Dreams of Paula Ch. 1


She lay naked on the bed, her body glistening with the aromatic oils that had been gently rubbed into her skin. Her arms were stretched above her head, held firmly but gently by something or someone. Her legs were spread wide and the ankles were securely fastened to the posts at the bottom of the bed, her hips were raised on pillows so that her cunt and arse were lewdly exposed. The room was dark with pools of light cast by sweet smelling candles and there was the faint sound of music coming from nearby.

As she lay there, her senses heightened and she felt, rather than saw, the figure of a woman standing at the foot of the bed. She strained her yes against the gloom and could just make out that this stranger was also naked, also gleaming with oil and that protruding from her groin area was a large, penis shaped dildo. The figure moved closer, climbed onto the bed and positioned herself between the captive’s thighs. Her long blonde hair cascaded down, concealing her face and she moved closer, ever closer, until the tip of the dildo was just touching the sensitive skin area between cunt and thigh. The prisoner tried to thrust her hips up to meet the hard rod, desperate to take its length deep in her aching cunt, needing the feeling of the woman’s body, wanting to be fucked hard but she couldn’t move. She called out, begging the stranger to take her, to give her release and suddenly…

Carole woke with a start, perspiration soaking her silk night-dress.

“Damn!” she muttered to herself. “Damn and bloody double damn!”

It was the same dream, the one she’d had night after night for the last three weeks. It always ended at exactly the same point, leaving Carole aroused and unsatisfied, having to masturbate to find some sort of relief.

“What the hell is going on?” she thought, as she stumbled to the shower. “Am I going mad or what?”

As the warm water flowed down across her body she began to take stock of her life and what might be causing these strange fantasies, these erotic dreams. Carole was the first to admit that she’d never make a centrefold but her body wasn’t that unattractive. She was 5 feet 7 inches tall, with shoulder length brown hair and dark brown eyes. Working out at the gym had kept her body firm and in good shape for a 36-year-old. Her cunt hair was trimmed neatly into a triangle and she thought, as she stroked her firm tits, as yet unaffected by gravity, that her nipples were really quite impressive, dark red and jutting out in her aroused state a full inch. Facially she considered herself rather ordinary, with a slightly bursa escort too large nose that she’d always promised herself to have seen to, a full, generous mouth, with an attractive smile and almond shaped eyes with dark, long lashes. She was, career-wise, successful, working as she did as a Nursing Officer in a large general hospital but her love life, or, rather, her sex life, was at present non-existent, following the break up of her last relationship.

“Paula, oh Paula,” she murmured to herself. “Why did you leave me? Why? I thought we were so happy, that you were happy with me. Why did you do that to me?”

Carole’s mind drifted back to the time she and Paula had first met. It was at a conference on intensive care and they had both arrived at the bar of the hotel where the conference was taking place desperate for a drink after escaping from a boring lecture given by a specialist whose voice droned on and on in a sleep-inducing monotone.

“A large gin and tonic please!”

Their voices in unison they laughed and invited the other to go first. When served they sat and chatted, comparing careers, exploring mutual friends and colleagues and generally getting to know each other. Carole was entranced by Paula’s beauty, her wit, her sparkling blue eyes, her slim, attractive figure, her silky blonde hair, in fact, everything about her. She was excited by her, sexually excited, and wondered if she was, like Carole, lesbian. The gin was starting to make Carole feel light-headed because she’d eaten very little that day so she suggested a meal. Paula agreed and they made their way to the restaurant of the hotel. As they neared the door Paula stumbled and Carole put out a hand to steady her. As she did her fingers brushed against Paula’s breast and a sudden, hot tingle rushed through Carole’s cunt.

“Sorry,” she blushed.

“Don’t worry, hun,” Paula replied, with a grin and a twinkle in her eyes. “It felt good!”

Carole gazed at her companion.

“Yes,” Paula said, reading her mind. “Yes. I am gay. And, yes. I do fancy you.”

With that, she reached out and stroked Carole’s arm. If it had not been so public Carole would have grabbed her and kissed her right there and then. Instead she just smiled and took Paula’s hand and they walked into dinner. The meal passed in a daze, with both girls telling each other all about themselves, how they had reached their present positions, how they had discovered their sexuality and as the time passed it became clear that they had so much in common. Throughout the meal they touched. bursa escort bayan Light, stroking touches, on the arms, the thighs, the face, each touch burning, tingling, causing waves of lust to course through Carole’s veins, making her cunt wet, her nipples stiffening under her dress. The air was filled with that special tension, that feeling that soon, very soon, they would be making love. By the time dessert was served they freely admitted that they were both feeling very hot for each other.

