Dream Girls

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That night, he could not wait to get home, his mind filled with all sorts of fantastic daydreams. Only when he walked in from the garage, he found a note on the counter that collapsed his dreams into a blue funk of disappointment.

Hi, Daddy.

Mum said I could spend the night with Becca and we will be going out to her lake house after school tomorrow for the weekend. See you Sunday.

Kisses and Hugs

Your babygirl, Jassie.

For a second he just stared at the note. Then he walked past and into his office to drop off his briefcase. A quick check of his personal email showed nothing of interest and he got up to go check on his wife. He found her watching television and collapsed on the sofa beside her. After a few minutes of some mindless sitcom, he felt himself already starting to drift off. A glance towards his wife revealed she was already asleep. So he rose and returned to his office computer, this time opening up some of his IE favorites…..links to a couple porn sites he subscribed to. On one, he found a short video clip of a tall redhead beauty receiving a particularly appealing money shot to the face. He replayed that several times before clicking through to explore a few more.

Sylvia Saint, Sunrise Adams, and more. All cumsluts of the highest order. Only now….somehow…..none of them held much interest for him. His mind kept returning to one particular scene….one particular redhead on her elbows between his knees and with his cock in her hands and mouth. The scene that had played itself out in real life only last night…..in his daughter’s bed. He closed his eyes and allowed the memory to play itself out in his mind’s eye, feeling his cock swell and harden as he relived the experience. A minute later, he had his urgently insistent cock in his hand stroking to the pictures in his mind. When he opened his eyes, they fell on a family photo on his desk…..on his baby daughter’s smiling face. Taken just after her 16th birthday two years ago, her face was alive with happiness and excitement. Staring at her face in that photo brought all his imaginings to an explosive head and he came, shooting streams of cum across the desk. Slowly, he relaxed and then, spent, he collapsed back in the chair. It was going to be a long weekend.


Later that same night, several blocks away, the two teenage girls giggled over the computer screen in front of them. Some guy was trying to seduce them with a webcam video of his hard cock and Becca was egging him on by telling him on wonderful and big he was on AIM. In between comments, both girls would break into hysterical giggles. Deciding to wind the poor guy up even more, she turned on her own webcam so he could see the two gorgeous teenagers he was talking to. Almost instantly, his typing got much worse. “Getting worked up there, are you?” she typed. “Well, watch this” and with that, Becca turned and kissed her full on the lips. Not new to this game, Jassie returned the kiss with visible tonguing and exaggerated moaning. With seconds, the muted webcam video on the other end showed the guy stroking his dick as fast as he could and bursa eskort bayan then jerk wildly as his cum began dribbling out. Both girls laughed hysterically at the result of their shenanigans and collapsed back on the big leather office chair.

Like she most always did, Becca tried to kiss her again. Unlike before, this time she let her. The kiss grew longer and deeper and she felt her heart racing. Slowly, Becca reached up and caressed one breast. She had done that before, too, but Jassie had always pushed her away with a laugh. This time, she only kissed her best friend a little harder.

“Girls? Time for bed.” Becca’s mom called out from the family room. Both girls quickly broke contact and separated before they were caught, and then giggled again at the frozen webcam image of that leaky cock. Then they logged out, turning everything off before heading to bed.

They talked for a while under the covers about school and boys and clothes and Lindsay Lohan. In between sentences, each girl was quietly listening to the sounds of the television in the family room and stealing furtive kisses and touches from the other. Soon, the television clicked off and the sounds of Mrs. Strayhorn coming down the hall approached. Like she always did, she peeked in for a quick “Goodnight, girls” and then shut their door. Jassie replied “good night” and then waited till the mother’s bedroom door also shut.

“Are you sure?” Becca asked, breaking a long sweet kiss with her best friend. The reply she received was two soft lips meeting hers, moving them apart and the furtive touch of a curious tongue. Becca slipped her hands under Jassie’s pajama top and cupped her warm breasts, feeling her nipples stiffen between her fingers. Moaning, the innocent auburn haired beauty closed her gorgeous green eyes and remembered her Daddy’s hands touching her where her friend’s fingers now caressed. She replied in kind, squeezing Becca’s larger boobs through the thin cotton of her nightshirt. In a few seconds, both girls had shed their tops, laying face to face on their sides, as they kissed. Lips to lips, nipples to nipples, fingers and palms tingling and caressing, each girl were igniting a furious passion within the other.

For Jassie, this was all brand new…..a curiosity born from her recent adventures with her Father and a sexual desire that, once ignited, would not be quenched. For Becca, it was almost as new….a fantasy come to life….as her best friend……her amazingly beautiful but still virginal best friend….touched her and kissed her like she had only dreamed before. Both girls were dreamboat beauties, Jassie with her long thick red hair and entrancing green eyes above a body that vibrated sexual energy. Her breasts were full globes, filling out a C-cup nicely and still growing. Her 5’8″ frame was long legged and wide-hipped, with a firm round butt and long slim arms while Becca was a couple inches shorter and more roundly built. Her pink breasts overflowed a D-cup and were capped with light brown areolas and thick stubby….aching….nipples. Her hair was a dyed blonde, wildly curled and highlighted, framing an all-American face with bursa otele gelen eskort bayan deep brown bedroom eyes. Both girls wore the perfect smiles granted by good nutrition, lucky genetics, and thousands of dollars of only recently removed orthodontia.

