Dream Lover Pt. 19


Note: you will understand this story a lot better if you read at least Part One first though I recommend reading all previous parts.


Chapter Twenty-four

Encouraged by my successful dream encounter with my coworker, Kim, I realized that I could probably just use the same template with other female coworkers rather than trying to come up with something specific to each of them. It would definitely save me both time and energy while still completely making sense for a dream scenario. I was considering which of my female coworkers to start with, of the several whom I’d already been doing recon on, when another opportunity presented itself.

Our company picnic, held at the office during the workday in the middle of the week, had a beach party theme. Despite the overall lameness of the event, it did provide me with inspiration. As I was eating my burger and potato salad under a beach umbrella on the lawn of the building where I worked, I was looking around and thinking how frightening most of my coworkers would look on the beach. Inspiration came when I spotted Margie, who would undoubtedly look outstanding in a bikini. She was a petite MILF with a nicely toned body who I’d seen naked in her home on several occasions as well as in the locker room showers after she worked out at the office gym. Not only was I interested in confirming how hot she’d look in a bikini, despite having seen her naked, but I was also interested in personally getting her out of one. I guess even after getting Linda, Theresa and Irene out of their bikinis in recent dreams, I still wasn’t tired of the idea. I made a point to interact with her before I went back to work so that dreaming about both the company picnic and me would make total sense.

It was shortly after the company picnic that I put my plan in motion so that the event would still be fresh in her mind. Watching her get undressed and ready for bed just stoked my fire but I was patient and, only when the time was just right, I took her back to that day outside of our office. The big difference, obviously, was that we were the only two there though everything was set up the way it had been. The other difference was that we were both lying on chaise lounges, big sturdy ones with thick padding, that hadn’t been present during the company picnic. Also, we were both in swimsuits; she in a sexy bikini and me in swim trunks. Of course I also made sure I was sufficiently buff but I didn’t alter her appearance in any way.

“What in the world?” she asked as she realized she not only was no longer lying in bed but was outside of our office wearing a bikini.

“We must be early,” I said, as though responding to her question, “What do you want to do until everyone else arrives?”

She didn’t answer, apparently still trying to figure out what was happening, so I looked over at her. As I’d expected, she looked amazing in the bikini I’d imagined for her so I was really hoping this was all going to come together. She looked over at me, her eyebrows raising from behind her sunglasses as she apparently noted that I was wearing nothing but swim trunks, then glanced around us again and down at herself. She must have either determined that she was dreaming or that, whatever was happening, she was good with going along with it.

“How much time do we have?” she asked.

“As much as we need, I suppose,” I replied.

“What do you want to do?” she asked, deflecting my original question back to me.

“Ideally,” I said, “I’d like to get you out of that bikini and slather you with sunscreen and, in some choice locations, saliva.”

“I’d like that, too,” she replied with a smile.

As many times as I’d successfully pulled off a dream visit, having it all come together and knowing I’d not only be seeing that person naked but likely fucking them, it certainly never got old. I moved over to join Margie on her chaise, my cock already at half mast and tenting out my swim trunks. Lying beside her, I brought my lips to hers as my hand went first to her waist then down to caress her toned ass. My cock just grew even harder but, despite a strong desire to just start fucking her, I wanted to follow my typical routine and make her cum first so that it still made sense that it was her dream. I brought my hand up to fondle her tits through her bikini top, feeling her hard nipples pushing out against it, then started to slide it down since I’d had the foresight to imagine her in a bikini top that was strapless.

Once they were exposed, I caressed the soft, smooth flesh of her bare breasts before lowering my head to lick and suck her hard nipples. Her tits were on the smaller side, so I definitely wouldn’t be fucking them, but they were proportional to her petite frame. Typically, I’d next slip a hand down to her pussy and caress it through her swimsuit bottom before slipping my hand inside but I had mentioned sunscreen and thought that thoroughly caressing her body would continue to get her worked up. I raised my head from her tits and sat up then Yalova Escort helped her do the same. There was a bottle of sunscreen conveniently within reach so I grabbed it and poured some into my palm. After spreading it between both palms, I started to slather it on her shoulders then down her arms while my gaze alternated from her exposed tits to her face.