“Your place or mine?” Paula joked.

“Yours,” Carole whispered, her voice husky with emotion.

As the lift doors closed they fell into each others arms, their mouths hungrily devouring the other, tongues lashing, hands groping, legs entwined, bodies rubbing.

They stumbled along the corridor, still locked in an embrace. Luckily they met no one, although by now they were past caring about other peoples feelings. They were totally absorbed in their own passion. Paula kicked the door of her room closed behind them and pushed Carole against the wall, her hands ripping at her clothes. Her dress fell to the floor and Paula dropped to her knees, her mouth planted on Carole’s cunt over her panties. Carole humped her hips against Paula’s face, grinding her sopping wet cunt hard into her face while gripping her head firmly, her fingers entwined in her long hair. She felt the first wave of orgasm sweep over her and she came, screaming and writhing. Her knees buckled and she slid down to meet Paula, their mouths meeting, Carole tasting her own juice on her companion’s face.

After a moment or two they stood and made their way into the bedroom.

“Lie on the bed, my love,” Paula whispered.

Carole lay back on the soft bed, wearing only her bra and panties and watched, enthralled, as Paula slowly and seductively began to undress in front of her. First she removed her dress, slowly unzipping it and slipping it off one shoulder at a time, sliding it down over her hips and dropping it to the floor. She stood there, wearing a transparent black bra and matching panties. Her nipples showed clearly, upright, red, swollen with lust and Carole could see that her cunt was completely shaven with the lips swollen and protruding slightly round the edges of the tiny undergarment. Paula stroked her tits, pinching the nipples and squeezing them together and, as she watched, Carole stroked her own cunt inside her panties, her fingers sliding along the wet labia and tickling the engorged clit. Paula unhooked her bra and let her tits swing free. bursa escort kız Carole gasped. They were lovely, firm, capped with rose-red nipples that stood proud and hard, inviting a mouth to suck and lick at them. Then she moved her hands to her cunt. She slid the panties down and fingered herself gently, inserting one finger deep into her cunt. She pulled it out and Carole could see that it was glistening with her juice. She raised it to her lips and licked it sensually, like a child licking an ice cream. It was such an erotic sight that Carole nearly came again but she stopped touching herself, determined to make it last and to come this time with her new lover.

“Come to me, Paula my love. Come to me.”

Paula lay down next to Carole and they kissed softly. As the kisses became more demanding they explored each other’s body. Carole felt Paula’s fingers undoing her bra and pulling at her panties and she squirmed free of the garments and, at last, they were naked together. They writhed against each other, seeking to feel every inch of the other’s body, their tits pressed tight together, the nipples rubbing, Carole’s rough cunt hair rubbing against Paula’s smoothness, legs entwined, mouths locked in a passionate embrace, moaning, totally lost in an animal coupling that owed less to love than to sheer lust for each other. Carole pushed herself on top of Paula and began to kiss her face and body, sliding her tongue across her tits, licking the engorged nipples, biting gently. Paula moaned and pushed herself up to meet Carole’s mouth, pushing her tit deep into her mouth, gripping her head, forcing Carole to bite and suck. She screamed and begged Carole for more.

“Bite me! Hard! Harder! Hurt me! Ohhhhhhhh!”

Carole bit down hard on Paula’s nipple and felt her lover buck under her as she let out a low, animal moan. She moved further down, biting all the way with Paula grabbing her head and almost pushing it down to her cunt. She was making low, growling sounds, deep in her throat and as Carole’s mouth reached the outer lips of her cunt she came with a rush, yelling out Carole’s name. Carole continued to suck her and bite at Paula’s cunt and as she did she pushed two fingers roughly into her and finger fucked her as she sucked and bit at Paula’s cunt and clit. Wave after wave of orgasm swept through Paula and she climaxed in Carole’s mouth, her juices flooding her, covering her face in a sticky sheen. Carole felt her own tide rising and she reached for own clit and rubbed in, coming hard, screaming Paula’s name against her cunt. Carole crawled up Paula’s body leaving a trail of sticky fluid as she did, they kissed softly and, curled in each other’s arms, they slept, satiated for the moment, knowing that they had only scratched the surface of their passion, knowing that tomorrow they would begin their voyage of discovery.