Double Trouble Ch. 02

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A few weeks had passed since Stephen’s encounter with his niece and her best friend. He had spoken to his sister a few times since and nothing had been said, so he was confident nothing untoward had been discussed. His niece was a sensible girl and she knew she would be in almost as hot water as him if anything was to come out. In spite of Stephen’s healthy relationship with his girlfriend, he secretly desired a return visit from the two girls as they had suggested on their first visit. However, he knew they must be busy with revising for their A level mock exams and probably had a million other things that 18 year old think about so decided to not dwell on it too much.

The New Year began crisply, with a shallow blanket of snow. The cold nights and short day light hours were not exactly Stephen’s favourite time of year and he could do with a lift. It just seemed to be work and sleep, although he did manage to see his girlfriend twice a week, which was good and they had a good relationship. Just as he began to get into the swing of mid January his phone rang one evening. Stephen was surprised to hear Vicky on the other end. He virtually never had a phone call from her, in fact he couldn’t remember the last time she had.

‘Hello Vicky, this is a nice surprise, everything OK, I hope?’

‘Yeah sure.’

‘How’s your Mum?’


‘Good. Erm…Vicky.’

‘It’s OK uncle Stephen, I’m not going to reveal our secret. I was just ringing to see if we can come round again, me and Manda.’

‘Ooh Vicky! How? There’s no reason, your Mum would ask and there might be suspicions. It was nice last time, but maybe we should leave it.’

‘Oh. Don’t you want to see me again. You know in that way?’

‘Of course, I’m just thinking straight. It’s risky.’

‘It’s OK, I’ve thought of a way.’


‘Yeah. Me and Amanda are both doing spreadsheets and graphs at school for our IT course. That’s the excuse.’

Hmmm..tell me more.’

‘Well, you’re an expert in Excel, so we could say we needed some one to one help. Mum would bring us round and no one would know.’

‘Hmm, you’re a smart girl Vicky!’

‘I know, leave it with me then, I’ll speak to Mum and she’ll let you know.’

‘OK, I love you Vicky!’

‘Aww, I love you too. This is going to be really good!’

‘OK babe.’

‘OK bye then.’

Stephen put the phone down and reflected on the phone call. Maybe it would be a bright New Year after all. A week elapsed and nothing happened. Stephen began to think that Vicky had thought better of it and then one afternoon he received a call to his mobile from his sister Jo.

‘Hi Stephen, it’s cold isn’t it.’

‘Yes, brass monkey weather definitely. What’s up?’

‘No, everything is OK. Vicky wonders if you could help her out?’

Jo went on to explain the arrangements along the lines of his conversation with his niece seven days earlier and it was decided she would drop the girls off at Stephen’s the following afternoon, straight from school. Stephen struggled to get to sleep that night. He was filled with gorukle escort bayan anticipation with the visit and pleasured himself, which helped him drift off and also to release some of the tension he was experiencing. The first time he had been kebbabed by the two girls and he was swept along by the whole thing. Now though, he was fired up.

Stephen started work early, in order to be home in time for the girls. He thought of nothing else all day.

He just hoped he wouldn’t cum too quickly. He still felt pangs of guilt. Vicky was his niece and he wasn’t sure what he would have done with her alone, but Amanda had in her way, legitimised the affair. The girls were dropped off around a quarter to four and Jo didn’t hang around as she was late for the hairdresser and just dropped Amanda and Vicky at the gate. Stephen opened the door when his bell rang and his jaw dropped when he saw them. He had never seen Vicky in her school uniform before.

‘Hello Stephen, close your mouth or you’ll dribble.’ Said Vicky confidently. The girls were both in navy blazers and pullovers, with short, pleated skirts and tights.

‘Wow!’ Was all Stephen could say as he let them in.

The girls’ uniforms were a good fit and accentuated their developed, girly figures and their round, pert asses caught Stephen’s attention.

‘Hmmm, you look good babe.’

‘Thanks Unc.’ Said Vicky as she removed her blazer.

‘Are you going to offer us a drink then?’ Asked Amanda.

‘Blimey, give me chance!’ Returned Stephen.

The girls giggled as they both removed their pullovers and loosened their ties.

‘Actually, coffee will be fine, it’s cold out there.’ Suggested Vicky.

‘Yeah, I can give you a hot blowjob.’ Added Amanda.

Stephen felt himself go red and Vicky tweaked his bottom as he switched on his coffee machine.

‘How have you been then Stephen, did you have a good Christmas?’ Asked Amanda.

‘Yes, fine thanks.’ Stephen did his best to hide his nervousness. The girls’ skirts and tights had an incredible effect on him and he tried to hide his arousal with his hand as Amanda spoke in her soft voice.

‘Let’s have a look at that!’ Said Vicky pulling his hand away.

‘Ooh!’ You’re pleased to see us then!’

As Stephen thought what to say the green light came on, on his coffee machine and he began to serve three cups.

The three took their drinks into his sitting room and sat together on the sofa.

‘Have you ever had a hot coffee blowjob Stephen?’ Asked Amanda.

Stephen just shook his head.

‘Have you ever given one Manda?’

‘No, but I’ve heard it’s good.’

Vicky unfastened Stephen’s belt and undid his zipper. He was becoming hard again and Vicky struggled to disengage his cock from his pants, but eventually had the erect member in her hand and stroked it gently.

‘Lie back Unc, you’re gonna find out what it’s like. Two times.’

She smiled and both girls took a swig of coffee.

Stephen winced as he felt first Amanda’s then Vicky’s hot mouths enrobe his dick as they took nilüfer escort bayan turns to blow him. He’d never had such a amazing feeling. It was an unbelievable sensation.