Once that application was all massaged in, I moved down and started to slather another handful of sunscreen up from her feet along each of her legs. As I was doing that, she spun her bikini top around and unfastened it then set it aside. I didn’t spend much time slathering sunscreen on her shins or her knees but lavished most of my attention on her inner thighs, getting closer and closer to her pussy as she spread her legs apart even more. Finally, when I couldn’t get any closer to her pussy without actually touching it, I grabbed a towel, also conveniently within reach, and wiped the remaining sunscreen off my hands then slid her bikini bottom down. She brought her legs together to help me then spread them again once it was off, so I lowered my head toward her pussy. Her bush was well-groomed but I hadn’t conjured that up; it was how I had seen it earlier that night and on previous recon missions.

I only admired her pussy briefly before running my tongue along her slit and tasting her pungent and abundant juices. She moaned and writhed as I lapped at her pussy, savoring the taste of yet another pussy I’d never tasted before. After slurping up her juices for a bit, I slipped a finger into her and, as I was sliding it in and out, I started licking and sucking her clit. This not only got her moaning even louder and longer but her pussy was becoming even wetter so I slipped a second finger in along with the first. She was holding my head in place as she humped her pussy toward my face and, squeezed between her arms, her tits looked almost fuckable but definitely appealing. Beyond them, the expression on her face was of someone in the throes of ecstasy, which was exactly as I’d hoped.

She was getting louder and humping my face faster the longer I was eating her, gradually tensing up as she got closer to cumming. I continued what I was doing since it was clearly working so well as I also relished being where I was, seeing what I was seeing and tasting what I was tasting. She went rigid and quiet for a moment then all of the tension abruptly left her body and, with a gasp, she started shaking. I didn’t stop licking and sucking her clit or sliding my fingers in and out of her as she was cumming, wanting to make sure she experienced the most pleasure I could provide. Whether it helped or not, her orgasm was long and appeared to be intensely pleasurable, which I’m sure pleased her even more than it pleased me.

Once I was certain that she’d finished cumming, I slipped my fingers out of her pussy and into my mouth, sucking her juices off of them as I straightened up on my knees. I looked down over her naked body as she was recovering, my swimsuit majorly tented out by this point. Again, though, rather than just going ahead and fucking her, I grabbed the sunscreen and poured some more into my hand. She had recovered enough that she was watching me so I indicated for her to roll over. Initially lying on her stomach, I spread the sunscreen up along the backs of her legs then really massaged it into her ass cheeks. By this point, I really needed some relief so I untied the drawstring of my swimsuit, pushed it down to free my cock then grabbed her hips and pulled her up so that she could get her knees under her. With her ass up in the air and her face still against the chaise cushion, I slipped my cock easily into her hot, wet pussy, which made both of us moan.

Once I got a rhythm going, sliding my cock in and out of her, she reached under herself and was caressing her clit. I started out caressing her ass as I was fucking her but as we got in sync, I reached forward and cupped her tits. While not super tight, her pussy was very hot and extremely wet so fucking her was thoroughly pleasurable, apparently for both of us. She was moaning steadily again and gradually began to push back against my incoming thrusts. I wanted to keep the same pace going so that I could enjoy fucking her and she was with me for a while but, once she started getting close to another orgasm, she was pushing back harder and faster. I straightened up again, thinking that I’d just try something else with her once she’d cum, then I gazed down at her toned ass. The sunscreen was still within reach so I grabbed it and, as I was still thrusting into her each time her ass hit my hips, I drizzled some down between her ass cheeks.

When I started to spread the sunscreen between her ass cheeks and over her asshole, she was moaning even more passionately. This gave me two ideas so I immediately implemented one by slipping my lubed finger into her lubed ass. She cried out and started shaking while still pushing herself back on my cock so I continued to slide my finger Yalova Escort Bayan in and out, too. This orgasm was another long and obviously intensely pleasurable one but, when it appeared that she’d finished cumming, I slipped my finger out of her ass and replaced it with my throbbing cock, slick with her abundant pussy lubrication. She cried out again as my cock filled her ass, immediately starting to shake as she had another orgasm almost on top of the previous one.

