do to Dorothy. He takes my hand and I follow him to the area we sectioned off to be the dance floor. He pulls me to him and we dance slowly to the fast playing music. I could feel every part of his hard body pressed to me. He was like 6’0 with jet-black hair cut neat. His eyes are an intense blue. I feel as if he is making love to me with them. I asked, “What would you do to Dorothy, I mean me if you were the Wizard?” He says, “I am the Wizard and I have to show you rather than tell you.” We walked off the dance floor and he leads me upstairs.

I direct him to my bedroom. He shuts the bedroom door behind him. He turned to me and said, “So, what can the Wizard help you with Dorothy. Anything special you need.” I look him up and down. I can already see that he is already getting hard. I smile and go sit down on my bed. I tell him, “I need to find my way home and I don’t know what to do get back there.” He kneels in front of me and says, “I think I have something that could help you.” We then kiss. We kiss a hot second before I feel his hand sliding up my dress. He starts playing with my pussy through my underwear. His tongue travels down to my neck as his fingers find the inside of my things. His hands play with me to get me more wet. I reach for his dick and he stops me. I reached for his mask and he stops me. “Let the Wizard take care of you,” was what he said. He pushes me back and he removes my underwear. He lifts my legs to the bed and spreads them. He slowly begins to lick me. Sucking my clit. Flickering his tongue in my hole. He brings me to the edge of exploding and then stops.

I raise my head to see what is happening. I see him removing his clothes, while keeping his eyes on me and also leaving the mask on. To his right I see the guy with the video camera standing Yozgat Escort Bayan there filming all of this. I sit up to cover myself and to tell him to leave but the Wizard stops me when I see his big long dick come out as he lowers his pants. It looked to be 9 inches long and 2 inches thick. My mouth waters. I want to slide my mouth on that. That cameraman is forgotten.

I sit up and reach for that piece of meat. He brings it to me. My tongue goes instantly to the head, which has drop of love juice on it. I lick all of that off before I swallow his dick whole. He tastes wonderful. I lick and suck like I never had before. Before long he is grabbing my head. I suck hungrily until I hear him moan. I take as much of him I can in my mouth as he shoots his cum down my throat. I swallow every drop of him. Allowing nothing to escape. He pulls me up and says, “Let’s see about getting you home, Dorothy.” He is still very hard, and I am ready to feel him.

I notice the cameraman again, this time trying to get a better angle. Having him here e filming this, is also starting to turn me on. The Wizard lays me back on the bed. He begins removing my clothes. My jumper dress, my shirt, then my bra. He sucks on my nipples. Licking and nibbling. He slides a finger into my pussy, then two. Working them in and out of me. He stops finger fucking me, and raises to his knees. His dick is touching his navel, hard and wanting to be in me. He says as he touches himself, “Everytime you come, I want you to say there is no place like home.”

“As hard and bad as I want you, you will hear that a lot tonight.” I reply. He places my feet on his chest and leaned forward. He pushes himself into me and I gasp for air. The first surge only puts him half way into me. He pulls out a little, then pauses briefly with anticipation. His arms caressingly pull me towards him as he rams his whole 9 inches inside. I Escort Yozgat hold in a scream as I arrive causing his dick to glisten with my wetness. He then says, “I didn’t hear you.” I respond with, “There is no place like home!”

Every time he pulls out I feel my body spasms from the sweet friction. . Before long I say, “There is no place like home.” He withdraws all the way and flips me over. He closes my legs, lifts my hips a little, and thrusts back into me. He lets my hips fall back to the bed and thrusts slows and hard into me. He sits on top of me fondling the curves of my shoulders. He continues to fuck me faster. “There is no place like home! There is no pace like home! There is no place like home!” keeps coming from my mouth and I can’t stop.

I hear him say, “I want you to ride my pole.” He pulls out and lies on his back. Weakened from his size and appetite, I crave for more. I slowly climb on top of him. I look over to the cameraman. He is still filming, but now his dick is in his hands. He is tugging firm flesh in a smooth rhythm. Watching him do this gives me the strength to ride the Wizard’s love pole. With his help, I go up and down. chugging in locomotion rhythm.

He lifts me by my ass as he says, “Yes, baby. You’re definitely going to get home this way.” I sat down hard, grabbed his shoulders and rode him back and forth. He lifts up and shouts, “There is no place like home!” over and over again. I hear the cameraman grunt, as I turn and see him clinching uncontrollably to his camera. Cum erupts like hot glazed icing from a volcano. The Wizard grabs my hips and pushes up hard. He moans loudly as his dick begins to spasm. I can feel his threshold break like pressure over taking a dam.

“Poor little boy blue.” I think to myself in ecstasy. I fall on top of him. Both of us were hot, sweaty, and out of breath. I hear the door close as the cameraman leaves. I turn around, and on my desk is the tape he uses to record us. Wizard kisses my forehead and says, “Can you sit up for a sec?”

He removes his mask and says, “My name is Zack. I am in your writing class.”

I smile and say, “Happy Halloween, Zack.” I lean back to him for a kiss.

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