‘Ooooh babe, that’s good.’

‘Do you want me to lick your balls while Amanda sucks you!’

Stephen smiled at his niece and stroked her hair as she put her head down. Amanda was giving him the blowjob of his life; slow and gentle, just as he liked it. After a while, just as he was thinking he couldn’t take much more, she relented and both girls got up and they finished their coffee.

‘Right then.’ Said Amanda. ‘Now you’re warmed, time for some real fun!’

Amanda and Vicky proceeded to remove their skirts. Stephen stood up and removed his trousers and his shirt and socks. He felt a little exposed standing there with his cock standing upright and felt the need to hide it as the girls rolled down their tights in unison. They turned round and each faced him just in their undies.

‘Would you like to take the rest off uncle?’

‘OK, turn round then.’

Stephen looked upon the two lovelies and felt his cock begin to throb. He took a step forward and unfastened first one bra catch and then the next. He reached round and cupped each girl’s breasts in turn, fondling them gently and tweaking their nipples. He planted little kisses on the girls necks as he caressed their breasts and stroked their bellies.

‘Ooh Stephen, you’re giving me goose bumps.’ Vicky reached round and stroked his cock as she spoke.

‘You’ve still got our knickers to take off yet.’ Said Amanda. ‘Help yourself to my bottom.’ She added.

Stephen took a deep breath and dropped to his knees. He pulled down Amanda’s panties and just stared at her gorgeous full bottom. She had the peachiest cheeks he had ever seen. Then he grabbed her hips and pushed his face between her buttocks. He rolled his tongue and lips all over them and pulled them apart a little so he could find her little hot hole with his tongue. Her licked and slurped his tongue all over her bum, he just couldn’t get enough of it. Amanda was showing her appreciation but was slightly muffled as she was exchanging a kiss with her friend.

‘Hmmm, Manda, you’re sizzling today.’ As she said the words Vicky cupped her friend’s breasts and kissed her nipples, rolling her tongue around her areola. Amanda was enjoying the treat.

Eventually Stephen came up for air, his cock still rock hard and was ready to give Vicky’s bottom a similar treatment. He just looked up at her and smiled. She got the message and leant against the mantelpiece, with her bum sticking outwards, so that he could get his tongue right into business.

He rolled his tongue inside her ass cheeks. She had a slightly salty taste, but he liked it and then focused his attention on her little starfish. Vicky wriggled and squirmed with pleasure as he tickled her butt with his tongue. Amanda had dropped to her knees and was sucking Stephen as he rimmed his niece.

When he had had his fill of Vicky’s plump schoolgirl’s ass, he stood up bursa otele gelen escort bayan and gave them both a kiss on the lips in turn. He was now rock hard and throbbing and Amanda’s thoughts turned to having him fill her pussy.

‘Would you like to fuck me now Stephen? Do you want to show me what you do with naughty girls like me!’

She had no sooner said the words, as she was on all fours on his sofa. Stephen didn’t need asking twice. He took hold of her hips and in one move entered her quim and gave her his length. Amanda let out a squeal of delight. This was her first time with a real man and she braced herself. He began to drive his cock home, gently at first and then built up his speed as he pounded her young, moist love box. She became wetter and wetter as he fucked her tight pussy. Stephen could barely believe the amazing feelings in his dick. He had to grit his teeth and tensed all his muscles not to blow his load. He banged her faster and faster until he could feel his climax reach the point of no return. Amanda was panting, with every thrust. Vicky could see the look in his eyes as he was about to come and sat on the sofa next to her friend and beamed at him. Then she put her head back and opened her mouth. This did it for him and he pulled out just in time to wank a spurt straight in to her inviting mouth. Then two more shots came out, one into her mouth and the other on her chin. Amanda now got up and aimed the remaining load into Vicky’s throat. He just seem to keep cumming and Vicky’s mouth was loaded with spunk. She closed her mouth and swallowed.

‘Eeesh, that was a lot. Ooh hot and yummy though!’

‘Ha ha Vicky, that was a quart! You lucky girl!’

Stephen got dressed as the two girls disappeared to the bathroom to get cleaned up. They had been there for nearly two hours and Stephen realised his sister would soon be coming round to pick them up. He shouted up to the girls to urge them to get changed quickly. How would it look if his sister found them half naked! The thought gave his stomach a turn. He had to be careful. It was a dangerous game, although he trusted his niece not to spill the beans.

They had returned down stairs, back in their uniforms, just as his phone beeped with a text from Jo to say she was on her way to pick them up.

‘Ooh Stephen, that was great. Did you enjoy it?’

‘Phew! Not half babe.’

‘Would you like to go all the way with me next time? I don’t mind.’

She smiled a wry smile and Stephen began to feel aroused just at the thought of rodgering is gorgeous niece.

‘Hmmm Vicky, that’s a bit… I don’t know. I’d love to in a way but…’

‘What? It will be great, just go with the flow Unc. I’ll bend over for you like Manda and you can fuck my pussy. I know you want to.’

‘I do want to, but gosh! I suppose if you’re OK with it why not? We’ve gone this far.’

As he was contemplating this, there was a knock at the door. Stephen let his sister in and gave the two girls a hug.

‘Has it been worthwhile then.’ She said, turning to Stephen.’


‘The spreadsheets?’

‘Oh ha ha yeah! It was OK, wasn’t it girls?’

Both teenagers chimed in, in agreement.

‘That’s good then. OK Stephen, I’ll get these two off and then I’m getting dinner, I’ll see you soon.’

‘Yes, OK Jo. See you girls. Be good!’

They smiled back and Vicky gave him a little wink.

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