Her pussy had felt outstanding but her tight, lubed asshole had my own orgasm building up much more quickly as I was slowly fucking it. I started out slowly, not wanting to cause any discomfort, but when she started pushing back, she was immediately setting a faster pace. I was good with this and just focused on matching her while looking down at her sweet as and my cock disappearing into it. She had another orgasm shortly after the first, losing her rhythm briefly but picking it up again once she’d finished cumming. I was getting close to cumming myself once she’d reestablished her rhythm and was looking forward to erupting into her ass. I wasn’t sure whether she’d cum again but, since she’d had three orgasms already, it wouldn’t be a big deal if she didn’t. When I reached forward to cup her tits again, feeling the soft, smooth flesh and her hard nipples against my palms felt as though it made my cock even harder.

I don’t know if it was my hands on her tits or my cock becoming harder but she did have another orgasm, this time continuing to push back as she was cumming. That was all for me and I started spurting into her ass with my hands still fondling her tits. She kept pushing back and I kept pushing into her until I was fully spent by which time she had finished cumming, too. I slipped my softening cock out of her ass and flopped on the chaise beside her while she turned over and lay on her back.

“I think you should be good as far as sunscreen,” I said breathlessly while wiping off my cock with the towel.

“Oh good,” she replied, “if you’d had to apply any more I think my head might have exploded.”

“I have a feeling that no one else is coming to the picnic, though,” I said.

“Good,” she replied, “I’ll have you all to myself.”

I still had my swimsuit around my knees so I kicked it the rest of the way off then we lay there naked in the sun, recovering. The temperature was so perfect that we weren’t even sweating despite being in the sun. I knew we didn’t even really need the sunscreen because it was a dream but it had not only made sense, it had come in handy. As I looked at her body while she lay beside me, I was certain that I wasn’t ready to take her back to her bed yet so, after a brief rest, I reached over to caress her tits some more. My cock immediately responded and began to stiffen then, as we started to make out again, it became fully rigid. She reached down for it and I think was a bit surprised that I was ready to go again. She stroked it for a few minutes while our tongues continued to explore each other’s mouths.

I guess she was ready to feel it inside her again because she broke off our kiss and got up on her knees. I was watching her titties bouncing as I shifted to the center of the chaise and she straddled me. She grasped my stiff cock and guided it toward her pussy then lowered herself down on it, both of us moaning. As she sat upright on my cock, I reached up to fondle her tits while admiring her body and her trim bush with my cock embedded below it. She soon started to move up and down and her hot, wet pussy felt outstanding sliding up and down my tool. The pace she set started out pretty slowly so we were both just savoring the pleasure of her riding me at first. Gradually she began to pick it up, though, and when her tits started to bounce, I moved my hands around to caress her toned ass so that I could watch them. I was also pushing up into her each time she dropped down, giving her the full length of my cock. I was savoring both the feel of her hot, wet pussy sliding up and down my tool and the visual of her tight MILF body fully exposed to me. While I had seen her naked on numerous occasions before this, being able to see her fully naked while she was riding my cock was even more arousing.

She continued to gradually ride me harder and faster while her moaning became louder and longer. The expression on her face indicated both pleasure and passion which I was happy to be helping to put there. Since we were both clearly enjoying this dream, it seemed reasonable to assume that we’d be doing this again or something very much like it at least. The bikini and beach party had undeniably turned out great but I was already thinking about showering with her in the locker room and soaping up then fucking her ass again. Of course I wasn’t so distracted by these thoughts that I wasn’t in the moment and enjoying her riding me but I was so fired up about getting her naked and fucking her that I already couldn’t wait to do it again.