Becca dipped her head to Jassie’s neck and kissed and nibbled her way lower still, as her friend moaned softly and arched her chest forward. Eyes closed, Jassie was having trouble maintaining the fantasies in her mind of her Daddy touching her as her fingers curved around the exquisitely soft cones of her friend’s breasts. Daddy’s chest was hairy and hard…..not at all like Becca’s. Then Becca’s lips found her first nipple and the memory of Daddy’s lips blended with Becca’s sucking perfectly.

“Ahhhhh……don’t stop!”

Becca was the more experienced of the two, having given away her virginity in the back of the band bus after homecoming that year and boasted of two blowjobs since. Jassie smiled at the thought….at the rush of memory of her Daddy’s dick exploding in her mouth….twice now. She had nearly caught up.

Becca’s head now shifted back and forth, sucking first one nipple then the other, holding her friends breasts in both hands, feeling Jassie’s fingers in her hair, clutching her head tightly and holding her close. As the fire in her body grew, she broke contact and lifted her face for more kisses, riding the movement up and over her beautiful friend. When she released her lips, Becca had moved until her breasts swung against Jassie’s innocent face. No longer as innocent as her best friend believed, she sucked one erect brown nipple into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it. She was rewarded with a sharp gasp as Becca reacted to the touch of lip and tongue together. After enjoying the sensation for a minute or two….as her body cried for more and more….Becca rotated her body 180 degrees and brought her own lips again the Jassie’s breasts, each girl sucking and being sucked.

But Becca’s fantasies went a bit further still….and she released the pink wet nipples and slid her hands down the writhing body beneath her, slipping her fingers under Jassie’s pajama bottoms and sliding them and her panties down and off her hips as she kissed and licked her way south. In another second, Jassie felt something she had never dreamed she would ever experience…..the questing tongue of another girl slipping into her soaking wet and aching pussy. All thoughts of her Daddy vanished now as her best friend began to explore her pussy with licks and kisses….sucking at her petal lips…..licking across her clit….teasing her virginal hole…then returning to lick and suck at her swollen little clit. Becca straddled her head now, as she thrashed beneath her, pressing a soaking wet crotch into her face, invading her nostrils with the musky aroma of her sex. Jassie felt her pussy throb faster and faster with every touch, every kiss, even every thought. She knew she was going to come again…..this time into her friends mouth….and began to thrust her hips upward to meet Becca’s licking tongue.

As the throbbing surged bursa eve gelen escort and ebbed under this wonderfully new and wicked assault, Becca suddenly stopped and lifted her hips up. Confused, Jassie only had time to take a breath and wonder why before her friend’s bottoms flashed off before her eyes and she saw…..for the very first time in her life…..another woman’s pussy up close. Becca lowered her groin till it was just above Jassie’s face, looking down her belly at her friends wide green eyes. Then she smiled and leaned forward to resume sucking her the sweet redhaired pussy underneath her. Jassie did not think….could not think…..she only lifted her face into the hotly radianting and soaking wet pussy of her best friend and licked up the length of her slit. Within seconds, both girls exploded, first one then the other, orgasming into each other’s mouth, stifling the cries and groans by pressing their mouth tightly against the others pussy. Slowly…..the throbs and spasms of their orgasms eased…..and Becca rolled off her friend and curled up on her chest, bring them face to face again.

“Wow, Jassie” she breathed, “that was incredible!” as she leaned forward to taste her own cum from her friends lips.

“It was amazing alright,” Jassie replied, returning the kiss and tasting herself on her Becca’s tongue. She was delicious…and so was Becca, for that matter. Sweeter than Daddy even. “You taste nice.”

“So do you,” Becca agreed. “Better by far than boy’s cum”.

Jassie grinned and opened her mouth to say something, let shut it quickly, before replying as innocently as she could muster “I suppose.”

Becca caught her though, her brown eyes narrowing, “What? What were you going to say?!! Have you been holding out on me?” she squealed.

Jassie thought fast…..Becca was her best friend….and as much a slut for real as she acted like……surely she could tell her about….no….no way…..not even Becca. Her face blushed even through the flush of her recent orgasm.

“What??? WHO??” Becca hissed as she brought her face nose to nose with her friend.

“Not that…I was just thinking…. just that” Jassie grinned mischievously, “that you would know” and kissed her friend’s face quickly before ducking away from her reaction.

“You girls quiet down in there!” Becca’s dad’s voice boomed through the walls and interrupted the ensuing pillow and tickle fight.

Both girls stopped instantly and, as quietly as possible, scrambled to get dressed again. In just a minute, both were lying under the covers…face to face and wide eyes, trying to stifle their giggles before one of Becca’s parents came in….and smelled the evidence of the last few minutes still hanging rich in the air.


He tossed and turned in his bed……his thoughts swirling around the last two nights and imagining his sweet baby in the same bed with that little hottie, Becca….leaving him with a demanding erection that would not go away. He turned and looked at his wife’s sleeping back for a minute of so, considering his options. She was so stoned he could probably take her in the ass and she wouldn’t notice, let alone remember. But he wouldn’t do that. Couldn’t even. Finally, he surrendered and pulled his cock from his shorts and began to stroke himself off, letting him memories take his mind where his body wanted to be…..cumming all over his belly as he whispered his baby girl’s name.

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