Dream Come True Ch. 03


“I think you’re going to need to take that off,” you said, totally relaxed on the bed.

“I think you’re right,” that being said I unsnapped the bra, I slid the straps off my arms, but kept the cups against my breasts and you looked at me expectantly. I leaned in to kiss you and let the bra drop. Your hands started at my waist and moved them up to gently cup my breasts.

I leaned back to see your face and saw you staring intently at my breasts, a look of sheer desire on your face. I had the urge to cover myself. Slowly, torturously slowly your thumb moved to touch my achingly hard nipple. “Mmmph,” I whimpered, the sensation running through me.

You looked up to my face then, I leaned in to kiss you and you turned your head, so I leaned further and started to lick and nibble your neck. You growled. Your hands went to my hips and you lifted me, rolling us over. My hands had gone to your shoulders while we moved and you took my wrists in your hand holding them above my head. “My turn, no more teasing,” you said, voice deep and full of long pent up desire. “Those hands move and there will be consequences,” you said, your voice holding a darkly intriguing threat.

“Promise?” I asked, teasingly, testing my limits.

You pulled on my arms making me stretch and I gasped. “Promise,” you growled. “Remember these don’t move,” you said, releasing my wrists and sitting back.

“You’re an amazing woman,” you said, looking in to my eyes, “But these you,” you said, motioning to my breasts, “would bring the strongest man to his knees.”

I started to say something but you looked up to my face. “Don’t even try to deny it,” you said, sternly.

“They’re too big,” I said, very quietly.

You looked Escort Bayan at me amazed that I could even think that let alone utter it, and you laughed. “There’s no such thing.”

I looked away from him, I wanted to hide my body. You pushed my chin up with your finger. “You’re beautiful,” you said so sincerely.

I blushed, I was laying under you naked and this is when I decide to get shy. You kissed my forehead then, so tenderly. You kissed my nose, and finally my mouth. You kissed me slowly, each of us savoring the other’s mouth. You kissed my neck and down the middle of my chest, stopping right between my breasts. Your hands cupped my breasts, feeling the weight, your thumbs made a rhythm of teasing me. You leaned down slowly, pausing with your mouth over my nipple. I wanted to push your mouth down on to my breast but I let you decide what you wanted to do. I could feel your breath on me and my nipple tightened more, more than I knew it could, more than it ever had. That’s when you flicked your tongue out over one nipple and pinched the other between your fingers. I moaned loudly, ending in a whimper of frustration at your slow bittersweet torture. I was rewarded when you took my nipple in to your mouth, you sucked strongly and flicked your tongue. I could feel my fingernails dig in to the palms of my hands trying desperately not to wrap my fingers in your hair. You switched nipples suddenly and started to nibble, my body was going crazy, I was moaning constantly and arching my body to get more contact with yours.

“Josh please,” I moaned.

“Please what?” you said, sitting up but not taking your hands from my breasts.

“Please fuck me…” I said, “I’m yours, I always will be… take me… please.” I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think I just knew I needed you to fill me.

“You’re absolutely sure?” you asked, looking deep in to my eyes.

“I love you. Please be my first,” I said, staring up at you.

“Oh baby I love you too.” You kissed me then and I felt your hand travel down my body, I shuddered, equal parts anticipation, nerves and something beyond arousal.

Your thumb circled my clit and I moaned against your mouth, then I felt a finger at my opening and I was suddenly nervous, I guess you felt my tension because you looked down at me and said, “I promise it will be okay baby.”

You knew that’s all I needed. You pulled my panties down my legs and off. You pushed your finger in to my tight wet pussy. You groaned, “You’re so tight and soooooo wet.” Your fingers started pumping in to me and my hips began to move with you, your other hand was busy twisting my nipple. I was moaning and whimpering with every movement of your hands.

“Are you ready?” you asked.

“Yes, baby yes,” I said, breathily, your fingers still teasing me mercilessly.

You kissed me, passionately, no tender lead in, just your lips and mine crushed against one another, our tongues dueling. Then I felt you at my opening. You pushed slowly and I felt myself stretch, it hurt, but not enough for me to want you to stop. Ever so slowly you pushed in to me completely you stopped letting me adjust to you. I looked up at you and you had your eyes closed trying to take things slow and gentle was taking all of your control. I put a hand on your cheek and you opened your eyes, you looked down at me with eyes that could burn, my pussy clenched around you and you groaned and fisted your hands in the sheets.

“Josh,” I moaned, feeling you pulse in me, I bucked my hips, “Fuck me.”

You growled and looked down at me and started to pull out, then you pushed back in, you were holding back, afraid you would hurt me. I moved my hips more insistently and you started to push harder. I moaned and gripped your shoulders. As we continued, getting in to a rhythm, I started to whimper which each thrust. You slowed looking at me worried, “Don’t stop, don’t stop…” I said urgently, trying to make you move faster by bucking my hips under you. You groaned and started moving faster, harder, I couldn’t breathe, but at the moment I didn’t care. Your hands were suddenly all over my body. On my breasts twisting and pinching my nipples, and down to my clit. Your thumb circled the bud in the same beat that you moved in and out of me. I couldn’t stop moaning and my body was writhing I felt like every nerve of my body was being stimulated. My body was building up to something and it was about to crash. “That’s it baby, cum for me,” you said, pushing in to me so hard. I moaned almost a scream and felt my body convulse around you which brought a responding pulse from your hot hard dick that was so deep inside me.

“Brittany…” you moaned.

“Yes Darlin’ cum for me, fill me up,” I said, the last of my orgasm gripping you inside me.

I felt you cum and you pressed forward with each spurt moaning my name over and over. I wrapped my legs around you and kept you inside me as you stopping cumming and your body relaxed.

I pushed your hair sweaty hair out of the way and smiled at you. “I love you.” I said, my eyes tearing up.

“I love you too,” you said, still trying to catch your breath. “But… you moved your hands, now you’re going to have to be punished.” You looked at me eyes as filled with lust as before.