She dropped down onto Escort Yalova my cock and just sat there then, a moment later, started shaking as she cried out. Since her tits weren’t bouncing any longer, I brought my hands around from her ass to caress them again as she was cumming. Her orgasm appeared to be another long and intensely pleasurable one which, of course, I was happy to have helped her achieve but which I also knew would make another dream visit even more viable. I just lay there, fondling her tits, as she was cumming and while she recovered afterward. Once she’d opened her eyes again, she smiled down at me then began to move backwards, kissing her way down my body until she was kneeling between my legs, gently pumping my cock.

I moaned as she engulfed my tool in her hot mouth, sliding her lips up and down most of my shaft while continuing to gently pump the base. Her cocksucking was highly pleasurable so I was glad I hadn’t missed out on this before the dream had wrapped up. Looking down and watching her as my cock disappeared repeatedly into her mouth was incredibly arousing and that combined with her skillful cocksucking was certain to have me cumming pretty quickly. I was perfectly okay with that since I expected my orgasm to be at least as intensely pleasurable the blowjob itself. She did seem to be initially focused on drawing out the pleasure that she was providing which I would have been more than happy to enjoy all day. Of course since time was basically meaningless, all day was meaningless, as well.

She did manage to draw out the pleasure she was providing for a bit longer than I initially expected to be able to last but, once my orgasm began to build in earnest, she refocused her efforts on making me cum. With just that minor switch in technique, my cock began to swell even more as my orgasm continued to build with a highly intense level of pleasure. When I finally exploded into her mouth, she didn’t even flinch and just swallowed my load while continuing to blow me. Only when I was completely spent did she let my cock fall from her mouth and crawl up to lie against me.

“This has to be the best company picnic ever,” she finally said.

“I completely agree,” I replied, already thinking about which coworker I’d be taking through this same scenario next.

“What am I going to do when I see you at the office tomorrow, though?” she asked.

“Smile knowingly because you’ve seen me naked?” I replied.

“Then probably go to the ladies’ room and rub one out,” she said, “because thinking back to this will definitely get me worked up again.”

“I’d say that the more you think back to this, though,” I replied, “the more likely you’ll be to have a similar dream.”

“Good point,” she said, “and I would most definitely welcome another dream like this.”

We lay there for a little longer then, once I felt the timing was right, I returned her to her bed and she “woke” with a start at the exact moment she’d left. It took a moment but she soon relaxed again and appeared to think about what she’d just experienced before falling asleep for real.

Chapter Twenty-five

The company picnic scenario had worked so well with Margie that, over the next few days, I implemented it again with both Leylin and Kendra while the actual company picnic would still be fresh in their minds, as well. They were both younger than Margie and neither had children. Leylin was Latina and Kendra a fair-skinned redhead, but both looked outstanding both in a bikini and out of it. The sex wasn’t exactly the same but in both cases it was at least equally satisfying.

I ended up using the other office scenario that had worked so well with Kim with a couple of older coworkers, Lindsey and Becki. Both went just as well so I was considering making it part of my next dream visit with Margie, though maybe ending it in the locker room shower rather than at her desk.

The big surprise with respect to my coworkers and the dreams I was planning and executing was when I started thinking about Marissa. She was visibly pregnant and I ended up doing some recon just so I could see her pregnant body completely naked. I just happened to overhear a phone conversation during one recon visit where she was asking the person on the other end about being horny while pregnant then lamenting that her husband was too afraid of having some negative impact on the pregnancy or the baby to take care of her. Not only that, but he was suggesting that she shouldn’t even take care of her own needs though, of course, she knew there was nothing wrong with that and that she might physically explode if she didn’t.

I felt like I could help her out and, at the same time, the thought of being with her while she was pregnant was proving to be an incredible turn-on for me. I ended up implementing the office scenario I’d used with Kim and, after getting her naked and eating her to multiple orgasms, I fucked her from behind on the couch in the collaboration area. She came a couple more times then sat and blew me as I stood before her. As I had with Kim, I then headed back to her work area with her, fucked her from behind with her maternity dress pushed up around her waist and helped her cum a few more times. She rewarded me, as Kim had, by blowing me and swallowing my load again.